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( - )

(Last Time)

"We have a plan for tomorrow tonight in Hosu City," Kurogiri continued, "The plan is to make the League of Villains better known, and to strike another blow to Hero Society. We want you to join us, think of it as your initiation into the League of Villains."

Hmm they had a plot to cause trouble in Hosu City, the last place that the Hero Killer was known to hit, his victim at the time being the Pro Hero, Ingenium

"Very well, what do you want me to do?" Izuku nodded, gritting his teeth as he prepared to do what he must to become a part of the organisation and find their leader.

( - )

Chapter 10

( - )

(At U.A. Academy)

"Principal Nezu," Naomasa said curtly, nodding his head at the rodent like Principal as, after knocking, he was allowed entry into his office.

"Inspector," Nezu smiled from behind his desk, before without another word he gestured for the tall, tired looking man to sit down opposite him, on the other side of the desk to him.

"I take it you know what I am here for, why I wanted this meeting?" Naomasa asked taking his coat off and folding it up, before then settling himself in his seat, his coat on his lap. Nezu, with is Quirk, High Spec, was by far one of the smartest, and most analytical beings he had ever met. If anyone could help him with his current problem, it was the Principal.

"You want to talk about the Shrike, yes?" Nezu said softly, leaning back in his chair, his white paws meeting in front of him as he looked over them at the grim and tired looking inspector. "The murder of the Yaoyorozu family and the recent death off the shapeshifter, you think they're both connected?"

Naomasa didn't even bother to ask how the Principal knew such classified details, such as the fact that the burn victim was a shapeshifter or that a connection had been made between the prolific serial killer, the butchered Yaoyorozu family and the dead shapeshifter.

The Principal had resources, and many people who either owed him favours; or worked for him, or relied upon him, or some combination of the three. He had high connections, even in the police force.

On top of which, unfortunately, the police was not the bastion of morality and integrity that they liked people to think. There were corrupt officers and staff, men and women that were easily bought or manipulated.

There were also morally bankrupt scum who played the system, and used everything they could to their advantage so that they could claw their way up the corporate ladder. Issei Yagami came to mind as an example.

"Yes, the as of yet unidentified burn victim, has been confirmed by a consultant to be the man behind the deaths of the Yaoyorozu family, and was himself a victim of the Shrike. In his autopsy there was evidence that he had his skull ripped open and brain exposed before he was burned." Naomasa nodded, pulling a carton of cigarettes out of the pocket of his coat, before pausing as he looked up at Nezu expectantly.

"Go ahead, whatever puts you at ease, Inspector." Nezu said calmly, waving him on.

Lighting up the cigarette, Naomasa, took a drag and released a cloud of smoke. "There were no accelerants found on the scene, and the way the body was burned, it could only be a Pyrokinetic Quirk. At the moment we suspect that the Shrike, or his copycat, either has a Pyrokinetic Quirk, or an accomplice."

Nezu didn't reply, instead he continued to watch, Naomasa, carefully.

"It's all connected, I know it; The Shrike or his copycat, Izuku Midoriya, is the one that killed the shapeshifter, and the one that killed the murderer, Nakamura. Only instead of just ripping his head open and then leaving the corpse, like he's done in the past, he instead tried to cover his tracks this time by burning the body." Letting out a puff of smoke, Naomasa's, dark eyes flashed with irritation. "I know I am close, I just can't quite connect the dots yet!"

"And that's why you've come to me?" Nezu asked lightly.

"With your Quirk, I thought you could have some." Naomasa nodded.

He had Ino waiting outside for him. Whilst Hayate ran checks on the International Index for Pyrokinetic Quirk users back at the office. Issei Yagami meanwhile had gone off on his own, and was surveying the Yaoyorozu estate, with the permission of the family.

He couldn't wait around for long, but if anyone could help him in his investigation, it was Nezu.

"Then you thought wisely." Nezu said after a few moments, his dark beady eyes locked on Naomasa as he spoke. "I do have a theory I have been muddling over for the last few weeks, one which I believe, considering all the evidence, is very likely."

Naomasa's eyes widened slightly as he heard that, after which he leant forward.

He had caught onto Nezu's implication when he said theory. What he meant was that it was his, Nezu's, conclusion given all the evidence available, it was a hypothesis, one that was almost certainly true, but still a hypothesis. Which it would remain until they had more concrete evidence to back it up.

Despite that though, Naomasa was still eager to hear it.

"Please tell me," Naomasa said, putting out the stub of his cigarette on the heel of his shoe, before depositing the stub in the pocket of his coat.

"The Shrike, I believe, has a Quirk which allows him to permanently copy and take the Quirks of other people. The method by which he does this seems to be by exposing the brains of his victims and… seeing what makes them, tick…" Nezu said carefully, his dark eyes on Naomasa as he saw the Detective pull out a notebook and start making notes.

"This would mean that he has taken Quirks from all of the people he has killed in that manner. Which would mean, as of his latest victim, he has at the very least, ten Quirks." Nezu forged on, his tone turning grim.

Naomasa stopped writing as Nezu's last words hit him. "Ten Quirks! You think he has that many? How is that possible?!"

"He would not be the first villain to be able to steal Quirks." Nezu said softly.

"All For One," Naomasa muttered, his eyes widening at the realisation of what Nezu was getting at. "You think the two of them are connected?"

"Unknown," Nezu shook his head. "What I do suspect though is that the Shrike that is plaguing the city today, is the same one that was in Japan five years ago, at the Midoriya residence. I also believe that he is the same person that attacked the Sports Festival, only he used just his Pyrokinetic Quirk back then, the one he stole from Bora five years ago. The same Quirk he used just the other day to try and hide his tracks when he murdered the shapeshifter."

"To what end though?" Naomasa asked, looking at Nezu now. He hadn't connected the Shrike to the attack on U.A., after all it just seemed so out of character. If Nezu thought the two were connected though…

"He attacked the three heroes; Mount Lady, Kamui woods and Death Arms, but didn't cause any lasting harm, nor did he try to take any of their Quirks, which is surprising considering how powerful and versatile, Mount Lady and Kamui Wood's, Quirks are." Nezu replied, unclasping his paws as he stood up on his seat and leant forward on his desk, locking eyes with Naomasa. "I believe it was a performance, an act that he was trying to use to ingratiate himself into the criminal underworld."

"So he is giving up on his charade of being a vigilante and instead is going full villain?" Naomasa queried, before pausing. "Or has he just changed his hunting tactics?"

"I believe he is hoping to infiltrate a certain League, all so he could find another dangerous villain with Quirk stealing capabilities." Nezu said lightly.

"You think the Shrike it gunning for All For One?!" Naomasa gasped, sitting up in his seat now.

The worst case scenario from such a thing happening, would be wholesale destruction on a citywide scale, only for the two villains to get away in the end, or for one of them to overcome the other and escape, more powerful than they ever were before.

The best case, the two of them killed one another.

"Maybe, I will admit though, that last point is the one that I am perhaps the most unsure about." Nezu replied softly.

Naomasa nodded at that. "What more can you tell me about the Shrike, and how do you think, Izuku Midoriya, slots into this?"

Nezu didn't reply to the question at first. Instead he surveyed Naomasa carefully for a few minutes.

"Let's go off the things we know. Bora attacked the Midoriya's five years ago and killed Inko Midoriya, after which he himself was then killed by the Shrike, the Shrike's first known victim. Following on from which, the Shrike, and the thirteen year old Izuku, disappear." Nezu said lightly.

Naomasa nodded, confirming everything that Nezu had just said to be true.

"For the next five years the Shriek rampages across Europe and Asia, killing dozens of criminals and villains, and harvesting who knows how many Quirks. These killings and attacks are initially sloppy, the acts of a fledgling killer. But as the years pass, and his experience, and the number of Quirks he has, grows, his hunting becomes more methodical and planned out. Over these five years our fledging killer has matured into the Shrike." Nezu paused here and looked back to Naomasa again.

"Those are the broad strokes of what we know, yes." Naomasa nodded after a moment.

"After five years the Shrike returns to Japan, and not just anywhere, but to the same city he had last been to, and kills again, very close to the place of his first murder." Naomasa pressed on. "He came home."

"Yes, the murderer, Nakamura, he was murdered barely a mile away from the Midoriya's old residence." Naomasa nodded slowly. "So you think the Shrike is Japanese then?"

"I am almost certain that the Shrike is a native of Japan, yes." Nezu nodded shortly before continuing. "Not long after the Shrike has returned, your own detective, Miss Yamanaka, confirmed meeting Izuku Midoriya, back again after a five year absence, and looking both healthy and confident. More importantly though, the man in question attempted to hide, and gave a fake first name, most likely after as the kid's say 'messing up' and giving his last name first. No doubt he was still adapting to the Japanese culture after having spent so long abroad, in Asia, and Europe."

"After having spent so long in Asia and Europe?" Naomasa repeated, a frown on his face.

"Yes, and I don't mean that the Shrike took him with him," Nezu said lightly.

"You think Midoriya is the Shrike?" Naomasa asked, his brow furrowing as he tried to fight off his incredulity.

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Nezu replied promptly. "The Shrike's killings and methods matured, as the Shrike himself matured."

"But Midoriya was just thirteen at the time, and Quirkless?" Naomasa asked. Sure he had considered the possibility, but he had ruled it out due to the impossibility of it being true.

"He was thirteen at the time, yes. He was young and scared, and placed in an incredibly stressful situation. As for being Quirkless, that is something I doubt. He merely had not copied, or stolen, any other Quirks yet." Nezu pushed on. "So yes, it is my theory, that Izuku Midoriya is the Shrike, just as he is also the fire using villain that attack the Sports Festival, and I also suspect, the masked vigilante that interfered in the U.S.J. incident not too long ago."

Naomasa stared at Nezu as he said this, his thoughts swirling around as he put together all of the things Nezu had said.

All his half thought out theories and hypothesis coming together to show him the truth.

He'd been staring the truth in the face this whole time, and the only reason he hadn't seen it before, was because he had been unable, no unwilling, to believe that someone so young, someone the system had failed so badly, could become so twisted and murderous.

"Izuku Midoriya is the Shrike." Naomasa repeated, and as said it, he knew in both his heart and his head, that it was truth.

( - )

(In Hosu City)

Appearing on the roof of a tall water tower in the centre of Hosu; Izuku and Tomura Shigaraki stepped out of a swirling purple portal, the two of them standing side by side on the edge of the roof, looking over the city.

With Izuku wearing his black, armoured Kevlar vest and his black rebreather, even as Tomura wore a far more flamboyant outfit, complete with a multitude of pale white hands gripping onto his arms and face.

"Go release the Nomu's, Kurogiri," Shigaraki hissed, his red eyes flicking back to the purple portal for a moment, before going back to the city, his lip curling up in cruel amusement as he surveyed the peaceful city in front of him.

"As you say," Kurogiri replied, his deep voice at odds with his master's higher-pitched whinier one.

With Kurogiri warping himself away moments later without another word or sound, like the loyal dog, Izuku, thought he was.

"The Nomu's?" Izuku asked dryly, looking sideways at his current companion, his hands by his sides, his fingers twitching compulsively as he did so. The older, pale man unnerved him at times, both with his insanity and his childishness.

He had heard the name Nomu before, it was the name of the horrific, bird like abomination he had fought at the U.S.J. A creature that had had multiple Quirks, and was effectively little more than a thoughtless, mindless puppet.

"A few toys, nothing for you to concern yourself about, Blaze." Shigaraki replied dismissively, his tone turning slightly scathing as he spat out the alias, Izuku, had given himself when the two of them had first met.

"I see," Izuku replied, his eyes narrowing as he used his Telepathy Quirk to listen in on Shigaraki's surface thoughts. Only for him to come up with nothing useful as the older man instead was just thinking about the wholesale carnage to come, and of how he was going to prove to the Hero Killer, Stain, and the rest of the world, including, All Might, the League of Villain's power! "So what is it you want me to do?"

"You're good at fighting heroes, aren't you?" Shigaraki replied, his tone mocking and his thoughts broadcasting his dislike for Izuku.

What exactly he had done to engender this dislike, Izuku, honestly did not know. Not that it would change anything, after all, Shigaraki might dislike him, but he in turn was already plotting the pale, hand obsessed villain's death.

"Not just heroes," Izuku shot back sardonically.

"When the chaos starts, I want you to head down into the city and cause a bit of trouble, show the world your allegiance, and that the League of Villain's means business." Shigaraki continued, ignoring Izuku's reply.

"When the chaos starts?" Izuku asked, cocking an eyebrow.

As if in response to his question, a sudden explosion went off in the city, which in turn was followed by the sounds of shouting and screaming, as yet more explosive went off and plumes of black smoke began to erupt above the city from three different places.

"The Nomu's have been delivered, all three of them have started their attack." Kurogiri said softly as he emerged behind the other two from yet another of his purple portals.

"Good," Shigaraki nodded, his crazed red eyes flicking to Izuku now. "Well then, Blaze, what are you waiting for?"

Pushing down his desire to kill the pale man, Izuku, instead nodded curtly, before without a word he leapt off of the building, Kurogiri creating a purple portal in the air below him as he did so.

With any hope Stain might be in the city, and if that were the case. Well, his and the League of Villain's, goals might be aligned for once and this whole endeavour might not be a complete waste of time.

( - )

(Elsewhere in the city)

Walking through Hosu City, Tenya Iida, still clad in his white armour, walked resolutely behind the hero he had chosen to intern with, Manuel. Currently the two of them were on patrol, again, like they had done every day for the last week.

Not that he was complaining though.

When he had first seen Manual's name on the list of Pro Heroes offering a place at their Agencies, he had leapt at the offer.

The Normal Hero: Manual, he might be low ranked, and not all that well known nationally. But he was based in Hosu City, which for him was all that mattered.

After all he had done his research on the Hero Killer, ever since said Hero Killer had maimed and almost killed his brother, Tensei Iida, better known as the Pro Hero, Ingenium.

Wherever Stain appeared, he never just injured or killed one hero, he always preyed on at least three or four heroes before moving on to a different location. The man followed a pattern, and he, and probably others had clocked onto this pattern, and had thus come to the city to find him.

The Hero Killer was far from done with Hosu, there would be another attack, and when there was. Well the Hero Killer wouldn't get away with it. After all he would be there to stop him, permanently if necessary, and to avenge his brother.

Tenya grit his teeth fiercely at that thought, his armoured hands clenching into fists at his side. It was lucky he was still wearing his helmet, otherwise everyone would be able to see the bloodthirsty expression on his face.

He had not come to Hosu just for his internship, or to get justice for his now crippled brother. He was here for retribution too!

Once Tenya found Stain, he was going to put the murderous, psychotic bastard in the ground once and for all, like the monster deserved!

As Tenya was brooding on these thoughts, Manuel, looked back at him, his short stature and blue and silver armour standing out more than ever next to Tenya's taller and bulkier, white armoured form.

"Sorry, it's just more patrolling today! There's really not much else to do around here at the moment." Manual said, an apologetic expression spreading across his face.

Manual didn't really physically stand out as a hero. He looked like an everyday person; his features were average and unassuming and his build was more like that of a salaryman than of a hero.

Despite that though he was amiable enough, and well liked in the city. Despite him not being nationally, or even regionally, popular or ranked.

Tenya blinked slightly in surprise at the interruption, before moments later he shook his head. "No… it's actually better this way."

As he said this Iida glanced sideways down a nearby alleyway. Those were the places that, Stain, was known to predate. Small out of the way place, hidden from view and occasionally patrolled by lone heroes. The Hero Killer's prime hunting ground.

The Pro Hero turned to look at him as he heard what he said, his brow furrowing for a moment, before without a word he stopped and turned to face him. His expression intense, but not unfriendly.

"Hey look," Manual then began, his brow furrowing again as he appeared to be thinking about how to go about saying what he wanted to say. "This might be uncomfortable to ask, but… you came here to find the Hero Killer, didn't you?"

Tenya stiffened as he heard this. He shouldn't have been surprised Manual had guessed his motives. The other hero knew his brother after all, they had both been stationed in Hosu.

"Honestly, I couldn't think of any other reason you'd come to my office. I mean don't misunderstand me; I'm very happy you came! It's just… you know, you shouldn't let personal grudges affect your actions, especially as a hero. We don't have the authority to dish out punishment on villains or arrest them; that's the duty of law enforcement." Manual pressed on carefully, reaching out and clasping Tenya's shoulder as he did so.

"If you start taking their authority and using it as your own, you're turning heroism into vigilantism. That's no small crime. Of course, the Hero Killer has committed many crimes, just like the Shrike, so you know it's not like he's innocent. But still he's dangerous. I mean, you're a good, straight-laced kid, okay. I understand you being angry because of what happened to your brother, but you have to draw a line between work and personal feelings." Manual then pressed, his expression almost pleading as he tried to stop Tenya from following his current path.

"I understand. I appreciate your warning." Tenya nodded, his expression neutral behind his helmet. He appreciated the older Pro Heroes concern, but this was not his business.

With that though in mind he clenched his fists as the two of them went back to patrolling the city in silence.

A few minutes of silent walking later though, before anymore could be said the still, quiet, peaceful evening was broken by a loud scream in the distance, which in turn was followed by an explosion and even more screaming.

Starting at this, Manual, turned around to look for the source of the scream, and the reason behind it.

As he did this, Tenya, out of the corner of his eye saw ragged, hunched figure dart past the end of a nearby alleyway, his silhouette momentarily visible to the startled teen.

It was the Hero Killer, Stain.

( - )

(Elsewhere in the city, a few minutes previously)

"Keep up, both of you!" Endeavour growled out as he strode down the street; his massive muscled frame, towering height, and the flames that erupted off of his shoulders, all giving him enough of an intimidating presence to make the civilians and citizens around him shrink back and get out of his way.

Where most Pro Heroes were adored, and had fans flocking to them when they walked through a public area, Endeavour was not.

He was respected yes, but that respect was tinged with fear and caution. Both for his size and intimidating aura, and for his attitude, something which had long since become infamous due to the occasional curt and aggressive interviews he gave out after a crisis or a particularly famous takedown.

"We are," Shoto Todoroki, Endeavour's youngest son, replied coldly as he trailed behind. The red and white haired teen wearing his own costume, as well as the metal brace he now needed to wear on his right arm for support, due to the injury he had received at the U.S.J.

An injury that his father still spoke scathingly of, even now. Just as he continued to hold a grudge, and an incredible hatred of the League of Villains and anything associated with the organisation that damaged his most useful progeny.

Walking slightly ahead of Todoroki, wearing her own slightly revealing, red hero costume, Momo Yaoyorozu, didn't reply or backchat. Instead she kept her mind on the matter at hand, her dark eyes flicking around, survey their surroundings. Her hands twitching as she prepared to leap into action at the slightest sign of trouble.

"Hn," Endeavour grunted, before dismissing his two temporary interns. They had been with him for a couple of days now, and where Yaoyorozu had proven herself eager to learn and highly capable, his own son had proven himself less so.

This was especially irritating for the Number Two Hero, as he had only allowed the girl to come to his agency as he thought a bit of competition would incentivise his reluctant, and rebellious, son. Thus far though Shoto had shown no interest in learning anything, and instead remained the same moody, ungrateful wretch he always had. All while the girl showed him up and proved herself the better hero.

It was annoying.

Turning away from the duo, Endeavour, instead continued on through Hosu City. He had come here with the intention of tracking the Hero Killer, Stain, after all this was the site of his last attack, and, if the psychotic killer stayed true to form, the site of his next couple of attacks too.

"Remember, we have come here to track down and capture the Hero Killer. You both need to keep your wits about you, got it!" Endeavour growled, his cold blue eyes flicking back to the two teens trailing behind him.

"Yes sir!" Momo nodded resolutely, her gaze serious and her face stoic.

It was enough to almost make him smile. Why couldn't his son have this level of commitment and determination?

"I get it," Shoto replied truculently, avoiding his father's eyes as he instead looked to the side.

Endeavour clamped down on his temper again at that response.

His son still retained his bad attitude, the attitude he had had ever since his unstable mother had scolded his face with hot water and given him the prominent scar on his face.

Why this was he didn't know, the brat didn't even visit or speak of his mother. In fact he hadn't visited his mother once since she was permanently place in a psychiatric ward. His other children all had; both his useless daughter, Fuyumi, and equally useless son, Natsuo, both of them had visited their mother and seemed to have developed a friendly relationship with her, and maintained the same with him.

Shoto though, the only child he had with the potential to surpass him, he remained moody and uncooperative. He didn't respect him, nor did he bother to visit his mother. He just continued to act like the main character in his own angsty teenage drama. He acted like a petulant child, not a hero!

Which was something he had noticed more and more the last few days, especially now he could compare his son to his class mate, Yaoyorozu.

He was quickly losing his patience.

Grunting at his son's response, Endeavour, instead looked forward once again. He really wanted to find this Hero Killer, he was in a bad mood and was in desperate need of a punching bag!

( - )

(With Todoroki and Momo)

"I still don't get it, why did you choose to join Endeavour's Hero Agency?" Todroki muttered, his tone low so his father couldn't hear him as he strode ahead of the two of them, clearing a part through the busy streets.

"Because he is a powerful hero, one who always gets results." Momo shot back, her brow furrowing as she looked over at her classmate. "Why else would I be here? I came because I want to learn from him. Why did you come here?"

"Because he requested that I be put in his Agency." Todoroki replied angrily.

Momo nodded curtly at that. After the shambles that was the Sports Festival, U.A. had had to arrange internships for nearly all of the first years. After all they had not been able to show off their skills or their mettle in the festival, and so had not be able to advertise themselves to watching Pro Heroes.

For this reason the number of offers had been substantially lower than in previous years, almost non-existent, and so most had had to have their internships arranged by the school.

Momo herself had just been lucky that Endeavour had been willing to take her on, as well as his son, a son with whom he apparently had a very strained relationship with.

"You shouldn't let this opportunity go to waste, just because the two of you don't get on." Momo said lightly. She wasn't about to take this lightly herself, not now she had personally been impacted by villains and seen what they were capable of, and experienced the trauma their vile actions caused on a personal level. It would be idiocy in the extreme to not take advantage of an opportunity like this.

"You don't know what you're talking about!" Shoto snapped back angrily, his heterochromatic eyes flashing with irritation as he glanced sideways at her.

"Well maybe if you ever bothered to talk about yourself, I would!" Momo retorted. She was not in the mood to shy away or back down, not anymore. An unconfident hero was no hero at all.

Todoroki scowled at that but did not reply.

Nor would he have had the chance to even if he had wanted to reply, as moments later screams started sounding out, even as a very familiar purple portal started forming in the street in front of them. From out of which a massive, hulking, monstrous, inhuman creature erupted with a snarl, its brain clearly visible, along with a set of bulging, protuberant eyes.

It was similar looking to the creature that had been with the League of Villains when they had attacked the U.S.J., Nomu, strikingly so.

"Everyone get off of the streets!" Endeavour roared even as more screams sounded out in the distance, along with a few explosions. Ignoring this, the Number Two Hero instead leapt into action, even as screams erupted from all around them too, and the creature lashed out at anything and everything in its path, flipping a car with a single swing of its massive arm and sending it crashing into a shopfront.

"Todoroki!" Momo shouted, a staff forming in her hands as she spoke. "We need to start evacuating people."

Rubbing his right arm, Todoroki, nodded, his expression dark as he too apparently recognised the creature.

The League of Villains were attacking Hosu City.

Before either of them could say anymore though another purple portal appeared overhead, from out of which leapt a black clad man, fire already erupting from his hands as he landed in front of, Endeavour, the concrete street below him shattering even as a wave of fire issued forth from his hands, causing yet more shouts and screams as the few civilians still around fled.

To add to the fun, the villain that had attacked the Sports Festival had also arrived too, and was apparently in league with the League of Villains.

( - )

(A few minutes earlier)

Sitting on a bullet train heading to Hosu station, both the retired Pro Hero, Gran Tornio, and the U.A. student, Mirio Togata, both sat in silence as they waited for the train to arrive at Hosu for their first patrol together. Both of them wearing their hero costumes as they waited for the train to arrive its destination.

For Mirio, who was a third year, this whole last week could potentially have been seen as a waste of time. After all he had gone through an internship in his first year, and had had others during his second and third year too. On top of which he was considered to be one of the top three students in the entire school, a member of the 'Big Three'.

Despite this though, Mirio, didn't see the last week as a waste at all. Instead he saw it as perhaps one of the most important experiences he had had thus far in his career.

The training Gran Torino had put him through, it had been both brutal and ruthless, but exceedingly useful nonetheless.

Especially since, just a week prior, All Might, the Number One Hero, had met with him and told him his greatest secret. The secret behind his incredibly power, his transferable Quirk, One For All. A stockpiling Quirk that had grown and been nurtured by numerous heroes over the years until it became what it was now, the ultimate Quirk.

More than that however the training had been necessary as, All Might, had, due to a crippling injury he had received years prior, passed that Quirk onto him. Anointing Mirio as not only the successor of One For All, but also as the next Symbol of Peace!

Mirio grinned to himself at that thought.

Due to the incredible amount of training he had already put his body through in order to use his current Quirk in combat, he had been able to handle One For All maybe not at one hundred percent, not without hurting himself, but consistently at twenty percent, straight off the bat.

A prodigy that was what All Might had called him, after he had given him a crash course and seen his natural affinity for the Quirk. A Quirk which needed a lot less thought and control to use that his original Quirk.

That said though, the last week he had spent with Gran Tornio had been about refining his control over One For All, and combing his new Quirk, with his existing Quirk, the one he had been born with, Permeation.

And looking back at it now, it had, overall, been an incredible success. His work ethic and determination, combined with Gran Torino's stubbornness and experience was an exceptional combination, and due to this Mirio had managed to push his level of control up to twenty five percent, and he had not even had the Quirk for two entire weeks yet!

"You're ready for this kid," Gran Tornio suddenly spoke up, distracting Mirio from his thoughts. "I know you already have a lot of experience, so we're going to get stuck in right away. Hosu City, although not as crime ridden as some areas, is still a place where you can gain experience using your new skills."

"Thanks," Mirio nodded, his blue eyes gleaming with anticipation. He was in his hero gear, and about to head on patrol. It probably wasn't all that heroic a thought, but honestly, at the moment, he was hoping that there would be some trouble kicking off in Hosu, just so he could stretch his legs and see what he was capable of now he was the current wielder of One For All!

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After all there are a lot of character coalescing in Hosu. Endeavour, who is pissed off as all hell. A more dangerous Momo who has been shaped already by the changes to canon. Todoroki who never went through the development in the Sports Festival due to the changes to canon. Mirio with One For All, a terrifying combination, especially due to the experience he already has controlling his own Quirk. Add to that Gran Torino, a pissed off Iida, and Stain who is lurking in the shadows. Then a few Nomu to make things interesting. With Izuku fucking Midoriya, the Shrike, thrown on top. It's going to be a very messy sundae!

Should be fun to write! And hopefully good to read!

On top of that the secret is now out, or at least Naomasa is now in the know. The Principal's High Spec Quirk is a truly dangerous ability to behold. Makes me interested exploring intelligence Quirks actually.

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This is a list of Izuku's current Quirks:

- Original Quirk: Intuitive Aptitude (Is the power to instantly learn and understand the complexity and exactness of organisms, objects, etc. without the need of long-term or special education.)

- Bone Manipulation (Spyke, can make his bones denser or lighter, can extend them from his flesh and grow and mould them at will.)

- Telepathy (One way, can only hear thoughts, can't manipulate or push thoughts on other's minds. Can't see memories either.)

- Cellular Regeneration (Can heal on a cellular level)

- Telekinesis (Limited, he can only control things within six feet of him, or extend his ability that far.)

- Pyrokinesis (Extends from his hands, he can create and manipulate large amounts of fire at will.)

- Alchemy/ Chrysopoeia (He can turn any metal he touches to gold.)

- Fear induced super strength. (He can convert the fear of those around him into physical strength.)

- Line of sight teleportation. (Warping quirk, disappears in a black mist and reappears in the same black mist.)

-Invisibility (He can only turn invisible in the eyes of one person at a time.)

- Shock Absorption (shock Absorption gives the user the ability to reduce the effectiveness of physical blows by absorbing the shocks produced by them.This Quirk does not give the user the ability to completely nullify blows, meaning there is a limit to how much punishment the user can withstand.)

- Super Regeneration (This Quirk has the ability to regenerate any sort of injuries on the user's body, such as missing limbs, at incredible speeds. Has no effect on cicatrized injuries.)

- Shapeshifting (Can shift his shape at will and into any form. The process isn't instance, the more complex the change the longer it takes. Can only take on a human shape, and cannot turn his body from organic to inorganic.)

Yep he has quite the assembly of powers, and who knows what others he'll acquire as the story progresses. Already he is pretty OP in one on one fighting. But will he be able to stand up to All For One, or the other heavy hitters? You'll just have to wait and find out!

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