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Ch 1 The Students Raised with Elves

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Starts the afternoon of the same day Albus Potter and the Deathly Hallows ends. You really need to read that story first.

Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy left the room they were sharing at the castle in Switzerland, and met up with Rose Granger-Weasley and Cleopatra Smith, who were sharing a room next door. While Al's father and Rose's mother were busy with the International Conference of Witches and Wizards, Al and Rose were going to be meeting with the other boys and girls who had been raised with an Elf, and had been learning Elfish.

"I'm nervous," Scorpius admitted. "I've been learning Elfish as long as any of you, but I've never met these people. They all have prominent parents and grandparents, and I'm just the son and grandson of criminals."

"As far as I know," Albus explained, "we are the only Magi in the world who know the Elfish language. Since you know the language as well, you should be meeting with us."

"Are all of the parents of the students here at the International Conference of Witches and Wizards?' Scorpius asked.

Nodding, Albus answered, "I think so."

"My father would be very upset if he knew I was not wearing robes," Scorpius mumbled.

"Almost all Magi wear Muggle styled clothes," Rose insisted. "England was one of the last areas in the world to wear medieval clothes. You are wearing perfectly acceptable casual clothes. Your father is just very old fashioned." Rose looked over all of them. Except for the unfashionably large pockets on Cleopatra's dress, everyone was appropriately dressed.

Martin Luther King P/W, the Elf Al and Rose had been raised with, was walking hand in hand with Rosa Parks, the Elf Scorpius and Cleo had been raised with. The Elves joined the Magi as they walked to the meeting room in the castle. Cleo noticed that Rosa and Martin were talking to each other like old friends, and asked them how long they had known each other.

Rosa explained, "Elves has own school for young Elves. Ever since Harry Potter has Potter/Weasley Elves, is school for young Elves, in upstairs of New Burrow. Martin and I meet. We are the same age. We are also named after freedom fighters. Besides, Elves not so alone as some Magi think. Our families know each other. With new Elf rules we have a little free time, and the two families meet."

"Galadriel has arranged a meeting room in one of the lower levels of the castle," Rose explained. "I think some of the lower levels are reserved for Elves. She is running the meetings; she usually does."

"How important an Elf is Galadriel?" Scorpius asked.

Albus looked at Martin and Rosa. Martin declared, "When Harry Potter became the Regent in Switzerland, his magic, what he did for Dobby, for Kreacher, for all the Potter/Weasley Elves, changed the Elves under the Regents from house-elves into Elves. John and Mary, the two head elves, took surnames, John and Mary Rivendell. Their daughter Arwen married Elrond Lothlorien, and they have two daughters, Galadriel and Luthien. Galadriel and her sister Luthien are very important. Galadriel is using the First Wand, the Wand from Outside, not made on earth but from where the Elves came from. Elf prophets say she is the heir, the first since Elves enslaved.

"Thorin Oakenwand, the goblin, may be her mate someday. If so they will be High Elves again."

The four Magi and two Elves walked down a sloped passageway in the huge castle until they came to the room set aside for the meeting.

Galadriel and her sister Luthien were the only beings in the meeting room when Albus, Rose, Scorpius and Cleo, and the Elves arrived.

Galadriel addressed the four in Elfish, "Greeting, Elf Friends." She then looked directly at Cleo and Albus, and using different words greeted them as Elf Friend pair.

Albus responded for the four, as was proper in Elfish, "Greetings, Galadriel."

Cleo turned to Albus, a mixture of concern and delight in her voice and looks, and commented, referring to the second greeting, "Elf Friend pair has a wealth of meaning buried in its words. Are we really that important?"

"Probably," proclaimed Albus, some resignation in his voice.

"Oh Albus, isn't that exciting!" Cleo gushed.

"It may be why we were targeted for assassination," Albus uttered. "We are threatening the way things have been done for centuries."

"Oh," Cleo quietly replied, not sure how to respond to this observation.

Shortly after they arrived, Adel Brandt and her younger brother Hermann, the Swiss students, appeared at the doorway to the room.

Adel looked at the four students, greeting Albus and Rose. "Albus, Rose, these must be the other students we have been reading about, Scorpius Malfoy and HIS guest, Cleopatra. Albus, Rose, you are doing a great job making the castle look nicer, newer."

"Cleopatra and Rose are doing most of the decorating work," Albus declared. "They are doing an excellent job."

Adel looked suspiciously at Cleopatra, but did not say anything else.

The group, humans and Elves, moved over to the end of the room furthest from the entrance. Shortly after everybody had taken seats, two more students and an Elf appeared at the entrance. Since the others were engaged in a conversation that referred to things Cleo had not been involved in, she stood up to greet the newcomers, telling the others, "I will greet other students as they come in."

Cleo walked the length of the room, her hips causing her skirt to sway back and forth just enough to draw attention to her figure. Although she was not trying to be sexy, Cleo loved her exaggerated female shape, and it showed.

Gabrielle DuMond turned to her cousin Jean-Louis Felion and, when Cleo was within hearing range, sneered, (in French) "She is ugly."

Jean-Louis countered, (in French), "She is sexy."

Gabrielle retorted, "You are only saying that because she has boobs. You want to marry a cow? Look at her hips. She is wide enough to need two places at the table. Her skirt has those ugly kangaroo pockets"

Cleo, who had seen photographs of all the students, greeted them in (a very formal) French, "Good afternoon, Mademoiselle Gabrielle DuMond and Mousier Jean-Paul Felion. I am Cleopatra, Albus Potter's" then with a loud whisper, "FAT girlfriend."

"Possessive little bitch," Gabrielle snapped.

"I'm delighted to meet you too," Cleo jested, smoothly switching to English, as she waved them in the direction of the rest of the group, moving to meet another young boy and girl and Elf.

"Just because the DuMond family is one of the oldest French families in Quebec, she thinks she is special," the young boy cracked. "I am Ujarak Harry Eseven, and this is my sister Nukka Senda. We are usually called Harry and Senda."

"I am Tink," the Elf said by way of introduction. "Elves in the far north have worn cloths out of necessity, and we have always been more partners than slaves. Our Elfish family has worked side by side with the Eseven family for generations."

Harry continued, "Our family has been in North America for well over two millennia, and we can show we were back in forth between Asia and the America's for all of that time. You must be Cleopatra. Gabrielle just doesn't know just how you fit into our group. Actually, none of us do. You and Malfoy were quite a surprise, and not necessarily a welcome one."

"I do not think I can do anything about that," Cleo observed.

"You do not have to stay part of this group," Harry countered.

"I think we do," Cleo affirmed. "Galadriel says we, at least Albus and I, are Elf Friends, or an Elf Friends pair."

Senda observed, "I think most of the original group are very surprised, even shocked, at the position you have assumed." She sighed an exaggerated sigh. "I guess we will just have to put up with you."

Two more students and an Elf were watching as Harry, Senda, and their elf Tink left to join the larger group.

"I'm Sarah Firewalker, this is my cousin Joshua, and 'Trader,' the Elf," the girl announced. "You must be Cleopatra, the supposed fat girlfriend of Albus." She critically looked over Cleo, before continuing, "Well, you ARE sort of fat. We will see about the rest

Joshua shook Cleo's hand, agreeing, "I'm Joshua, and at least I'm glad to meet you, Miss Cleopatra."

'Trader' also shook Cleo's hand, confirming, "Everyone calls me 'Trader.' My real name is Naalyehe ya Sidahi, but I would not dream of asking anyone to remember that. I think you are curvy, not fat. I know Joshua and I want to become friends with you."

"Oh thank you, Joshua, Trader," Cleo gushed. "I was beginning to think all of Albus and Rose's friends were going to hate me."

Another boy, girl, and Elf appeared. The vaguely oriental looking girl asked, "Do all your classmates at Hogwarts hate you?"

"Oh, I have a LOT of friends at Hogwarts," Cleo beamed in reply. "Magi and Elves and even some centaurs, I think. It is hard to tell if a centaur is really your friend, or just thinks it may be important to be acquainted with you."

"I am Luta Edington. My grandmother is the Minister of Magic for all of North America, and I am here with my cousin Henry Edington and the Elf Peter Puck Freelf. I am delighted to meet you, Cleo. I am sure we can get to be friends."

Henry questioned, "Do you have a magical smart phone? I know Albus and Rose do. Rose's grandmother lives with her, and they know all about No-maj technology."

Cleo admitted, "I have been raised with almost no Muggle technology. That is one of the things I am learning."

"Backward pure blooded idiots, probably," Henry groused.

"Sounds about right," Cleo freely admitted, thinking about most of the Malfoy family.

Another vaguely Native American looking couple accompanied the first group. They and the Elf accompanying them were dressed in very casual Muggle clothes. The girl kidded, "Well, Cleopatra, if you are going to work with us North American Magi you are going to have to know something about No-maj technology. In California we are all about blending Magic and No-maj technology.

"I'm Maria Rios, and this is my little brother Jesus. It is spelled like Jesus, but with a Spanish pronunciation. Sprite LAWW is the Elf we have been raised with. He is part of a large group of Elves that live at and work at our school in Los Angeles."

"Your mother is head of the Magical school in Los Angeles?" Cleo asked.

"That's right," Maria confirmed. "It looks like the Chinese contingent is here as well. That's probably all of us."

The Chinese, Harry and Ginny Wang, John and Marcy Chang, and their Elves Xion Jing and Jia Xian Jing, seemed to be one group, with the two elves working together with all four children. They did not seem to have any problem with Cleo.

With the group finally assembled, Rose looked around and asked, "Where is Thorin?"

Galadriel explained, "He is meeting with a group of unhappy Goblins. They are upset that he has the sword and scabbard of Ragnuk the First, your Sword of Gryffindor. They are actually upset about many things, and Goblins are not nice to be around when they are mad at each other."

Gabrielle asserted, "Goblins are never real nice to be around. We have to put up with them, but I cannot imagine anyone liking a Goblin."

Shaking her head, Adel Brandt countered, "We work with Goblins all the time. Thorin has been with us, with Galadriel and Luthien, ever since we started learning Elfish. They can be nice, especially the younger ones."

Albus agreed, informing the group, "There are Goblins living with and working with my father and his partners at Dursley, Potter and Weasley, the group of companies run by my Uncles Bill Weasley and Dudley Dursley. Rose and I have met them, and are friends with some of the Goblin children."

Rose elaborated, "There are a lot of Goblins very unhappy about Goblin children, and adults, becoming friends with Magi and Elves, but it is happening."

Galadriel pleaded with the group, telling them, "We really need to support Thorin and all the Goblins who are trying to change the culture of the Goblins."

Galadriel started the meeting by saying, "The Elves are going to be meeting with Luthien in the room next door. They are going to be attending classes with the Elves being taught at Hogwarts. As most of you know, some of our schools of magic including Hogwarts and The Los Angeles School of Magi, have excellent classes for Elves as well."

Sprite, the Elf from Los Angeles, volunteered, "The Elves working at our school are employees, not servants or slaves. My parents teach young elves instead of making them clean and cook."

"We've even attended a few of their classes, and they ours," Maria Rios agreed, quite proud of her school.

Once the Elves had moved to the other room, Galadriel asked, "Is everybody here going to Hogwarts next year?"

Luta Edington was the first to speak. "Henry and I are going to be the first from our family to go somewhere other than Salem in over a hundred years. It is quite a sacrifice not going to the school our family has attended."

Gabrielle DuMond protested, "Our school in Quebec is older, and better."

Marie Rios responded, "Our school in Los Angeles is more modern, as modern as any school of the Magi in the world."

Harry Wang insisted, "The Chinese schools in both Beijing and Hong Kong are as modern as any in the world. All of the Chinese schools are new, and modern."

"Enough!" Galadriel chided the group. "This is not a contest of who is leaving the better school."

"Two new people were added to this group at the last minute," Gabrielle lamented. "We were not consulted. How do Albus's fat, ugly girlfriend, and the son and grandson of criminals, belong in this group?"

Galadriel looked sternly at Gabrielle, telling her, "Hold your tongue, Gabrielle. They are both Magi raised with Elves. Albus and Cleo are an elf friend couple. We have known about them as long as you have been meeting with this group."

"They were raised with an Elf, and know Elfish," Albus explained. "I have been talking to the Prophets most of my life, and for most of the last twelve years the Prophets and Elves have known that this group was going to consist of twenty Magi, along with Elves."

Galadriel agreed. "The Prophets and the governing councils of the Elves have said from the start that there would be ten pairs of Magi, each a boy and girl, raised with Elves and learning Elfish."

The overt grumbling ceased, at least temporarily.

Galadriel then informed the group, "The Elves are going to be meeting in the next room, since they have different classes and teachers."

All the Elves, except Galadriel, left the room.

Albus announced, "We need to make sure everyone who is going to be in second year knows all the first year spells. Rose and Scorpius have a list of all the spells, and have started a spreadsheet showing who knows what spells. Rose, do you want to project the list on the wall, please."

Rose informed Albus, "I need a section of the wall white and smooth."

Cleo went up to a section of the wall, and with a quick and silent wave of her wand changed the wall to a smooth, white wall.

Gabrielle quipped, "I didn't think we were to do non-verbal spells our first year."

Cleo admitted, "I do most of my spells non-verbally. As soon as I understand the magic, and what type spell it is, doing it non-verbally is easy, usually easier than verbally for most power spells."

Gabrielle gave Cleo a funny look, but did not say anything else.

Rose and Scorpius both brought out what looked like laptop computers. Rose did something, and projected the Hogwarts classes on the wall.


Muggle Studies


Ancient Runes

Care of Magical Creatures




Defense against the Dark Arts

Rose then asked, "Is there anyone who has not finished the first year potions from my mother's Potion's text book?"

John Chang immediately interrupted. "The Potions textbook is by my grandfather TT Chang, and your mother, Rose."

Rose plowed on. "Raise your hand if you have not finished all the first year potions."

No one raised their hand. The Chinese contingent was visibly upset at how Rose was dominating the meeting, although they did not say anything.

"Rose, I am going to run the meeting," Galadriel reminded Rose. Flushing, Rose shut up as Galadriel ran the meeting, making sure all the students who were going to be in second year knew all the necessary first year spells, and that all the students who were going to be in first year were prepared. Rose ran the spreadsheet and projector, while Scorpius took notes.

Finally the discussion about classes was finished.

Scorpius asked, "What should we call this group? I would like a simple name to talk about you, about us."

Gabrielle DuMond popped up with, "Magi Learning Elfish."

Luta Edington suggested, "Magi Elfish Learners, or MEL's. You cannot sa but you can say M E L, mel."

Galadriel pointed out, "You are being very Magi centered. You are also ignoring much of the hard questions we are dealing with when it comes to the Elfish language. How many of you learned Korean before this group started to meet?"

Only Luta Edington raised her hand.

Galadriel continued, "Korean is an important language because it is so deferential. By learning the difference between the very deferential Korean language and the very egalitarian English, you learned something about the problem the very deferential Elfish poses. The Elves also have to learn these distinctions, and by not referring to Elves you are treating us as not important."

Luta raised her hand. "Mayb L, Magi and Elfish Language Learners."

Galadriel looked over the group. "Does anyone else have any ideas? If not, we can call ourselves the Magi and Elfish Language Learners, or MELL's for short."

When the meeting was coming to an end, Galadriel asked, "Can anyone summarize the meeting results?"

Scorpius volunteered, "I have good notes on what happened. In summary, all the Magi students are very smart, and are at or above grade level in all of the classes. None of us should have any problem going into the proper grade next year. If anyone asks about a particular student or family I have notes, but it is all very complimentary to everyone. Speaking for myself, I'm thrilled to be in such a capable group of Magi."

No one else volunteered, so Galadriel announced, "I am going to ask Scorpius to give a brief summary of our meeting to the press." This caused some quiet grumbling, but since no one else had taken notes on the meeting, no one could object.

When they were finished and walking back to their rooms Rose teased, "My French is better than your French, Scorpius."

"We do have French relatives, but you have had a lot more practice," Scorpius responded.

"Is that where you learned French?" Albus asked Cleo.

"No, I must have learned French and Spanish as a child, before I was left at the Malfoy Manor," Cleo concluded. "The languages are natural, but my vocabulary is weak. Besides, I was told I speak both languages with a strong Caribbean accent. It was a problem with some of the Malfoy's French relatives when they visited."

They arrived back at their rooms to find Galadriel waiting for them in the hallway. "May I come in," she asked, and they all went into the room Rose and Cleo were sharing.

"How do you think the meeting went?" Galadriel inquired of the students. "I would like to hear what you thought of the meeting."

"A lot more than just making sure that we all could handle the classwork," Cleo explained. "You referred to Albus and me using elfish terms that linked Albus and me, like you would use for two people who are formally betrothed, not as boyfriend and girlfriend. That did not go over well with some of the Magi. You also assumed that Scorpius would be welcome as part of the group, something that was not accepted by everyone. No one else took notes, but it took a lot of people by surprise when Scorpius became the group's spokesperson."

Galadriel admitted, "That is a reasonably good analysis of what I saw."

"How do we win people over?" Al asked.

Galadriel replied, "Just be nice, and be friends with everyone. You are not going to win everyone over at once, and there are other rivalries within the group that will cause some problems."

Scorpius pointed out, "Mrs. Hudson and I are writing an article on the children who have been raised with Elves, who are going to Hogwarts next year. Is that going to cause a problem?"

"Dad says you are almost always better off trying to control what is written about you," Albus proclaimed. "He says that you should always tell the truth, but how you say things can be very important."

Scorpius confirmed, "Mrs. Hudson, Mr. and Mrs. Potter have been working with me on how to write articles, and how to write minutes of a meeting. I would really like to work with them. I just don't know how the rest of the students will react. They were not all that happy that I was the only one to record what was going on in the meeting, but no one else volunteered either."

Galadriel suggested, "Offer to have anyone who wants to help you. I'm not sure what will happen, but the less you try to keep a job to yourself the harder it will be for people to complain."

All of the parents of the students had been attending the International Conference of Witches and Wizards all day, but that evening they all left for home, leaving the children in Switzerland under the care of the Elves, the Brandt family, and the Prophetesses. There was a very visible Auror presence, with Aurors and Department of Magical Law Enforcement personnel from all of the children's countries aiding the Swiss.

The next morning most of the newspapers in the magical world published a version of the article Scorpius and Cindy had been working on.

Students Raised with Elves Meet

By CB Hudson and SH Malfoy

For over a decade twenty Magi children have learned Elfish along with their native tongues. These students have been very helpful in translating existing documents written in Elfish, They have also been helpful in translating the laws and traditions of the Magi into Elfish, and the traditions of the Elves into the various languages of the Magi. The parents of these children are now going to be sending all of their children to the same school, in order to further the valuable work they are doing.

The children are all members of prominent families. They include …

What followed was a list of all the children and their families, outlining how prominent all the families were. Albus and Rose were second to last, with a very small introduction. Finally, Scorpius and Cleo were listed.

The last pair consist of Scorpius Malfoy, the only child of a formerly prominent British magical family and the Malfoy's ward of the past seven years Cleopatra Smith.

Yesterday the children met, and confirmed that all of them are at grade level or better to start attending Hogwarts in the fall. They are going to continue to meet in Switzerland for two to three more weeks to further their language training and for some minor work with Elves.

The newspaper article caused quite a stir at breakfast as many of the other student reacted badly to his name in the by-line. Scorpius felt he was walking into dragon fire as they glared and grumbled at him.

Jean-Louis Felion barked, "What gives you, the latest and least of the elf-friends, the right to write about us? You are not even from a prominent Magi family, and your fat girlfriend isn't either."

"Cleo has been living with us, but she is more like a cousin or a sister than a girlfriend," Scorpius retorted. "You are welcome to take over being the secretary of this group. I just felt that since I am the least of the people here, and really don't want to try and influence anyone, I could just listen to you, and document what is happening. That's what I did last week. Cleo and Albus took down the wall, Cleo and Rose redecorated the castle and inspired the flags, and I just documented what was going on."

"You left out 'fat' when you described Cleo," Sarah Firewalker sneered to Scorpius, making sure Cleo but no one else could hear. "Cleopatra this, Cleopatra that. She has NO BUSINESS glomming on to Albus like that! None of the rest of us like her, or you." Sarah glared at Cleo before turning back to her meal.

Before Scorpius could start eating, an owl flew in with a howler. "HOW DARE YOU CALL US A FORMERLY PROMINENT FAMILY?" Draco's voice shouted. "I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO LEAVE HOME, AND YOU RESPOND BY INSULTING US." The howler was mercifully short, but many of the young people were laughing at Scorpius when it was finished.

Joshua, Sarah's brother, stood up and pleaded with the rest, "Give Scorpius and Cleopatra a chance. The castle is much nicer looking since Albus and Cleo took down the wall, and since Rose and Cleo redecorated some of the inside. What have they done to harm this group?"

Adel Brandt followed up with, "Hermann and I agree. Albus is not trying to push Scorpius and Cleopatra on us. They are part of the same magic that has been working on the eighteen of us, and should be here with us. And Cleopatra is not FAT, just curvy and maybe a little heavy."

"They are just jealous because you look like a girl," Albus loudly advised Cleopatra, making it very clear to the group that he was defending Cleo.

"But I'm not thin," Cleo muttered.

Open hostility ceased for the next two weeks, although references to Cleo as Albus's 'fat girlfriend' were occasionally heard.

The rest of the week was language refresher lessons. Neither Scorpius nor Cleopatra knew Chinese, Korean, or German. Scorpius did not know Spanish, but was somewhat comfortable with French. None of the students was totally comfortable in all the languages, so they all needed refresher lessons.

Cleopatra and Scorpius had submitted samples for DNA analysis when they first arrived in Switzerland, and by the end of the week, the results were finally available. Albus and Rose were deeply involved in procuring the samples for the DNA analysis, and Rose presented the report to the group.

"We have identified about two hundred and thirteen magical DNA pairs in humans. It takes about one hundred and twenty-five to be magical. It seems that almost all Magi have the same one hundred base pairs. The rest seem to be partly divided by race or location, so very few Magi have more than one hundred and eight-five. Up to today they had never identified anyone with over one hundred and ninety of the magical base pairs.

"Scorpius is about average, at one hundred and seventy base pairs.

"Cleopatra has two hundred and ten magical base pairs, by far the most the scientists have ever identified. They think it is because she is very mixed racially, with one of the most complex set of ancestors they have ever identified. It also looks like the more Magi from different races and parts of the world intermarry, the more all the magical base pairs will spread."

Cleopatra and Albus tried to read the emotions of the group when the DNA results were announced. The Han Chinese were proud of their racial purity, and the announcement was not met with joy by them.

Later the same evening the four English Magi and their Elves met to talk about DNA.

"Does DNA have anything to do with magical abilities?" Scorpius asked. "I know some areas of the world are better at certain types of magic. The Chinese are good at potions. I think, from what Rose and I have read, that the Europeans are good at the Dark Arts, and defensive spells."

Rose acknowledged, "There are regional specialties. The Magi who have looked at DNA and race have not really found any correlation yet, but they have just started looking."

Martin and Rosa, the two Elves, looked at each other, and then Rosa announced, "Elves have been looking at history. The last three couples who could have been chief Magi were not 'pure.' Not all white, all black, all anything. At least that is what the paintings and writings suggest."

"So being Pure Blooded is a bad thing, not a good thing?" Scorpius asked. "I know that the people my father and grandfather want me to marry are about as white European as they can be, as well as belonging to one of only a few bloodlines."

"Interbreeding, only marrying close relatives, is a bad thing," Rose agreed.

"That explains some of the dumber Slytherins," Scorpius quipped.

"Probably," Rose laughed.

The second week the students and Elves worked on translating a couple of key documents, and making sure the Elfish language could describe some of the more modern relationships. By the end of the second week, everybody was tired, and they adjourned until the first of September, when everyone would ride the Hogwarts Express to school.

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