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Jean sat there, unable to wipe the smile from her face. Magical. The last four months have been magical. She kept expecting to wake up from the dream. If that last kiss was anything to go by, he felt it too. She thought she had loved Lucien before…but now? He's been gone for a matter of minutes and she missed him so much. Her memory took her back to their time in Europe. The scenery was incredible but what she loved most were the times he would pull her aside and kiss her as they walked along the streets. To be free and hold each other in public. It was liberating after years spent having to hide from the whispers. Lucien had a difficult time keeping his hands off her, not that she minded. She was amused but she could relate. Even though they had been sleeping with each other before the wedding, they found it different now that they didn't need to hide it. She was absolutely lovesick. The kettle broke her from her reverie. She got up to turn off the stove, standing there, feeling her thoughts drift back to Lucien. She sighed, best to keep busy, she thought. She looked around the kitchen. There were dishes in the sink. She looked to the parlor and there were things out of order in there as well. Tea would have to wait, there was work to do.

She went to the hall to grab their suitcases and took them to the studio. Their room. She paused in the doorway, taking in the new setup. She was impressed at the work they had done. They kept the couch in front of the fireplace. They put a multi-panel bamboo screen up on the left side of the room, dividing their bedroom from the rest of the studio. She walked over to the other side of the screen. Her new spacious bed. Their new spacious bed. It was on order and delivered while they were gone. She smiled thinking about tonight being their first night spent in their new room. The first night of the rest of their lives. The thought brought happy tears to her eyes. "Oh, enough of this, Jean!" She chastised herself and decided to change into her working clothes. There was lots to do.

Matthew drove while Lucien chided him for interrupting them. "Honestly, Matthew, this couldn't have waited? What about Alice? She could continue for one more day."

Matthew's lips curved into a half smile, looking at Lucien out of the corner of his eye. "Four months of uninterrupted bliss wasn't enough, eh?"

Lucien laughed, "Matthew, forty years of uninterrupted bliss with Jean wouldn't be enough." The smile remained on his face until they reached the station.

Bill greeted Lucien and then briefed Matthew and he about the case, a missing boy. He finished saying, "He has asthma and doesn't have his inhaler. Doc, that's why we would like you close on this. The parents are adamant that he wouldn't have run away. But…his pet pig is missing as well."

Matthew asked, "Now, why would a kidnapper also take his pet pig?"

Lucien chimed in, "No, I don't think so."

Matthew continued, "Let's go back to the farm and fan out. We need to find him quick. It's going to get very cold tonight."

Rose walked into the house, calling out. "Hello? Anyone home?"

Jean had just finished putting their things away in the studio and walked into the parlor when she heard Rose come in. "Rose! Oh, it's good to see you." The two hugged with huge smiles on both of their faces.

"I'm so glad you're back! It was so quiet without you two." She pulled Jean to the kitchen until they were both sitting at the table. "Now…tell me all about it." Giving Jean a coy smile she added, "Well…maybe not all about it."

Jean playfully slapped at her hand. "No, I expect you're not quite old enough for that." Laughing, she got up to put the kettle on and began telling Rose about their trip.

The search continued into the night. They walked for miles, yelling out Pauly's name. It was getting cold. Lucien stopped suddenly, squinting toward where his torch was shining. He thought he saw something move off in the distance. There! "Matthew! Over there!" They ran after Lucien. When he got closer, he could hear squealing. Lucien was so focused on running towards the squealing, he didn't see the low barbed wire fence. He ran into it, getting tangled up in it, hitting the ground with his legs slightly in the air. "Bloody hell!" He cried out.

Fortunately, Matthew saw him go down and yelled for the others to be careful. They ran to Lucien and started cutting the wire away from him. "Lucien, are you okay?"

He groaned at the pain and relief as the wires were cut loose. "Yesss, just get me loose!"

Bill called out to where the squeal was coming from. "Pauly!" As he approached, he saw Pauly lying on the ground, not moving. He looked back towards Lucien and Matthew. "He's here! Doc, he's breathing but not very well!"

They both looked toward Bill then looked at each other as Matthew continued cutting. "Okay, last one."

Once he was free, Lucien got up slowly and headed towards the officers and Pauly. He knelt down next to the boy. "Pauly? Pauly, can you hear me?" He gave him three puffs from the inhaler and noticed his breathing leveling out. "Okay, let's get him to the hospital."

Bill picked the boy up and carried him to one of the police cars that was close by. Constable Robert had picked up the little pig, "This guy is our hero. He's kind of cute, isn't he?" Matthew and Lucien looked to each other shaking their heads.

Lucien patted the young Constable on the back. "You're right about the hero part, Robert. I'll give him that." They laughed.

"Thank you for staying for dinner, Rose. I don't know where the men are."

"No, thank you, Jean. I missed your cooking."

She smiled at the young woman. "Thank you, Rose. Honestly, would it kill them to call?" Just then the front door opened. "Finally!" She looked toward the hallway saying, "I was beginning to wonder if you all were even coming home to-" She trailed off as soon as she saw Lucien and the state his clothes were in.

Matthew and Lucien walked into the kitchen with matching grins, although Lucien's faded when he saw Jean's reaction. He knew he was in trouble. "Now Jean, I can explain."

"Lucien!" She jumped up from her chair and walked toward him slowly, mouth slightly open in awe, taking in the mess. His jacket and pants were covered in mud. He had mud and grass in his hair. His trousers had tears in them and what looked to be… "Is that blood?!"

Matthew tried to bail his friend out. "Long story short, there was a missing boy. Lucien found him but got tangled up in some barbed wire in the process. The boy is fine and with his parents. Lucien just has a few scratches. He'll be fine. What's for dinner?" He smiled bright at Jean, wondering if it lessened the blow.

It did. She sighed heavily and ushered Lucien to the studio. "Help yourself to dinner. We'll be right back."

Matthew already had his dinner plated and was sitting at the table by the time Lucien and Jean were out of sight. Rose waited for the door to close before she got up and quickly made work washing dishes and clearing the leftovers. She looked to Matthew, who was confused by her actions, and said, "They need some alone time. Hurry up and eat!"

Matthew rolled his eyes. "They just had four months!"

"Uncle Matthew, they are still newlyweds."

"Alright, fine. I'm tired anyway," he said as he finished his last bite. Rose quickly took his plate and began washing it. Matthew got up in a huff and walked to his room shaking his head, thankful he had taken Lucien's old room.

Once they were in the studio, Lucien turned to Jean ready to explain. She crashed into him, her lips on his for a long, deep kiss. When he broke the kiss, needing air, she said, "I love you, too." Noticing his confusion she expanded. "You surprised me this morning, coming back and kissing me, and you told me you love me. I didn't get a chance to say it back before you left." His smile grew as he kissed her back. Breaking the kiss she said, "Let's get these clothes off of you." Noticing the twinkle in his eye, she grinned and added, "Not until our boarders have gone to bed. We need to get you cleaned up first and you need to eat."

He kissed her forehead and began stripping. "Right you are, my darling." He hissed as he removed his trousers, some of the cuts had stuck to his pants. He handed them over to Jean, who was wincing at the condition of his legs. He had one long gash along the front of his left leg, in addition to several other cuts from his knee down. His right looked to only have a half dozen of little cuts scattered along the lower leg. As he headed for the shower, he told her, "It looks worse than it is."

Shaking her head slowly, unconvinced, she said, "Lucien, that one looks like you may need stitches."

He looked down to inspect, then turned to her and smiled. "No, it'll be fine. Just a bandage will do. I'll be right back." He said with a wink.

She looked at his pants and decided they were a lost cause, throwing them out. She headed to the surgery to retrieve the supplies they would need, checking on the others in the kitchen. They were gone. Everything was put away and cleaned except for a plate for Lucien. She smiled to herself and returned to the studio. Just as she closed the door, Lucien appeared on the other side of the room wearing a towel around his waist. "It appears that Matthew and Rose have already gone." He chuckled to himself, not surprised.

He lay down on the bed, giving her room to work on his legs. She finished up with a kiss to his left leg. He was leaning back on his elbows, grinning at her and said, "Excellent work, doctor."

She rolled her eyes and pointed at his leg. "I still think you need stitches on that one."

"Nonsense. It'll be fine." He reached for her, bringing her down onto the bed, surprising her and causing a fit of laughter. They rolled and ended with Lucien on top, looking down at her. The laughter calmed and loving smiles remained as they looked into each other's eyes. Lucien brushed her hair away from her face and said softly just before their lips met, "Welcome home, Mrs. Blake."