This originally came from a vocabulary quiz my English teacher gave us. We had to fill in the blanks about Oreo and Jello-et, two star-crossed desserts. Ah, the forbidden love between cookies and orange Jello.

And yes, it's in iambic pentameter. I checked.


Oreo, Oreo, wherefore art thou Oreo?

Deny Nabisco, just refuse thy brand!

Or, if thou wilt not, put me on thy shelf,

And I'll no longer be a pudding snack.

'Tis but thy brand that is my enemy.

What is Nabisco? It is nor cookie,

Nor cream, nor case, nor any other part

Belonging to a snack. O, be some other brand!

What's in a brand? That which we call Hershey's

By any other name would taste so good.

So Oreo would, were he not Oreo called,

Remain that dear concoction which he'd be

Without that title. Oreo, doff thy brand,

And, in exchange, I'll let you come here and

Invade my shelf.


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