The idea for this story kept me awake one night, and I have been itching to write it ever since.

The story will take place between episode 4 and 10


The first time Viktor brought up marriage, Yuuri didn't even consider that he could be the one marrying Viktor. He wasn't even sure Viktor was quite thinking that either at the time.

The first week of July saw the only rink in Hasetsu closed for maintenance, and though Viktor could easily have made Yuuri go through a series of non-skating related exercises, he decided that it would be better to take the week off completely. Everyone needs a break now and then, he had said and who was Yuuri to argue with that? Although Viktor had tried to ask Yuuri what he would like to do, Viktor's wishes ended up being their main priority. Despite having been in the country many times before, it had always been in relation to a competition, and never before had he been away from the bigger cities. And naturally he was excited about experiencing the culture, and though he explained it by wanting to learn more about Yuuri, the way his eyes shone, told Yuuri that he was equally excited about just getting to learn about this foreign culture that he had already come to love in the few months he had been living here.

Every day was a new adventure. Hasetsu wasn't very big, and Viktor had already been in many of the notable places, so the found themselves going to neighbouring towns, and even took a two day trip to Fukuoka to experience some of the life there. For Yuuri, it was great not just to have a small break from the intense training Viktor put him through everyday, but it was a great opportunity to learn more about Viktor, and for the two of them to get closer. Though they had lived together for more than two months, calling Viktor a friend was still a conscious effort. It was perhaps easier for Viktor to call Yuuri a friend, because Viktor hadn't spend half of his life time looking up to Yuuri. But without the coach-skater structure, without the competitive environment, without the posters and the ice rink, simply being friends was a whole lot easier, and it wasn't even halfway through the week that Yuuri felt the last pieces of the barrier between them crumble away.

On the very last day of their break, they went to a small neighbouring town. There weren't any sights left to see, and they mostly spent the day going into some small local shops, eating street food and enjoying some sugary drinks in a café that had a couple of cats roaming around inside of it. It was one of those things where Yuuri couldn't quite tell if this would be considered a date or not, because he had definitely had days like this with Phichit, where they'd just have fun and relax for a day, but Yuuri's mind also drifted back to when he was sixteen, in high school and asked Yuko out. He didn't directly ask her out on a date, but that was how he considered it, and honestly, it had been quite like this (except a little more awkward because Yuuri had had a very obvious crush on her, and although Yuuri had definitely had more than one inappropriate thought about Viktor, he wasn't actually sure how he felt about him). And it wasn't like they were holding hands or sharing drinks and desserts, but there was something about this whole thing that felt like it wasn't quite platonic, and Yuuri wasn't sure if he was the only feeling like that. He still found it hard to read Viktor (not that he was particularly skilled at reading people to begin with).

But what really made this feel more like a date than a platonic outing was when they decided to go to the cinema and, although cinemas weren't inherently romantic, there was something about going with someone you could potentially be crushing on (again, Yuuri wasn't quite sure what he was feeling since, yeah, Viktor was objectively so good looking it should be illegal, but he was also a genuinely nice person who could look at Yuuri in a certain way and make his heart skip a beat), especially when the cinema was small and mostly empty, making the atmosphere inherently more intimate than if they had been in a crowded city where quiet was nowhere to found.

The cinema was so small, in fact, that it only showed three movies (four if you counted the Japanese historical drama, but Viktor's Japanese was not quite good enough for that).

"I'm usually up for anything," Viktor said rather innocently, as if the obvious innuendo was completely lost on him, "But I'd prefer to not watch a horror movie."

Curious about the stated preference - because, quite as he said, he was usually up for anything - Yuuri could not let the comment slide.

"You don't like scary movies?" There was a bit of a teasing tone present in Yuuri's question, but it was mostly the curiosity that Viktor seemed to pick up on.

Viktor had a weird look in his eyes, but answered the question nonetheless, "I wouldn't say I dislike them, but my experience tells me that I'll have quite the reaction to the jump scares, and I've kind of… promised myself that I'd only watch horror movies with someone I was dating."

Yuuri looked at Viktor for a moment, before trying to fight the laughter and letting out little giggles as a result. When Viktor looked at him for an explanation, Yuuri could only say that he always knew that Viktor was definitely the romantic type, and the slight blush on Viktor's face really made his day.

"Well," Yuuri continued when he'd finally regained his composure, "I'm not huge on sci-fi movies, so let's just go with this… romantic comedy?"

"I'm sure it will be fun," Viktor smiled and secured them the tickets and some popcorn.

As it turned out, they were the only people watching the movie, which meant that they were under no obligation to stay quiet during the movie.

The fact that the two of them lived in a world of tacky costumes as part of their profession (even though they'd both argue that they had never once worn anything tacky) and the main character of this rom-com was a fashion designer, really brought out both the worst and the best in them. It all started with an innocent comment from Viktor, when the main character showed up to work in a pink suit, but wearing green heels, and he muttered under his breath: ugly, and Yuuri burst out laughing and agreed. Despite the focus Yuuri had on the movie, he would never be able to give people a summary of the plot as the two of them mainly treated it as a fashion show. Yuuri would be able to give a very detailed summary of all of the outfits worn in the movie, though, as if that would ever be important to know.

But inevitably the main character found the love of her life, and when the big proposal happened during a party celebrating something related to her career (honestly Yuuri could only tell you that she had been between an ugly outfit and a slightly less ugly outfit, when deciding what to wear for the event, the event itself being a mystery to him), Viktor commented on something that was not her ugly outfit.

"I'd hate a proposal like this," he said, almost off-handedly, and Yuuri soaked in the scene before them, before asking for Viktor to elaborate.

"Too public?"

"Yeah," Viktor nodded, "I mean, I wouldn't mind people being around, but to get everyone's attention like that. It feels more like he is showing off rather than make this about them, you know? There is no intimacy."

"I see," Yuuri hummed and focused his gaze on Viktor, who quickly noticed and saw as Yuuri's smile widened.

"What?" He asked, and Yuuri looked back to the screen.

"Nothing," he said innocently, "It's just nice to know exactly how much of a romantic you are."

"Shut up," Viktor replied playfully, and Yuuri laughed again.

"Yes, coach."

Of course, their light banter did not stop them from continuing their kind of fashion critique and kind of proposal discussion as the guy whipped out diamond ring.

"Ugly," they both said at the same time, and laughed again, but Yuuri needed to take the opportunity the moment had created.

"Not romantic enough for diamond rings?" He teased and Viktor shook his head, but answered anyway.

"They can be nice, but they are impractical and just not my style."

"Because it's not gold?" Yuuri asked quickly and when Viktor deliberately did not answer, Yuuri cracked another smile. The information might be useless, but in the one in a million chance that he'd end up proposing to the man beside him, Yuuri knew what not to do.

(Later, he would also know exactly what to do)

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