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Chapter 8: The Phantom Dead


As Kade made his way to the common area of the condo, he put his belt back on, and clipped his lightsaber back onto his hip. He could almost hear his master scolding him for almost forgetting his weapon. "Next time, try not to lose it. This weapon is your life." His master, Dovaak, would say, patting him on the back sternly as he handed the weapon back to his padawan. Kade shook his head fondly at the memory as he walked into the foyer. Everyone stopped talking and looked at Kade, taking in his new look. "What? Did i miss a spot?" Kade said jokingly, moving towards the kitchen to get something to drink. Alice chuckled at his bad joke, and soon everyone was chuckling with her. "Oh, now what? Did I leave a piece of toilet paper on my rear again?" Kade said, jokingly spinning in circles trying to grab the phantom piece of paper. Alice was now laughing, and Kade was glad to see that the group had maintained their sense of humor.


Takashi wasn't going to lie to himself. He felt a little intimidated by Kade's new look, even though he was joking around and making everyone laugh. "He definitely had an aura of power before, but now it seems it's... stronger." He thought as Kade looked over to the window, and his eyebrows furrowed. "Something's wrong." He said, looking out into the distance. "What do you mean?" Alice asked, her eyes suddenly filling with concern. Kade looked back at the teens, his eyes filled with a mixture of fear and hatred. "Something I haven't felt since before the Purge."


Kade's Senses were going crazy. He felt the Dark Side, more prominent now than when he'd sensed it on Mr. Shido. He sensed great danger, more than they were constantly in. He looked towards the sky as a fireball fell towards the horizon. Kade could sense the darkness flowing from it, and it honestly scared him. "Everyone, we need to get ready to leave. Now." The others looked at him confused for a moment, so Kade sighed and elaborated. "That meteor was the source of the Disturbance I felt. Normally I'm not disturbed by such things, but this time is different. We need to get to Takagi's home now."


Saeko had yet to see Kade visibly shaken, and she found it concerning when he was. If someone as powerful as Kade was scared, what chance did they have? she thought to herself as she walked up behind him. She placed her hand on his shoulder and he jumped, startled by her approach. that's... unusual. doesn't he normally know when one of us is close? "Kade, what's wrong? You're acting strange." She asked him with concern in her voice. Kade looked behind her, towards the others before he used his powers to close the door. "There's something coming, something filled with the Dark Side." Kade replied, his eyes barely making contact with her own. "Do you know what it is? Can you stop it?" She asked, placing her hand on his shoulder. "I don't know if I can stop it, but I fear it's one of the most feared Sith in the galaxy... General Grievous." Kade looked up at her, and she was shocked to see that his uneasy look had turned to actual fear.


Kade's mind was filled with the stories he'd heard of General Grievous. He killed Jedi for fun, and took their lightsabers as trophies. His old master, Master Dovaak, had been one of those who fell to Grievous. It was after that that he'd been transferred to Master Devarian. He looked up at Saeko and noticed her concerned showing prominently on her face. "Jeez, is my fear that obvious?" He said as he took a few deep breathes. Saeko looked at him and nodded silently. "If you can't beat him on your own, why not let us help you?" Kade shook his head immediately. "No, I can't let you do that. He's too dangerous. He uses more lightsabers than we have combined. I feel the only thing we can do for now is prepare to run, at least until we can find a way to beat him." Kade sensed that Saeko's worries lifted a little, but she was still worried for him.

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