Harry had told the others that he expected an attack on the day before the 'reveal' became active.

The others had argued that there wouldn't be any point and that the magicals wouldn't be that stupid.

The pitying look he gave them made them worry.

Then they received a request to meet from the Japanese Magical Ministry.

The Three Dark Lords assembled and teleported into the office of the Magical Prime Minister.

"You had better have a good reason to so rudely summon us." Tenmei glared at the old man behind the desk.

The man showed no fear as he sneered at them. "You were warned about approaching the muggles. Now you will suffer for your foolishness and we will end your plans."

"Too late." Touhou waved his hand absently. "Tomorrow they go into effect and neither we nor our friends in the humans can stop it."

"But we can." The man stood and once again, invisibility cloaks were dropped. There were only twenty armed magicals this time. It was a smaller room after all. "Once we have disposed of you we will wipe the humans' minds and erase any existence of your kind from their records."

Touhou chuckled as he sat in one of the plush chairs opposite the Prime Minister. "Assuming you can defeat us, how will you track down all their paperwork? They have visual and audio recordings of our meetings. They have machines that store information on an ethereal plain that cannot be physically touched.

"Of course, if you did manage to defeat us, you would then face the rest of the Yōkai. Can you imagine the damage my kin will cause when he summons a phoenix?"

"We won't fall for your lies." The man scoffed.

"Where is the real Prime Minister?" Tenmei asked.

The imposter smirked. "So you do have some brains."

"Kill them all." Akasha said softly.

In less than a second the walls were painted with blood. Tenmei moved so fast that no one saw him act, but the slit throats around them showed that he had.

The imposter swallowed tightly. "You'll never get out of here alive."

"You didn't kill him?" Akasha looked up at her taller peer.

"I thought we might get some answers."

Akasha shook her head. "The only answer we expect now is 'yes master'."

There was a wet thunk as a dagger left her hand, passed through the man's head and embedded in the bookcase behind him.

Akasha was slumped in the chair of the Prime Minister in a manner that was most unlady-like. She was exhausted, mentally.

Opposite her, slumped in equally unrefined poses, were Mikogami Tenmei and Fuhai Touhou.

All three were covered in blood.

Akasha's bloody katana lay on the desk.

"This is going to be a nightmare to clean up." Touhou sighed.

"Leave it to the magicals." Akasha waved a tired hand. "They started it."

"We just gutted their entire government. There isn't anyone left to run it."

"My contacts are still loyal and understand what has happened. They will step up." Tenmei assured them.

"How? We've been fighting all day." Touhou frowned.

"Because as much as I wanted to believe Harry-chan was wrong, I knew better than to risk it. I warned my contacts as soon we got the summons."

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Tenmei said. "Ah, Toji-san, you are unharmed?" The Chairman asked as he turned to the nervous looking man.

Ikari bowed low. "I am, Chairman-sama. Thank you for the warning." He gulped as he took in the blood and bodies.

Tenmei stood and put a firm hand on the man's shoulder. "Ikari-kun, you will need to step up and be a better leader for your people.

"We were summoned here under false pretences and attacked. These fools seemed to think they could overwhelm the three of us with sheer numbers.

"We have spent all year in peaceful, if heated, talks with your kind. We never made aggressive moves except when they kidnapped and attacked our children."

"We are monsters." Akasha stood slowly as she retrieved her sword and cleaned it with the curtains. "We respect strength, power and ruthlessness. But we also respect honesty and honour.

"These fools showed none of that.

"Tomorrow my friends will walk the streets of Japan and they will do so without hiding their true forms. They will be peaceful, even when confronted.

"But they will not simply take abuse."

"I suggest you watch what happens carefully, young man." Touhou sighed as he too stood. "Do not wait too long before following in our footsteps, it will make the humans very suspicious, especially when they learn how you have treated us."

"But… The ICW, how can we defy them?"

Akasha chuckled as she sheathed her sword. "Walk away. What's the worst they can do to those who are friends of the Yōkai?"

Harry was very amused as he walked down the street on the way to the Cabinet Office of Japan in Tokyo. His cause for amusement was Kagome Ririko.

The lamia was actually blushing and clutching his hand. A far cry from the confident dominatrix that loved to tie up Ruby and Mako.

Why? Because she was in full monster form and garnering a lot of attention. She wore a slightly more conservative shirt, in that it didn't strain across her breasts and threaten to burst open. She also had slightly longer than normal skirt.

Still, her twenty-foot long tail swished behind her as she glided alongside Harry.

People were taking pictures on phones as they travelled.

"You doing ok?" Harry asked kindly.

"I am used to attention." She said softly. "But it is usually because of my breasts and legs… not my tail."

"Do you want to call it off?" He asked. "I can send you home and go alone."

She squeezed his hand and scowled. "Absolutely not. How could I face Akasha if I left you without help?"

Harry put his arm around her as they walked.

There was a pop and Moka was suddenly on Ririko's other side and Lilith was floating down onto her shoulder.

"We look out for each other." The new Mrs Potter said as she took the lamia's hand.

"Yeah, you always let me hide in your breasts before." Lilith chirped.

Whenever they went out in the human world or magical world, if Harry wasn't around or wearing a top with a pocket, she would hide in the cleavage of the bustier members of the harem.

Hermione had been both mortified and delighted when the spirit had dived into her shirt one day, she was the smallest that Lilith could manage.

"Wow… they have all sorts of buses here. Lots of shapes and sizes." Lilith looked around excitedly.

"Well, they aren't all buses." Harry explained. "They are all vehicles, like we are all living creatures, but not all of us are Yōkai."

"Most of what you are seeing are called 'cars'." Moka continued. "Those cars are usually capable of only carrying two to four people. Buses can carry twenty or more."

"And, like Yōkai, cars have different types as well." Harry finished.

"Excuse me, could you step over here please?"

They turned to see two police officers standing by a police car.

"Is there a problem?" Moka asked with a raised eyebrow.

"We've had a report of a disturbance in the area." The senior of the two said as they both eyed the four warily.

"Oh? What was the nature of the disturbance? Everything has been nice and quiet since we've been here." Harry shrugged.

"Reports of two individuals wearing elaborate costumes that are not appropriate for public and that are blocking traffic."

"Well… I wish you luck with finding these people." Harry bowed and moved to leave.

"Sir, if you could see to leaving the area and perhaps leaving your impressive costume at home as well, miss, it would be appreciated."

"We're not wearing costumes." Moka stated with a face like stone, her eyes beginning to glow.

"You are also keeping us from our appointment." Harry drew himself up as Tenmei had instructed him when dealing with subordinates.

"I apologise, but I'm afraid I am going to have to ask you to leave the area." The officer tried to match Harry's stance, but the look in Moka's eyes made it difficult.

"On what grounds?" Ririko finally spoke up. "We have not committed a crime, we have not done anything to breach the peace."

"Miss, your costumes and your… toy are scaring some peo-" He trailed off as her tail wrapped around her group.

"I am wearing no costume and Lilith is no toy." She said, her anger rising.

Harry squeezed her hand and gave her a look. She coiled her tail behind her.

Harry addressed the officers. "Unless you can cite a specific violation, you have no right to stop us unless you intend to search us.

"If you wish you can try and take us to your station for questioning, but remember, we will file a complaint. We will push for you to be reassigned due to your inability to recognise peaceful creatures from true troublemakers."

The senior officer scowled.

"Sir, we don't have a reason to hold them." The younger officer finally spoke up.

The senior officer sent a look that promised a stern talk later, but the younger officer was unperturbed.

"Sir, ladies, although you haven't committed any violations, you have stated that you are not wearing costumes. I will need you to explain that otherwise you will have lied to a police officer."

"We are not human." Harry smiled at the man. "My friends are a lamia, vampire and fairy. I am a wizard and an elemental.

"We are from a people known collectively as 'Yōkai' or monsters."

The younger officer frowned as the older one scoffed.

"You are saying the tail is real?" The younger one asked.

"As real as you are." Harry said as he turned his body to water.

"I'm sorry, I don't understand." The younger man was clearly trying to understand. His partner had backed up in fear.

"I could explain it to you, but then I would have to explain it for everyone. All you need to know is that things have begun to change and we Yōkai won't be hiding ourselves anymore. We have informed the governments of the world and they know this is happening.

"If you call your dispatch service and inform them you encountered a group of Yōkai, then you will be advised by new government agencies who were created to answer your questions."

Harry held his watery hand out his hand to the younger man. "Congratulations. You are the first of the local civilian human authorities to encounter a Yōkai."

The man slowly and hesitantly reached out and shook the hand. He gasped at the feel of the solid water construct that wasn't ice.

Harry let his hand become flesh and he used a bit of magic to dry the man's hand. "We're going to go to our meeting now." Harry pointed to the Cabinet Office. "The Prime Minister is expecting us and will be interested in the details of this meeting."

That evening news channels across the globe reported sightings or previously thought mythical creatures walking the streets.

There had been several violent altercations but none on the part of the creatures.

Statements were made to news networks by world leaders confirming that these were actual presumed-mythical creatures and that they had always been around, they had recently decided that humanity had evolved enough for them to interact with.

Then the debates began.

But Harry wasn't watching this. He was locked in the dungeons with Ririko and was ensuring she was well rewarded for her actions earlier in the day.

The picketing lines appeared less than a day after the first sightings. Extreme religious groups decried the whole thing as immoral.

Others questioned if these people were simply heavily modified by elective surgery and suggested that the mental health authorities should step in.

The world leaders had made further statements that these people were real and that they should be treated with respect.

The fact of the matter was that each leader had been introduced to the most powerful monster in their country. Then they were told that a single phoenix could flatten a mountain in one sweep of its wings, that an elemental could sink an entire country into the Earth or erase the air from their lands.

Harry had no idea if he could manage that, but Nurari had informed him that the reason elementals were hunted down was because some idiot on Atlantis had managed to piss one off.

There were international teams of monsters working with magicals who lived in the monster world, that were on standby and ready to step in if a monster came under attack.

So far they hadn't been needed.

Right up until the third day… and it wasn't because of a human.

Harry had been walking down a street in Tokyo looking to buy groceries for the kitchen. They all stayed at Shizuka's mansion.

The only thing that made Harry attract attention was his green eyes. It was never more than a passing glance.

"Avada Kedavra!"

Harry had vanished after the first word. The green spell struck a young woman, felling her instantly.

"Come out Potter! Face me you coward!"

People were running and screaming. A young baby in a pushchair screamed as it was smothered by the body of its mother.

"You call me a coward?" Harry demanded as he reappeared, gently moving the body off the child and taking it out of the chair. "You attack me from shadows without warning. You use innocent civilians as cover and take no care for their safety, killing them."

He glared at the woman in wizarding robes. She had black hair and almost Asian features, but not quite. She also spoke English with a London accent.

"You deserve to suffer." The woman spat.

"A Killing Curse just kills, moron. There is no suffering." Harry was hugging the child tightly and trying to calm it… but the closest he had come to dealing with children was young Delacour Gabrielle.

"But your whores would suffer. Crucio!"

Harry didn't dodge. He simply made the pavement rise up in front of him.

He didn't stop there as he heard the woman scream. He flattened the ground and saw the woman impaled through the backs of her legs by stone spikes. She had dropped her wand and was panicking as she tried to free herself, the pain was immense.

Harry saw the woman's hair and face change. He sent a numbing charm at her and petrified her lower body. "Why would you attack me, Tonks?" He asked the woman he now recognised.

Tonks Nymphadora was breathing raggedly, but she had a look of hate as he glared at Harry. "Someone has to put an end to you. Of all the evil things in this world, I never thought you would be the worst. But then you had Remus murdered!

"He was torn apart by the packs because of your lies."

"I wouldn't worry too much, Nymphadora." Harry said coldly. "You'll be reunited with Remus soon enough. The only question will be how much you suffer on the journey." He sent a stunner at the bleeding woman.

Several pops sounded around them and Harry held the baby closer.

"Drop your wand and surrender!" The lead male of the Japanese Magical Police Force ordered.

"I don't have a wand." Harry snarled. "What I do have is a baby that has just lost its mother to this murdering psychopath."

"I would do as he says."

The wands quickly switched to the pink haired vampire striding towards the group.

"W-Who are you?" The man stuttered. Even an idiot like him could feel her power.

"I am a vampire. A Yōkai. Think very carefully before you act." She said softly as she gently took the baby from Harry.

Free of his duty to the child he turned to the wizards. "I am Potter Harry. Do you know that name?"

The man shook his head.

"You're the elemental wizard."

They all looked to the young male wizard. "My friend is a kappa." The man shrugged. "He graduated from Yōkai Academy two years ago."

"I suggest you send my name up your chain of command." Harry nodded to the man. He then moved off.

"Where are you going?" The senior official demanded.

"To see to the body of the woman that was murdered." Harry said without stopping.

"This is an official magical matter! You will stay where you-" He stopped as several police cars came racing down the street with sirens blaring. "Come with me. We will wipe the human's minds and-"

"You will do nothing!" Harry snarled as he marched into the man's personal space. "I am Yōkai, this is a Yōkai matter and you are not invited."

"That is a witch!" The man argued as he gestured to the impaled woman.

"Who attacked a Yōkai."

Fortunately, Akasha had started walking towards the disembarking humans. She allowed her aura to flow which made the men more… accommodating.

"What is going on here?"

Harry glanced over the man's shoulder to see Toji Ikari storming up. "I was attacked by a witch, Toji-san." Harry said as he gave a slight bow to the man.

"Potter-sama! They said you were here… I had hoped they were wrong."

"Sir, look what he did to the witch!" The senior officer gestured angrily at Tonks.

"Look what the witch did to the human… whilst trying to kill me." Harry retorted calmly.

Ikari gulped as he saw the dead body slumped against a pushchair. "The baby-"

"Akasha has taken care of it." He nodded to where she was talking to the police officers.

"Sir, we need to move quickly to wipe their memories."

"You see those humans at the end of the street?" Harry pointed to a group several hundred meters away. "They are recording and broadcasting what happened here. Most of the planet will have now seen images of the woman impaled, Toji-san arriving and the dead mother.

"Are you going to wipe their minds as well?" Harry smirked.

"Harry, I need to let the humans in." Akasha said softly as she approached, the baby had finally fallen asleep.

"Toji-san." Harry gave the older man a pointed look.

Ikari thought quickly. "Bloodriver-sama, I need a few minutes for these officials to ensure the area is safe. But I see no reason that the senior officer cannot begin exchanging information with them."

"Sir! Those are humans! There are laws and procedures."

"I agree." Ikari nodded. "But today, everything has changed. This incident has brought down the veil of secrecy on our people.

"We cannot wipe the minds of every human on the planet. If we were to try they would see it as the attack it is, and they will wipe us out."

"They are just humans." The man scoffed. "They can't hurt us."

"Haven't you figured it out yet you fool?" Harry stepped into the man's personal space. "Yōkai are now friends with the humans. Attack the humans and it will be a Yōkai you face."

"Kid. Might want to take a walk."

Harry spun on his heel and vanished leaving the man to sigh in relief.

Right up until Rikishi Chopper loomed over him. "The kid is my superior." Chopper informed him. "You don't get to be on top unless you are the most powerful in the monster world. Be very thankful I stepped in… you don't want to experience his anger."

Akasha had managed to convince the humans that this was a Yōkai matter and that they would be incapable of holding the witch.

She had gotten contact details and handed the baby off to one of the men. A few brief words with Ikari and Chopper and she activated her personal portkey back to the mansion.

She found an angry Harry demanding information from Sirius who he had summoned.

"I swear, pup, I don't have any contact with Britain. Unless you count my correspondence with Gringotts… there's no way they would give out your information to a witch."

"Then how the fucking hell did she know where I'd be?" Harry demanded angrily.

"Well… did you kill her?" Sirius asked hesitantly.

"He did not." Akasha answered as she gestured to Kurumu to try and calm Harry.

Sirius let out a breath of relief. "Good, then a dose of veritiserum and we'll have the answers."

"Where is this bitch?" Keito asked curiously.

"Rikishi-san was dispatched to the scene. I have instructed him to have the witch transferred to the Academy for temporary treatment."

It was a day later and Harry and the Three Dark Lords received a request from Ikari to meet with some members from the ICW.

They refused and suggested that Ikari attend them and explain.

And so they were seated with Nurari in Tenmei's office.

"They are demanding extradition of the witch that attacked Potter-sama." Ikari said nervously.

"Relax Ikari-kun." Tenmei said sternly. "We long since abandoned the practice of 'killing the messenger'."

Ikari gulped.

"Toji-san, relax." Harry said softly. He then continued. "The treaties with the wizarding world are broken. Whilst we do have connections to specific magicals, like yourself, we have no diplomatic channels with the ICW."

"On what grounds are they demanding extradition?" Tenmei enquired.

"They are claiming she is a member of the ICW's diplomatic corp." Ikari scowled. "None of the documentation they provided has her written signature nor her magical signature."

"And I imagine that if we were to ask her, she would deny it as well." Touhou nodded.

"That would be enough for the Japanese government to reject their claims, right?" Harry asked. "Even if she is a member, she will have declared her forfeiture?"

"This is true." Ikari nodded.

"Having met this Dumbledore over the past year, I believe he might have fed the woman his lies." Touhou mused. "Specifically to make her react in this way."

"Specifically to murder me?" Harry was not so sure.

"Not specifically." Touhou amended. "But certainly enough to push her into tracking you down and finding you. I imagine that, if questioned under magic, Dumbledore would be able to say he ordered her not to approach you."

"The woman will be questioned by some of our best." Tenmei said firmly. "They will be thorough. By the time they are finished we will know everything about her since the day she was born. Her every action, thought and feeling."

"I want her."

The Dark Lords looked at Harry with surprise.

"Kid?" Nurari asked as he stood from the couches behind them and moved to stand by Tenmei behind his desk.

"Death is too easy. Too forgiving." Harry said darkly. "I want her life. I want her to suffer until the day she dies. Not just for me, but for the family she wrecked."

"You want Ririko to enslave her?" Akasha frowned.

Harry gave a derisive laugh. "That is akin to killing her. I have entered Mako's mind. I know that the former assassin has been replaced by a woman who adores her mistress.

"No, I want the bitch to remember everything… to hate it. To hate me.

"I want to force her to take an Unbreakable Vow to serve me forever."

"Akasha, get him out of here. Take your harem with you." Nurari ordered.

The pink-haired vampire nodded in concern as she led her tense and fuming lover out the door.

Ikari knew his place and quickly made a polite departure.

"There is precedent." Touhou said with thoughtful concern as the door closed. He then looked at the eyes of the others. "But it is not that which concerns you."

"Harry-chan is to be my successor because of his caring nature." Tenmei scowled as he pulled back his cowl, letting his long hair loose. "You heard him, he looked into the mind of his lamia's thrall… I know that he did it because he was worried the original personality was in there, aware, suffering, hating him."

"I've been watching young monsters go through this school for years." Nurari growled. "I've listened to them talk, express their opinions… the kid's dream of monsters walking amongst humans could have been easily fulfilled… except the fucking magicals keep trying to sabotage it."

"The difference is that I created this school to immerse young monsters in human culture. Magicals draw a severe line and attempt to stamp out any sign of human influence." Tenmei explained.

"And the issue with Harry claiming the witch?" Touhou asked.

"It is an act that is completely out of character with the boy I respect." Tenmei tapped his desk in irritation. "Even the most vile of our kind, Alucard himself, couldn't drive the boy to betray his morals… but a single witch has him contemplating actions even Alucard would blanch at.

"You know the story of Kaneshiro Hiroto. I fear I am seeing the same thing happen."

"Careful Tenmei." Nurari warned. "Do not paint the kid with the same brush based on one incident. Yes, the kid is bending to the wishes of his own personal darkness, but we have seen him act with apparent cruelty before. He has never let it consume him."

"Oh?" Touhou asked.

"Although he never committed the acts himself, he gave his blessing for Morioka-san to rip cursed lupine wizards apart with his bare hands.

"He staged the murder of several human Yakuza, he slowly and methodically killed a siren and… if his reports are to be believed… he forced Shuzen Akua to relive her worst nightmares."

Touhou hummed thoughtfully. "Leave this to Akasha and her harem. We should follow Harry-kun's decision unless Akasha is entirely opposed."

Tonks felt like she was walking in a daze, she could hear a voice quietly instructing her to say yes to certain questions. She was quite content to obey the voice.

But then the daze went away like water down a drain and she saw the face she hated most.

"Potter." She spat. Then she screamed in pain that exploded in her head.

"You will address me as Master." Harry said emotionlessly. "The lady next to me is your Mistress." He indicated Akasha. "You have just been bound with the unbreakable vow as my slave.

"This is your punishment for attempting to murder me and murdering an innocent young mother."

"I'll never serve you, you bastard!" She screamed again.

"You will." Harry said calmly. "The vow will punish you for disobeying me. For trying to harm me. For disrespecting me."

"Go ahead! Do your worst!" She spat at him only to scream again.

"I already have. I have made you your own punisher." Harry's smirk was the first emotion he had shown her.

"I'd rather die than let you touch my body!"

Harry looked at her with disgust. "I never want to even see you! Why would I touch you?"

Tonks actually looked offended at that.

"Your duties are to ensure our home is clean. If you have nothing to clean in the home, you will patrol the campus for litter and see to any cleaning required.

"You will sleep in the cupboard under the stairs in the basement. You will do everything in your power to ensure that you are never seen unless you are called for.

"This lady is your superior and you will follow her instructions." He indicated the blonde-haired and indecently dressed Mako.

"Enjoy your new life. You've earned it." Harry spun on his heel and vanished.

Harry was watched very closely by everyone. Unfortunately, Harry knew this and everyone knew Harry knew this.

Harry didn't care though. He knew he had pretty much crossed the line, but he could still hear the cries of that baby. He could see the dead eyes of the young mother.

It wasn't until Kurumu snuck into his dreams that they realised the problem. Harry was reliving the event, each time, it was his mother slumped over the baby.

Kurumu immediately started dragging the others into Harry's dreams on a nightly basis to keep him away from those images.

Ikari had warned the Dark Lords that Dumbledore had used the ICW to try and force Japan to take a hard stand against Yōkai Academy.

Ikari had point blank stated 'no'. He had then gone to Tenmei and asked for security from the Yōkai. Gin and Haiji were assigned as the head of the Magical Security Detachment.

Neither of the recently graduated men were happy, but they knew better than to argue with the Chairman.

Or Akasha.

Ikari had come to a revelation and he brought it to the Three Dark Lords and Harry in the Chairman's office.

"Japan's magicals must follow in your footsteps." He said gravely. "The wizarding world has been revealed to the humans. The events in Tokyo saw to that. But the ICW is refusing to acknowledge that fact. I know for a fact that various non-magical leaders have been questioning their wizarding counterparts.

"My own counterpart has warned me that the British and Canadians have begun meeting and are looking to ally with other members of the non-magical Commonwealth. They are refusing to stand by and see their citizens' minds wiped… and… I cannot fault them."

"I am aware." Tenmei confirmed. "We have been receiving reports from other Yōkai leaders around the world. They are being approached by human leaders."

"Harry-chan, you pushed for the integration of the Yōkai and humans." Touhou turned to the young wizard. "What do you see happening?"

Harry had already thought about this. "If the wizards refuse to come out into the open, then the best they can hope for is that the humans will effectively ban them around their people. They will start arresting wizards who they find and snapping or confiscating wands."

Ikari couldn't help his involuntary reach to feel his own wand was safe.

"The problem, is that many wizards will not surrender quietly. They will draw their wands and… well, it won't matter what spell they are going to cast, the humans will react violently.

"Then there will be a war. It will be more of a terrorist action on the part of the wizards. They will start attacking humans. They will claim they are trying to scare them into leaving them alone, but after the first time they attack a military base or an area with armed police, they will switch to civilian targets.

"They might try for world leaders, but, eventually they will get desperate and start attacking schools, hospitals, shopping areas."

"In what way do you consider that 'the best they can hope for'?" Touhou scoffed.

"Because the human governments have known for a long time that magicals frequently wipe the minds of their citizens. They aren't stupid and have probably realised that many magicals will abuse their abilities and steal and take advantage of defenceless humans.

"The first sign of trouble… they will follow the magicals they know of and simply drop bombs on their locations.

"Try to remember that during the Second World War, the Americans wiped out two civilian cities in retaliation for the Japanese attacking a military installation."

Ikari shuddered. "I was just a boy. But I lived outside of Hiroshima. I saw the bomb drop, felt the heat. Many of my friends in the city died that day. Even more in the days after.

"It is why I can convince the Japanese magicals to follow your lead."

Harry grimaced. "There is a major difference between the separation of the human and monster worlds and the human and wizarding worlds.

"The monster world has always been autonomous and hidden from humans.

"The wizarding world was once part of the human world. 1692 is when wizards officially started hiding from humans. This is long after most borders and civilisations were established.

"Monsters can claim they have had their own civilisations and governments long before the humans started establishing their borders. Wizards can't. They were part of the human civilisation after that, as such, they will be seen as secret invaders.

"Monsters use human money to buy human products. Wizards have their own currency and you don't exactly pay the humans for their products."

"What products?" Ikari frowned.

"Food. Land. Buildings. You take what you want and then wipe the minds of any human who notices."

"But the land was theirs." Touhou reasoned. "They owned it."

"Sure, but they were also supposed to pay taxes." Harry shrugged. "Also, that land was sovereign territory of the country it existed in. Magicals unilaterally decided to annex it.

"They didn't go to the humans and say: 'Look, we're going our own way. We're hiding our land and all our resources.'

"Instead they just started carving up what they could grab and hope they didn't miss any humans who might remember."

"You didn't seem surprised about the food." Akasha frowned at the human.

"Because it is the 'dirty little secret' of the magical world." Ikari scowled in disgust. "There aren't enough magicals to grow food for everyone. Instead, the ICW issues rules that state how much each country is allowed to skim off the top of human produce."

"And it doesn't take into account the human population, their wealth, their stockpiles… the amount is solely based on the wizarding population size." Harry added. "They are literally stealing food from the mouths of starving babes."


Harry and the others grimaced as darkness started to pour of Akasha. Ikari looked like he might soil himself.

"Is this true, Ikari?" She asked as the air became oppressive.

Ikari was having trouble breathing. "Yes." He wheezed.

Akasha had gone straight on the warpath. She had told Ikari that the Japanese Magical Government now answered to her.

Harry had looked at Tenmei and Touhou… but they were clearly not going to be of any help.

The poor wizard had no idea how to respond. It wasn't like he could say no to the woman capable of wiping Magical Japan off the map.

Her first order was for the Japanese magicals to contact every magical born to humans and offer them a place at a magical school. She also made it clear that they should only unbind their magic if they attend the school. She didn't want accidents to happen. Yukari was bad enough with her educated experiments.

"This may not be the best idea, Akasha-chan." Hermione said with concern as they stood with Harry and Lilith on top of the building of the School for Magical Girls. "I was only here for a few weeks… they treated me horribly."

"Hogwarts was the same." Harry shrugged.

"No, we were welcomed by the teachers at least. Plus the other, older muggleborn students… here, they all looked at me as though I should be dead or serving them."

"Be right back."

Hermione was horrified as Harry stepped off the roof of the six floor building.

"Relax." Akasha gripped her arm.

"A heart attack… before I'm twenty." Hermione shuddered as Akasha laughed.

"You're nineteen and your birthday is in two months."

Harry landed on the ground with a resonating thud. Not really necessary, but he wanted to make an entrance so he had turned to stone about five feet from the ground.

Unfortunately his shoes were now filled with bits of stone.

Still, the girl he landed behind jumped with a shriek, her wand turned to the noise. Considering it had been pointed at a young girl previously, this was what Harry wanted.

"If you ever point your wand at another person again whilst in this school, I will have your magic bound and your wand snapped. Are we clear?" Harry asked in a very calm and factual manner.

"Who are you?" The Japanese girl asked nervously.

"I am the head of the School Protection Committee. I make sure that all students follow the rules and that the school is safe for everyone."

The girl frowned. Her previous fright left her and she found her courage… and stupidity. "There's no such thing as a School Protection Committee." She scoffed. "Besides, I was just getting the garbage off campus. You should be thanking me."

Harry's hand snatched the wand from her hand.


"Don't worry, I'm just getting the garbage off campus." Harry called over his shoulder as he headed for the school gates.

The girl, who was probably about fifteen, chased after him.

"Stop!" She cried in horror as she watched the stranger rear back and throw her wand over the walls.

Harry turned and walked back to the girl's victim. Another girl the same age. "Got your wand?"

The girl clutched her navy blue blazer tightly in fear.

"Relax, you've done nothing wrong. Take your wand out I'm going to teach you a spell."

Moka had just left the Headmistress' Office. Akasha had insisted that she be the first point of contact as it would give her experience.

Moka had a feeling that the old bitch would be kicked out within a month.

What surprised her at the moment was the scene in front of her. Her husband was watching proudly as a young girl would summon a wand from just outside the school and then her husband would toss it over the wall… and then the process would repeat.

What was confusing was the other girl in tears and on her knees whilst other students watched with concern.

"Harry, what is going on?" She asked as she strode up.

"Hey Moka. Just performing my first tasks as the Head of the SPC." He smiled at her.

She watched the girl summon the wand and reluctantly hand it to Harry. He immediately tossed it over the wall and into the forest that surrounded the grounds.

Moka let her senses wander and found Akasha above her. She didn't seem like she was going to intervene.

Still… this was out of character for Harry.

"And this involves using one student to torture another?"

Harry was about to throw the wand again so she snatched it out of his hand and looked at him questioningly.

"Look, that brat needed a lesson." He pointed to the sobbing girl. "You weren't here to show her her place… so I did what I could."

Moka knew her husband quite well. Combined with her keen senses she was able to determine what had happened. "You are born of humans, yes?" She asked the nervous girl.

The girl nodded and then bowed low… mainly in fear.

"And I would guess that one is born of magicals?" She asked Harry.


Moka sighed. Harry was in one of 'those' moods. He'd gotten pissed off and now he was determined to have fun and screw the sensibilities of others.

To be honest, she approved and agreed. She was never one to concern herself with the feelings of others. But she was always careful not to bring her family into disrepute.

Moka grabbed the sobbing girl by the front of her blouse and hoisted her over her head. The tears were momentarily stemmed by the fear. The girl wasn't stupid, she knew she was in the grip of a vampire.

"I am Potter Moka, that is my husband, Potter Harry. He may be content to punish you by toying with your wand… I will not be.

"If I hear you have insulted another student without cause… I will be the one you answer to… and I won't just take your wand."

Moka dropped her prey and turned to Harry with her hand out.

Harry sighed as he handed over the wand.

Moka then looked at the 'victim'. "Learn to defend yourself or you will always live in fear." She then tossed the wand at the girl on the floor before crouching and leaping into the air to join Akasha and Lilith.

Harry stood there, hands stuffed in his trouser pockets, scowl on his face… generally looking like a kid who had his fun taken away.

"Th-Thank you Potter-sensei." The girl he had rescued bowed low.

"Meh, no problem. Just remember that this school is like any other. There are bullies and idiots… and you are likely to be one of them at some point, so try and avoid it."

The girl looked at him in confusion, but he turned on the spot and vanished before she could ask anything.

Harry reappeared on the roof next to Akasha and Lilith hopped back onto his shoulder.

"I was just telling Akasha that I doubt the headmistress will last long." Moka told him. "She didn't even bother hiding her disgust at having me in her office."

"And you didn't leave her a bloody pile of flesh?" Harry smirked.

Harry squeaked as Moka thumped his chest.

"Do not make me volunteer you for Ririko-chan's fun."

He had tried it once. He had not enjoyed it. Fortunately the lamia didn't push for more and was content to have him anyway she could.

But she was still much happier when he joined to play with Ruby and Mako. Both of whom were eager to please. Ruby simply because it was what she desired and Mako because she wanted to please her mistress.

"I did impress upon her that she should remember who we are."

Harry's smirk returned. He was unmoved by Moka's glare.

"Moka, if she steps out of line, even once, deal with her." Akasha interrupted their little playful spat. "Let her be the example for the children of what happens if they don't obey."

"How have the humans been responding to the revelation of wizards and their behaviour?" Moka asked Harry.

"Many, many, many mentions of war." Harry sighed.

"But no actions?"

"Nothing overt. Tenmei has been visiting a few and warning them that we won't stand for it. But we know they are preparing and planning."

"It is no less than the wizarding fools deserve." Moka scoffed.

Harry smirked at her. "What about Hermione? She was born to humans. Should she suffer?"

The vampire growled at the conundrum Harry presented.

"What are the wizards doing, Master?" Lilith asked from his shoulder.

"Most of them are scoffing at the thought that humans could even find them. Ikari is still reporting rumours floating around his office.

"Fortunately, most of the wizarding world is not democratic… or, it is not democracy like many human countries. The purebloods run the governments, it is their votes that count."

"I thought you were for democracy, Master?"

"Sure, if it is true democracy where the vote of the individual counts. Many of the wizarding worlds don't have that. They either have the ruling elite who sit in places like Parliament and vote amongst themselves, or they have a cabal made up of, again, the elite, who mete out laws."

"What is Japan?" The sprite asked.

"A cabal." Harry said simply. "Akasha killed them all when they ambushed her and the others. Britain has the parliamentary system. They call it the Wizengamut, but the members all hold hereditary seats."

"I have decided that it will be many years before I allow magical Japan to govern themselves." Akasha added. "I may never let them have a true democracy."

"You intend to be the Empress of Japan?" Moka smirked.

Akasha grinned. "I love dressing up in beautiful gowns."

They arrived home that night to find a bouncy and excited Yukari waiting for them. Hermione and Kurumu were standing nearby and watching with amusement.

As soon as she saw them she thrust a small vial at the sprite. She looked into Harry's eyes.

"She wants you to drink it." Harry said as he curiously communicated with the witch via mind magic. "She won't tell me what it does though."

"Oooh! Is it more fizzy drink?" Lilith asked excitedly as she wrapped her limbs around the vial.

"It is not." Hermione scowled. Lilith had been so hyped up on sugar that Hedwig had to hunt her down and bring her home. They were never going to let her try caffeine.

"Mmmm, it isn't tingly." Lilith mused as Yukari gently slid her from Harry's shoulder to her hand and then placed her on the floor.

"Erm… Yukari." Akasha stepped forward with wide eyes.

"You see it too?" Moka asked, just as amazed.

"See what?" Harry asked.

"Keep watching." Moka frowned, her eyes fixed on the sprite.

Harry watched… and then he noticed her short thin shift was getting tighter. Harry quickly knelt down and grabbed it by the bottom hem. "Arms up, Lil." He ordered.

The sprite was getting very confused but complied. She was soon sitting there buck naked.

But then the sprite got scared. "Yukari! You're shrinking! Master we need Ruby!" She panicked as she placed her hands on the girl's cheeks. Normally she couldn't reach both at the same time.

Yukari smiled and placed her hands on the sprite's waist, her fingers barely touching now. She turned Lilith to face Harry.

"Master! No! You are all shrinking too!" Then she had a thought. "My mirror! It might be able to reverse this!"

"Lilith, we aren't shrinking. You're growing." Harry was amazed at what he was saying.

She was already up to Yukari's shoulder, and still growing.

"She will stop, right?" Harry asked the witch hopefully.

Yukari gave him and impish grin and held up a pair of crossed fingers. It did not instil confidence.

But Lilith's growth slowed and she stopped at around Kurumu's height.

"Everything is so small!" She exclaimed as she looked around excitedly. She was fascinated by everything from Yukari's quickly developing breasts to the dining room chair.

Of course, the sprite was often nestled in the bosom of the various females and so had no reservations about physically investigating them with her newly enlarged hands.

"Lilith, there is a time and a place." Hermione admonished.

Harry was surprised. Had he really become so used to nudity and sexuality that he hadn't thought twice about the naked female physically ravaging the youngest member of the harem?

"What made you create this potion?" Akasha beamed in amazement.

Yukari locked eyes with Harry again.

This time Harry actually blushed. "Erm… "

"Harry, you know the rules." Moka smirked at him. "You are to tell us what Yukari wants you to tell us. Word for word."

Well, that wasn't quite accurate. He was allowed to embellish a little. There was no way he was going to say something like 'I can't find my tampons' so he would change it slightly to 'Yukari can't find her tampons'. And yes, there was a lot of blushing from all parties' involved.

"She says that she saw that Lilith wanted to join us-" He squeaked as Yukari poked him in the stomach with a glare. "In bed! I was going to get there." He glowered at her. "Anyway, she made the potion so Lilith could enjoy 'all the benefits of the harem'." He said with finger-quotes.

"Really?!" Lilith was looking at the maturing witch with pure adoration.

"How long will this last?" Moka asked.

Yukari shrugged.

"Is it permanent?"

"Current results lasted a few hours." Hermione spoke up. "But we can't really trust that as it wasn't tested on anything close to resembling Lilith."

"What did you test it on?" Kurumu frowned.

Hermione scowled. "We didn't. Crookshanks, however decided he couldn't be bothered to walk to his water bowl. We had to deal with a lion sized half-kneazel for a while."

Kurumu was giggling away with Akasha.

"Then I don't have long!" Lilith said worriedly.

Yukari took her hand and pulled her over to the dining room table. She opened the lid of a chest. Inside were thirty vials of the same potion.

"It isn't a hard potion to make." Hermione said. "Yukari invented it, but both Ruby and I can brew it as well."

Lilith flung her arms around Yukari happily. "This is the best day of my life!"

Considering that she was more than a thousand years old… that was saying something.

"Come." She ordered as she grabbed Yukari and Harry's hands. "You can teach me how to have sex."


The red-faced witch and wizard were ignored as the naked, winged fairy dragged them upstairs.

The gigglers remained where they were. Akasha and Kurumu had dragged Hermione with them into their fit as Moka looked on in amusement.

She did not giggle.

Unless she was in bed with Harry alone and he decided she needed tickling.

"You could go and join them, Hermione-chan." Moka smirked at the witch.

Hermione blushed and looked mortified.

"You keep seeming to forget that you spend all your time around monsters with supernatural senses." Akasha wrapped an arm around her waist. "Moka, Ririko and I can all smell when you are aroused."

"And I'm a succubus. I know love. I live for love." Kurumu leaned up and kissed the slightly taller girl on the cheek.

Hermione slumped defeatedly. "I'll try and find Harry and get some alone time with him."

"Or you could join us." Kurumu wrapped her own arm around Hermione from the other side. "We were there for Yukari and her first time. It was beautiful." She smiled in remembrance.

Moka looked at her sister/mother and chuckled. "To think, for most of that first year with Harry, we refused to entertain the idea of polygamy."

"I'm just that irresistible!" Kurumu grinned impishly.

"Come, let's go and help Harry and Yukari with Lilith." Akasha said as she turned Hermione to the stairs. "Maybe you'll make love to him now, but you can definitely join us and start to learn."

Moka watched as Akasha and Kurumu led a resigned but willing Hermione up the stairs. In all her nearly twenty years, she had experienced fear a few times. When her mother had been attacked by Akua, when Harry had been killed by Kuyou, when he had stood against Fujisaki and when he was alone against Alucard.

Harry was everything to her. He was everything to all those in the harem. That included Hermione's mother, Yukari's mother, Marin and San.

She knew that Harry would be devastated to lose any of them, but he'd sacrifice himself without hesitation for each of them.

War was looming on the horizon. Her father had warned her. She could see it in Harry's eyes when he returned from meeting with the Three Dark Lords.

She set her shoulders and headed for the stairs. She intended to make sure her husband knew just how much he had to live for.

And how much he would suffer if he left them.

In other words: She was going to show him his place.

The End

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A/N: I'm not one for end notes and all, but the reason I stopped it there was because the only thing left would be war. I like to write fun stuff. I only put drama in if it is part of cannon or it is to further the story, it is never the point of the story.

Writing a war would be pointless. Sure, humans have bombs and nukes. Wizards have killing curses and memory charms. But Harry can remove the air from a large area and not be touched. It would only take one direct assassination attempt on Harry to decide holding back was too risky and then it would become a conquer the world scenario.

If I continued the story that is the only place I can see it going... for now. Maybe I'll figure out something down the line. I'm still writing more for Death's Little Brother and Ah Screw It!

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