Ritchie's mom pulled up and almost had a heart attack. There was an ambulance outside her house, along with a police car. She ran in past the officers. "Ritchie?!" she called. He was talking to a paramedic making large hand gestures and crying his heart out. She ran over and hugged him. "Ritchie what's going on?"

"We're having to take Virgil Hawkins with us to the hospital. Your son was explaining to me what he knew of his friend's injuries," the paramedic explained as she looked over at the gesture to the African American boy that was being put on the stretcher.

"I'm going with him," Ritchie said after taking a deep breath.

"No honey, I'll drive you out there as soon as we-"

"I'm going with Virgil Mom. He needs me… He came to me for help. I have to be there for him!" Ritchie said tears starting to stop.


Ritchie sat holding Virgil's hand as he was lying in the bed with all sorts of machines hooked up to him. Sharon and her father came in to see him and Sharon started crying.

"The last thing I did was yell at him!" she said. Mister Hawkins held his daughter tightly as she cried.

"They said he'll make it," Ritchie whispered to them. "But they're not sure what all happened to him…  They think it was a meta-human that did this…"

"Ritchie… you can go home... you need to get some sleep," the man told him. Ritchie shook his head; his gaze never wavered from Virgil's face that had many bandages. His left arm had a cast on it. It had been broken, but the boy hadn't realized it.

"I'll be fine here Mister H. I've got to be here for him when he wakes up…" Ritchie said squeezing Virgil's hand slightly.

"If you need anything Ritchie, call us alright?" he asked. Ritchie nodded.

"I will sir," he answered. The family left him to watch over Virgil. Ritchie started to cry again once the door was shut tightly. "Why didn't you let me know it was Hotstreak?!" he asked in a sob. "I could have made something to stop this! I could have helped you… God Virgil. Fight your way back! Fight back to me, V… please fight back to me…"


Virgil was now awake but he would only talk to Ritchie and even then he wouldn't say much. Keeping that in mind, Mister Hawkins set up with Mrs. Foley that Virgil could stay with them till everything was back to as close to normal for him. She at first said it wasn't a good idea seeing as she had a huge conference in another state to attend but he had persuaded he into letting them stay there. He'd check in on them often. She finally agreed. Virgil would rarely leave Ritchie's side. And if he wasn't there, he was in Ritchie's bed sleeping.

It was one of these times that Ritchie was busy working on a creation downstairs when he thought he heard something and went to see if Virgil was okay.


"NO!" Virgil screamed tossing his head back and forth as he kicked at Hotstreak making him fall off the bed. He was breathing heavily, his eyes wide and wild with fear.

"Son of Bitch!" Hotstreak hissed slapping Virgil across the face with his fire-covered hand. He smiled at the cry of pain that came from his captive.


Virgil was tossing on the bed whimpering pathetically, gripping at the sheets and squeezing his eyes shut tight.

Ritchie got to the stairs.

"Virgil? You okay?" he called up pausing for an answer before starting up.


Virgil whimpered as he felt the salty tears mixing with his bleeding cuts. He was now gagged. He could still scream out his torture, just not words that would be understood.

Hotstreak was ripping his clothes off now and he couldn't do much but struggle in a useless way. But he was trying.

He heard the rip of his pants and felt the night air on him. His protest came out garbled and distorted from it was originally.


Ritchie started running when he hears Virgil scream out no. He was panicked. "Virgil!" he yelled. 'Oh god!'

Virgil was tossing more, fighting his invisible enemy. A horror-filled look covered his face and unseeing eyes glazed over in fright. "STOP! Let me go!"


Hotstreak didn't even stop to stretch him; he just thrust in completely.

Virgil's back arched and he screamed, long and loud. It was full of pain and horror. He kept screaming out for Hotstreak to stop but the gag made his cries and begging useless.

He felt he passage become slick, and he started to cry. Blood. He was bleeding, badly by the way Hotstreak was able to plunge in with little resistance. He tried to pull away but that only gave him more burns and cuts. He was beginning to feel the rising welts across his chest from the belt that had been used against him. He felt the bites to his skin. He also felt it breaking open under the pressure.


Ritchie ran into the room terrified to see his friend in such a panic. He dashed over and grabbed the flailing hands and held them down at Virgil's sides with just enough pressure that he wouldn't try to seriously injure him accidentally. "Virgil, it's me! Ritchie! You're fine! I'm right here with you! You're in my room! You're fine!" he said tears forming in his eyes as Virgil seemed not to hear him, but he kept trying to reach him.


He felt his skin searing. He felt everything. Everything was intensified suddenly. He was crying and screaming tossing his head back and forth.

Hotstreak's shaft was still splitting him open and it hurt! He felt him pull completely out then push all the way back in. Each time he cried out. He just wanted the torture to stop. Soon Hotstreak came within him. He pulled out and left Virgil a sobbing heap on the bed. Virgil tried to pull his hands loose from his bonds but didn't succeed. Suddenly they burned away singed, leaving marks all over his wrists.

His head was pulled up and a kiss was planted on him. Hard, deep, possessive, and without passion at all. "No one tells me no," Hotstreak said harshly. He threw Virgil back to the bed and the boy whimpered. He felt the spit hit his cheek causing him to cry more. He was, raped. Raped by someone who claimed to love him. Someone who had been so passionate towards him. Had held him lovingly through the night for almost four days. He was raped. He was tainted. He was no longer pure. He still needed to get to Ritchie, but he had to keep his heart safe. He couldn't try to build the relationship. He, he had to stay as far away relationship wise as he could.


Virgil suddenly spoke from his dream. He was still and crying now. Ritchie placed a hand on his friend's forehead gently. "Ritchie…" he heard sobbed from the sleeping boy.

"Oh Virgil…" he whispered tears still in his eyes.

Virgil's eyes fluttered open and saw his friend crying over him. "Ritchie?" he asked surprised to see him apparently.

"Yeah, love… I'm right here…" he said pulling Virgil to him and letting him cry on his shoulder. Virgil's arms hugged him tightly as he cried. "It'll be okay… I promise…" Ritchie said rubbing his friend's back as he rocked him slightly. Soon they both fell asleep, Virgil clinging to Ritchie and Ritchie leaning against the headboard while resting his head on Virgil's.


Virgil woke up and saw it was only about two and then realized where he was. He quickly scampered back from his friend while tears formed in his eyes as his mouth moved to say something but nothing came out. He sighed.

"Oh Ritchie…" he said as he laid his friend down and covered him up with the blankets. He took Ritchie's glasses and placed them on the bedside table. He watched as Ritchie's facial expression changed slightly before he murmured something and smiled.


"I'm so sorry Ritchie… I can't do this… You have no idea… how much I love you, but after Hotstreak did that… I'm not as innocent as you and I'd rather die than taint you," Virgil whispered. He sighed and was cursing himself as he leaned down and kissed his friend's lips quickly before falling back to sleep while sitting on the floor watching his friend.


Ritchie woke to see Virgil sitting in the window. The chocolate orbed teen didn't realize he was awake yet. "Why, after all that he had done… did he do that?" Virgil asked the sky. Ritchie was about to get up when he was grounded by Virgil's words. "Why'd he rape me?" he started to sob into this knees.

"Virgil?" Ritchie asked walking over towards his friend.

"Ritchie!" he said looking up a shocked look on his face.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I couldn't Ritchie…"

"Why not? Virgil… I've been scared…very scared ever since all this started… Why won't you talk to me about what's bothering you?"

"I…" Virgil sighed and took a breath before looking up to Ritchie again. "I didn't want you to get upset…" Virgil closed his eyes and took another deep breath. "I couldn't tell you what he did…. I couldn't even consider it… I mean… It's bad enough that I had a dream about it last night, but I don't want you to know what he did… I couldn't bring that pain to you Ritchie… I'd rather die before doing that…"

"Don't talk like that V," Ritchie said taking his friend's hands. "Just don't. I don't care how he did what he did; I just want to know what he did. God Virgil, I know that right now I may say it and you won't believe me, but I love you and I'm not going to let you sit here and cry over Hotstreak because he wasn't good enough for you and he never will be. I'm gonna do my best to keep you safe from him now… I just need you to trust me," the blonde explained before Virgil latched onto him crying again. "Virgil?"

"I love you too Ritchie… I was just, I was so scared that you wouldn't if you knew and," Virgil trailed off as Ritchie lifted his chin so he could see him.

"Come on Love… You still need to rest… God only knows how long you've been sitting in that window," Ritchie said lifting Virgil in his arms and carrying him over to the bed.

"Rest with me," Virgil said pulling Ritchie down into the bed with him. Ritchie was surprised to say the least. Usually rape victims, they didn't like to be touched at all… but Virgil was seeking contact from him. The said teen was now snuggling up against him resting his head in the crook of Ritchie's neck. Ritchie smiled and wrapped his arms protectively around Virgil and they drifted back to sleep.


Hotstreak scowled as he watched the Hawkins house. There was no sign of Virgil at all.

"DAD!" Sharon yelled as she went in. "I'm going with Adam to find something to give to Virgil! Can you call and let Ritchie know we might show up today?" she asked her father who appeared in the door with her.

"Of course Sharon. Be sure to make sure that Ritchie doesn't need anything from us," he said as Sharon nodded and kissed his cheek.

"Okay Daddy," she said.

Hotstreak smiled evilly. "Foley," he said turning and walking towards the house.


Ritchie groaned as the doorbell rang repeatedly. He pulled away from Virgil with careful reluctance and made his way down to the door.

"Yes?" he asked before seeing Hotstreak and glaring at him.

"Where's Hawkins?"

"I don't know," Ritchie answered. "But then again, why would you care?"

"Don't play with me Foley!" Hotstreak yelled. Virgil sat up straight and paled.

"Hotstreak…" he whispered walking to the bedroom door and watching Hotstreak glare at Ritchie.

"I'm not the one playing around," Ritchie answered.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Go away, or I'll call the police Hotstreak… And leave Virgil alone."

"Or what? What can you do to stop me?" Hotstreak asked getting into Ritchie's face.

"You'd be surprised," Ritchie said. "Now get the hell off my property."

"Call the cops… I dare you…" he whispered. Virgil had a flash back to one point when he had feigned sleep and Hotstreak whispered that if anyone tried to take him away, he'd kill them. He rushed back into Ritchie's room and dialed the police on the phone telling them to come over. The police arrived moments later and arrested Hotstreak.

There was a bright flash causing everyone to blink rapidly but nothing seemed to have happened. One of the officers said something about strange heat lightening. Virgil came down as the cops rolled away.

"Ritchie? You're okay, right?" he asked as his friend closed the door.

"Of course I am… You called the police right?"

"Yeah…" Virgil said before rushing over and latching on to Ritchie, tears spilling from his eyes. "I was afraid he was going to hurt you… I couldn't let it happen…" he said as Ritchie kissed the top of his head.

"It's all right Virgil… I promise, everything will be fine…" Ritchie assured him. Virgil smiled up at him.

"Thank you…"

"What else am I here for?" the blonde asked with a smile.

The next day Virgil went down to the station with Ritchie and his father. He told the police what had happened, without saying he was Static, and said he had called when he heard Hotstreak threaten his friend. The detective asked if his father knew that he was a homosexual. "I'm not sure I am a homosexual…" Virgil said quietly.

"Does your father know any of this?"

"He knows I was raped… He just doesn't know who…"

"Did you confide in anyone?" he asked Virgil leaning forward and giving him an odd look.

"I told Ritchie about it… I trusted him… For awhile he was the only one that I would talk to so I've been staying with him with our parents' permission. I told him a few days ago… He's been telling me to come in and tell the authorities since… I've been scared though…"

"Understandable. I'll need to ask Mister Foley about the account you described," he started.

"I couldn't tell Ritchie how it happened! I can't make him go through that!" Virgil said in a panic.

"Then did it happen?"

"Do you need to ask? I was taken to the hospital… After Hotstreak, Francis, did it I made my way to Ritchie's… it was close, and I felt safe there… I passed out and the next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital. Ritchie explained that he had called an ambulance for me… The records are there…"

Ritchie was brought in and explained what he knew to the detective. He seemed skeptical. He then had his partner go and speak with Hotstreak about it.

Two days later they were called back in. They would have to go to court and see what happened. There was DNA evidence, which made Ritchie realize what had happened. Mr. Hawkins paled slightly and put his head in his hands as Ritchie put an arm around Virgil's shaking shoulders.


Hotstreak, through the entire trial, never said that Virgil was Static. And when it was over Ritchie walked outside to wait for Virgil who was with his father talking to the attorney who had taken Virgil's case.

Ritchie smiled slightly while Virgil came over and touched his arm.


"V! How are you doing?"

"Much better… Hotstreak is being sent out to Gotham for jail…" Virgil smiled as Ritchie walked with him to the car and held the door for him. Ritchie climbed in next to him and Virgil leaned against his friend, drawing comfort from him before falling asleep.


Mister Hawkins consented to Virgil staying with Ritchie a bit more since he seemed completely relaxed in the other boy's presence. Ritchie refused to wake Virgil up from his nap, so he carried him inside the house, thanking Mister Hawkins for getting the door. Ritchie kissed the top of Virgil's head as he took him upstairs.

"I promise Virgil that from now on, I'm not going to let anyone hurt you like that again… I swear on my life," he whispered as he tucked him in the bed. Ritchie smiled slightly before climbing into bed with Virgil.

"I love you Ritchie," Virgil murmured as he snuggled close, still asleep.

"I love you too Virgil…"


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