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I know what everyone thinks of me…even you. I'm a useless delinquent. I can't do a damned thing right and all I do is cause trouble. I'm not afraid of you. I never was…except when you first showed up. You gave me a shock. I don't run from your power, I run from your hate. I fell in love with that attitude of yours, with that smirk, with that whole aura of power that surrounds you.

I'm not as stupid as people think either. I just wish that I could tell you. See under the mask… Find out if those smirking lips were as delectable as they look. After I've been taken away, when I'm usually in the police car or the cell. I'm thinking about how I want to be able to find out. How much you do to my mind. You made me start thinking again. There were times that I thought about breaking my habits and trying to find out who you were and trying my luck at seducing you… Me, the idiot mostly loner rebel, trying to seduce the great Static Shock… It's truly laughable… Walking to the window of the crummy apartment reddish eyes scanned the skies, for a sign… a sign that his obsession was out there, looking. Maybe looking to check and see if he was out looking to stir up trouble. Not that the thought hadn't crossed his mind. Stir up trouble just to see him… That electric power of yours is addicting… I wanted to straighten out, but I found that if your attention wasn't on me, as a trouble maker, then I wouldn't be able to get the jolt to run through me… You're addicting as well, Static.. If only I could find you alone and we face off for what I want. You win, and then I'm good for a while and stay out of your hair. I win, well… you might not like that…

Walking away from the window the teen left the apartment and went out to try and stir up trouble. He ended up at the park setting off flares scaring the hell out of couples. Run you lucky assholes. RUN from me!!

He laughed, and he laughed with glee, fake glee but glee.

"Hotstreak!" Static yelled arriving landing and looking at him amazed at the determined look. No one was around at all. Everyone was gone and the police we going to let him handle Hotstreak as he always did.

"Static, I was wondering how long it would take before you showed up," Hotstreak smirked to him.

"What's your problem now? Got blown off by a date so you're taking it out on everyone else who's happy?" Static quipped.

"I guess you could say that," Hotstreak answered tossing a ball of fire around in his hand. "But I have a proposition for you Static Shock…"

"I'm thinking that this is heading towards the twilight zone but I'm listening…" the dark boy said putting his hands on his hips.

"It's like a bet. We fight here and now. You win, I stay out of your hair for a while… a month or two…"

"And get some anger management!" Static said. Hotstreak rolled his eyes and nodded. "What about if you win?"

"You'll find out when it happens…" Static tried not to visibly gulp and freak out at the look Hotstreak was giving him.

"No. I'm not getting into this," Static said before pulling out his disk.

"Afraid?" Hotstreak asked smirking.

"I'm not gonna do this because if you won the fight I'd have to stop being Static Shock wouldn't I?" Hotstreak arched an eyebrow.

"You could say that… But not in the way you think. No death and no giving up your super hero act."

"What's in this for you? Ebon got something for you?"

"Ain't talked to him in years Static. Not since you got him locked up. And I don't got any desire to talk to him."

"You're not seeing under this mask." Static once again turned to go before Hotstreak grabbed his arm, glaring daggers at him.

"You're not going to back out on me."

"I never said yes in the first place."

"You listened though. And I know you want me out of your hair for a bit…."

"Fine. But this will be done quick," the ebony teen stated getting ready.

Static was wrong. Hotstreak was driven to win. And being pinned under the taller teen while being surrounded by fire, wasn't something he had expected.

"Alright. Does this mean you won?" he asked glaring. He could easily blast the fiery bang baby off him but part of him said not to. He was strangely curious as to what would happen.

"Does that mean you give?" came the reply accompanied by a smirk.

"This time," Static smirked back.

Hotstreak nodded curtly. "So then I get my prize…" he whispered a strange smile spread across the features of the lightly tanned skin of the teen. Static visibly gulped in worry. His eyes shined with not only firelight but also their own special light. Hotstreak dived in and claimed the lips of his captured rival.

Virgil started to squirm under him but when the grip on him tightened painfully his eyes came shut as a whimper escaped him.

"I like…" Hotstreak murmured as he trailed his lips down the throat of the dark skinned teen. He lessened his grip a bit to that more of a caress. Static gasped out at the feel of teeth nipping his sensitive neck.

"Hotstreak…" the boy got out before lips claimed his again roughly. He pulled back looking at the teen with confused eyes. "What are you doing?"

"Claiming my prize Static, I did win after all…" he told him planting more kisses along the face of his rival.

"But… Here?" he asked. Startling both himself and his temporary capture.

"And where would you rather?" Hotstreak queried nipping at full lips.

"Not in the middle of the damned park…." Was the answer he got.

"I've got your word that I'll get my prize if I let you go right now?" Hotstreak asked whispering in the ear of his captive.

"Yes…" Static answered with a slight hesitation. Hotstreak got up and pulled the other teen to him.

"Your problem is the fact we're in the open?" A slight nod with a tinge of red on the cheeks of the teen hero was his answer. "I know a place we can though then… No one will see… but you'd need to get us there.. Because I don't think you really want to walk…" Static shook his head slightly. He was obviously confused yet, curious as to where this was going. He flew himself and Hotstreak to an old area of the town to an abandoned building. Hotstreak pulled the teen in with him. The outside might look horrid, but the inside was still clean and wonderfully furnished. Static stumbled after his fellow teen. Hotstreak smirked at the look on the dark face as he was pulled into another kiss. He let his tongue sneak out and trace over the lines of the sweet mouth he was claiming. The mouth opened to him and Hotstreak drug him over before forcing him onto a bed. The startled gasp was swallowed in the mouth that was dominating his.

'Oh God… How did I get into this?' Virgil was panicking in his mind. Hotstreak could not find out who he was!

"I wanna take off that mask of yours," ghosted over his skin while he lost his coat and his shirt was lifted up.

"Please don't…"

"Don't what? Take off the shirt to reveal your body to me… or take off that mask? Cuz… The latter is rather sexy I'd think…"

Virgil's breath hitched as his shirt was jerked over his head and a mouth latched onto one of his nipples. Heaven popped into his mind at that moment. The mouth began to leave and his body rose up to follow it, one of his hands finding it's way into the wild hair of the person giving him these feelings. A chuckle drifted to his ears over his skin that was beginning to have goosebumps from the contrast of the hot body over him and his skin contacting the coolness of the evening air that leaked into the room through the window. Suddenly contact was partially lost and Virgil's eyes snapped open half-lidded to see the shirt being pulled from Hotstreak's body. The lips soon captured his and Virgil responded by wrapping his arms around the warm body and opening his mouth without being asked. He responded to the kiss avidly. He was feeling things he couldn't have imagined. 'How far will this go?' came from far back in his fogging mind.

It's amazing that you are allowing me this… any of this… I figured you'd have blasted me to kingdom come when I kissed you the first time… but you're allowing me this… the only thing that could make my dream come true is to see under that mask of yours… But I'm not going to push you into something that you're not comfortable in. If you tell me to stop at any time, I will… well not entirely. I'll not go as far as I was but hell yes I will continue to lay siege to your delicious body… if only I could get you charged up a bit to show how much electricity is between us… A warm wet tongue trailed along the abdomen of his prey. Virgil writhed in his touch trying to continue contact it seemed. Suddenly he was pulling away from Hotstreak a look of uncertainty on his face.

Hotstreak wasn't taking that so he crawled up to kiss those lips he'd dreamed of kissing many times again, causing the teen to respond to him again.

"I can't… we can't…" the breathless voice of what he had set out to capture breathed looking him full in the eye.

"Why not? When I'm kissing you," Hotstreak started kissing his lips and trailing them down his neck before whispering against it, "I hear no objections…"

"Hotstreak. I can't!" Static said loudly pushing him away and getting up off the bed grabbing his discarded garments. An arm roughly grabbed his waist and pulled him back into the embrace of his dominating rival.

"Oh, Static… I think you can…" he whispered nibbling at an ear. Static's head tilted to allow him easier access.  Static was so focused on the whispers and mouth that he never noticed the hand sneaking into his pants till it grasped his hardening member tightly.

"Hotstreak!" he cried out arching towards the hand.

"Now is that a Hotstreak stop, or a Hotstreak screw my brains out?" asked the teen who was relishing in the sight of his 'rival' displayed like this in front of him, BY him. A moan came from the kiss bruised lips as they sought out the lips that loved to claim them. Hotstreak complied by getting the hero off.

It was a while before Static climbed up from where he had been curled up with Hotstreak and started to pull on his discarded cloths.

"Where do you think you're going?" asked the harsh voice.

"I do have to go home at some point," Static answered him not looking at him.

A snort before hands started to fasten Static's pants for him. The ebony boy was still amazed that his mask was never removed. "But you'll be back," Hotstreak whispered kissing up the other's spine. The other leaned back into him.

"We'll see about that…" was the answer before he was fully dressed and leaving behind the experience and he thought the confusing feelings with the glaring Hotstreak.

"I already know Static Shock. You'll be back…." Hotstreak collapsed on the bed smiling to himself, as he could still smell the teen that was almost his lover. Almost, because he hadn't fully agreed to anything. It could have been a night of lust to him. But Hotstreak was set on making it much, much, much more…….


The Next Day


"Hey V!" Ritchie called slapping his friend on the shoulder before seeing he wasn't looking too good. "Hey man, what's wrong?"

"Ah nothing... Didn't sleep much," Virgil answered absently, which was true but not in the way Ritchie would take it.

"Hey, maybe you should like alternate nights with Adam or something…" Ritchie suggested. "That way you get some sleep…."

"Maybe," Virgil yawned as they headed to class.

- - - - - - - - - -  - - -  - - -

"V! Wake up!" Ritchie hissed nudging his friend who was practically asleep on the lab table.

"Huh? What?"

"Man... Maybe you should stay in tonight…" he said to his friend.

"Maybe," he yawned before going back to the work he was doing before he started to fall asleep.


"Virgil!" Sharon called from the bottom of the stairs. "VIRGIL!"

"What?" he asked appearing rubbing his eyes and glaring at her.

"Look, I'm going out with Adam and then going over to a friends to stay so I won't be back." She placed her hands on her hips. "What I'm saying is no parties… Got it? Since Daddy is out you don't need to get into trouble, got it?" she asked.

"Got it… Now get out so I can get some sleep," Virgil said yawning and going back to his room.

"Ungrateful rude little…" Sharon started as she headed out to meet Adam.


"Damn it! Static isn't out at all!" Hotstreak cursed as he paced.

If he doesn't come out, how can I try to make him mine! Maybe he needs a little time to…recover… The teen was pacing in one of the rooms of the house he'd had some of his way with his dreams made real.


Static sneaked back into the house that he'd been with Hotstreak the night before. He was carefully walking in the non-existent light till he made his hands glow so he could see. 'What am I doing here?' he thought to himself.

Hotstreak noticed the light.

How dare someone invade the place where I take my love…He started for the stairs when he saw Static's shadow on the wall. He came up behind the teen and turned him around quickly and planted a steaming kiss on him, which was returned without hesitation.

"Didn't I say you'd be back?" he asked against those sweet lips.


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