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(Half-Mile South of Alchemax Headquarters, Hudson Valley: With Peter, Gwen, and Natasha)

"Alright, let's go over the plan one last time." Natasha said, turning on a holographic display that showed the blueprints to the Alchemax building. "Remember, these plans are only for the main building, I have nothing regarding the hidden lab. So, you'll be going in blind unless I can find those blueprints hidden somewhere within their system." Seeing both Peter and Gwen nod their heads, Natasha continued going through their infiltration plan. "Using the forged IDs we got from Tony, I'll pose as an employee and gain access to the security office. While I'm doing this you two will enter through the ventilation system and wait for my signal." Opening up a separate screen, Natasha pointed towards an image of two guards who appeared to be protecting an empty hallway. "Once I get control of the security office I'll switch off the cameras and open the hidden entrance that is in this hallway, that will be your signal to move. You two will need to act quickly and quietly to take out those guards. This whole plan goes down the drain if they manage to set off an alarm or call for help. If we're caught they'll scrub everything in that lab and possibly even kill Cindy, so we need to do this right on the first try. Once you two get into that lab, you'll pretty much be on your own, but I'll try to get down there and help if I can. Locate Cindy as fast as possible and get her out of there. Do you all understand what needs to be done?"

"Got it!" Peter said with a small grin before he gave a thumbs up and slipped on his mask. "I'm ready if you guys are! How about you, Gwen?!"

"Yeah...yeah...I got this..." Gwen said in a nervous tone, taking a deep breath and putting on her mask, flipping up her hood as well. "Let's get this done."

"Well, if everyone is good to go, let's get this mission started." Natasha said, sparing a glance back at Gwen before opening the doors to the van they were in. "Remember, once you two get inside, wait for my signal. We can't jump the gun on this job, Cindy's life is at stake."

"Understood." Gwen said as she hopped out of the van first, doing a few quick stretches to limber herself up. "We got this...everything will go according to plan..."

"We'll see you inside, Natasha." Peter said, moving to exit the van as well, but he was stopped when the redhead grabbed his arm. "Huh, what's up Natasha?"

"Keep a close eye on her." Natasha whispered in a quiet tone so that Gwen wouldn't hear, as she pulled Peter closer towards her. "I know you saw it too, the jitters and nervous energy...I've seen it a hundred times before...that girl is freaking out right now. I won't ask you to make her stay behind, but just be careful and make sure she doesn't do anything reckless...maybe talk to her a bit, give her some encouragement, that might help."

"Yeah, I did notice that..." Peter said, letting out a light sigh as he looked over at Gwen, who was nervously messing with her web-shooters. "Don't worry, I'll keep a close eye on her."

"Good." Natasha said with a smile as she patted Peter on the cheek. "Now get going, we're on the clock."

"On it." Peter said with a light chuckle, flipping out of the van and landing next to Gwen, causing her to jump in surprise. Placing a comforting hand on Gwen's shoulder, Peter pointed towards the treeline to their right. "We'll use those trees to swing closer to the building, then make our way into the vents from the roof." Giving Gwen's shoulder a reassuring squeeze, Peter got a running start and jumped into the air, firing a line of webbing at the closest tree, before zipping into the treeline. "Don't worry Gwen, we got this in the bag!"

"Heh, I don't know where he gets all the confidence from." Gwen said with a small smile as she took a deep breath and swung after Peter, quickly catching up with him. She may still have been nervous, but now at least she felt much calmer than she did before. "Peter is right, we've got this in the bag!"

It only took a few minutes for Peter and Gwen to reach the Alchemax building. To avoid the outer security cameras, Peter and Gwen climbed to the top of a large tree near the building and leaped directly onto the roof. Having safely reached the roof, Peter quickly found the external vent they were supposed to enter from. Removing the grate, Peter carefully crawled inside, Gwen following closely behind him. Using their spider-powers, Peter and Gwen stuck to the top of the vents as they crawled through them, to avoid banging their way around. Neither of them said a word, not wanting to risk being heard. Eventually, Peter came to a sudden stop, with Gwen almost smacking into him. She was about to ask why he had stopped, but she saw that he was gesturing to the grate below them. Looking down, Gwen saw a long, seemingly empty, hallway with two guards standing by, this matched the picture Natasha had shown them back in the van. Peter and Gwen locked eyes and nodded, now they just had to wait for Black Widow's signal.

(Same Time: With Natasha)

"Okay, it's go time." Natasha said to herself, quickly tying her hair up into a ponytail and putting on a pair of glasses. Grabbing her forged employee ID, Natasha threw on a lab coat and exited the van. The high security in the building meant she had to leave all her weapons behind, they'd give her away instantly. Reaching the front entrance, Natasha scanned her ID, breathing a small sigh of relief when the doors unlocked. "Over the first hurdle." Walking into the lobby, Natasha spotted another security checkpoint directly ahead of her. Acting as if she belonged in there, Natasha confidently approached the guards. "Alright, remember Natasha, you're just another employee here. You're not here to do anything suspicious."

"Identification." One of the guards said as he approached Natasha, holding his hand out. With a big, fake smile, Natasha handed the guard her ID. As one guard looked up her credentials, the other walked up and began to scan her body with a handheld metal detector. Once the scan was complete, the other guard returned and handed back her ID. "Okay, everything checks out...but I've never seen you around here before. You a new hire or something?"

"Yes, first day actually!" Natasha said, keeping up her cheerful facade as she clipped her ID to her lab coat. "I'm pretty nervous, I've never worked for a big corporation like this before!"

"Well, that makes sense, Mr. Fisk has pretty high expectations for everyone that works for him." The guard said as he stepped aside and pointed towards a hallway on the other side of the lobby. "You should head down that hall. The second room on your left is where they do orientations. Just let them know it's your first day and they'll walk you through everything you need to know."

"Thanks! Have a great day guys!" Natasha said, quickly walking towards the hallway the guard had pointed out, disappearing down it. Having memorized the building's layout, Natasha knew exactly where the security office would be found. Avoiding any other guards and ignoring all the regular employees she passed, Natasha breezed through the building's winding halls. However, as Natasha turned the corner to where the security office would have been located, she ran into a wall, metaphorically. Standing in front of her was an absolutely enormous man, one who easily towered over her and blocked a large portion of the hall. Natasha had expected to possibly run into a few bumps in their plan, but nothing like this. The man blocking her path was none other than Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin himself. Knowing that she absolutely could not break her cover, Natasha quickly thought of a plan. "O-Oh, I'm terribly sorry! I didn't mean to run into you like that!"

"Oh, it's fine dear..." Fisk said as he stared down at Natasha, quirking an eyebrow as he scanned her from head to toe. "Do I know you? I swear you look kinda familiar."

"I'm terribly sorry Mr. Fisk, but this is the first we've met." Natasha said, tapping the employee ID clipped to her lab coat. "This is actually my first day. I was heading to orientation, but I wanted to go to the bathroom first. So, I tried to find one and ended up getting all turned around. I apologize, sir, I'm probably not making the best first impression."

"Don't worry about it, I'm more interested in seeing what you can do inside the lab, not outside it." Fisk said as he turned and gestured down the hall. "If you're still looking for a restroom, there's one down the hall on the right. You should hurry up and get back to your orientation."

"Of course sir! Thank you very much!" Natasha said, before darting down the hallway and stepping into the bathroom. Once inside, Natasha leaned against the door and let out a massive sigh of relief. "Holy shit that was close...I know he owns this place, but I seriously didn't think Kingpin would be here in person..."

"That girl..." Fisk muttered as he turned back around and began to walk down the hall, adjusting the cuffs of his suit. "I'll have to keep my eyes on her, something seemed off..."

After waiting a few minutes, Natasha checked to see if the coast was clear and exited the bathroom. Quickly making her way over to the door leading into the security office, Natasha listened for anybody who might be inside. She could faintly hear two people talking inside the room, which meant she'd have to take them out before she could proceed with the plan. The information Tony had given them also included codes for most of the rooms in the building. Using this knowledge, Natasha quickly punched in the correct code and unlocked the door with a click. Both guards inside the security office were surprised when the door suddenly swung open and Natasha stepped inside.

"Hey! Who the hell are you!?"

"And how you'd open that door?!"

"Oh, my bad, I thought this was the restroom!" Natasha said with a chuckle, scanning the room for any other possible threats. From what she could see it was only the two guards, but both of them were armed with pistols and collapsible batons. Both of them also had walkie talkies, which meant they could call for back up if she wasn't fast enough. One was sitting in front of a row of monitors, while the other appeared to be looking over some papers. "No problem, this should be a breeze."

"I'll ask again, how the hell did you open that door?! It needs a special code and I know they don't just hand it out to everyone!"

"Man, you guys sure on edge..." Natasha said as she took a few steps towards the guards, causing both of them to reach for their weapons. With a sly smile, Natasha stopped and leaned against a table. "You should both just relax."

"I'm warning you bitch! Take one more step and we'll be forced to take you down!"

"Now just let us escort you out of here quietly, don't do anything stupid!"

"Ah, I was kinda hoping to have an easy first day on the job, but I guess that isn't gonna happen..." Natasha said, releasing a light sigh as one of the guards began to approach her, hand hovering over his pistol. Before either guard could react, Natasha grabbed ahold of a stapler that was on the table she was leaning against and hurled it at the closest guard, hitting him square in the face. The guard roared in pain as he fell to the ground, blood pouring from his nose. "Time to get to work."

The other guard immediately drew his pistol, but Natasha was on top of him in an instant. Lunging towards the guard, Natasha instantly disarmed him, ejecting the magazine and forcing the slide back to force out the bullet in the chamber. Springing off the ground, Natasha wrapped her legs around the guard's neck and used the momentum to slam him into the ground. By now the second guard had begun to recover, gripping his still-bleeding nose as he got back onto his feet. Reaching down, Natasha grabbed the baton off the guard she was on top of. Natasha fully extended the baton with a flick of her wrist, before dashing forward and hitting the guard in the leg. With a pained grunt, the guard collapsed down onto one knee. Using the baton, Natasha hit the guard in the back of the head, knocking him out cold. The second guard was just now recovering from the body slam he had received, but Natasha didn't even give him a chance to get back up. Rolling across the floor, Natasha hit the guard in the face with the baton, knocking him unconscious as well.

"Well, that wasn't so bad..." Natasha said, panting slightly as she slowly stood back up, making sure the guards wouldn't be getting up any time soon. Once she was sure the guards were down for the count, she checked back out in the hallway to make sure no one had heard the disturbance. Once Natasha knew she was in the clear, she quickly made her way over to the monitors one of the guards had been using. With just a few clicks, Natasha had complete control of the building's security systems. The first thing she did was disable all of the security cameras. Seeing all the camera feeds on the other monitors around her go dark, Natasha turned her attention to opening the door the hidden lab. After a few moments, Natasha found the right overrides, opening the lab's secret door. Pressing the button on her communicator, Natasha got ahold of Peter. "Alright Peter, it's your turn now."

"Got it, Natasha. Let's go, Gwen."

"Now..." Natasha said as she cracked her knuckles, before opening up a series of files on the computer. "Let's see if we can find that lab's blueprints."

(Same Time: Back with Peter and Gwen)

"Alright Peter, it's your turn now."

"Got it, Natasha." Peter said, looking down through the grate to see that the two guards were surprised that the wall behind them had opened, revealing the hidden door to the underground lab. As quietly as possible, Peter removed the grate and gave Gwen a thumbs up. "Let's go, Gwen."

Slowly crawling out of the vent, both Peter and Gwen moved to the ceiling above the guards. Getting Gwen's attention, Peter pointed towards the guards and then gestured towards his web-shooters, before making a pulling motion. Getting the gist of what Peter wanted, Gwen nodded her head. Using his fingers to count down, both Peter and Gwen simultaneously targeted one of the guards and wrapped them in a cacoon of webbing. Then before either guard could yell for help, they were yanked up into the air, both of them receiving a knockout punch to the face. With a short swing, Peter and Gwen stuck both guards to the wall, applying an extra coating of webbing to their mouths in case they woke up early.

"See, that wasn't so bad." Peter said in a cheerful tone as he dropped down, opening the hidden door. "You were great, Gwen."

"I guess, my heart is still racing in my chest though..." Gwen said as she released a short breath and followed Peter through the door, letting out an annoyed groan when she saw an elevator at the end of a short hallway. "Ugh, why's there always gotta be a secret elevator? Can't bad guys stop being lazy bastards for once and just use the stairs. I bet you we don't even go down two floors."

"Okay Natasha, the guards have been taken care of." Peter said, stepping into the elevator, with Gwen following right behind him. Chuckling lightly, Peter nudged Gwen and pointed towards the elevator's control panel. He could almost hear her eyes roll when she saw that there were only three floors the elevator went to. "Gwen and I are heading down into the lab now."

"Give me one second, Peter...I may have something...Yes, right here! I managed to find the blueprints to the lab and it shows where they're holding Cindy. I'm uploading them to you now."

"Thanks, Natasha. Just got them now." Peter said as he noticed a notification pop up on the small HUD inside his mask. "Karen, open up the lab's blueprints and show us where Cindy is being held."

"On it, Peter."

"Karen is in your suit?" Gwen asked in a slightly surprised tone, watching as a small holographic display popped up from his web-shooters. "Wow, my shooters don't do that."

"Yeah, I upgraded mine recently to integrate with Karen's AI and use a variety of different web types. And like I mentioned back at the tower, Karen can integrate into some of my suits. I figured she might be useful on this mission, so I brought her along. About my web-shooters, it was tough to improve the design, but with some of Tony's tech it wasn't that bad." Peter said as he fiddled with the display, watching as it zeroed in on a specific section of the lab's blueprint. "I can tweak yours when we get back to the tower, it should be pretty easy now that I know what I'm doing."

"That...actually sounds pretty awesome." Gwen said with a hidden smile, playfully punching Peter in the shoulder. "Thanks, Peter."

"No problem..." Peter said as a small red dot began to flash on the holographic projection. "Looks like Karen has found where Cindy is."

"Yes, there's a series of holding cells towards the rear of the lab. I can guide you there once we're inside."

"Should we expect any guards or security down there? And are there any other people being held in those other cells?" Peter asked, pressing the elevator's button that led down into the lab. As the elevator went down Peter scanned through the lab's layout, looking for anything that could get in their way. "I'm not seeing much on the blueprints."

"From what I can gather, the security down in the lab should be fairly light. Ms. Natasha has already disabled the security cameras, so you won't have to worry about those. So, other than a few roaming guards and workers, you shouldn't run into any trouble. And from the data I could find, Ms. Moon is the only person being held captive within the lab."

"Well, that's good to hear." Gwen said as she crossed her arms over her chest, the elevator coming to a stop and the doors opening. "If we run into anyone, we just have to make sure to take them down before they can set off an alarm or something, and we only have to worry about Cindy."

"Right, let's get Cindy out of here." Peter said, stepping out of the elevator and closing the holographic display on his wrist. "Lead the way, Karen."

With Karen guiding them, Peter and Gwen took the shortest and most direct route to where Cindy was being held. The only problem with that was this path took them through the most populated portions of the lab. Gwen stuck to Peter like glue, following his every move as they snuck passed several guards and lab workers. Both of them largely stuck to the ceiling or outer edges of any rooms they had to cut through. Going as quickly and quietly as possible, Peter and Gwen swiftly moved through the lab. Along the way, they noticed that many of the experiments being done seemed to involve Cindy's powers in some way. From trying to manufacture a webbing similar to Cindy's, to developing technology that allowed people to easily stick to surfaces. Seeing Cindy being used as a guinea pig only served to anger Peter and Gwen, further motivating them to complete their mission. After almost ten minutes, Peter and Gwen had arrived outside Cindy's cell with little problems. The only thing that slowed them down was when Gwen had accidentally bumped into a table and alerted a pair of patrolling guards. But the guards were quickly knocked out and webbed up before they had a chance to call for backup.

"Here we are..." Gwen said as she stared at the large cell door in front of them. "Now, how the hell do we get this thing open?"

"Karen, can you override the door's controls and open it?" Peter asked, looking the door up and down, searching for any alternate ways in. "Please tell me you can."

"I'm sorry Peter, but I cannot. If you plug me into a computer that has access to the lab's network, then I should be able to then."

"I don't want to risk doubling back and looking for someplace to plug Karen in..." Peter muttered as he stroked his chin, staring intently at the cell door. As Peter gazed at the door's locking mechanism an idea suddenly popped into his head. "Hey Karen, load taser webs into my shooters and use the maximum voltage."

"Of course, Peter."

"Please tell me you have a plan, Peter." Gwen said in a mildly concerned tone, glancing down at Peter's web-shooters, watching as a new type of webbing was loaded into them. "Because we can't just stand around here all day."

"Oh, I definitely have a plan..." Peter muttered as he noticed a pop-up appear on his HUD, letting him know that his taser webs were ready. "Whether it will work or not, that I don't know." With a flick of his wrist, Peter fired out a line of electrified webbing, which hit the door's locking mechanism. Gwen watched as streams of electricity arced off the webbing into the cell door, causing it to spark and hiss. "Since this thing is using an electric locking mechanism, I figured I could use my taser webs to overload the entire system!" After a few more moments, Peter stopped electrifying the door and took a few steps back. "Okay, that hopefully did it. Karen, now swap to heavy-duty webbing."

"Give me one second, Peter...and done."

"This webbing is much stronger than my normal webs, but it's also much harder to produce, so I try to use it sparingly." Peter said, before firing out a thick line of webbing at the door. "Let's see if my genius plan worked!" With a grunt, Peter began to pull on the line of webbing, attempting to yank the door open. Peter's muscles flexed as he used his enhanced strength, he could feel the door moving slightly, but it wasn't enough. "Gwen! Can you give me a hand here!?"

"Step back." Gwen said as she stepped in front of Peter and grabbed ahold of the webbing as well. As soon as Gwen began to pull as well, she realized why Peter was having trouble. Even with their combined super strength, the door barely budged. "Motherfucker! This thing is a real bitch! Is the damn door jammed or something?!"

"Come on, Gwen!" Peter exclaimed, putting all his strength into his arms. "Really dig your heels in! Give it everything you've got!"

Soon the door began to slowly slide open little by little, a small amount of light from within the cell streaming through the crack. Suddenly without warning, the door finally gave way and swung wide open, causing Gwen and Peter to fall onto the ground. Picking themselves back up, Peter and Gwen peered into the cell, quickly spotting Cindy huddled in the back corner. The dark-haired girl was shivering slightly, dressed in only a dirty medical gown. Her eyes were wide as they darted back and forth between Peter and Gwen. Peter took off his mask and slowly approached Cindy, not wanting to spoke her. Gwen decided to hang back at the cell's door so that Cindy wouldn't feel crowded and overwhelmed.

"Hello, you're Cindy Moon right?" Peter asked with a bright smile as he extended his hands towards Cindy. "My name is Peter Parker and the girl behind me is Gwen Stacy. We came here to bust you out of this place." As Peter got closer to Cindy, he couldn't help but notice that his heart was starting to beat faster and his face felt hot for some reason. Peter's breathing began to get heavier the closer he got to Cindy, his spider-sense freaking out in a way he had never experienced before. "C-Come on...let's get you out of here..."

When Peter crouched down next to Cindy, he noticed that her face was flushed bright red and she appeared to be panting slightly. When Peter reached down to grab Cindy's hand, he felt a jolt of electricity race through his entire body. Peter locked eyes with Cindy, both of them simply staring at each other for several moments. Then without warning, Cindy lunged forward and captured Peter's lips in a fierce and passionate kiss. Cindy pressed her body against Peter's, running her fingers through his hair as she slipped her tongue into his mouth. A low moan rumbled in Cindy's throat as she rubbed her body against Peter's.

"What the fuck!?" Gwen exclaimed as her eyes shot open in shock, watching as both Peter and Cindy continued to makeout. But what surprised Gwen the most was that Peter didn't seem to be fighting the kiss at all. In fact, he appeared to be returning the kiss with just as much passion. Snapping out of her dumbfounded stupor, Gwen stormed over and fiercely shook Peter's shoulder. "What the hell are you doing, Peter!? What about Mary Jane!?"

That seemed to snap Peter out of whatever lust-filled trance he was in. Eyes shooting open, Peter pushed Cindy away from him and quickly backed away from her. Scrambling to his feet, Peter clutched a hand over his racing heart. Peter felt an immense sense of guilt wash over him as he tried to catch his breath. Moments later, Peter grunted when he felt Gwen shove him against the wall. The blonde had taken off her mask and was fiercely glaring at him, her blue eyes narrowed dangerously.

"What the hell was that, Peter!?" Gwen asked in a pissed off tone, jabbing a finger into Peter's chest. "I didn't think you were that type of guy! How could you just cheat on Mary Jane like that?!"

"I...I...don't even know what came over me..." Peter said in a panicked tone as he ran his hands through his hair. "I...I just felt...I don't know...drawn to her! Fuck! I don't know why I did that!"

"P-Please don't be upset with him..." Cindy finally spoke up, slowly getting onto her feet. "It's not his fault."

"No, I guess he's not entirely to blame because you're the one who just threw herself at him..." Gwen chastised as she turned her angry gaze towards Cindy. "Why the hell did you do that anyway? You don't even know Peter!"

"Like Peter, that's what you said his name was, said...I felt a strong...almost...instinctual attraction to him..." Cindy explained, brushing some hair out of her eyes before she clasped her hands together. The dark-haired woman's eyes were fixed on the floor, trying to avoid Gwen's piercing gaze. "I know I got my powers from a radioactive spider bite...and I've overheard the lab workers mention that someone else was bitten before I was...Peter must have been the person who was bitten before me..."

"And what does that have to do with anything?" Gwen asked as she quirked an eyebrow, wondering what Cindy was getting at. "You and Peter were bitten by the same spider, so what?"

"Well..." Cindy muttered, nervously rubbing her arm, her face flushing bright red. "I overheard the lab workers mention something else...apparently...I...release pheromones..."

"Pheromones?" Peter repeated as his eyes widened slightly. "Are you serious?"

"Yes, it's not something I can control..." Cindy continued, fidgeting slightly and twiddling her thumbs. "I'm guessing you release similar pheromones...and since we were both bitten by the same spider..."

"So our pheromones are unconsciously attracting us to each other?" Peter finished which caused Cindy to nod her head, agreeing with his assessment. Releasing a heavy sigh, Peter pinched the bridge of his nose. "Are you serious? What the hell man?"

"Okay, I don't really know what's going on, but we can discuss this later." Gwen said as she ushered Cindy out of the cell, doing her best to keep her away from Peter. "We need to get you out of here and away from this place."

"Hold up Gwen!" Peter exclaimed, reaching out and grabbing ahold of Gwen's hand. "We can't let Cindy leave this place looking like that."

"What are you-" Gwen stopped mid-sentence when she saw Cindy's current attire. Her dirty medical gown was much more tattered and worn out than they had originally thought, it was practically falling off the poor girl. "Oh shit, yeah...we gotta find her something else to wear."

"That won't be a problem..." Cindy said as organic webbing began to pour out from her fingertips. Both Peter and Gwen watched in amazement as Cindy formed a makeshift costume out of her own webbing. "This should do it."

"Wow, that was seriously cool..." Gwen said in a surprised tone, resting her hands on her hips. "I must say I'm impressed."

"Creating a suit out of your own webbing...think of all the money I could have saved on costumes..." Peter muttered as he released a light sigh, hanging his head in disappointment. "Now I'm a little upset."

"Hey, what are you guys doing just standing around for?" Natasha hissed in an irritated tone, suddenly appearing behind the three spider-people. "We need to get out of here now! Our cover hasn't been blown yet, but I think people are starting to get suspicious. I noticed increased security activity on my way down here."

"Natasha is right, we need to get going." Peter said as he slipped his mask back on. "Cindy, follow us and we'll get you out of here."

"Okay, I'll be right on your tail." Cindy said, forming her own makeshift mask out of webbing to partially hide her face.

"How are we going to get out though? We can't just walk through the front door." Gwen asked, putting on her own mask and flipping up her hood. "You said security was tighter, so we need to be extra careful."

"You three will need to exit through the vents, I'll be nearby with the van ready to go." Natasha said as she adjusted her glasses. "But when you leave, don't take the elevator, they're monitoring that heavily now. Instead, climb up the elevator shaft, I checked the blueprints again and you should be able to enter the ventilation system through there."

"Sounds like a plan." Gwen said, nodding her head before turning to face Cindy. "Keep close...but not so close to Peter...we don't want another...incident..."

"What incident?" Natasha asked as she quirked an eyebrow in intrigue. Being the master of espionage she was, Natasha easily noticed the awkward atmosphere that had suddenly formed between Peter and Cindy. Both of them seemed to be avoiding the other's gaze, their faces slightly flushed red. With a teasing smirk, Natasha walked over gently cupped Peter's cheek. "Oh, did I miss something?"

"We'll tell you later." Gwen said with a huff, grabbing ahold of Peter's hand and pulling him away from Natasha. "Come on Cindy, let's get out of this damn place."

"R-Right..." Cindy said as she quickly followed after Gwen, nodding to Natasha as she passed by.

Taking a similar path back towards the elevator, Peter, Gwen, and Cindy took extra precautions to avoid running into anyone. To help prevent any more 'pheromone' incidents, Gwen acted as sort of a barrier, keeping herself between Peter and Cindy at all times. Eventually, the trio managed to make it back to the elevator without any troubles. In no time, Peter had opened the elevator's top hatch and was leading Gwen and Cindy back through the ventilation system. Back on the building's roof, the trio heard an alarm start blaring inside. Leaping off the roof, the trio began to swing back into the treeline, making their way towards Natasha would be meeting them. Cindy appeared to struggle with swinging off her own webs at first but managed to pick it up quickly after Gwen and Peter gave her some tips. After only a few minutes, Peter, Gwen, and Cindy piled into Natasha's van and were speeding away from the Alchemax building.

"Great job guys! The plan went off without a hitch!" Natasha said with a smile, flooring it down several winding roads. Glancing back in the rearview mirror, Natasha saw that Cindy appeared to be sitting as far away from Peter as possible. "Okay, seriously what the hell is going on between Peter and Cindy? You said you'd explain later and it's later, so I'd like an explanation, please."

"I...Well..." Peter stuttered out before he turned towards Gwen, looking at her for help.

"*Sigh* Fine, I'll bail you out..." Gwen muttered in an annoyed tone, crossing her arms underneath her chest. "Peter and Cindy made out, practically when they first saw each other."

"What the hell!?" Natasha exclaimed as she slammed on the bracks, whipping around in her seat to face Peter. "Aren't you with that Mary Jane girl!? What is wrong with you, Peter!?"

"Gah, I already feel guilty enough!" Peter groaned, hiding his face against the headrest in front of him. "I know I fucked up, but it's not my fault!"

"How the hell isn't this your fault!?" Natasha asked as she flicked Peter in the head, getting him to look her in the eyes. Peter was surprised by the look he saw in Natasha's eyes. She was pissed at him, but he also saw what appeared to be disappointment. "Answer me, Peter! Tell me why I shouldn't call Mary Jane right now and tell her what you did!"

"Ease up on him Natasha, it really isn't his fault." Gwen said in a calm tone, hoping to diffuse the tense situation. "Trust me, I was pissed too when it happened, but Cindy explained something...and I can't really blame Peter for what happened."

"It better be a pretty damn good explanation..." Natasha said as she turned her angry gaze towards Cindy, who flinched slightly. "Because I can't think of any."

"Don't look at Cindy like that, she's been imprisoned in that cell and experimented on for who knows how long...she doesn't need you yelling and glaring at her..." Gwen said, moving in between Cindy and Natasha. "Look, Cindy said that she releases...pheromones...it's not something she has control over...and apparently Peter does too..."

"Pheromones? Like an animal?" Natasha asked as she looked passed Gwen at Cindy, seeing her slowly nod her head. "Are you serious?"

"I know it's hard to believe, but when I saw them kiss..." Gwen recalled, before releasing a light sigh and pulling off her mask. "It was like they couldn't control themselves...it seemed like their bodies moved on there own...acting almost instinctually..."

"Damn, if that's true, then it might cause some complications..." Natasha said as she turned back around and started driving again. "Okay, let's just head back to the tower and get Cindy situated. Once she's had some rest, I'd like to run a couple of tests and see if this pheromone thing is true. Maybe we can find a way to stop it, or at least weaken its effects." Looking back in the rearview mirror, Natasha saw Cindy staring at her. "Is that okay with you, Cindy?"

"Sure, you guys busted me out of that damn place..." Cindy said, turning her head to stare out the window, her fists balled tightly. "I have to repay you somehow, and if it will help Peter somehow, I'm happy to help." Taking a deep breath, Cindy suddenly turned back around and looked at Peter and Gwen. "I just ask...that if I help you...you'll help me take down the bastards who held me captive."

"Well..." Peter said as he took off his mask and looked at Gwen. With a smile, Gwen nodded her head. "Of course we'll help."

(Later That Night: Back at Avengers Tower)

"How's Cindy doing?" Peter asked, walking into the tower's kitchen as he finished buttoning up his suit jacket. "Also, how do I look?"

"She's fine, just resting now. Natasha said she'd keep an eye on her." Gwen said as she turned away from the sink, letting out a low whistle when she saw Peter. He was dressed in an expensive-looking suit, even sporting a tie and dress shoes. "And hot damn, you look good, Peter. I must say, I'm a little jealous of Mary Jane right now."

"T-Thanks Gwen..." Peter said with a slight blush as he adjusted his tie. "I borrowed one of Tony's suits, is it too much?"

"No, you look great." Gwen said with a smile, before walking over and helping Peter with his tie. Once she was done, Gwen patted Peter on the chest and leaned against the counter. "Just relax, Peter. Focus on Mary Jane tonight, have some fun together." Pausing for a moment, Gwen released a light sigh. "Are you gonna tell Mary Jane about what happened...between you and Cindy?"

"Yeah, I'll tell her." Peter said with a sad smile as he clenched his fists. "I don't want to keep any secrets from here, especially one like this...I'll talk to her about it before the end of the night. But before that, I'll try to just relax and show MJ a good time, I don't want to ruin our date by bringing something like that up..." Peter chuckled lightly as he turned his gaze towards the windows, a worried look in his eyes. "Yeah, I'll try to relax..."

"Ugh, I know that look...my Peter always did the same thing..." Gwen said with a sad smile, pushing herself off the counter and walking over towards Peter. "You're worried about something."

"It's that obvious?" Peter asked with a small smile before he released a heavy sigh. "I want nothing more than to spend tonight with MJ and just enjoy our time together. But...I'm just worried something might happen...and I won't be there to stop it..."

"I know that feeling..." Gwen muttered, stepping in front of Peter and playfully punching him in the arm. "Well, tonight you don't have to worry about anything. While you're on your date with Mary Jane, I'll patrol the city and cover for you."

"Are you serious, Gwen? You don't have to-"

"I know I don't have to." Gwen said with a smile as she pressed her finger against Peter's lips, silencing him. "But I want to. Now, get out of here and enjoy your date."

"Thanks, Gwen!" Peter exclaimed, lunging forward and pulling the surprised blonde in for a tight hug. When Peter ended the embrace, he bolted towards the elevator. "I'll see you tomorrow, Gwen! I really owe you one!"

"Damn right you do..." Gwen said with a small smile as she grabbed her mask and costume, which were laying on a nearby chair. "Okay, let's see what bad guys this universe has to offer."

(40 Minutes Later: Outside Mary Jane's Apartment)

"Calm down Peter...everything is gonna go great...you've gone on tons of dates before..." Peter said to himself, nervously fixing his hair and fidgeting with his tie again. Once Peter had properly composed himself, he took a deep breath and knocked on MJ's door. "Tonight is all about MJ...everything has to go perfect tonight, absolutely no screwups..."

"Coming!" Peter flinched slightly when he heard Mary Jane's sweet voice call out within the apartment. Hearing heels clicking towards the door, Peter did one last once over to make sure he looked okay. Moments later, the door opened and Peter was left speechless. Mary Jane looked absolutely stunning in a flowing red evening dress, that hugged her curves in all the right places. She had also applied a light amount of makeup and had curled her hair slightly, making it look even more striking. "Wow tiger, I'm impressed, you're actually early for once."

"I...I didn't want to..." Peter stuttered out as he openly ogled Mary Jane's beautiful form, causing her to chuckle lightly. Words failing him, Peter quickly handed MJ a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates, cliche, but he knew she'd love it. "Y-You look stunning tonight."

"Thanks Pete, you don't look too bad yourself." Mary Jane said with a teasing smirk, looking Peter up and down, before licking her lips seductively. "Face it tiger, I think we both hit the jackpot tonight."

After putting the flowers in a vase and setting the chocolates down on her kitchen table, Mary Jane grabbed her purse and exited the apartment. Mary Jane quickly linked her arm with Peter's, resting her head on his shoulder. Peter's face flushed slightly, but he smiled at Mary Jane's intimate display. The couple made their way out of the apartment building and hailed a cab. Normally they'd just web-swing to wherever they wanted to go, but MJ refused to let him ruin all the effort she had put into her appearance. During the cab ride, they simply spent time catching up and enjoying each other's presence. Once they arrived at the restaurant MJ had picked out, Peter helped her out of the cab and paid the driver. However, when Peter actually saw the restaurant, he audibly gulped. Looking through the windows, Peter could already tell it was going to be the most expensive meal he'd ever had, he could practically hear his wallet crying already. But he sucked it up and lead Mary Jane inside, being a gentleman and opening the door for her. When Peter and Mary Jane sat down at their table, he picked up a menu and his eyes nearly popped out his head. Suppressing the urge to scream at the insane prices, Peter smiled and gently gripped Mary Jane's hand. Tonight was the first time, in what seemed like forever, he'd be able to properly spend time with MJ, and he'd do anything to make her happy.

(One Hour Later: Streets of New York)

"Jesus, what is wrong with this town?" Gwen said with a heavy sigh as she sat down on the edge of a rooftop, quickly checking the amount of web-fluid she still had left. "It's barely been two hours and I've already had to stop five muggings, a convenience store robbery, two carjackings, and take down some lame-ass villain named the Kangaroo..." Rubbing her aching arm muscles, Gwen flipped down her hood. "Does Peter do this every night? No wonder he has no time to spend with Mary Jane..."

Looking down at the streets below, Gwen was surprised when something caught her eye. Sitting in a fancy looking restaurant across the street were Peter and Mary Jane. Both of them appeared to be having a great time, constantly smiling and laughing. Gwen watched as Peter and Mary Jane stopped their conversation and simply stared into each other's eyes, their hands resting on top of each other on the table. As Gwen watching the loving and intimate display, she couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy. She hadn't known this version of Peter Parker very long, but he was so much like the one she knew and loved, so it was easy for old feelings to bubble up inside her. As Gwen continued to stare at the couple, she started to imagine what it would be like if she were in Mary Jane's place. It was easy for her to picture what a life with Peter would be like, they'd be an unstoppable crime-fighting couple.

"You know, it's not nice to spy on other people." A seductive feminine voice whispered into Gwen's ear. Eyes widening in shock, Gwen sprang up and flipped over whoever had spoken behind her. As soon as Gwen's feet touched the ground, she sprang forward and was on top of the person, pinning them to the ground. Finally getting a good look at the mystery newcomer, Gwen saw that it was a woman, a very attractive woman. She had snow-white hair tied up into a ponytail and wore a skin-tight black leather suit. Also, the woman was...very well endowed, something Gwen could feel squashing against her own modest bust. With a teasing smirk, the woman winked at Gwen. "Meow, this spider has some bite."

"Who the hell are you?!" Gwen growled as she grabbed ahold of the woman's suit and cocked her fist back. "And how the hell did you sneak up on me like that?!"

"Mmm, did your little spider-sense not detect little old me?" The woman asked, causing Gwen to hesitate for a moment. At that moment, the woman lunged forward and knocked Gwen onto her back. Now the woman was straddling Gwen, her fist cocked back ready to strike. Suddenly the woman's fist shot forward and Gwen prepared to take the hit. However, she was surprised when instead of a punch, she received a flick on the forehead. Looking up, Gwen saw that the woman was smirking at her. After a quick chuckle, the woman hopped off Gwen. "That must mean I'm not a threat to you, right? Oh, and the name's Black Cat, but you can call me Felicia."

"Okay, Felicia..." Gwen said as she got back onto her feet, turning to face the white-haired woman. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, I came to spy on my little Spider..." Felicia said, walking passed Gwen and crouching on the edge of the roof, her gaze fixed on the restaurant Peter and Mary Jane were in. "But to my surprise, someone else had beat me to the punch."

"What do you want with Peter?" Gwen asked in a threating tone as she stood over Felicia. "I swear to god if you try to hurt him."

"Relax, I would never hurt my little Spider...intentionally..." Felicia said with a small smile, before standing back up and locking eyes with Gwen. "And you should be a little nicer to me. I am the one who got all that juicy info on that Cindy Moon girl after all."

"Wait, you're the one who dropped off that anonymous envelope at Avengers Tower?" Gwen asked in a surprised tone as she began to relax slightly. "Why would you do something like that?"

"Well Spider is always trying to help me whenever he can...and I always end up hurting him..." Felicia replied with a sad smile, a faint blush on her face as she spared another glance at Peter. "I figured...I could help him out for once and do something nice for him...without asking for anything in return..."

"I guess you really aren't a bad person..." Gwen said as she pulled off her mask and approached Felicia. "But for some reason, I get the feeling that spying on Peter isn't the only reason you're here."

"Aw, you caught me..." Felicia said with a smirk, holding up her hands in mock surrender. "You know, you and I are quite similar in one respect. We're both women pining after a man we can't have." Felicia stood in front of Gwen and cupped her chin. "I have a proposition for you, one that could let you and I both be with the Spider, along with that sexy redhead." Gwen's eyes widened when she heard this, Felicia knew she had her attention now. "Will you listen to what I have to say?"

(45 Minutes Later: Central Park)

"That was an amazing dinner, tiger." Mary Jane said with a massive smile as she held Peter's arm, resting her head on his shoulder. The couple was currently enjoying a late-night stroll through Central Park. "Thank you so much for taking me out tonight."

"Anything for you MJ." Peter said, kissing the top of Mary Jane's head. "I'm just happy you're having a good time."

"I'm happy whenever I get to spend with you, Pete." Mary Jane said as she tightened her grip on Peter's arm. "And I'll have to thank Gwen later. That was so nice of her to cover for you while we're on our date."

"Yeah, that was-" Peter was cut off when someone suddenly crashed into him, almost knocking him off his feet. Quickly recovering, Peter saw that someone wearing a hoodie was on the ground in front of him. Reaching down, Peter tried to help the person up. "Hey buddy, are you-" Peter stopped mid-sentence when he felt his spider-sense start to freak out, similar to when he had first met Gwen and Miguel. However, before Peter could get a good look at the person, they scrambled to their feet and took off running into the park. Before the person took off, Peter got a glimpse at their face, and he could have sworn they looked like a kid. Peter wanted to chase after the potential spider-person, but he didn't want to ditch MJ during their date. "Damn it, I'll have to look for them tomorrow."

"Are you okay, Peter?" Mary Jane asked in a concerned tone as she helped Peter back up. "Who was that?"

"I don't know...that was strange..." Peter muttered, gazing the direction the person had run in. "Anyways, it's getting pretty late MJ, why don't I take you home?"

"Actually tiger, I'm not quite ready for this night to end..." Mary Jane said as she locked eyes with Peter, pressing her hand against his chest. "Why don't we go back to my place for some coffee and dessert?"

"S-Sure MJ! I-I'd love to..." Peter said in a nervous tone, an intense blush spreading across his face when he saw the lust-filled look in MJ's eyes. The young man's heart was thundering in his chest as they began to make their way back towards Mary Jane's apartment. "Oh my god! Don't fuck this up, Peter!"

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