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(9:00 P.M.: Mary Jane's Apartment Building)

"Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!" Peter screamed in his head over and over, heart thundering in his chest and mind racing. Stepping out of the elevator, Mary Jane gently grabbed his hand and lead him towards her apartment. "Is this really happening!? This can't be real! I'm just dreaming, yeah this all a dream!" Briefly letting go of his hand, Mary Jane pulled out her keys and opened the door to her apartment. Then out of nowhere, Mary Jane grabbed Peter by his shirt and yanked him through the doorway. In an instant, the door was slammed shut and Peter felt his back slammed against it, Mary Jane's lips roughly and passionately pressing against his own. "aHOLY SHIT THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!?"

Peter had kissed Mary Jane before, but nothing this intense. This kiss was filled with months of pent up lust and yearning. Not wanting to let Mary Jane take full control, Peter cupped her face and returned the kiss with just as much fiery passion. Making the next move, Peter snaked his tongue into Mary Jane's mouth, causing a moan to rumble in her throat. Their tongues danced together, both of them fighting for dominance. Peter felt Mary Jane's fingers running through his hair as she tried to deepen their kiss. Wrapping an arm around Mary Jane's waist, Peter pulled her close, her ample breasts pressing against his chest. Their intense liplock continued for another minute before they finally separated, both of them panting heavily. Peter locked eyes with Mary Jane, seeing the desire and lust clouding them.

"Bedroom. Now." Mary Jane ordered as she stepped aside and pointed towards her room. "I can't wait any longer, tiger."

"O-Okay..." Peter stuttered out, practically sprinting towards MJ's room, with the sultry redhead only a few steps behind him. After walking into the bedroom, Peter could feel his nerves starting to get the better of him. He wanted nothing more than to cross that line with Mary Jane, he couldn't think of anyone better to have his first time with. But for some reason, an inkling of self-doubt was bubbling in the pit of his stomach. What if it was too soon? What if he messed up somehow? What if he wasn't good enough? All of these questions raced through Peter's mind as he stared at MJ's bed. Needing a minute to collect himself, Peter looked for a way to get some privacy. "U-Uh MJ, could I use your bathroom for a second?"

"Sure thing, tiger." Mary Jane said with a smirk as she teasingly traced a finger along Peter's jawline, causing a pleasurable shiver to run down his spine. "That'll give me time to slip into something more comfortable. Just...don't keep me waiting too long."

"S-Sure thing!" Peter awkwardly exclaimed, before dashing into MJ's bathroom and shutting the door behind him. Taking a deep breath, Peter walked towards the sink and turned on the water. Looking at himself in the mirror, Peter could see that he was sweating profusely and that his hands were shaking slightly. Peter had faced down countless villains without any fear or hesitation, but the thought of ruining his relationship with MJ or possibly disappointing her, now that truly scared him. Tightly gripping the countertop, Peter leaned forward and looked at his own reflection. "Okay Peter, calm the hell down. You've been dreaming about this day for years, you can't let MJ down." After splashing some water on his face, Peter stared at his reflection once again. "You've got this Peter, you're Spider-Man for god's sake."

Turning the water off and drying his face, Peter gripped the doorknob and took another deep breath. When Peter pulled the door open, he was not prepared for what was waiting for him. Lying on the bed was Mary Jane, dressed in only black lingerie, so thin that it was practically see-through. The sexy redhead was lying on her side, a sultry smile on her face and flowing hair strewn about on the bed behind her. Peter couldn't stop himself from ogling Mary Jane's stunning body. Her delicious curves and ample breasts causing blood to flow into his lower half.

"Hey there, tiger." Mary Jane said with a seductive wink as she beckoned Peter over with her finger. "Come and get me."

(Lemon Start)

All of Peter's earlier worries instantly disappeared when Mary Jane said this, his lust getting the better of him. In an instant, Peter leaped across the room and landed on the bed. Peter now hovered over Mary Jane, before leaning down and capturing her lips in another passionate kiss. Mary Jane moaned into the kiss, reaching up and running her hands through Peter's hair. Rolling over, Mary Jane now straddled Peter's waist, their kiss deepening. Peter's hands began to roam Mary Jane's body, rubbing up and down her sides and back. Feeling a bit more daring, Peter's hands ventured lower, eventually landing on Mary Jane's hips. A moan rumbled in the sexy redhead's throat when Peter's hands suddenly squeezed her ass. Breaking their liplock, Mary Jane and Peter were both panting heavily, their faces burning bright red.

"Oh, you're a naughty boy, tiger." Mary said in a husky tone, before reaching down and rubbing Peter's erection through his pants, causing him to stiffen slightly. "My oh my, aren't you excited?" With a seductive smirk, Mary Jane tugged at the straps to her bra. "But I don't it's fair that I'm the only one showing some skin. How about we get you out of these stuffy clothes."

Peter had never gotten his clothes off faster in his life, slipping off his suit coat and practically tearing off his shirt and tie. With a little help from MJ, Peter got his pants off and was now dressed in only his boxers. Mary Jane licked her lips as she ran her hands across Peter's abs and toned chest. He didn't have massive muscles like some of the other superheroes, but Peter was still extremely fit and Mary Jane could feel the power behind each of his muscles. Her sexy demeanor softened a bit when she spotted several scars on Peter's chest and side. All of the testaments to the numerous battles he had fought over the years and the punishment he'd endured protecting the city. With a loving smile, Mary Jane gently ran her fingers along one of the scars on his upper chest.

"I'm sure you could get these scars removed, Peter." Mary Jane said as she leaned down and gently kissed one of them. "You know so many people with crazy tech and magic, it should be really easy."

"It's okay, I like them." Peter said, sitting up on his elbows and locking eyes with Mary Jane. "They're a reminder of how hard I've fought to protect the people I love." A grin spread across Peter's face as he chuckled. "And I think they make me look pretty cool."

"They are pretty manly." Mary Jane said with a smirk as she reached back began to fumble with the clasps to her bra. After a few moments, the hooks came undone and the straps on Mary Jane's shoulders went slack. Gazing at Peter with lust-filled eyes, Mary Jane slipped her bra off, using one arm to hold it in place. Peter's face flushed bright red, Mary Jane's bare breasts only a foot away and barely hidden. "Now, why don't I reward you for all your hard work."

With a flick of her wrist, Mary Jane tossed away her lacy black bra, her generous D-cup breasts now on full display. Peter simply stared in awe, barely able to form a coherent thought. Mary Jane's breasts were perfectly round and perky, showing no signs of sagging, and were topped off with pink erect nipples. With a seductive smirk, Mary Jane grabbed one of Peter's hands and guided it towards her breast. The beautiful red-head let out a soft moan when Peter's hand pressed against her bust, his fingers slowly sinking into the soft flesh. Giggling at Peter's awkward nervousness, Mary Jane allowed Peter to knead and massage her breasts.

"OH MY GOD!" Peter thought, reaching up with his other hand and gently gripping both of MJ's breasts, eliciting another brief moan from her. "This is the best day of my life!"

"Mmmm, your hands feel amazing, tiger." Mary Jane moaned as she felt Peter's hardening erection press against her butt. With a devious smirk, Mary Jane wiggled her hips and ground her ass against Peter's stiff rod. She took immense pleasure when she heard Peter gasp suddenly, his face flushed bright red as he panted slightly. "As much as I'd love to spend all night having you fondle me..." Gyrating her hips once again, Mary Jane heard another gasp escape Peter's lips. "I think this big boy is eager for something else."

With a teasing smile, Mary Jane slid off of Peter, now sitting the bed beside him. Reaching down, Mary Jane gently stroked Peter through his boxers, licking her lips when she felt the size of his shaft. The sexy redhead didn't want to wait any longer, she gripped the top of Peter's underwear, then with one swift motion yanked them off. Peter's erection sprang free, almost slapping Mary Jane in the face. If MJ had to guess, Peter was at least eight inches fully hard, he definitely wasn't lacking. Unconsciously licking her lips, Mary Jane reached out and grabbed ahold of Peter's shaft, feeling how it was hot to the touch. Peter let out a brief moan as Mary Jane began to slowly stroke his rod, her hands feeling incredibly soft.

"Sorry if I'm a little inexperienced, tiger." Mary Jane said, her confident and lustful demeanor faltering for a moment, a faint blush dusting across her cheeks. "It's my first time doing anything like this."

"It's fine, you're doing great so far..." Peter said just as a low moan rumbled in his throat, watching as Mary Jane's hand moved up and down. "Your hand feels incredible..."

"Glad to hear that..." Mary Jane said with a smile, her earlier confidence returning in full force, spurred by Peter's encouragement. After another minute of stroking, Mary Jane's hand suddenly stopped, a new idea popping into her head. "Hey tiger, how about we try something more...stimulating?"

"Uh sure...what have you got in mind?" Peter asked as he sat upon his elbows, locking eyes with MJ. "We'll take this as fast or slow as you want."

"That's sweet..." Mary Jane said, sliding down the bed and positioning herself between Peter's legs. "But we both want this, there's no need to be nervous." Bending down, Mary Jane blew lightly on Peter's rod, causing a pleasurable shiver to run down his spine. "Gotta be honest tiger, I'm really gonna be winging it here, so just bear with me."

"What are yoUUUUUUUUU-" Peter stopped mid-sentence and let out a long moan when Mary Jane suddenly stuck his shaft in her mouth. Slowly and somewhat awkwardly, Mary Jane began to bob her head up and down. The heat and wetness of her mouth sent jolts of pleasure throughout Peter's body. Throwing his head back against the pillow, Peter tightly gripped the bedsheets. "Holy shit, MJ!"

"Glad you're enjoying it, tiger." Mary Jane said with a wink, briefly taking Peter's rod out of her mouth. Leaning down, Mary Jane placed a gentle kiss on Peter's lower head. "I'm kinda just recreating what I've seen in dirty videos."

"You watch porn?" Peter asked in an intrigued tone as he quirked an eyebrow. "I never knew that."

"Girls get horny too, Pete." Mary Jane said with a smirk, using her head to gesture towards her dresser. "I've got a couple 'toys' hidden in there."

Peter was about to say something but was stopped when Mary Jane's mouth engulfed his shaft once again. Her head began to bob once again, but this time a little faster as she gained a bit more confidence. Peter moaned once again as Mary Jane took him deeper, now swirling her tongue around his cock. Whatever part of his shaft Mary Jane's mouth couldn't reach, she began to stroke with her hand. She was still a bit awkward, but Peter could tell that Mary Jane was getting better and better very quickly.

"Damn MJ..." Peter moaned as he reached down and gently ran his fingers through Mary Jane's silky red hair. After a few more minutes of fellatio, Peter could feel himself getting close to his climax. "MJ...I'm almost there...let me..."

Peter tried to pull out of Mary Jane's mouth, but in response, she took him in deeper. Mary Jane suddenly sped up, bringing Peter even closer to his orgasm. Hissing through his teeth, Peter couldn't hold on any longer. Placing both his hands on Mary Jane's head, Peter gave up on trying to pull out, instead he held her place as he shot his seed into her waiting mouth. A moan rumbled in Mary Jane's throat as she swallowed Peter's seed. It was an odd taste, but there was something very erotic about the act and it seriously turned her on. With a satisfying pop, Mary Jane released Peter's shaft, swallowing the rest of his load.

"H-Holy shit MJ..." Peter panted out, coming down from his orgasmic high. "That was amazing."

"I'm glad you liked it, tiger." Mary Jane said with a lustful smirk as she licked her lips. "To be honest, you didn't taste half bad..." Peter's shaft twitched when he heard this, causing him to audibly gulp. "We'll have to do that again." With a wink, Mary Jane began to slowly rub Peter's shaft. "Are you ready to keep going?"

"Yeah, but I think it's time I pleasure you, MJ." Peter said, before lunging forward and capturing her lips in a passionate kiss. With their lips still connected, Peter and Mary Jane changed positions, with her now lying on her back. Breaking their liplock, Peter trailed kisses down Mary Jane's body, his hands massaging her sides. Mary Jane bit her finger to suppress a moan, pleasurable tingles causing goosebumps to form across her body. Lifting her hips off the bed, Mary Jane allowed Peter to pull her panties down her slender legs. Fully naked now, Peter took a moment to drink in Mary Jane's beautiful body. The sexy redhead couldn't help but chuckled when she saw the stupefied look on Peter's face. "Hey tiger, you just gonna stare or are yoOH SHIT!"

Mary Jane suddenly moaned loudly when Peter lunged forward and his tongue delved into her wet folds. Peter did whatever he felt was right and judging from the lewd moans escaping Mary Jane's lips he that knew he was doing a pretty good job for his first time.

"Fuck, Pete! For your first time doing this, you're pretty damn good at it!" Mary Jane screamed, arching her back slightly off the bed, her hands tightly clenching the bed sheets.

While Peter's hot tongue probed her womanhood, Mary Jane was a writhing and squirming mess. Sweat formed on MJ's brow as she bit her bottom lip to hold in her moans of ecstasy. Mary Jane had no idea how Peter was doing it, but he seemed to be hitting all of her sweet spots. She could feel a warm, tingling sensation building up in the pit of her stomach. Mary Jane knew that her own orgasm was rapidly approaching, but she still needed one final push to go over the edge. As Peter relished the taste of MJ's juices, he spotted a small nub of flesh. Reaching out, Peter gave the nub a quick squeeze, knowing what the sensitive sex organ was. Pinching Mary Jane's clitoris was the final push she needed to experience her orgasm. Mary Jane let out a scream of pure ecstasy as an orgasm rocked her whole body.

"H-Holy shit tiger...I've never came that h-hard before..." Mary Jane panted out, as she tried to catch her breath, staring up at the ceiling.

"You did taste half bad either, MJ." Peter said with a smirk, giving the sexy redhead a wink.

"That was fantastic Pete, but I think it's time we get to the main event." Mary Jane's eyes were full of lust and need as she gently pushed Peter onto his back and slowly crawled up his body. She dragged her breasts across his chest and rubbed her dripping womanhood against his now erect shaft. "And it looks you're ready to go once again."

"You're still absolutely sure about this, MJ? I don't mind waiting for a little longer." Peter said, wanting to give Mary Jane one last chance to back out if she wasn't ready.

"You're sweet for asking, tiger." Mary Jane said, as she leaned forward and gently kissed Peter on the lips. "But we've both been waiting for this. I want to do this Peter. I want to be one with you."

"Okay, then your wish is my command." Peter said, smiling up at the beautiful redhead.

"Here I go..." Mary Jane said, as she grabbed ahold of Peter's manhood. The busty redhead lined Peter's rod up with her womanhood and slowly began to drop down onto it. Both Peter and Mary Jane hissed as more and more of his shaft entered her. Peter was shocked at how tight MJ was. At the same time, Mary Jane was amazed at how much Peter stretched and filled her. After about a minute, Mary Jane had fully impaled herself on Peter's shaft. Mary Jane had heard how a girl's first time was usually a painful experience. But Mary Jane was surprised when she didn't feel much pain, just some slight discomfort due to Peter's size.

"You okay, MJ?" Peter asked in a concerned tone, seeing the look on Mary Jane's face. "I know it's supposed to hurt a bit the first time."

"I'm fine, Pete..." Mary Jane replied, as she wriggled her hips a little to get more comfortable, which in turn caused the web-slinger to moan slightly at the sudden motion. "It's weird, but I don't really feel any pain. Just give me a few more minutes to get used to you." Peter nodded his head and smiled at his red-haired lover. Mary Jane returned Peter's smile and laid her head against his chest while she waited. A few minutes later Mary Jane experimentally rolled her hips. Instead of discomfort, immense pleasure shot through Mary Jane's body, causing her to release a soft moan. "You can move now, tiger."

"I'm gonna start then..." Peter said, slowly pulling out of Mary Jane. Both of them moaned at the movement. When Peter was about halfway out, suddenly he thrust back in. Peter had to stop himself from violently pounding into the redhead. The pleasure was amazing and Peter's instincts were telling him to throw Mary Jane down onto the bed and ravish her, to make her scream his name in ecstasy. But this was both their first time, and Peter knew he had to take it easy for now. There would be time for more aggressive lovemaking later. Until then he had to hold himself back a bit. "Fuck...you're so tight MJ."

"Shit...this feels amazing, Pete!" Mary Jane moaned loudly, as she began to rock her hips in time with Peter's thrusts. Soon they both had found a steady and pleasurable rhythm. As Mary Jane slowly bounced up and down, Peter reached up and grabbed the busty redhead's jiggling breasts. Mary Jane moaned in pleasure as Peter's warm hands massaged her breasts. She enjoyed the slow and filling tempo they had going, but she wanted to experience everything Peter had to offer. "Ah! Pete! Harder! Faster! Please! Fuck me!"

Mary Jane's moans encourage Peter to pick up the pace. He grabbed ahold of Mary Jane's hips and began to pound into her wet womanhood faster. Mary Jane howled in ecstasy as her pleasure shot through the roof. As Peter continued to pound into her, Mary Jane leaned forward and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. They both moaned as their tongues began to battle for dominance. However, Peter squeaked in surprise when she felt Peter suddenly pick her up. Moments later, Mary Jane felt her back hit the bed as Peter loomed over her. With a lustful smirk, Peter once again started to rapidly thrust in and out of Mary Jane. The busty redhead let out a loud moan, the pleasure the new position offered was fantastic.

"Fuck! Peter, you're amazing!" Mary Jane screamed, arching her back off the bed. Peter leaned his head forward and began to suck on one of Mary Jane's erect nipples, as he continued to make love to the redhead. "Shit! I'm getting so close Pete!"

"I'm almost there too, MJ!" Peter grunted out after giving Mary Jane's nipple a quick bite. The redhead's large breasts were now a dull shade of red from Peter's near-constant groping. Peter could feel a familiar sensation as he felt his own orgasm quickly approaching. After a few more minutes of intense pounding, Peter was finally at his limit. "Fuck! Where do you want it MJ?!"

"Inside! I want to feel it all inside me!" Mary Jane exclaimed, as she went over the edge into her second orgasm of their lovemaking session.

Mary Jane screamed in pleasure as she felt Peter release his seed deep inside her. The sexy redhead wrapped her arms around Peter and held him close, her body twitching as she was rocked by yet another orgasm. After a few more moments, Peter slowly pulled out of Mary Jane, a mixture of both their sexual juices following after him. The web-slinger plopped down onto the bed, with Mary Jane lying down next to him. Both of them were panting slightly as Mary Jane snuggled up close to Peter, resting her head on his muscular chest.

"Holy shit...that was amazing MJ." Peter said, turning to flash the busty redhead a wide grin.

"Yes...it really was fantastic tiger..." Mary Jane said as a lustful smirk spread across her face. Peter quirked an eyebrow when he felt one of MJ's hand snake down his body. Then he moaned as Mary Jane began to stroke his manhood back to life. Mary Jane then rolled on top of Peter once again, her ass pressing against his shaft. "In fact...I want to do it again...if you're up to it...my superhero."

A low growled rumbled in Peter's throat when he saw the pure lust in Mary Jane's half-lidded eyes. The redhead began to giggle when Peter lunged forward and began to kiss her neck. It was time for him to go all out and really let loose.

(Lemon End)

(Two Hours Later)

"Ugh, I'm so damn tired..." Gwen groaned, landing on the roof of Mary Jane's apartment building. Releasing a heavy sigh, Gwen sat down on the edge of the roof, staring out at the still-bustling city. Gwen sat in silence for several moments, seemingly in deep thought. Suddenly groaning in frustration, Gwen threw her hands up into the air and roughly pulled down her hood. Reaching up once again, Gwen pulled off her mask, revealing that her face was flushed bright red. "I can't believe that Black Cat chick suggested something like that...what the hell is she thinking?"

"What do you want with Peter?" Gwen asked in a threatening tone as she stood over Felicia. "I swear to god if you try to hurt him."

"Relax, I would never hurt my little Spider...intentionally..." Felicia said with a small smile, before standing back up and locking eyes with Gwen. "And you should be a little nicer to me. I am the one who got all that juicy info on that Cindy Moon girl after all."

"Wait, you're the one who dropped off that anonymous envelope at Avengers Tower?" Gwen asked in a surprised tone as she began to relax slightly. "Why would you do something like that?"

"Well Spider is always trying to help me whenever he can...and I always end up hurting him..." Felicia replied with a sad smile, a faint blush on her face as she spared another glance at Peter. "I figured...I could help him out for once and do something nice for him...without asking for anything in return..."

"I guess you really aren't a bad person..." Gwen said as she pulled off her mask and approached Felicia. "But for some reason, I get the feeling that spying on Peter isn't the only reason you're here."

"Aw, you caught me..." Felicia said with a smirk, holding up her hands in mock surrender. "You know, you and I are quite similar in one respect. We're both women pining after a man we can't have." Felicia stood in front of Gwen and cupped her chin. "I have a proposition for you, one that could let you and I both be with the Spider, along with that sexy redhead." Gwen's eyes widened when she heard this, Felicia knew she had her attention now. "Will you listen to what I have to say?"

"W-What the hell are you talking about?!" Gwen exclaimed as she shoved Felicia's hand away, her face burning bright red. "I-I don't love, Peter!"

"Oh god, we're really gonna go through this routine?" Felicia said with a frown, sighing and resting her hands on her hips. "Listen blondie, you can kick and scream, and deny it all you want, but I can tell. It's written all of your damn face. The way you were looking at those two in that restaurant, you were imagining yourself in that pretty redhead's place. You were wondering what it would be like to date him, instead of her." Gwen stiffened slightly, knowing she had been caught redhanded. "The sooner you just accept you love him, the sooner we can-."

"Okay! Okay, damn it!" Gwen suddenly yelled which cut Felicia off mid-sentence. She could feel tears stinging her eyes as she tightly balled her fists. "I do love him! I loved him back in my own dimension, but then I screwed up and he died! Seeing him again after so long, I can't stop those old feelings from coming back!"

"Died? Your own dimension?" Felicia parroted in a confused tone, quirking an eyebrow and cocking her head slightly. "You sound like you've got one hell of an interesting story to tell."

"But it doesn't matter." Gwen said in a dejected tone as she down on the edge of the roof, hiding her face in her hands. "He's dating Mary Jane...and they really love each other...I don't have a chance..."

"I wouldn't be so sure of that." Felicia said with a smirk, sitting down next to Gwen and wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "You know, Peter and I used to date."

"R-Really?" Gwen asked as she sniffled a few times, turning her head to lock eyes with Felicia. "What happened?"

"It was a couple of years ago...Peter and that fiery redhead down there got into a really bad fight...and they decided to take a break..." Felicia explained, releasing a wistful sigh as she stared up at the night sky overhead. A small smile spread across Felicia's face as she continued reminiscing. "It was during that time Peter and I got together...he was feeling really down and I was there for him...we got really close during those couple weeks we were together...that's when I knew that I loved him...and I could tell that he had feelings for me as well, even if he was still pining after that girl down there..."

"So...what happened next..." Gwen asked as she felt her heart ache a little, feeling like she knew where the story was going.

"Well...things were going great for a while...but I have some bad...habits...that I just couldn't seem to break...and Peter didn't like that. He tried to help me go straight, give up being a thief, but I always kept slipping back into old habits." Felicia continued, frowning slightly as she gripped the edge of the roof. "Eventually Peter, being the upstanding hero that he is, had to stop me...and our relationship ended after that. Soon after that, he hooked back up with Ms. Mary Jane down there."

"Why are you telling me all this?" Gwen asked, not know where Felicia was going with her story. "I'm sorry about what happened between you and Peter, but what does this have to do with me?"

"I'm getting to that." Felicia said with a chuckle as she turned to face Gwen once again. "I brought up that little story because...despite our falling out...every time I meet up with Peter, I can still feel that spark between us. I can tell that he still has some lingering feelings for me, even if he wants to deny it...and I'm sure he still has some strong feelings for you...Ms. Gwen Stacy."

"How do you-"

"Peter talked about you once and I ended up doing some digging around...so either you're a ghost or the whole alternate dimension thing is the real deal." Felicia explained with a smile, reaching down and gently gripping Gwen's hand. "You were Peter's first love...losing you devastated him...and I'm sure seeing you again stirred up a lot of old feelings. Peter is pretty awkward, especially when it comes to women, but he has a big heart and lots of love to give. He'd never cheat on Mary Jane, but if we can convince her..."

"Felicia...what are you suggesting?" Gwen asked as her face tinted red, feeling like the Black Cat was about to say something scandalous.

"It's such a simple solution..." Felicia said, patting Gwen on the back and gently squeezing her hand, as a devious smirk spread across her face. "We all share Peter!"

"Share him!? How can she even say something like that?!" Gwen exclaimed before she huffed and ran her hands through her hair. "Peter is with Mary Jane right now, he'd never agree to something like that...would he?" Deep down Gwen could see the logic in what Felicia had suggested, a way for all of them to be with Peter. The more emotional part of her wanted it to happen, just so she could have the chance to love Peter and have him love her back. But the more rational side of her knew that a polygamous relationship like that would stressful and had a decent chance of failing. She was torn on the matter and would have to give it some more thought. Groaning in frustration, Gwen stood back up. "Whatever...I'm fucking exhausted and I just want to get some sleep...I'll worry about this tomorrow."

Slipping her mask back on and flipping up her hood, Gwen crawled down the building's wall. Finding the window to Mary Jane's apartment, Gwen quietly opened the window and crawled into the living room. Gwen hissed in pain as she landed on the floor, her muscles aching from a long night of crime-fighting. Rolling her neck, made her way towards the guest bedroom, she'd see Peter and Mary Jane tomorrow. However, she stopped dead in her tracks when she heard a loud moan come from Mary Jane's room. Feeling her face instantly heat up, Gwen slowly approached the bedroom, the moans getting louder the closer she got. With her heart thundering in her chest, Gwen pressed her ear against the door. She immediately recognized the sounds of a bed creaking and flesh slapping against flesh.


Gasping in shock, Gwen quickly backed away from the door, almost tripping over the coffee table. Gwen stopped when her back eventually hit a wall, panting slightly. There was no mistaking it, Mary Jane and Peter were having sex and it sounded like the redhead was very much enjoying it. Gwen felt her heart clench when she pictured being intimate with another woman. Another lewd moan rang out from the bedroom and Gwen felt her blush darkening several shades. Her mind began to wander and she started to picture herself in Mary Jane's place, her naked, sweaty body pressed against Peter's. She imagined the joy and pleasure she could feel if they were together. Gwen suddenly shook her head, trying to rid herself of those indecent thoughts.

"Looks like I'm spending the night at Avenger's Tower, I can't listen to this anymore..." Gwen muttered as she grabbed a pen and paper, quickly scribbling Peter a note to let him know where to find her. After placing the note on the kitchen table, Gwen made her way back towards the window, glancing back at Mary Jane's door one last time. Gwen's brow furrowed before she sprang out of the apartment, firing a line of webbing. "I have some things to think about."

(One Hour Later)

"Damn tiger, your stamina is insane..." Mary Jane in a loving tone, panting slightly as she lazily drew circles on Peter's chest. "For the first time, that was amazing."

"Yeah, it was fantastic MJ..." Peter said in a slightly apprehensive tone as he wrapped an arm around his redheaded lover.

"Is something wrong, Pete?" Mary Jane asked, sitting up and wrapping the sheets around herself. "It looks like something is on your mind."

"MJ...I...I need to tell you something." Peter said as he reached down and gently gripped her hand. "Something happened earlier today...I was on a mission with Gwen...and I didn't want to say anything during our date because I didn't want to ruin our special night after all the planning you did..."

"Jesus Pete, what happened?" Mary asked in a slightly concerned tone, reaching up and resting a hand on her boyfriend's shoulder, slowly rubbing it. "You don't have to be worried, you can tell me anything."

"Before I say anything, I just want you to know that I love you MJ...that will never change..." Peter said before he released a heavy sigh, trying to prepare himself for what he was about to say. "The mission Gwen and I went on...we infiltrated Alchemax Headquarters to save a girl named Cindy Moon...they were doing all kinds of experiments on her...it turns out she has spider-powers like me...well after we freed her from her cell...she...I...we..."

"She kissed you, didn't she?" Mary Jane finished which caused Peter's eyes to widen in shock. "Don't act so surprised, I could tell something was seriously bothering with you and I put things together." Chuckling softly, Mary Jane reached up and stroked Peter's cheek. "She was grateful that you saved her and kissed you, so what? I'm not mad Peter."

"That's...that's not really it MJ..." Peter said, clasping his hands in his lap, a look of shame in his eyes. "When Cindy kissed me...I didn't pull away...in fact, I kissed her back. I wouldn't have stopped if hadn't been for Gwen pulling us apart. We found out that Cindy was bitten by the same spider that bit me...and that she releases some type of pheromones...these pheromones attract us to each other and were really hard to resist." Mary Jane was silent for several moments, which caused Peter to start worrying. "MJ...I'm so sorry...if you hate me now, I totally understand."

"I don't hate you, Pete." Mary Jane said as she flicked him on the forehead. "You're not a liar Pete, so I know you're telling the truth about the pheromones. You couldn't help yourself, I can't blame you for that. But I just have to ask...this Cindy Moon...do you love her?"

"NO!" Peter exclaimed, bolting upright and frantically shaking his head. "Of course I...I don't..." Releasing another sigh, Peter deflated and sunk back down onto the bed. "I don't know anymore...we just met...so I don't have any romantic feelings for her...but I can't deny the spark I felt when I kissed her..."

"I see..." Mary Jane muttered as she twiddled her thumbs, staring down at her lap. "What about Gwen?"

"What about her?" Peter asked in a confused tone, turning his head to look at MJ.

"Do you still have feelings for her?" Mary Jane clarified as she locked eyes with Peter, her gaze telling him that he couldn't avoid this question. "She was your first love, Pete. I'm sure seeing her again has brought up some old feelings."

"I...I'd..." Peter struggled to say, trying to find the right words. He wanted nothing more than to deny it and say that he didn't have those feelings for Gwen anymore, but deep down he knew that wasn't true. Deciding to just own up to it, Peter laid his heart out on the line. "I'd be lying if I said I felt nothing for Gwen...you're right MJ...seeing her again stirred up a lot of old feelings. But I DO love you MJ, more than you could possibly imagine...but a part of me still loves Gwen...I...I just..."

"Shhhh, that's enough for now, Pete." Mary Jane whispered as she hugged his head against her chest. "We'll talk about this more tomorrow, with Gwen as well...we'll work all this out." Cupping his head in her hands, Mary Jane gave Peter a gentle kiss on the lips. "For now, let's get some sleep, tiger."

"Sure thing, MJ." Peter said, releasing a heavy sigh as his head fell back and hit the pillow. "Good night MJ, I love you."

"I love you too, Peter." MJ said before she flicked the lights off.

(The Following Morning: Avenger's Tower)

"Morning Karen." Peter said, stepping into the tower's elevator.

"Good morning, Peter. It's good to see you again."

"How was Cindy last night?" Peter asked as he looked at the letter Gwen had left him. "I'm sure she was little on edge."

"Ms. Moon was fine. Ms. Romanov spent most of the night with her and sure she was comfortable. It seems like both of them are actually waiting for you to arrive."

"What about Gwen?" Peter continued, tucking the letter back into his pocket. "She came by last night, right?"

"Yes, Ms. Stacy came by late last night and slept in your room. She's currently eating breakfast."

"That's good, I'm glad she made it back okay." Peter said as he breathed a sigh of relief. "I was worried she might get in trouble."

"Ms. Stacy was uninjured, but she did appear to be on edge when she arrived at the tower. Her breathing was erratic and her heart rate was quite elevated."

"Huh, something must have gotten her pretty worked up." Peter said, stepping out of the elevator as the doors opened. "Well, I'll talk to you later Karen."

"Of course, Peter. I look forward to it."

Walking through the winding hallways, Peter eventually found himself in the tower's kitchen. He quickly spotted Gwen sitting by herself, eating a bowl of cereal. As Peter approached, Gwen perked up slightly, her Spider-Sense alerting her of his presence.

"Morning Gwen." Peter said as he walked passed her and took a seat at the table, pouring himself a bowl of cereal as well. "Where's Cindy and Natasha?"

"Natasha is helping Cindy with something, didn't say what." Gwen replied, not looking up from her bowl. "They should be around soon."

"Okay..." Peter said as he stared at Gwen, instantly picking up on the awkward tension between them. "Is everything okay, Gwen? You seem a little...off right now."

"Everything is fine, trust me." Gwen said, doing her best to hide her blushing face. The last thing she wanted to talk about right now was how she had almost walked in on them having sex. Wanting to avoid the topic, Gwen quickly changed the subject. "So, how was your date with Mary Jane?"

"It went great actually...much better than expected..." Peter said with a smile as he ate a spoonful of cereal. However, as Peter recalled his date with MJ, he suddenly remembered something that had happened. "Actually Gwen...towards the end our date, MJ and I were walking through Central Park...and someone ran into me...a kid actually...but when it happened my Spider-Sense started freaking out."

"Do you think it was the final person who was sucked into this dimension?" Gwen asked, finally looking up from her cereal, forgetting about her previous worries. "If it is, we need to find them, fast."

"That's what I'm thinking, we can't leave them all on their own." Peter said as he stroked his chin, his brow furrowing slightly. "But New York is a big city, it'll be hard for the two of us to find them."

"How about if you had an extra pair of eyes?" A familiar voice spoke up. Turning to face whoever had spoken, Peter and Gwen were surprised to see Cindy, decked out in a brand new costume. Cindy's new suit had black arms and legs, with red fingers and lightning patterns near her upper thighs and shoulders. The design on her chest was pure white, with red webbing surrounding a small 'S' on the center of her chest. Lastly, instead of sporting a full mask, Cindy opted for a red wrap, which covered everything below her eyes. With a smirk, Cindy did a short twirl. "You like the new suit? Natasha helped me design it."

"It looks fantastic." Peter said as he gave her a thumbs up. "You and Gwen both have a great fashion sense."

"You really did a great job, Cindy." Gwen said, letting out a low whistle, scanning Cindy from head to toe. "What's that 'S' mean though?"

"Oh, that's for my superhero codename!" Cindy explained in an excited tone as she practically skipped over towards the table. "Natasha said I should have one, so I thought about it forever and I think I finally came up with a good one! From now one, when we're out fighting crime, called me Silk!"

"Silk huh? Kinda like a spider's silk. That's pretty creative, Cindy." Peter said, before turning his attention back towards Gwen. "In fact, that reminds me...we should come up with a codename for you Gwen?"

"You're Spider-Man, right? Wouldn't I just be Spider-Woman?" Gwen asked as she shrugged her shoulders. "I'm fine with that."

"There's actually already a Spider-Woman." Peter explained, causing Gwen's eyes to widen in shock. "Her real name's Jessica Drew and she's currently operating in San Francisco."

"Ugh, there's way too many spider-people." Gwen groaned as she rested her head on the table. "Okay then, what should my code name be then? You guys think of something because I'm terrible with that stuff."

"Hmmm..." Cindy hummed, staring at Gwen, then at her costume. She looked between them several time, before suddenly snapping her fingers. "I got it! How about Ghost Spider!?"

"Ghost Spider?" Gwen parroted as she lifted her head back up, mulling the name over in her mind. "You know...that actually sounds badass! I love it!"

"Looks like you guys are having fun." Natasha said with a smirk, finally entering the kitchen. "I hate to interrupt, but you guys should see this." Now having everyone's attention, Natasha grabbed the remote and turned on the TV that was in the kitchen. Quickly flipping through the channels, Natasha stopped on the local news. There appeared to be some type of police chase in progress, but what shocked everyone was the person being pursued appeared to be crawling up the side of a building. From the live footage, the person was wearing a hoodie and looked to possibly be a teenager. "This just happened. Apparently this person was acting suspicious and when the police tried to question them, they just took off running. If the reports are accurate, this is happening pretty close by."

"Peter is that-"

"Yeah, it has to be." Peter said as he stood up from his seat. "That's gotta be the spider-person who ran into me last night."

"Then we have to help them." Gwen said, standing up as well and grabbing her costume. "We can't let them get in any more trouble."

"Hey, if you guys are going, you can count me in." Cindy said as she gazed at the television, watching the possible spider-person leap over a police car. "You guys helped me escape Alchemax, so I want to return the favor."

"Then let's get going." Peter said, grabbing his backpack and pulling out his suit. "Natasha, can you stay here and run comms? Also, where's Miguel?"

"Sure thing, Peter." Natasha said as she began to walk out of the room. "And Miguel is still looking for that Goblin creep. He was here for a few minutes earlier, but didn't stay for long."

"That's fine, the three of us should be able to do this." Peter said, before slipping on his mask and web-shooters. "Okay, Gwen, Cindy, we've got another spider-person to save."

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