Disclaimer: Percy Jackson and the Olympians belongs to Rick Riordan.

I'm a mess, and this was a thing that my friends and I decided that I wanted to do. Each of us has a character, and the first seven chapters of this will be the introductions of the seven main characters (the number is a coincidence), most of which mainly provide insight into the characters themselves. This particular one is when most of the characters are eight, or in the year 2024.

Please enjoy my odd creation. Tell me if it's good, please. If it's not, I'm prone to extreme reactions, so I'll probably take it down immediately so that no one else has to look at it.

The camp was an odd place, Elliot decided.

All around them, the big kids would run around and fight with weapons and climb big rocks with lava and ride horses and fight each other in the woods on Friday nights. He didn't understand most of it, but it was pretty cool. Besides, it wasn't like he had to do the things that they did, as an eight-year-old boy who had just come to the camp. Elliot was mostly just happy that they left him alone. People and talking were scary to him.

Right now, though, they were all eating dinner. To him, it was the coolest thing ever how the food just appeared out of nowhere and the drinks filled up on their own. In the back of his mind, he wondered how it worked, but at the same time, he figured that it was probably the gods looking out for their kids. He got in the line with the rest of his cabin, following them up to the fire.

When he got there, he noticed something that he hadn't before. A little girl, poking at the fire with a metal stick. When he got there, he smiled shyly at her, scraped some of his food into the fire, sent a prayer to his mother Demeter thanking her for looking over him, and went back to his spot without saying anything. His cabin mates weren't bad, nor was anyone else at the camp, he just found it really hard to make friends, even now that he was among people that were like him.

Elliot sighed and looked at his goblet. "Water," he said. Sometimes his cabin mates would tease him for always trying to be healthy, but he figured that it would pay off when he was old and still fighting and they were all fat with intestinal problems.

Just as he was about to start eating, he noticed a girl at the Dionysus table that wasn't there earlier. She was the same age as him, scowling into her plate, and sometimes shooting a glare at Mr. D. Elliot knew who he was, which confused him even more. Why would a demigod be mad at their own godly parent?

Most of dinner went by without a problem. One of the three Zeus kids kept smiling at a dryad that kept close to their table, and after watching for a while, he noticed that the tree spirit would only serve their table. He tugged on the sleeve of the sibling sitting closest to him and pointed it out to him. She laughed, telling him, "You'll understand when you're older. Lucky bastard." The last part was muttered under her breath, and he was pretty sure he wasn't supposed to hear. His sister elbowed one of the other kids at their table, getting all their attention and pointing it out to them. They all laughed uproariously.

However, it was near the end of dinner that everything went off the rails. The girl that he had seen earlier had walked up to the table with Chiron and Mr. D, still sporting a full-on glare. She tapped the director's shoulder, waiting until he finished saying something to Chiron. Most of the pavilion was paying attention at that point; most demigods would not willingly approach the wine god.

When Mr. D had finished his statement, he turned to the girl. "Yes, Elizabeth?" he drawled, seemingly unconcerned. "I hope you know that just because I am your father does not mean that you can approach me at any time that you-" he was cut off by the plate of food that was thrown in his face.

Chiron smacked his palm against his face and took a deep breath. The plate slid down Dionysus's face, the mashed potatoes sticking to him. The wine god blinked, bewildered. Elliot was gaping, certain that the girl was about to combust into a pillar of purple flame. To make matter worse, the girl started screaming. "You cheating asshole! You ruined my mom's life! I hate you!" Then she started swinging tiny arms, trying to hit him with all her might.

Chiron galloped towards her, scooping her up and away from the scene. The wine god still hadn't moved, as if the event just couldn't compute in his mind. Elliot turned to the sister that he had pointed the dryad out to earlier. "What does cheating asshole mean?"

"Uh," she started, looking desperately to her siblings, who pointedly looked away. "It's… not something that you should be saying. If mom has her way, you won't learn what it means."

Elliot frowned into his now empty plate. He stood up, climbing over his seat to get out.

"Where are you going?" one of his brothers asked.

"Back to the cabin," he lied. Once he had left the pavilion in the direction of the cabins, he altered his course a bit and headed towards the Big House instead.

Elliot knocked on the door. It took a minute, but Chiron eventually answered, opening the door and looking down at the eight-year-old. He nearly lost his nerve, being confronted with an authority figure, but steeled himself. No one would want to be friends with a coward. "Is Elizabeth in here?"

Chiron sighed, but nodded.

"Can – can I see her?"

Chiron opened the door wider, a clear invitation to come in. Elliot gladly accepted, walking over the threshold. When he realized that he had no idea where the girl would be, he looked up at the centaur, embarrassment covering his face. "Um… where-"

He pointed down a hallway. Elliot smiled at him and said in a quiet voice, "Thank you."

Walking down the indicated hallway, he cheered to himself, throwing up a fist. He had successfully talked to one of the people in charge of the camp, and only stuttered a little bit! Eventually, he came to a door that he heard faint sniffling coming from. Elliot nodded to himself and opened the door.

The girl was sitting on a couch in the room. She looked up at him, wiping her eyes and glaring. He tried his best to smile, saying, "Hi, my name is Elliot."

"Who cares?" she muttered.

While a bit stung, he knew she didn't really mean it. "You looked like you could use a friend."

"And who would want to be friends with a runt like you?"

That hurt. Tears stung his own eyes, but he pressed on anyways. "I was hoping you would."

She gave a watery laugh. "You don't give up, do you?"

"Too much. But not this time. I'm going to be your friend, whether you like it or not."

The girl was fighting off a smile. She wiped her eyes, trying to conceal it under her arm. "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah." Elliot walked over to the couch, jumping up on it next to her. "If Mr. D doesn't annihilate you."

"That's a big word."

Elliot tried not to look too proud of himself. "I know a lot of big words. I'll tell you them if you want."

She nodded, smiling at him. "I think that would be fun."

"So, what's your name?" he already knew, but he didn't want to seem creepy. It was always weird when someone knew your name without them telling you.

"Liz. Liz Moore."