Author's Notes: been planning this one since series 12 started - can't believe it's taken me so long! I love the new Master so much, it's almost unhealthy.

Yasmin Khan was sure she'd been in worse predicaments than this but right now she couldn't think of any. Wrists and ankles tied tightly to a bed in a room she'd never seem before, stripped down to nothing but her lacy black underwear. The Master stood over her, grinning wildly. She still couldn't believe that sweet innocent "O" she'd been crushing on had turned out to be such a sadistic maniac.

"Comfortable?" The Master asked with a wink. Yaz refused to give him the satisfaction of answering. "No?" He faked concern then laughed. "Good," he hissed through gritted teeth. "You know your friends will almost certainly be dead by now," he went on but Yaz ignored his taunting - she'd believe that when she saw it. "You should be grateful you're not with them."

"Go to hell," Yaz spat at him. Suddenly he roared with anger, charging forwards and his hand clasped around her throat, choking her hard. Yaz's body spasmed and trembled and she felt her eyes water as he glared down at her, breathing hard. Then he chuckled, released his grip, and dragged his tongue possessively up her right cheek. "I've taken a liking to you, Yaz. You're smarter than the usual pets he, sorry she, keeps. And you're pretty. And I reckon she likes you just a little too much too."

He placed his hand on her right thigh, gently caressing it and oh fuck - Yaz knew she was in trouble now. Yaz swallowed to hold back a moan. "I can tell by looking at you now though," he grinned, "that what you really want is right here in front of you." Yaz found her strength again and started to struggle violently with her restraints, kicking and thrashing as best she could. "No!" The Master screamed at her in rage and she stopped dead-still in fear.

"Don't do that," he said ever so softly now, "don't pretend you don't want to be here. Because if you make me believe you, I'll let you go. You'll be free. But you'll never have what you really want right now." He leant down, his lips right by her ear, his hot breath on her cheek: "and we both know how badly you want it... say it." Yaz trembled, not daring to speak. He moved his face to right above hers, staring daggers into her eyes. Yaz swallowed. "I want it," she whispered.

He smiled, and cupped her cheeks with his hands, stroking with his thumbs. He cocked his head to the side: "want what?" Yaz looked at him pleadingly. He didn't offer any mercy. She breathed out, her chest rising and falling. "I want you to fuck me." He licked his lips and kissed her, roughly, passionately.

His hand slid into her panties and Yaz knew there was no point pretending anymore. She squirmed and moaned into the kiss as he started to finger her. He was not gentle. Two fingers blasted in and out of her, with unrestrained force, making Yaz whimper. As two fingers became three, Yaz almost screamed, and the Master brought his lips down to her neck, nibbling and biting. Her hips bucked wildly and uncontrollably.

She gasped as he finally pulled his hand away, sucking his fingers dry slowly in front of her. She found herself whimpering again. Teasingly gently, he pulled her bra down to expose her sweet, perky breasts. He fondled them for a moment, then groped them a little rougher to get another moan from her. Then he pinched her nipples, making Yaz squeak. He grinned and twisted until she cried out. Then he released them.

Yaz watched as he undid his trousers and his huge erection burst free. He clamped his knees to her shoulders and started to rub his throbbing head on her lips. "Open wide," he ordered. Yaz braced herself, then parted her lips to give him entrance. His cock slid down her throat without hesitation, so fast she almost choked on it. Then he started to rock his hips back and forth. Yaz lay there helpless as he fucked her face.

He wrapped his hands in her dark hair and used his grip to draw her head back and forth on his cock as he desired. Yaz did her best to suck and lick at his erection to pleasure him in-between gagging and being manhandled. He grinned as he watched her eyes rolling towards the back of her head. Finally he pulled out, playfully slapping her on the cheek with his dick. "Ready for the main event?"

He tore her panties to pieces like a wild animal. Then as he pressed the tip of his cock to her entrance, rubbing it against her clit to drive her equally wild, he placed both of his hands on her throat. He didn't squeeze yet, in fact his thumbs were stroking again so it was strangely comforting. Then he started to push into her.

Yaz cried out from how tight a fit it was, but he managed to force his penis all the way inside her, burying his shaft within her aching pussy. Now he started to choke her. He pounded into her, hitting deeper and deeper, making her whole body rock and shake, her tits bouncing up and down on her chest. His grip on her throat was like steel, squeezing harder and harder, dotting her vision. She kept thinking she would pass out but she didn't, he always loosening his grip just in time before starting to squeeze her throat again.

His foot was pawing at her smooth-skinned legs, toenails digging into her calves as he fucked her. His pelvis grinded into hers again and again. He was breathing hard now, clearly just as turned on as she was. "Yasmin Khan!" He cried out, finally releasing her throat to slap her cheek so as to get her attention, "your tight little body is driving me wild, you hot crazy thing!" He smacked her thighs repeatedly now as he drove into her as hard as he could. He cried out, erupting inside her. Yaz's body shook helplessly. Then he collapsed on top of her, rolling to the side eventually to catch his breath.

Yaz watched as he untied her ankles and then spread her legs apart, his hands clamped to her inner thighs, nails digging in. With a grin, his head dove between her legs and buried itself in her pussy. She gasped and yelped and moaned and shrieked as he ate her out, his tongue dancing inside her. Her legs thrashed and flailed wildly before wrapping around his shoulders to hold him in place. His hands ran up and down her smooth thighs, squeezing occasionally. It didn't take long for Yaz to reach her climax.

The Master untied her wrists too now. Yaz flung her arms around him, pulling into a kiss as rough and passionate as his had been to her. She'd forgotten all about O, and fallen head over heels for her new Master. He laughed as he grasped her shoulders and pushed her back down. "Yeah, you're not going anywhere are you," he grinned, and pressed his lips to the sensitive parts of her neck once more. If the Doctor could have companions, then so could he. Companions with benefits of course. And they made out lustfully, preparing themselves for round two...