Author's Notes: A word about this collection first - like with my Batgirls collection I'm going to be compiling all my previous Doctor Who works here as well as posting brand new ones. The exception is my Clamy (ClaraxAmy) fics which are in a separate collection of their own so check them out and Clamy Through the Looking Glass because it isn't really a smut. I'll givs you a little bit of context at the start of each one so read the author's notes to see if it's for you.

This is genuinely my first Who fic not involving Amy or Clara so big news there. I wanted to start the collection with something new, and so this is my little tribute peace to the new season that's just finished, and I'm calling it: The Comfy Sofa

Yaz's heart was racing. Her family were all out. Graham and Ryan were at home. She and the Doctor were alone. Alone in her home, sat on the sofa together. The Doctor was rambling on something or other but Yaz had no idea what. Usually Yaz hung on to every word the blonde said but she couldn't concentrate today. Because today was the day. "Doctor," she interrupted and the eccentric blonde time traveller stopped talking to listen. Today was the day she was going to tell her how she felt.

You're like the best person I'd ever met. Yaz's own words echoed around her mind as she tried to find the right words to say. The Doctor was still looking at her silently, expectantly. No, not expectantly: patiently. Yaz had the right words starting to form on the tip of her tongue but then the Doctor spoke again: "I know." The Doctor put her hand on top of Yaz's and leant forwards, kissing Yaz on the cheek.

"How?" Yaz stumbled over just one word. "Slightly telepathic," the Doctor shrugged with an apologetic smile. Yaz gave up on words. She grabbed the Doctor's cheeks with both hands and yanked her into a deep passionate kiss.

The Doctor laughed gently as Yaz let the kiss end: "you've been holding that in for a while, haven't you..." Suddenly she was serious - "you've seen how dangerous my life can be, are you sure you want to be this intimate a part of it?. Yaz didn't hesitate. "Yes." "This is really a very comfy sofa," the Doctor muttered. Yaz smiled, infatuated and went in for another kiss.

It was the Doctor who cupped Yaz's cheeks this time, holding her to the kiss. Their lips were more than just pressed together, they were dancing with an almost electric energy. The Doctor pressed forwards and Yaz leant back. Soon they were laying there on the sofa, the Time Lord on top and the police officer beneath her.

The Doctor's long coat covered them both like a cocoon, drawing them together. Yaz moaned as the Doctor grasped her long dark hair and gently tugged on it. The muslim girl offered no resistance as the beautiful alien rolled her light denim jacket back off her shoulders and started to tug at the black t-shirt underneath.

Yaz lifted her arms to let the Doctor remove her shirt, then wrapped them around the Doctor's shoulders to pull her back into her kiss. She'd never felt more alive than when the blonde's lips were on hers. The Doctor fumbled with Yaz's bra, muttering something about the extra trouble they were and how much easier life had been without them, but it soon came away in her hands. Yaz moaned out as the Doctor caressed her modest heaving breasts.

The Doctor dropped off the sofa and into a crouch in front of Yaz. Yaz pushed herself up into a sitting position. The Doctor took her ankle and peeled her sock away. Yaz giggled as the Doctor's gentle fingertips brushed against the underside of her foot. The Doctor grinned and removed the sock from the other foot. Then she attacked her leggings. It was not graceful for either of them as the Doctor did her best to grip hold of the tight black leggings and yanked them down bit by bit. Both girls were laughing by the time they were off and the Doctor flung them over her shoulder.

Yaz stopped laughing and bit down on her bottom lip though as the Doctor reached for the final barrier to her sex. Yaz lifted her hips slightly and the Doctor eased down her panties teasingly slow. She saw the Doctor lick her lips. Yaz felt suddenly quite self-conscious, presented there naked for the crouching still-fully-clothed Time Lord. That feeling shot away as quickly as he had arrived though when the Doctor made her next move. She placed her hands on Yaz's inner thighs and forcibly spread them apart. Then she dove forwards.

The Doctor's lips connected with Yaz's entrance and Yaz gasped, her hips bucking involuntarily. The Doctor's tongue slowly poked its way out of her lips and into Yaz, and Yaz's gasp was replaced by a string of moans. The human girl's hands dropped down onto the back of the Doctor's head and gripped her blonde hair tightly. The Doctor didn't seem to mind at all.

Yaz started to breathe out "oh god" over and over to herself as the Doctor's tongue extended further and further inside her. The Doctor was probing her deeply. The Doctor drew back from the penetration though to focus on the girl's clitoris, attacking it viciously with her inhuman tongue. Yaz almost screamed.

The Doctor's hands were still on Yaz's thighs, and were rubbing comfortingly as she pleasured her. Yaz's hips were bucking wildly now, out of her control, and her juices were flowing. The Doctor was in complete control though, the figure of authority in her great long coat pooled around her in her crouch. She had mastered Yaz's wet pussy in minutes and now Yaz was crying out in desperate orgasm.

The Doctor stood up and stepped back, admiring her work. Yaz was struggling to catch her breath, and worrying that they might have ruined the sofa. "Not bad for a human," the Doctor winked. "We're not done yet" Yaz breathed out, eyes fixed on the Doctor. She'd have the Time Lord out of those clothes whatever it took. "Bedroom. Now..." Yaz ordered. "You're in charge now are you?" The Doctor teased. Yaz grabbed the Doctor by the wrist and dragged her after her. "I'm a police officer," Yaz reminded her, "I have handcuffs."

The Doctor grinned as she followed Yaz into the bedroom. This was going to win Yasmin Khan at least 100 points and yes, she was keeping score...