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(The Following Morning: Mary Jane's Apartment)

"God, last night was crazy..." Mary Jane muttered to herself, suppressing a yawn as she stretched and slid out of her bed. Walking into her bathroom, Mary Jane quickly fixed her bedhead and brushed her teeth. After she had showered and freshened up, Mary Jane quickly slipped something on and decided to check in on Peter and Gwen. After quietly opening the door to her guest bedroom, Mary Jane poked her head inside. She saw that Peter and Gwen were still fast asleep. But she was surprised to see that both of them were sleeping on the bed, with Gwen snuggling up rather close to Peter. Seeing a scene like this would likely make most people jealous, and any other time Mary Jane would be livid seeing her boyfriend so close to another woman. But given the shared history between Peter and Gwen, and the events that had transpired the previous night, Mary Jane figured that both of them had let out some seriously pent up emotions, she confirmed this after seeing that Gwen's eyes were still slightly red and puffy from crying. Smiling softly, Mary Jane quietly closed the door and walked towards her kitchen. "Guess I'll make some breakfast."

About twenty minutes later, Peter began to wake up, the smell of pancakes and sausage filling his nostrils and stirring him from his slumber. With a long yawn, Peter sat up in the bed, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Before Peter could move, he heard a soft groan next to him. Looking over, he was momentarily surprised when he saw that Gwen was sleeping next to him, but then he remembered what had happened the night before. When Gwen rolled over, still fast asleep, Peter smiled and brushed some hair out of her sleeping face. Soon the smell of breakfast became too tantalizing and Peter decided it was time to get out of bed. Using his spider-powers, Peter silently crawled out of the bed and onto the ceiling, before dropping onto the floor beside the bed. Peter exited the room after sparing one last glance at Gwen. Walking into the kitchen, Peter saw MJ standing in front of the stove, cooking and humming to herself. The beautiful redhead was dressed in only a large, loose-fitting t-shirt and panties. Peter took a moment to take in how sexy Mary Jane looked, before walking over to her and wrapping his arms around her waist. Mary Jane was momentarily surprised by the sudden embrace but smiled when she saw that it was Peter who was hugging her.

"Morning MJ..." Peter said with a smile as he placed a gentle kiss on her cheek.

"Morning tiger..." Mary Jane said with a slight smirk, turning her head to give Peter a brief kiss on lips. "Breakfast will be ready in a minute, so why don't you take a seat at the table."

"Sounds great." Peter said as he let go of Mary Jane and walked over to where the dining table was, seeing that his girlfriend had already set out three plates, silverware, syrup and butter, and some orange juice. Smiling at the well-prepared table, Peter pulled out a chair and took a seat. "How'd you sleep MJ?"

"Not bad, considering what happened last night. I'm still having a hard time believing Gwen is really here with us." Mary Jane replied, walking over and setting down two plates, one piled high with pancakes and the other full of sausage links. The redhead sat down next to Peter and quickly fixed herself a plate. "Where is Gwen by the way?"

"She's still asleep..." Peter said before he spread some butter and syrup on top of his pancakes. "I didn't want to wake her up, she went through a lot yesterday, so I figured she could use the extra rest."

"You went through a lot too Peter..." Mary Jane said in a sympathetic tone, taking a sip of orange juice. "I can't imagine how you felt seeing Gwen after...you know..."

"It was a shock, that's for sure..." Peter said with a sad smile as he stopped eating for a moment. "She may not be the Gwen Stacy that we knew, but she's still Gwen and I'm just happy to see her alive and well, even if she is from another dimension."

"I feel the same way..." Mary Jane said, looking down and picking at her food for a bit. "But your whole alternate dimension theory...are you sure it's right? How do you know she's not a clone...or an android...or something else crazy like that? I mean it wouldn't be the first time something like that happened."

"I'm not sure MJ, that's why it's just a theory right now..." Peter said as he released a light sigh, setting down his fork. "That's why I'm taking Gwen to see somebody who might be able to shed some more light on what's going on."

"Morning you two..." Before Mary Jane could ask any further questions, Gwen walked up to the table, suppressing a yawn as she sat down at the table across from Peter. "Woah, who made breakfast? It looks great."

"That would be MJ." Peter replied, gesturing towards the redhead beside him. "I can't cook worth a damn, so you can thank her for all this."

"Then thanks Mary Jane, I'm starving..." Gwen said with a smile as she piled her plate high with pancakes and several links of sausage. "So what were you two talking about?"

"We were just discussing our current situation, regarding you more specifically." Mary Jane said, before biting into a sausage link. Hearing this caused Gwen to perk up slightly. "Peter mentioned knowing someone who might be able to help."

"Yeah, he said something about that last night too." Gwen added as she turned her attention towards Peter. "Who are we seeing anyways, Peter?"

"An old friend of mine..." Peter answered cryptically, before finishing off the last scraps on his plate. Gwen and Mary Jane both appeared to be unsatisfied with this answer, but neither prodded any further. After cleaning off his plate and putting it in the dishwasher, Peter walked back over to the table. "Alright Gwen, we're gonna head out as soon as you're done eating. You can dress casually, but you're probably still gonna want to bring your suit."

"Okay...but wait...I don't have any other clothes..." Gwen said as her face tinted red in embarrassment, sheepishly looking at Mary Jane. "I hate to impose, but could you-"

"Don't worry, you can borrow some of mine. When you're done eating just head into my room and grab whatever you like." Mary Jane said with a chuckle, standing up from her seat and walking into the kitchen. "Peter, can I talk to you for a moment?"

"Sure thing MJ...take your time and eat Gwen, there's no rush...we'll head out as soon as you're ready." Peter said with a smile as he followed Mary Jane into the kitchen. When he saw the redhead washing some dishes, he leaned on the counter next to her. "So what's up MJ?"

"I understand you need to go help Gwen, but you still owe me for the date you skipped out on last night, tiger." Mary Jane said in a seductive tone, quickly turning to face Peter and wrapping her arms around his neck. The redhead smirked when she saw Peter's face flush bright red as she leaned closer, her hot breath on his face. "To make up for standing me up last night, tonight you're gonna take me to an expensive restaurant for dinner. Once we get there, we're going to have a wonderful evening and spend all night talking. After dinner, we're going for a stroll in the park and you're gonna be a big strong man and keep me company and make me feel safe. Then after that...we'll see where the night takes us...I may even invite you up for some coffee." Peter audibly gulped at what Mary Jane was implying. He and Mary Jane may have been dating for a few months, but they hadn't crossed that line yet. Peter wanted to respect Mary Jane and wait for the right time, but her constant teasing made that extremely difficult sometimes. "Does that sound good to you, tiger?"

"Y-Yes, sounds lovely..." Peter stuttered out which caused Mary Jane to smile in satisfaction. "I look forward to it."

"Good, I'll make reservations then." Mary Jane said, unlocking her arms from around Peter's neck, gently brushing her hand down his cheek as she stepped away from him. "Now no standing me up tonight Peter...tonight will be about just you and me."

"I promise MJ, I won't let anything get in the way of our date tonight." Peter said with a smile as he followed Mary Jane towards her bedroom.

"You better not, tiger. I want tonight to be special." Mary Jane said, stopping in her bedroom doorway and turning to face Peter. Leaning forward, Mary Jane gave Peter a brief kiss. "Now go keep Gwen company, I need to get changed and she's been sitting at the table all by herself."

About ten minutes later Mary Jane emerged from her room and ushered Gwen in, offering to help her pick out an outfit to wear. After another fifteen minutes, both girls walked out fully dressed. Gwen now wore a light, pure white coat with tight black pants that hugged her toned legs. (Imagine her casual outfit from her backstory in Into the Spiderverse). However, she still wore her cyan colored ballerina shoes, but now also sported a green backpack, which Peter imagined held her costume.

"You ready to go?" Peter asked with a smile as he stood up from the dining table. "I like the outfit by the way, looks great on you."

"It was mostly Mary Jane..." Gwen said with a slight blush, brushing some hair out of her eyes. "She picked everything out."

"And I must say that I did a damn good job." Mary Jane said with a smirk as she admired the outfit she had picked out for Gwen. "It looks perfect on you Gwen."

"Alright, we should get going." Peter said, leading Gwen towards the door. "The sooner we figure out what's going on, the better."

"Sounds good to me." Gwen said with a smile as she walked out into the hallway.

"Hold on a second, tiger." Mary Jane called out, grabbing ahold of Peter's hand before he could get away. Without warning, Mary Jane pulled Peter towards her and captured his lips in a passionate kiss, catching him completely off guard. When Mary Jane broke the liplock, Peter looked completely dumbfounded, while Gwen appeared to be slightly jealous, but she did her best to hide it. "Don't forget about tonight."

"I-I won't, MJ..." Peter stuttered out with a goofy smile as he simply stared at Mary Jane, getting lost in her beautiful eyes.

"Okay, that's enough lovebirds, we really should going now!" Gwen exclaimed in a frustrated tone, grabbing ahold of Peter's arm and dragging him down the hall, causing Mary Jane to chuckle as she watched the two spider people walk down the hallway.

"Have fun you two!" Mary Jane called out with a smile as Gwen and Peter disappeared around a corner. "Well, I better start planning for tonight. Oh, Peter and I are gonna have so much fun!"

(Two Minutes Later: Roof of Mary Jane's Apartment)

"What the hell are we doing up here, Peter?" Gwen asked, an irritated edge still in her tone as she rapidly tapped her foot. "I thought we were gonna take a cab or something?"

"Nah, it'll be way faster if we just swing there. Traffic at this time of day is a fucking nightmare." Peter replied, pulling out his mask and putting it on. "You're probably gonna want to put your mask on too."

"Fine..." Gwen said as she released a light sigh, pulling her mask out of her backpack and putting it on. "But why did you say to dress casually?"

"I don't know how long we're gonna be there, so I figured we'd both be more comfortable in normal clothes." Peter replied with a shrug of his shoulders as he stepped onto the edge of the roof, taking a moment to adjust his web shooters. "I love wearing my costume, but it can be a little stifling if I have it on for too long."

"Where are we going anyways? You've been super vague about it." Gwen pointed out, stepping up onto the edge next to Peter. "Do you have some super genius buddy or something?"

"Something like that." Peter replied with a chuckle as he pointed to a massive skyscraper towering out in the distance. "That's actually where we're heading." Gwen was surprised to see the massive building, whatever it was it didn't exist in her dimension. The main feature on the building that stood out to her was a massive 'A' near the top of the skyscraper. Suddenly Peter leaped off the roof, immediately firing out a line of webbing at another building across the street. "Keep up, we're gonna get a little help from the Avengers!"

"The Avengers?" Gwen asked in a confused tone, before jumping off the roof and swinging after Peter. "Who the hell are they?!"

After about fifteen minutes of swinging, Peter and Gwen stood outside Avenger's Tower, staring up at the gigantic building before them. On the way to their destination, Peter gave Gwen a brief crash course on who the Avengers were. Apparently, they were a group of heroes who had been formed to defend the Earth from various threats. According to Peter, they had taken down some seriously dangerous threats throughout the years. Gwen couldn't help but notice that Peter seemed quite proud as he seemed to brag about being a part of the Avenger's team, even if he wasn't their heaviest hitter.

"Well, let's head inside." Peter said as he opened the door into the lobby, ushering Gwen into the building. As Gwen stepped inside, she was surprised at how sparsely decorated it was, and how few people there were. The only person in the expansive room was a single receptionist sitting behind a large circular desk in the center of the lobby. As Peter entered the lobby, he took off his mask before smiling and waving to the receptionist. "Hey, Carol!"

"Hello, Mr. Parker." Carol said with a small smile and nod of her head.

"Is it cool if we head on up?" Peter asked, gesturing towards a set of elevators on the other end of the room.

"Of course...but who is your friend?" Carol replied as she turned her gaze towards Gwen. "I've never seen her before."

"That's exactly it, she's my friend and she's in a bit of trouble. So I wanted to see if I could get some help." Peter said, pressing the button to call down the elevator. "Don't worry, she won't cause any trouble."

"Okay, I'll let them know that you're on your way up." Carol said before she turned her attention back to her computer monitor.

"Are you sure it was okay to let her see your face?" Gwen asked after stepping into the elevator, the doors closing behind her. "What if she tells someone your secret identity?"

"Who? Carol?" Peter asked in a confused tone as he quirked an eyebrow. "Oh don't worry about her, she's a hologram programmed to greet people who enter the tower. I'm pretty sure she also gives guided tours on the weekends." Gwen stared at Peter in shock and was about to say something else, but he suddenly pressed his hand against a scanner near the door. After a few seconds, the scanner flashed green several times and a panel above it opened up. Gwen jumped in surprise when an emotionless, robotic voice echoed within the elevator.

"Fingerprints identified. Now requiring retinal identification."

"This new security system is a real pain in the ass, but I guess it is necessary..." Peter said, releasing a light sigh and leaning forward, his eye inches away from the scanner. A brief scan was performed and the retinal scanner closed back up. After blinking several times, Peter rubbed his eye. "That should do it."

"Identity confirmed. Welcome, Spider-man."

"Alright, let's head up." Peter said as he pressed the button for the top floor, which was now glowing faintly. "Enjoy the view, because this is gonna take a minute."

"This place is insane, Peter." Gwen said in awe, crossing her arms over her chest. "You really work with these guys?"

"Sure do." Peter answered with a smirk as the elevator slowly began to rise. "And if you think this is crazy, wait until you see the rest of the building." After the elevator had gone up about two floors, Gwen soon realized what Peter had meant by 'enjoying the view.' The back of the elevator was see-through, giving Gwen a clear view of the bustling city below them. No matter how many times she saw it, Gwen still marveled at the city's expansive and breathtaking skyline. However, Gwen was pulled from her sightseeing a few moments later when a sweet, feminine voice suddenly spoke up over the intercom.

"Hello Peter, it's good to see you again."

"Oh, hey Karen!" Peter exclaimed with a grin, waving to the small camera within the elevator. "It's been a little while!"

"It has. How have you been, Peter?"

"I've been good, the whole Spider-man thing sure keeps me busy!" Peter said with a light chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry I haven't been around too much lately."

"It's fine, I understand that you are a busy person. If I may ask Peter, who is the woman with you? I have no recollection of her within my data files."

"Ah, this is an old friend of mine Gwen Stacy." Peter said, wrapping an arm around Gwen's shoulders and pulling her closer, making her feel quite awkward. "We haven't seen each other in a while and she was in trouble, so I decided to help her. I needed some extra help, so I figured that the Avengers were a good place to start."

"Gwen Stacy? Wait, I do have that name on file...Peter, I don't know how to put this, but didn't she-"

"Yes Karen, she did..." Peter cut the AI off before she could say anymore as his hold on Gwen tightened slightly, something she didn't miss. "That's kinda why we're here."

"Ah, I see...well I hope you can help Ms. Stacy with her...predicament. And of course, I'll provide any assistance I can."

"Thanks, Karen..." Peter said with a small smile as the doors to the elevator opened. "I'll talk to you later."

"Okay Peter, I look forward too it."

"Now who was that?" Gwen asked, stepping out of the elevator with Peter. "Another hologram or something?"

"No, Karen is an AI that Tony developed for me while I was training to become an Avenger." Peter replied as he led Gwen through the winding halls and passed numerous rooms. "She helps me out with various things when I'm in the tower and I can even take her on the go if I need to. Tony wanted to put her into my suit, but I ended up turning down the offer. However, she is compatible in some of my other suits though, especially my newer ones."

"You mentioned someone named Tony, is that who we're here to see?" Gwen asked, reading the names on the various doors they passed, recognizing none of them. "Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Carol Danvers, Bruce Banner, Wanda Maximoff, Thor Odinson..." Gazing down another hallway, Gwen spotted another set of rooms, but she couldn't make out the names on the doors. "These must be rooms for the other Avengers to stay in. I wonder if Peter has his own room here?"

"Yes, Tony Stark, he's a genius and the guy who helped form the Avengers, he might be able to help us, he had this tower built actually." Peter replied, pressing his hand against another scanner, opening the door into a large area that appeared to be a lab and workshop. "If we're lucky, he'll be around here somewhere."

"Huh, there's an Anthony Stark in my dimension..." Gwen muttered as she gazed at the various machines, and what appeared to be several suits of armor, filling the lab. "He's a billionaire who is a weapon manufacturer and coffee mogul, but he also has a private mercenary company called War Machine that does all his dirty work. The guy seems like a total asshole to me."

"Well, that isn't very nice little lady." Gwen nearly jumped out of her skin once again when someone spoke up behind her. Whipping around, Gwen glared at a middle-aged man with a goatee, who was poking his out from behind one of the suits of armor. "I know I'm quite the ego-maniac, but I wouldn't exactly call myself an asshole."

"God, would people and AI seriously stop coming out of nowhere and scaring me half to death!?" Gwen exclaimed in frustration as she threw her hands up in the air. "Really wish my spider-sense would have given me a heads up!"

"Well, I don't think he was really posing a threat, hence why your spider-sense didn't go off." Peter explained with a chuckle, walking up and shaking the mystery man's hand. "Good to see you, Tony."

"You too kid, it's been a while since you last poked your head around here." Tony said with a smirk as he walked over to a computer monitor and began to feverishly type. "Things are slightly less awkward without you around and that's just no fun."

"Sorry about that, I've just been...busy lately..." Peter apologized, nervously rubbing his arm.

"Don't apologize kid, I know this job can get to be a little much sometimes, we all need to take a break every now and then." Tony said in an understanding tone as he looked up from his monitor to gaze between Peter and Gwen several times, noticing that she was still wearing her mask. "Miss...whoever you are, you don't have to worry about the mask in here. I won't post your picture online or anything...unless you start to irritate me." Gwen glanced at Peter and he quickly nodded his head, giving her the ok. Releasing a light sigh, Gwen took off her mask and slipped it back into her backpack. Tony let out a low whistle when he got a good look at Gwen's face. "Oh my, you're quite the looker. I don't get it, why do all the attractive ones seem to flock to you, Parker? Do you exude some type of spider-pheromones or something? It's one problem I can't seem to solve."

"Tony, we really don't have time for jokes right now. This woman is-"

"She's a spider-person from an alternate dimension, right?" Tony cut Peter off, leaving a webslinger momentarily stunned. "How'd I do? Did I hit the nail on the head?"

"H-How did you know?" Peter asked, still shocked as to why Tony seemed to know about Gwen and her situation. "I haven't told you anything yet."

"It's funny that you ask how I would know that." Tony said as he backed away from the monitor and walked over to Peter and Gwen. "It turns out you're not the only dimension hopping spider who's visited me today." Both Peter and Gwen's eyes widened in shock when they heard this. "Hey, stop working for a second and get your ass out here, you've got guests!"

A few moments later, a costumed man walked out, appearing to be messing with a small device on his wrist. The man wore a costume that was similar to Peter's, but the colors where the inverse of his, being largely blue with several red accents along the arms, mask, and chest. With the most standout features being the large red skull on his chest and what appeared to be a cape made from a web-like material. As the man approached, both Gwen and Peter winced slightly as their spider-senses went haywire, similar to what had happened when they both met for the first time.

"Ah, it's a pleasure to meet you two." The newcomer said as he stopped in front of Gwen and Peter. "My name is Miguel O'Hara, I come from Earth-928 in the year 2099." Before Peter or Gwen had a chance to say anything, Miguel raised the device on his wrist and scanned both of them. A split second later an image of Peter and Gwen projected up from the device, along with some basic information about both of them. "And you two are...Gwen Stacy from Earth-65 and Peter Parker from Earth-616...huh, it looks like you're this dimension's Spider-man."

"What the hell was that? How did you know who we were?" Gwen asked in a suspicious tone, her eyes narrowing slightly as she glared at Miguel.

"Oh, I knew because of this little beauty." Miguel said as he gestured to the device on his wrist. "It's a nifty little gadget that I invented that can deduce the dimensional origin of anybody it scans. I was actually looking into cross-dimensional travel before I was sucked into this one."

"So you may know why Gwen came to this dimension?" Peter asked in a hopeful tone, causing Gwen to perk up slightly.

"As of matter of fact, I likely know exactly why she was brought here." Miguel replied as he messed with the device on his wrist for a moment, before the schematics for a massive machine projected from it. "As I said, I was actually looking into how to safely travel across dimensions. The machine you see in this image is one I created for that very purpose. I was nearly finished and just needed to run some preliminary tests. But before I could do that, I was attacked by a villain named Goblin. He had somehow learned of my experiments and wanted to use my machine for his own plans. I caught him trying to steal the schematics for my machine and I attempted to stop him. During our fight, the machine was activated and I was thrown into it. I can only suspect that because the machine wasn't calibrated that it threw me into this dimension, while also dragging along others with dimensional signatures similar to mine. That's where you come into play, Ms. Stacy. Since you're your universe's version of Spider-man, your dimensional signature matched mine and brought you here."

"If what you say is true, then that would explain why I was brought here." Gwen muttered, crossing her arms over her chest. "But you mentioned others with similar 'dimensional signatures.' Does that mean there were others who were also brought to this dimension aside from you and me?"

"Yes, I've detected at least one other person matching our shared dimensional signature who was brought into this dimension." Miguel said as he released a light sigh and turned off his wrist computer. "But I don't who they are, or where they are within the city. We'll just have to keep our eyes out for them. However, that's not our only problem. Aside from trying to get us back to our own dimensions, we'll have to deal with the Goblin. He was brought to this dimension along with me and could be changing his plans to cause havoc in this dimension."

"That's really bad. He could possibly get in contact with other villains in the city and get them to help him." Peter said, before walking over to Tony. "Where are the other Avengers, Tony? We may need their help on this one, especially if Goblin gets help from other villains."

"Sorry kid, but almost everyone else is out on missions right now, including me. I'm heading out in a bit to help Cap and Banner, the only reason I'm still here is because future man over there showed up on our doorstep." Tony replied as he rapidly typed a few things into his computer. "Natasha is somewhere around here and Danvers should be back in a day or two, so they can help you. Wanda might be in the area, I honestly have no clue where she is, but I'm sure she'll show up eventually. If you want, I can also contact a few other people and see if they'll help."

"Please, any extra help is appreciated." Peter said, turning his attention back to Miguel. "So, you know the most about what's going on, what's our next move?"

"Well you're right, we'll need some extra help, not just to track down and take out Goblin, but to find the last person who was brought to this dimension and help them too." Miguel replied as he walked back over to Tony and began to type on the computer next to him. "And Tony may have found someone who needs our help and might be able to assist us."

"Well, I didn't exactly find them." Tony said, holding up a small USB drive. "This little baby showed up in an unmarked package earlier today. Normally I wouldn't trust something like this, but Jarvis scanned it and gave it the all clear." After plugging the USB into the computer, Tony turned the monitor around so that Gwen and Peter could better see it. They were both slightly surprised to see several images of a dark-haired woman being held in a small holding cell. "This is Cindy Moon."

"Cindy Moon..." Peter muttered as he stroked his chin. "That name sounds familiar."

"I know she may look like an ordinary girl, but watch this..." Tony said, starting a video of Cindy in her cell taken from a security camera. Peter and Gwen both watched in shock as Cindy went from sitting on her bed to crawling on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. Peter was particularly surprised when he saw that Cindy was producing what appeared to be webbing from her fingertips. "As you can see kid, she's got spider powers similar to yours. The craziest part is, the USB I got contains a ton of information on Cindy and apparently she was bitten by the same spider that bit you."

"What? How is that possible?" Peter asked in a stunned tone as he leaned in closer to get a better look at Cindy, watching as she hung from her cell's ceiling by her feet. "I thought the spider died after it bit me."

"Apparently it bit her just after it got you." Tony replied, turning the monitor back around. "We have her location if you want to go and get her."

"Of course we're gonna save her." Gwen said in a determined tone as she rested her hands on her hips. "We can't just leave her locked up forever."

"I like this one, she's got spunk." Tony said with a smirk, before rapidly typing a few things into his computer. "Alright kid listen up, Cindy is being held in a hidden laboratory underneath the Alchemax building in the Hudson Valley. Apparently, they've been running experiments on her to try and harness her spider powers. Now you're gonna need to go in fast and quiet on this mission. If you set off the alarms, they're gonna lock the place down along with Cindy and we don't know what they'll do to her if their operation is compromised."

"Got it, I can do stealthy." Peter said before he turned his attention to Gwen. "Can you handle that?"

"I don't have much experience, but I'm sure I can manage." Gwen replied in a slightly uncertain tone, tightly balling her fists.

"Alright kid, you're gonna need to give Gwen here some pointers." Tony said which caused Peter to nod his head in understanding. "As I said, I'm leaving to help some of the other Avengers on another mission, so I won't be there to hold your hand. But what I can do is get you access to identification cards and access codes to get you through any doors in your way. You should also consider bringing Natasha along for support. She's better at all this espionage crap than I am."

"Sounds like a plan, I'll go find Natasha and see if she'll help us out." Peter said, walking up to Miguel with Gwen following closely behind him. "And what about you? Will you be helping us get Cindy out?"

"I would Peter, but I need to focus on tracking down Goblin and possibly locating the final person who was sucked into this dimension." Miguel said as he backed away from his monitor and made his towards the elevator. "There's also the issue of getting us all back to our own dimension." When the elevator doors opened, Miguel stepped in and pressed the button for the lobby. "I'm gonna head out and look for any possible leads, I'll keep you all posted on anything I find."

"That guy's not very social, is he?" Peter joked, turning back around to see that Tony was already in his Iron Man suit. "Heading out too, Tony?"

"Yeah kid, I need to get going." Tony replied as he fired up his armor's thrusters, levitating a few feet off the ground. A split second later, a hidden passageway leading outside opened above Tony. "Don't worry kid, you'll be fine. I contacted some people who might be willing to help you out, they should get back to you soon. Oh, just so you don't spend all day looking for her, I found Natasha. She's in the training room right now."

"Thanks Tony, good luck on your mission, tell Cap I said hi." Peter said with a smile before Tony waved and rocketed out of the room. Releasing a light sigh, Peter turned his attention to Gwen, who seemed to be taking everything that she had learned fairly well. His smile returning, Peter wrapped his arm around Gwen's shoulder and led her towards a door on the other side of the room. "Alright Gwen, let's go see if Black Widow will help us."

"Black Widow?" Gwen repeated with a quirked eyebrow, giving Peter a confused look. "Does she have spider powers too? Jesus Peter, how many freaking spider people are in this dimension?"

(Five Minutes Later: Avenger's Tower Training Room)

"So she doesn't have spider-powers..." Gwen muttered as they entered the training room, spotting Natasha in the center of it. The room was filled with plenty of standard workout equipment, along with punching bags and training dummies. However, Natasha wasn't using any of the equipment within the room. The redheaded spy was dressed in basic athletic attire, except for what appeared to be a VR headset. As Gwen and Peter approached Natasha, the redhead suddenly threw out a flurry of punches and kicks, one of which caught Gwen off guard and nearly hit her in the head, causing her to jump backward. "Holy hell, is she trying to take my head off?!"

"Don't worry, she's in the middle of a training simulation right now, so it wasn't on purpose." Peter said, leading Gwen towards an enclosed room filled with several monitors. Turning on one of the displays, Gwen was surprised to see footage of Black Widow fighting several people simultaneously. "With this, we can see exactly what Natasha is up to in there." Gwen watched in awe as Natasha effortlessly took down over a dozen opponents in less than a minute. Peter chuckled as he watched Natasha steal one of her opponents' handguns and knock him unconscious with it, hitting him with a powerful bash to the head. "Man, she's really going all out today."

"God damn, she's incredible." Gwen breathed out as she watched Natasha take down another six enemies, each one dispatched with surgical precision and brutal efficiency. After five more minutes, Natasha seemed to finish her training, breathing a sigh of relief as the simulation she was in shut down. Taking off the headset, Natasha shook her head and let her flowing red hair loose, ending just a few inches below her shoulders. Chuckling lightly, Natasha turned towards the room Gwen and Peter were in.

"Did you two enjoy the show?" Natasha asked with a playful smile, using a towel to wipe the sweat from her brow.

"Quite the impressive display you put on, Natasha." Peter said with a grin, clapping as he walked out of the monitoring room. "You really kicked some ass in there."

"Well, I had a feeling that I had an audience, so I figured I'd put on a little show." Natasha said with a wink as she sauntered over and hugged Peter, surprising him with the sudden embrace. "It's good to see you again Peter, it's a been a little while."

"T-Thanks Natasha, it's great to see you too..." Peter stuttered out, before awkwardly returning Natasha's hug. "Sorry I haven't been around much lately."

"Ahem..." Gwen said with a fake cough as she walked up to Peter and Natasha, causing them to break their embrace. "Are you two done catching up?"

"And who might this be, Peter?" Natasha asked in a slightly irritated tone, scanning Gwen up and down, appearing to size her up. "I haven't seen her before."

"Uh, this is an old friend of mine, Gwen Stacy..." Peter replied with an awkward laugh as he rubbed the back of his head, hoping to defuse some of the tension that had built up. "She's in a bit of trouble and I'm trying to help her out. But this whole situation is turning out to be a bit bigger than I had originally thought, so I figured I should get some help from the Avengers."

"Ah, so that's why you're here..." Natasha said with a smile, brushing some hair out of her eyes. "I was kinda hoping you had shown up to see little old me and say hello to everyone." Seeing that Peter had once again become flustered by her teasing, Natasha chuckled and decided to get serious. "Okay, I'll help you out, what's the mission?"

"Tony received some information about a girl named Cindy Moon who's being held in a hidden lab underneath the Alchemax building." Peter explained as he led Natasha over to one of the monitors and plugged in the USB Tony had left. "Apparently she has powers like mine and is being experimented on. Gwen and I want to break her out, but we need to be stealthy, so we can't go in guns blazing."

"And that's why you need me." Natasha said, stepping in front of the computer and quickly scanning through the info on the USB. "Okay, it doesn't seem too tough, but you're right we definitely need to do this quietly. Not only will the mission be scrubbed if we're caught, but it also won't look good if people find out that the Avengers infiltrated a seemingly legitimate private organization." After reading the last of the information, Natasha turned off the monitor and took out the USB, before making her way towards the exit. "If we do this, I'm gonna need IDs and access codes to help you two get passed security."

"Already on it, Tony set everything up before he left." Peter said as he and Gwen followed Natasha towards the door. "We should be all ready to go."

"Great, let me shower and suit up, then we'll go." Natasha said with a smile, opening the door and walking out into the hallway. "If everything goes smoothly, we should be done before lunch."

"Sounds great." Peter said before he turned his attention back to Gwen. "We should get suited up too, and go over the information we have again while Natasha is getting ready."

"Let's do this." Gwen said with a grin, punching her fist into her palm. "I've been dying for some action, and it'll be awesome to take out some bad guys with you."

"Damn straight." Peter said with a smirk as he slipped on his mask. "Let's go save another spider-person."

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