Chapter 11

Spider-man vs The Nomu

Well, this was just turning out to be a very terrible day. Peter blamed himself really, he never told anyone about the warning sensation that comes to him. He never specified it either when filling out the paperwork, he just put that he had the abilities of a spider. Now look where that got him, no one knew what he was talking about when he tried to warn them of someone approaching. They stood there baffled and he doesn't really blame them. Peter doesn't even recall telling Ms. Sosaki…, he's gonna need to fix that if they make it out of here.

"I'm gonna cut you up wannabe he-mmph."

"Yeah, yeah," Spider-man said as he webbed up the villain's mouth before landing a solid blow to his stomach. He didn't have much time to do anything else as he had to quickly dodge a fist coming from behind. "C'mon guys! Is this really all you got? I thought you guys came to kill the symbol of peace? Are you really gonna let one kid in a red and black suit beat you silly?"

Despite his carefree and snarky quips, Spider-man was in fact worried. He didn't get a chance to count them but he was sure there were at least 20 villains that showed up. Not to mention each and every one of them has an enhanced ability. Spider has faced his fair share of abnormals but even he knew that this was not a scenario to take lightly.

So he moved, he used his abilities to the very best. Moving and tagging villains when he can and using his webs to keep them on guard.

"Out of the way, I'll kill this little pipsqueak!" Another Villian came charging at him. "Just try and restrain me with that web of yours! I'm too strong for th-" Spider-man met his challenge by punching the villain straight in the face, putting a bit more strength into this particular blow. "Hrk-" was all the Villan got to say before Spider picked up the large man with ease and tossed him right at several others who were charging at him.

As the body connected and knocked down several more villains, Spider-man immediately fired several blasts of webbing at them before jumping away again.

"Okay…" Spider-man began talking to himself. "That's five down and about a whole lot more to go. Oh man, I really hope the others are getting out of here and getting help." At the rate this was going he is not gonna have enough web. Not to mention…

He glanced towards the three figures that have yet to join in on the fight. A man with blue hair and hands covering his entire body. A cloud of dark purple smoke that looked to have yellow eyes along with a metal collar around its neck. Finally, a large hulking person that has its brain fully exposed and bird beak for a mouth. If Spider-man were a betting man, he'd put money on them being the leaders of this whole operation.

"Argh, just what the hell am I seeing here?" Exclaimed the blue-haired man as he saw the annoying kid jump around throughout the battlefield. "Pro-heros would be too much for ordinary villains but this is a student, they should be able to kill him no problem." And yet the man's eye would only twitch in frustration as he saw slowly saw his lackeys get picked off by this masked kid.

"I believe I recognize him." Spoke a deep male voice.

"Huh? Did I hear that right, Kurogiri? You recognize this kid?"

The purple cloud named Kurogiri gave a nod.

"Yes, the costume of his is different but I remember hearing him. He goes by the name Spider-man, he was a vigilante that took down two villains before being brought in by the police. Normally that wouldn't be something worth mentioning but one of the villains he fought was Muscular himself."

"Oh?" The blue-haired man said with little interest, his eyes lazily fixated on Spider-man. "Hmph, well if the symbol of peace won't be showing up then I know who Nomu can kill." The giant creature named Nomu gave no response whatsoever, it simply stood there with empty eyes. "In the meantime, Kurogiri hurry up and dispel the rest of those heroes hiding up there."

"Yes, Tomura Shigaraki." with that the disembodied mist disappeared, leaving Shigaraki alone as he continued to keep his cold eyes on Spider-man.

"Just what the hell is that idiot doing?! Is trying to get himself killed!?" Cried out Mineta, the short young man was beginning to panic as the situation finally settled in on him. But it wasn't just him, other students as well began to get nervous realizing that this was in fact happening. "We need to get help before they kill us!"

"N-No!" Cried out Uraraka. "We need to go help Parker, he's fighting them all by himself! Vigilante or not he can't keep this up for long!" Despite her kind words, it was obvious that the young girl too was shaken, though not as much as Mineta. Soon the entire class began to fall into a debate, trying to figure out what the best course of action would be.

"Enough, all of you." Thankfully it did not last long as Aizawa put an end to it the moment it. "13, get the kids out of here. I'll go and deal with the villains."

"I will, please be careful Aizawa."

Aizawa simply gave a nod in response before heading down to the floor himself. He made his appearance known by crashing down on several villains and rushing to Parker's side.

"Parker!" Aizawa cried out as he wrapped his metal cloth around one villain's leg. He then tugged at it and tripped the villain all while keeping his eyes right on him so that this quirk wouldn't activate. All that was needed was several quick strikes to his temple before he went down.

"Professor?!" Given Spider-man's reaction, he wasn't expecting the Eraserhead to jump down and assist them. "What are you doing here?" The young teen shouted from a distance as he dodged several attacks coming at him. He was still moving around and keeping his distance from the villains trying to circle him.

"Coming to save you, what do you think you were doing jumping to fight these villains!" Eraserhead made no effort to hide his anger with Peter Parker. After this was over the man was going sure he was going to discuss this with both Peter and Mandalay.

"I did that so they would all be focused on me and you can lead everyone out!" Spider-Man fired back. "These guys are just a bunch of tugs! I've fought worse! I got this you need to go back and help them!"

"Thirteen is with them, she will escort them out." Replied Aizawa as he tried to knock down another thug only to miss and get tagged in the side. He retaliate and knocked the villain before moving again. He wasn't as nimble as Peter but the Veteran Pro-Hero was certainly holding his own.

"Yeah but you can nullify Quirks, we don't know what those 3 over there are-wait, where did the mist guy go?!" Spider-man shouted out as he saw that one of the three were in fact missing. He didn't even get a chance to think as he soon had to dodge another attack from behind.

"Missing?" Aizawa too turned and indeed saw that only the blue-haired man and large creature remained but the third was no longer there. Where-

The sound of screaming reached both Spider-man and Eraserheads ears. The sound came from up above where the rest of the students were at.

"You probably should have stayed up there with Eraserhead." Said the blue-haired man. "Probably could have set us back, thankfully you came down here like a fool." He finished that sentence with a smile that infuriated Aizawa. Bottling those emotions down, Aizawa tried to make his way back to the students above only to nearly have this head punched by a rock fist.

"Where do you think you're going?" The thug cried out as he along with several others swarmed Eraser's head, preventing the pro-hero from going back to the students.

"Hey up here ugly!" The Villians looked at the source of voice only to see a kick coming right at them. Spider-man crashed into them, creating some distance between the villains and Aizawa.


"I got this professor! Go, hurry, I don't know what quirks that misty dude had so your the best person to go!"

"No, you go," Eraserhead said immediately. Jumping over Peter and engaging the villains once more.

"What?" Spider-man was confused by that response.

"Your right, I don't know what quirk he has but I know that my quirk does do well against body mutations. That's why I can't affect you and I won't affect him either. Go, Parker, your faster than I am and with your webs, you can get there quicker. Help 13. I got this."

With the mask, it was difficult to see what Peter was thinking but Aizawa saw him give a nod and then web-sling over to the top of the staircase. "Alright, that just leaves me with you losers and then the boss."

Wasting no time, Aizawa went back to beating the crap out of these wannabe villains.

Hurry, hurry…

Peter thought to himself as he web slung his way back up to the top of the staircase.

"Guys I'm here, are you okay?!" Spider-man shouted as he arrived at the scene. He quickly surveyed the area and noticed several things. The first being was that the mist dude was standing between his classmates and the exit doors. The second one being was that several of his classmates were missing. Deku, Bakugo, Kirishima, Yaoyorozu, Jiro, Todoroki, Tsuyu, Mineta, Kaminari and Ayoma were all missing. The rest were here and accounted for and didn't look too injured.

"Parker!" cried out Uraraka, who looked happy to see him okay. "What happened with Professor Aizawa?"

"He told to come up here, he's handling the bad guys down below. Their numbers are going down so I wouldn't be worried."

"Oh? That's a shame to hear Spider-man." Spoke the disembodied mist.

"Do I know you?" Asked Parker in a confused voice.

"Pardon me." Said the Villian in a surprisingly polite voice. "You may call me Kurogiri and we are here to kill All-Might. The news has been very helpful with information on your quirk and how you fight Spider-man."

"Oh wow, you don't say?" Spider-man said in the most sarcastic tone ever before firing several blasts of web at the mist villain. The web went completely through him.

"How rude." Kurogiri said in a plain voice.

"Oh boy…" Spider-man said, worry in his voice as this was new to him. "Anyone got any abilities that are helpful against ghosts?" He said out loud.

"No, but we have a plan and it's getting Ida to the exit doors!" shouted Sero. "With his quirk, he can make it to the teachers back at school and bring reinforcements!"

That's right, Spider-man has no idea what Ida's top speed is but he's willing to bet it's pretty dang fast. Looking at Ida it was clear that the young man was not comfortable with leaving his classmates behind in this dangerous situation.

"I can't just leave you-"

"That's a plan!" Interrupted Spider-man.

"Parker, don't tell me-"

"Why would you discuss your plan for the villain to hear?" Kurogiri asked rhetorically as his misty body began to expand, ready to unleash some type of attack against the students.

"It hardly matters if you overheard, you can't stop us!" Shouted 13, the dictator relief hero took charge to deal with the villain. Her Quirk allows her to recreate the effects of a black hole from her fingertips. Allowing him to suck in and destroy anything in her path. She wasted no time in activating it, sucking in the mist villain. Spider-man and the rest of the class watched in amazement as the Kurogiri was being drawn in.

"Now Ida, go!" Cried 13 as she kept her focus on her enemy. Ida nodded to his teacher and was just about to go when-

"My, what a powerful quirk. However, if this is all you can do it doesn't seem practical in combat."

To the shock of 13 and the rest of the students, a warp gate opened right behind and in front of the pro-hero. It happened so fast that Spider-man and the others were not able to reach fast enough. Kurogiri used 13's quirk against her. Half of her suit was torn up before she was able to shut off her quirk. That was all the strength she had left before she fell to the floor, incapacitated and with serious injuries.

"How sad." Commented Kurogiri. "You are a professional disaster relief hero yet you can't even measure up to most regular heroes in a fight."

That was all the purple mist man said before he turned his attention to Spider-man who fired several blasts of the web at him.

"This will not work, how many times must you-" The villain cut off when he saw that it was merely a distraction and that Ida was approaching the exit. "If you think that I will let you!" The villain began to charge at Ida, which caused Spider-man and Seto to charge at him.

"Go, Ida!" Shouted Spider-man as he leaped towards Kurogiri, his eyes fixated on the metal thing around his neck. "Hey you jerk, what do you need this metal thing for!?" He fired a string of web and hit the metal object. Using his strength Spidey pulled back and stopped the villain from making any further movement!

"Nice one Parker!" Shouted Seto as he too joined in and fired a string of tape from his elbows at the metal object. Uraraka came from behind and leaped at the mist villain, hoping to touch the metal object and cause it to float. Kurogiri, realizing that he was in trouble, opened a warp gate in front of the 3 students hoping to swallow them up. Uraraka almost got swallowed up by the mist but was moved out of harm's way when Spider-man fired a web blast at her and pulled her to him.

"You okay Uraraka?"

"Y-Yeah, thanks, Parker."

Unfortunately, Spidey doing that caused him to release the web string he had on the metal object. Seto too released his in order to move out of harm's way, but none of that mattered.

Because Ida was able to make it out of the exit doors.

"I promised you, I will return with help!" Shouted Ida as he ran with all his might.

"Yes!" Shouted Spider-man, his actions shared with the rest of Class 1-A. However, that joy was short-lived as Spidey turned to face the mist villain only to see that he had vanished. "What? Where did he go?"

"Professor!" Spider-man's attention was pulled away by Ashido, the pink-skinned girl, who came to her teacher. She and the rest of class 1-A surrounded her, unsure of what to do. Spider-man was no better, he had no idea how to help her as medical science was not his expertise.

"Wait, Aizawa!" suddenly remembered Spidey, drawing the attention of Class 1-A. "I need to go help him he was fighting the rest of the villains!"

"Guys!" once again the rest of class 1-A and Spider-man was drawn away. This time because of Sato, the young man with a sugar rush quirk. He looked down the top of the stairway his face filled with shock and horror. The rest of class 1-A came to look only to realize what it was that caused it.

Down in the center, Professor Aizawa lay on the ground. His face was beaten and one of his arms was broken. That large creature with its brain exposed held down the pro-hero all while the blue-haired villain seemed to be discussing something with Kurogiri.

"N-N-No…" repeated Ashida as she looked in horror, her eyes watering and her legs shaking. It wasn't just her though, the rest of the class did the same thing. With 13 incapacitated and now Aizawa on the floor and no reinforcements, the students began to feel the situation fully sink in. They have never been in this type of situation. Where their lives were threatened, faced with what seemed impossible, against people who wanted them dead. Class 1-A stood there, unable to move to help their teacher as fear immobilized all of them.

"You guys need to leave now, get somewhere safe!" All except Spider-man, as he rushed down to assist Professor Aizawa. He heard the voices of his classmates call out to him but he drowned them out. Didn't matter what they were saying, he appreciated their help but the look on their faces…

Spider-man will not put them in danger, he just needs to hold out until help arrives.

"Hey Bird brain!" Yelled Spider-man as he dropped kicked the creature right in the head. Staggering the large man for just a brief moment but that moment was all he needed to get Aizawa away from its grip.

"Oh?" Said the blue-haired man but Spider-man paid no mind as he grabbed Aizawa and jumped a good distance away from the 3 villains.

"Are you okay Professor?" Spider-man took a quick glance before focusing back on the villains. He saw how beat up he was, a broken arm and his elbows... One of them looks horrible, its skin was gone and its muscle was fully exposed. What happened? Spider-man shifted his view to the blue-haired man.

If the purple mist guy could teleport and if the bird brain is just really strong then the mop head must have been the cause for causing that damage. That's his hypothesis at least and Spider-man's gonna roll with it for now.

"Parker, you need to go…" Aizawa said, muffling the pain he felt.

"Not happening, sir. Ida already left to get help and the rest I think should be leaving too with 13."

"13? Is she-"

"She's alive sir, but really hurt and-"

"Oh, so we have a kid that wants to be a pro-hero."

Spider-man and Aizawa's conversation was cut short when the Blue haired man decided to speak. Spidey did nothing for now, but he did place himself in front of Aizawa.

"We came here to kill the Symbol of peace, but instead all we had to settle with was 2 Pro-Heros not worth our time and vigilante. Now, thanks to Kurogiri's failure, a bunch of pro-heroes are gonna show up soon. Not good, guess we'll be leaving now."

Wait what, that's it? They came, and now they're leaving?

"Bye, don't let the door hit you on the way out!" Spider-man said, earning a muffled yell from Aizawa for attempting to instigate.

"But before we do…let's kill a couple of kids to wound the symbol of peace!"

Bracing himself, Spider-man watched in confusion to see the blue-haired man leap to the body of water and at a surprising speed. He wondered why the blue-haired man went there and not after him or Aizawa. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw the reason.

Midoriya, Tsuyu, and Mineta are all right there at the edge! Why!? When did they get there?! What were they doing?!

No time to ask questions, thinking and acting as fast as he could Spider-man fired two web strings right at the villains. He nailed the blue-haired man right in the face, obscuring his vision. The second strand of web laned right on his outstretched arm. His palm was heading straight for Tsuyu's face. Spidey pulled and thankfully moved the villain's hand away from Tsuyu's face.

"Oh wow, your pretty cool."

The way that blue-haired man said it did nothing to ease the young vigilante.

"Guys either fight or run!" Spider-man shouted.

That seemed to bring their sense back to them as he saw Midoriya rise to punch the blue-haired man. That strong punch was blocked by the big bird brain. Midoriya had no time to react further as he was grabbed and brought into a bear hug. Tyusu went to help Midoriya but in doing so left herself exposed to the blue-haired man's attack.

But at the point in didn't matter, Spider-man had already run towards them. His enhanced speed was more than enough to clear the distance between them. The mop head was about to connect his attack for a second time only for him to get sucker-punched by Spider-man. The mop head villain cried out in pain.


That bird brain, called Nomu, turned its head and completely dropped Midoriya after almost crushing him. The green-haired teen fell into the water with Tyusu swimming towards him quickly before he drowned. It looked ready to attack Spider-man only to faint and go after Mineta who was still in the water?!

"N-No please-"

Thankfully, the short teen was saved when Spider-man punched the creature right in the jaw. Again, only staggering the creature for just a bit but it was enough for its strick to miss Mineta and hit the body of water.

"Mineta what are you doing?! Get out of here, get Professor Aizawa, and go!"


"Dude now is not the time for stammering!" Shouted Spider-man and he began to strike and strike on Nomu's face. "Go!"

That seemed to do the trick as Mineta finally got out of the water and went towards the professor to assist him. Spider-man jumped off the Nomu and created some distance between them. He looked to see if any of his strikes did any damage whatsoever.

And after taking a good look…no it didn't seem like it did.

No chance to really catch his breath either as the Nomu charged right at him at an incredible speed! This thing was no slouch despite its large build. Spider-man wasted no time himself as he began dodging as quickly as he could. The Nomu began throwing strike after strike after strike. The young Avenger made no attempt in trying to block or catch these attacks, instead, he relied on his agility and speed to avoid the attacks. Jumping the air Spidey fired a quick blast of web at the Nomu's eyes temporarily blinding it. Spider-man used that opportunity to blitz the Nomu and use his strength and speed to connect multiple powerful strikes.

There was no skill or finesse to these hits but each one of them connected and that was all that mattered.

"Hot damn." Said Sero as he looked on in shock at seeing Parker move and strike the Villian.

"W-We have to help Parker." Said Uraraka, though her tone did not match her words.

"How exactly?" Asked a distressed Ashido, as she stayed near 13 who was too damaged to move. "I don't think we're ready to fight something like that." And while no one wanted to admit it, they're all too scared to go down there and fight that thing. After what they saw it do to Professor Aizawa, the class was scared of suffering the same beatdown.

"Help will be coming soon." Said Sero. "All Parker has to do is hold them off until and hope nothing crazier shows up."

"C'mon Midoriya." Said Tsuyu as she finally pulled herself and her classmate out of the water. "We need to hurry." The frog girl could see Parker fighting off the Nomu but there were still the other 2 villains to worry about. Neither of them seemed to notice them yet, both of them focused on Spider-man. While Tsuyu did want to help her classmate she knew that she first needed to get Midoriya out of the water. That bear hug seriously injured him.

"W-We need to help Parker." Muttered Midoriya as he tried to ignore the pain.

"I know Midoriya, but we need to get you out of here first." Tsuyu hopped out of the water and made her way to Mineta and Professor Aizawa. Mineta was trying his best to move the injured professor up the stairs but his small stature made it very difficult.

"Guys, you're okay!" Cried out Mineta, relieved.

"Kinda, ribbit, Midoriya is super injured."

"I'm fine, we need to help Parker," Deku repeated yet again, keeping his eyes on the fight.

"Parker informed me that Ida had left to get help." Stated Aizawa as he kept his eyes glued on the fight. His words brought a sense of relief to the 3 students. "How did you get here?"

"The Mist villain," answered Deku. "He warped us along with several other classmates across this place."

"Damn it." Cursed Aizawa. "Parker won't hold that thing for long, and now we might have more injures."

"I can help him." pleaded Midoriya.

"Ribbit, I don't think that would be wise yet Midoriya." Stated Tsuyu as she pointed to the other side, where the 2 villains stood watching them. "If you move, I have a feeling they will too."

And just like that, the relief had left them. Without any way of calling or moving with their injuries, the 3 students can only hope that the rest of their classmates were doing okay and that Parker can last before help arrives.

"Dude just what are you made of, your like the 3rd toughest thing I've fought!"

The Nomu made no response at Spider-man's quip. It didn't talk whatsoever actually, just yelled and attacked and that was it. Spidey was doing his best in keeping this thing at bay so the others can make it out. He saw in the corner of his eyes that Professor Aizawa along with the other 3 classmates had made it out okay. He also could see how banged up Deku it.

Well crap…

"Having fun, you wannabe hero?"

Spider-man didn't turn in the direction of that voice as he was too busy keeping his eyes on his opponents. A large haymaker came at him and so he jumped over it and gave a strong kick to the Nomu's temple in mid-air. Again, the villain seemed to completely ignore that strike.

"Hey, Mop-head it's rude to interrupt. Can't you see I'm having a one-on-one conversation with Nomu?" Spider-man said in a sarcastic tone.

"Heh." The Blue-haired man chuckled. "Go ahead, keep on hitting him. It won't do you any good. That thing was made to kill All-Might!" He said with such confidence in his voice as if giving this info would not change the outcome. "You see we heard that the symbol of peace was getting weaker."

Spider-man made no rebuttal to that as that simply did not worry him. He landed several more blows on the Nomu but in doing so ended up catching a hit to the ribs that sent him into the air. Spider-man recovered quickly, having taken worse hits from a purple alien, and slingshot himself right back at his opponent.

So busy in his fight that Spidey did not notice how the villain's words shocked the rest of Class 1-A.

"So we came here to see if that was true and that's where Nomu comes in. See, his quirk is shock absorption. So no matter how many times you hit him. He's not going down." The Mop head villain chuckled darkly at this. "Face it, your going to die. You can't keep dodging forever!"

Spider-man ignored that, ignored all of what that villain said…

Except for one part.

"Shock Absorption?" He muttered to himself. "Absorption, not nullify. So what happens to my hits? I've been hitting him, where is it going?"

Energy can not be destroyed or created, that is science 101. However, it can be converted from one form to another. Every hit that Spider-man has been giving to this Nomu has been kinetic energy. The Nomu seemed to be ignoring them, at least that was Spider-man's first thought. But if this thing has just been absorbing hit after hit, then what? The young avenger still didn't understand quirks and the changes they did to a person's body.

Is this Nomu converting energy from Spider-man's hits to his own? That doesn't seem to be the case, his strikes didn't seem to get any faster or stronger. So that rules out that option. Is the creature just storing it then? That's not bound to have any good effects. If the creature is just absorbing hit after hit then what? It's like a balloon filled with air, eventually, the balloon is going to pop. So what happens when the Nomu gets filled with too much kinetic energy? When it absorbs too many hits?

It was a theory, but it might be Spider-man's only shot at winning this. However, as strong as Spider-man was there was no way he could beat the shock absorption out of this thing. The only person who had that amount of strength would be either Bakugo or Midoriya…

But how, how would he enact that plan? How would he-

His thoughts were cut short when a portal opened behind him. His senses warned him to move out of the way. Unfortunately, as Spider-man attempted to do that he was grabbed by the Nomu.

"Apologies." The mist villain said again. "But we are running short on time and Shigaraki would like to kill at least one of you."

"Hrk!" That was all Spider-man could say as he tried his best to break himself out of the bear hug. He could see in the corner of his eyes Deku running towards him as fast as he could. It didn't matter because the villains saw him too and the mist villain appeared right in front of Midoriya.

Not good, not good. The Nomu raised its fist and struck Spider-man down to the ground. It made an attempt to grab him again, Spidey gritted his teeth and raised his feet to kick it straight in the jaw. The Nomu powered through the attack and grabbed the young avenger by the arm, raising him into the air only to slam him back down to the ground with incredible force. This time it made no move to grab Spidey again, but it raised both of its arms above its head and was about to bring it down right on the young hero.

Spider-man used his webs to move out of the way and narrowly avoided a powerful strike. No time to catch his breath, the Nomu once again began his offense charging right at Spider-man only to get stopped by a sudden entrance.

Everyone stopped to see what caused such a commotion. There in the smoke stood none other than All Might, the number one pro-hero.

"I came here as soon as I could." Spoke the Pro-Hero, anger in his voice. He took a look around, saw Midoriya and the rest getting a breather as Kurogiri backed off. He saw his friends injured severely and finally, he saw young Parker fighting against a large creature with his brain exposed.

He moved, moved so fast that he got Midoriya, Tsuyu, Mineta, and Aizawa away from the danger and towards the staircase. Then he moved again and grabbed young Parker and moved him away from the large villain.

"Go." He said. "Take Aizawa to safety and leave these 3 to me."

"Hold on!" Midoriya yelled out. "All Might, that Bird Brain-"

"Has a really weird ability." Cut in Parker. "Sir, his quirk is shock absorption so that means-"

"That no matter what you hit him with it won't do any good!" Cried Mineta out. "Parker was wailing on him and nothing happened! He just shrugged them all off, all Parker did was stagger him! He's unbeatable!"

"Maybe not." The Young avenger said again. "Sir, again, his quirk is shock absorption. Absorption, not nullification. You can't destroy energy, it can only be converted. All the hits I've been giving him, all that kinetic energy. He's just been storing it up, I don't think his body was made to convert it."

"Which means that eventually, his body is going to break." Concluded All Might. "I see…thank you, young Parker. Now all 3 of you need to leave."

Spider-man looked at the Nomu and then the other 2 villains standing behind said Nomu.

"No, that's not happening, Sir." Said the young teen. "You guys need to take Aizawa out of here." He said turning to Midoriya, Tsuyu and Mineta.

"Young Parker, this not the time to-"

"All Might, sir, I get it I'm a kid but I'm not in over my head. I've dealt with jerks even nastier than this trust me." Memories of a purple alien flooded his mind momentarily. "I'll handle the Misty Villian and mop head over there."

Spider-man took his low stance and was ready to go the moment All Might initiated the battle.

Spidey's 3 classmates looked torn and indecisive. All Might spared a quick glance at the young teen before making a decision.

"All right, then leave the Nomu to me."

"Yes sir."

It was incredible and in a way, infuriating, what Deku was seeing. His hero, his idol, All Might took off and charged right at the Nomu with incredible speed. As soon as All Might did that, Parker took off as well with a speed that was nothing to laugh at either. The Green haired boy watched as the Nomu tried to strike Parker to cut him off but was met with a fist by All Might. Parker avoided all that mess and Midoriya could see him heading right towards the other two villains.

As Deku watched all this he felt…

He felt…


"You again!" Shouted Kurogiri.

"Hey Sierra Mist, ready for round 2?" Spider-man made his mission to either defeat these 2 or at least hold them off long enough for All Might to defeat the Nomu. No need to take unnecessary risks. He may be young but Spidey has learned enough from his previous fights on what not to do.

"You really want to die don't you kid?" Said the Mop Head as he vanished through a portal. Spidey's senses kicked in and he dodged to left and in doing so avoided a hand that came through a portal. Spider-man used that opportunity to webbed the man's wrist and pull him partially through to the point where his head was sticking out.

"Gotcha!" Spidey said as he landed a solid blow right at the man's face. "Dude, how do you even see with all those hands covering your face. Seem's impractical if you ask me."

"You…You…" The blue-haired man looked ready to erupt, seemed he has a very short temper. Spider-man didn't let that distract him too much as the mist villain soon made his move as well. Kurogiri spread himself apart but it didn't matter, Spidey used his abilities and webs to keep a far enough distance. Fighting the mist guy was definitely the trickiest part but all he had to do was keep an eye out for that metal object. Plus, all this guy could do was warp, he had no dangerous attacks that were a threat to Spider-man.

As more mist tried to envelop him Spidey took the air and began web-swinging, using the ceiling of the stadium to his advantage.

"Is that all you got dude?" Taunted Spidey as he passively swung around but kept his eye on his enemy. His response was more warp gates opening around him. "Sheesh, no need to get so sensitive." Quickly letting go of his web Spider-man had a hard landing before almost being grabbed by Mop's head. Keyword almost as his senses gave him enough warning to avoid said grab and give a harsh kick to the villain's chest.

The mop head villain fell was able to pull off a quick landing and gave Spider-man one of the most violent stares ever.

"Uh oh…someone's angry." Taunted the young superhero.

The Mop head looked like he was about to say something before the sound of something hard echoed through the stadium. Spidey and the others turned to see what the commotion was all about and saw the Nomu being launched into the air before crashing through the roof!

"Holy crap!" Exclaimed Spidey as he looked to All-Might, who stood their kind of epicly with his arm outstretched in the direction the Nomu flew. It didn't take long for the young teen to put two and two together. "Holy crap that dude beat the shock absorption right out of that thing." He's starting to see why Japan sees him as the number 1 hero.

"Shigaraki, I believe that it's time we leave."

"Argh, no, no, no! All Might isn't weak at all! And you!" Mop Head, apparently named Shigaraki, pointed at Spider-man with hate-filled eyes. "You got in my way! This all your fault, I'll be sure to kill you next for all this."

"Uh-huh, sure thing dude and you can plan all that out in prison." The young Avenger made to web Shigraki up but once again he was surrounded by purple mist." This again? It's not gonna work!" He jumped right out of the way with ease only to find out that was a ruse and meant to create distance between them.

"Looks like it did, don't worry kid. I'll kill you next time." A portal opened up with Mop-head and Misty going through it.

"No!" Spidey made a mad dash to stop them from escaping but was too late. The two escaped via the portal leaving the webhead all alone. "...Damn it." Great, just great. He let the 2 villians who planned all this getaway and after he talked all that big to All Might. Wonderful, he wondered how everyone else was…

Holy Crap! Everyone else that's right! Spidey remembers going up to the podium and several of his classmates were missing! Are they okay? Are they being held hostage?! Spider-man need to group up with everyone and see what the next thing to do-


And just like that a familiar voice and loud explosion happened right near Spidey.

"Where are they?! Those stupid villains! C'mon, I'll pound their faces in!"

Spider-man breathed a sigh of relief. In front of him were Bakugo, Kirishima, Todoroki, Jirou, Yaoyorozu, Kaminari, Tokoyami. His classmates all looked tattered up which means they must have been dealing with their own villains when they got separated.

"Guys, you're okay!" Though he may not be close with any one of them all in all Spidey was glad to see that they were all safe.

"Parker!" Yaoyorozu walked up to her vice-president. "Are you okay? What happened?"

"Where did the villains go?" Asked Todoroki.

"What was that loud booming sound?" asked Jirou.

"Who was that dude that went flying through the ceiling?!" asked Kaminari.

"Too many questions!" Exclaimed Spidey. "Look, I can't answer them all at once. C'mon guys, everything should be clear. Lets he down there to where All Might is at. Ida went to go get help but Professor Aizawa and 13 are badly injured. We'll fill in the rest there."

A look of alarm spread across all their faces at the mention of their teacher being injured but the classmates did as Spider-man asked and began to make their way to All-Might.

The young avenger breathed a sigh of relief, happy to see that everything seems to be over.

Ida arrived soon afterward with reinforcements. The reinforcements being the rest of the teachers from school. Both 13 and Eraserhead were sent to see recovery girl before being taken to the hospital. After that, the police began showing up and it was quite a lot of them actually. With so many villains taken out by the class and the pro heroes, they were definitely going to need more than one car to take them to jail. Of course, where police and heroes show up the media is soon to follow.

Peter sat down towards the side of all this mess. With a bottle of water in his hand, the young man was taking it easy after an exhausting fight. He already called Ms. Sosaki and explained to him what happened. He had to pull away from his phone for how loud and worried she got after he gave her a brief explanation. She was on her way right now and he knew full well that she was gonna have more questions for him.

"Hey Parker, are you okay? Can I join you?"

Peter turned to see Uraraka coming towards him, the bubbly girl seemed hesitant to approach him for some reason.

"Hey Uraraka, yeah go ahead." He scooted over to the side to make room for his friend. The two sat together in complete silence for just a few seconds. Those few seconds were complete torture for Peter and so he decided to start a conversation. "How are you holding up?" He asked.

"Honestly…still a bit shook up…" She answered honestly.

Peter understood, seeing the look on her face reminded him back when the building fell on top of him when fighting Liz's dad. He remembered crying out for help, being scarred. Not a great feeling, he placed a reassuring hand on the girl's shoulder.

"Hey, it's over now. We did it, we kicked their asses." He did his best to say that as uplifting as possible as well as give a winning smile. Peter must have done it wrong because Uraraka just looked away from him and her cheeks were turning red. Must be from frustration.

"More like you kicked their butts." She shot back at him. "How are you doing, I saw that thing land a few hits on you. Do you want to see Recovery Girl?"

"Nah." He shook his head. "Trust me I heal fast plus I've taken worst hits than this." Peter finished that statement with a chuckle, in hopes of cheering up the mode. His words had the opposite effect, it became sour. Uraraka's face became solemn and downhearted, she brought her knees close to her and rested her chin on them.

"Peter, were you not scared?"

"Huh?" The young man was caught off guard both by that question and the fact that she used his first name.

"Were you not scared when you went down to fight that thing all by yourself?" She looked him straight in the eyes as she asked that question.

"I-I yeah I was. I mean you saw how strong that thing was, if I wasn't careful it could have ended nasty. So yeah."

"Then how did you do it? How did you go down there when everyone else was shaking in their boots?" She looked away from him and rested her face again on her knees. "It's funny, seeing these villain attacks on the news, reading about them. I thought that was the same, but seeing it happen in person with my life being threatened…"

"Hey, you came up behind me and Seto and tried to grab that misty dudes collar. So don't beat yourself up." He extended his fist towards her. "I'm sure you were shaking in your feet as much as I did but you still did that. You kicked ass Uraraka."

She looked to him for just a brief moment, before giving the biggest smile and returned the fistbump back to Peter. "Yeah, I guess I did." Peter wouldn't know it, but Uraraka made a mental resolve to get strong with her Quirk.

That sound came from Ida. The two turned their attention to him and saw Deku, Yaoyorozu, and Jirou coming towards them.

"The buses are here, it's time for us to go back to school." Those words from Deku sound like music to Peter's ears.

"Where most of our parents will be waiting for us." Lamented Jirou earning a few defeated chuckles from Peter and Yaoyorozu.

"Explaining this to my parents is not going to be easy." Whined the Class president.

As the 6 of them walked towards the buses they saw all the officers lining up the villains into their vehicles. They also saw members of the media try to ask questions only to be ignored by most of the officers and redirected to the Pro-Heros who were giving them short answers.

"I can't believe this happened," said Uraraka. "Even now a part of me wants to think this was a dream."

"I get what your saying." answered back Yaoyorozu. "To think villains were able to break in…I don't think I've ever heard something like this happening before."

"They did all this to get to All Might." All eyes turned to Deku. "He's the number one pro-hero and I'm sure he's got plenty of enemies. They wanted to take him out now that they know where he works. At least…that's what I'm guessing."

"Not a bad guess Midoriya." Said Ida. "Hopefully this will deter any future attacks on the school. Still, this is something these Pro-Heros face regularly. It's something will have to get used to if you think about it."

Those words put the rest of the group with the exception of Peter on a bit of unease.

"Huh? That costume…Hey! You there!"

A loud voice soon broke from the crowd and the photographers. The group of 6 stopped walking as the voice was pointed towards them.

"Is someone calling us?" Asked Jirou.

"I-I don't know…" replied Uraraka.

"Is that who I think it is? Hey Kid!" A reporter with a camera soon approached the group rapidly, making it's way, and focused on none other than Peter Parker.

"That costume, that design, the color looks a bit different but I need to ask. Are you the Spider-man? The one who fought Muscular?!" He said it in such a loud and pushy voice that it caught Peter off guard.

"Wha-" Was all Peter was able to get out.

"Your costume looks so similar to him that it can't be a mistake. Your the Spider-man aren't you. Tell me, what do you know of the villain's attack on this area? Is it true that they targeted All-Might, or did they come here on revenge against you?"

"Uh, not it wasn't, I mean I don't-"

Unfortunately, the reporter created such a loud commotion that it soon brought other reporters and journalists as well.

"Did he say Spider-man?"

"The vigilante? He's here?"

"Where is he?"

Soon the Group found themselves being swarmed by even more reporters, leading to the poor kids stuttering as they simply were not used to dealing with this.

"Spider-man, can you tell us your real name and what you know about the attack on the school?"

"Are these your sidekicks?"

"Can you shoot webs out of your body?"

"What can you kids tell us about Spider-man, how long have you known him?"

Thankfully the young teens did not have to endure this for long as teachers soon came to dispel the group and returned the students to their buses. Finally bringing this long day to an end. As Peter rested his head on the bus seat, his mind began to do that thing that every student does when on the bus. Stare out the window and begin to think about their life.

So much has happened, coming here, getting adopted by a Pro-Hero, being admitted to a school, and now fighting a group of villains. All of this and not one step closer to finding a way back home. A part of him wondered if their was no way back home, if this was his new life and the sooner he accepted it the sooner he can move on. Another part of him squished that thought down and told him to not give up. That Mr. Stark might be trying to find a way back home as he sat here. He sighed…and began to feel his eyes closing in on him. Peter looked to his wrist and saw that he would need to make more web fluid. Perhaps Professor Powerloader would let him use his class after school for that. So many things to do and think about, not enough time.

For now, Peter closed his eyes and simply enjoyed the ride back to school.

To Be continued…

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