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"Radio Communication/AI"

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(Avenger Tower: Helipad)

"Natasha, where's our spider-person's location?" Peter asked, adjusting his web-shooters as he stood on the edge of the tower's helipad. "We're ready to go."

"They're a half-click to the south and moving fast. You guys should get moving fast, the police are gaining on them."

"Alright, let's do this!" Peter exclaimed as he turned to face Gwen and Cindy, both girls standing a few feet behind him. "Karen, can you send a feed to my HUD?"

"Already on it, Peter."

"Great job, Karen..." Peter said, pausing for a moment when he saw a new notification pop up on his HUD, displaying a live feed of their mystery spider-person's location. "Just got it! You girls ready to go?"

"Definitely..." Gwen said with a smirk before she slipped on her mask and stepped toward Peter. "If this person is in a similar situation to Miguel and me, we have to help them!"

"U-Uh...I...I don't know about this guys..." Cindy stuttered, inching closer to the end of the helipad and glancing over the edge. As Cindy stared at the ground below, her vision began to unfocus and her stomach lurched. With a frightened yelp, Cindy leaped back, her heart thundering. "I know I was all gung-ho a minute ago...but...I didn't think we'd be this high..."

"Cindy...are you scared of heights?" Gwen asked in an amused tone as she did her best not to giggle. "You've got to be kidding me?"

"I mean...I'm usually fine with heights..." Cindy said, wincing slightly as she was hit by a strong gust of wind. "But...this is nuts!" Turning her head, Cindy glanced back towards the elevator. "How about I go down to ground level, then catch up with you two?"

"We don't have time for that..." Gwen said in a mildly annoyed tone as he rested her hands on her hips. "We don't have time for that, we need to go now!"

"Okay, okay!" Cindy said, taking a deep breath to calm herself. "Peter, were you scared when you first did anything like this?"

"Fucking petrified." Peter replied as he smiled underneath his mask, remembering his miserable first attempts at web-slinging. "I've faceplanted and chickened out more times than I'd like to admit."

"How did you overcome this fear?" Cindy asked, tightly balling her fists in an attempt to stop her hands from trembling. "My whole body is shaking right now and my stomach feels like it's floating."

"I mean...I didn't really do anything special." Peter said as he rubbed the back of his head. "I heard scream out for help...and my body just kind of moved on its own." Shrugging his shoulders, Peter moved to the edge of the helipad. "I just trusted in myself and..." With a quick salute, Peter leaped off the helipad. "TOOK A LEAP OF FAITH!"

"Uh..." Gwen muttered awkwardly, staring at Cindy for a moment before she whipped around and dove after Peter. "WHAT HE SAID!"

"That helped..." Cindy said as she released a heavy sigh, slowly making her towards the edge of the helipad. Leaning out, Cindy looked below and saw Peter and Gwen speeding towards the ground. Then, about twenty feet above the street, both of them fired out a line of webbing, skimming right over a line of cars stuck in traffic. As Cindy watched Peter and Gwen get farther away, she clenched and unclenched her fists several times. "It's a leap of faith...I'll never get over this fear unless I face it head-on." Taking a deep breath, Cindy turned her back towards the edge, so that she wouldn't be looking straight down. Holding her arms out wide and closing her eyes, Cindy squashed down her fears and fell backward off the helipad. Cindy felt the air whipping her face as she plummeted towards the ground below. Finally opening eyes, Cindy was shocked to see that she was already closing in on street level. "HOLY SHIT!"

Instantly raising one of her hands, Cindy fired a line of webbing from her fingertips. When the webs hit the side of a building, Cindy's entire body jerked as she rapidly lost speed. Cindy screamed in horror as she began to swing forward, skimming the sidewalk and nearly colliding with several people. However, when Cindy pulled out of her first swing and launched back into the air, she was amazed when her fear was quickly replaced by excitement. Buildings blurred past her as fired out another line of webbing, speeding through the streets of New York. Reaching the apex of her next swing, Cindy soared above several smaller buildings. With a massive smile on her face, Cindy let out an echoing cheer as she performed several flips in the air. After several more swings, Cindy had already caught up with Peter and Gwen.

"Hey! Look who decided to join us!" Peter exclaimed in an excited tone, before quickly zipping around a corner as he followed the path Karen had set up for him. "Looks like you managed to take the plunge!"

"Honestly, I didn't think you'd do it!" Gwen yelled as she dove down and grabbed ahold of a lamppost, flipping several times to gain some extra speed, before propelling herself off it. "But I'm glad you did!"

"This is amazing you guys!" Cindy cheered, laughing in pure joy as she sprinted along the side of a building. When Cindy reached the building's corner, she leaped off and fired a line of webbing at a billboard above her. Flinging herself off that, she was now right beside Peter and Gwen. "Now, I see why you guys love doing this!"

"Cut the chatter guys, you're closing in on your target."

"Natasha is right, we're catching up fast!" Petet announced as he began to hear the sounds of police sirens. Zipping around a corner, Peter saw a line of several squad cars chasing after their mystery spider-person. Glancing overhead, Peter spotted a police helicopter hovering above, the gears in his head turning. "Gwen! Cindy! I'll be back in a sec! I've got an idea!" Thwiping out another line of webbing, Peter latched onto the bottom of the helicopter and began to climb up. Sticking to the side of the police chopper, Peter knocked on the windshield, which startled both pilots. When Peter gestured towards the helicopter's door, the pilot nodded his head. Quickly sliding the side door open, Peter crawled inside the helicopter. "Hey guys! Having a good day?!'

"Spider-Man? What the hell are you doing up here?"

"Yeah! We're kinda busy, don't have time for small talk."

"Oh, well I heard all the commotion and decided to check out what all the fuss was." Peter joked, leaning back in his seat and kicking up his feet. "So what's the situation guys? Maybe I can help."

"We received a call about some kid stealing food from a convenience store. When officers arrived on the scene, he punched one of them and webbed up the other."

"He's been on the run ever since. It's nuts, we keep losing him for a minute or two, it's almost like he just vanishes into thin air. Then, he just pops up again out of nowhere."

"That sounds awesome!" Peter cheered, before clapping his hands together and shooting forward, leaning in-between both pilots. "Hey, could I ask you guys a favor?"

"Uh...sure...what's up Spider-Man?"

"You guys can talk to all the squad cars below us, right?" Peter asked as he rested a hand on both pilots' shoulders. The pilots briefly looked at each other before nodding their heads. "Well, I was hoping you guys could call off this little chase of yours and let me handle our convenience store robber."

"I don't know-"

"Look guys, I have a situation that I'm dealing with right now and this kid might be apart of it. I can't go into specifics, and you probably wouldn't even believe me if I told you, but I need to talk with this kid. He's actually in a really messed up situation and must be cared out of his mind." Peter explained, springing forward and sitting in-between both pilots. "I know I'm asking a lot, but come on, the kid only stole some food from a convenience store and punched someone. This whole chase you guys are on seems a bit excessive to me. Please, I just need to talk to the kid. I promise I'll make sure he stays out of trouble."

"I can't make any promises...but I'll get in touch with the chief and see what can be done."

"You've done so much for us and this city, Spider-Man. It's the least we can do."

"Thanks guys! You all really are New York's finest!" Peter exclaimed, patting both pilots on the shoulder before he leaped back and threw the helicopter's door open. With a quick salute, Peter leaped out of the chopper. Firing out a line of webbing, Peter rejoined Cindy and Gwen. "Alright, things should hopefully clear up soon!"

"What the hell was that all about?!" Gwen called out as she watched several of the squad cars suddenly turn down side streets, seemingly giving up on their chase. "Why are the cops leaving?!"

"I may have pulled a few strings and abused the good faith I've built up with the city's police department." Peter explained, sticking to the side of a building and giving a thumbs-up as he watched the police helicopter veer off and fly away. "Now that we don't have to worry about the cops, let's finally catch this spider-person."

"Well, we should hurry!" Cindy yelled as stuck to the building next to Peter, pointing down the street. Turning his head, Peter saw that their dimension-hopping spider-kid was correctly scaling up the side of a building. "He's getting away!"

"No, he isn't!" Peter exclaimed, quickly forming a web slingshot and flinging himself towards the fleeing spider-person. In only a few seconds, Peter caught up with their target just as they reached the top of the building. Tackling them midair, Peter's momentum kept them both flying. With a dull thud, Peter's back slammed onto an adjacent rooftop, eventually coming to a skidding stop. Breathing a sigh of relief, Peter rested his head on the roof. "Damn, you were hard to catch!"

"Get off me man!" The mystery spider-person screamed as they began thrashing around in Peter's arms, trying to break free from his grasp. "Let go of me!"

"Whoa! Calm down!" Peter yelled, flipping them both over so that he was now on top of his target, pinning their arms down. Now that Peter got a good look at the mystery spider-person, his eyes slowly widened in surprise. Looking back at him was a young African-American boy, who couldn't have been older than fourteen. Suddenly, Peter and the young boy winced as their spider-sense temporarily went haywire. "Holy crap...this is the guy we were looking for...but he really is just a kid."

"You...you're Spider-Man aren't you..." The young boy said as he stared at Peter in wide-eyed shock, slowly shaking his head. "T-This can't be real...you're dead! I saw you die!"

"Oh great, is there a dimension I'm not dead in?" Peter groaned in an annoyed tone, getting back onto his feet and helping the young boy up. As Peter dusted himself off, he noticed the boy's unkempt and disheveled appearance. He could tell the boy had been having a rough time ever since he came to this dimension. Peter felt a twinge of guilt, maybe if he had found this kid sooner, he would have had an easier time. Pulling off his mask, Peter crouched down a bit so that he was eye-level with the boy. "Okay kid, I know you've probably been through a lot the last few days, but I'm here to help you. Why don't we start with your name? I'm Peter Parker."

"Yeah...I know who you are...I saw you die, remember? You were actually trying to show me the ropes of this whole superhero thing." The boy said as he released a heavy sigh and sat down on an air conditioning duct. "The name's Miles by the way...Miles Morales..." Pulling down his hood, Miles ran his hands through his messy hair. "Man, what the heck is going on?! First, I'm sucked into a weird portal! Then, I end up back in New York, but it's not the New York I know! Now, I'm seeing dead people! I must be going crazy!"

"I know that feeling...a little too well..." Peter said with a chuckle, walking over and sitting down next to Miles. "Believe me when I say this Miles...I understand what you're going through. I've actually run into a few other people who are in a situation similar to yours."

"Really?" Miles asked as he turned his head and locked eyes with Peter. "Does that mean you'll be able to get me back home?"

"We're working on that right now, but I promise we'll get you back home." Peter replied with a smile, gently patting Miles on the back. "I know this a lot to process Miles, but you've been transported to an alternate dimension...my dimension to be exact. I can explain more later, but we should hopefully be able to build a machine to send you and the others back to their original dimensions."

"Peter!" Gwen exclaimed as she suddenly swung in and landed in front of Peter and Miles. "Looks like you managed to catch our little runaway." Pulling off her mask, Gwen offered Miles her hand. "Good to meet you kid, I'm Gwen Stacy. I'm sure Peter filled you in a bit, but I'm in the same situation as you."

"I'm Miles...Morales..." Miles said in a somewhat confused tone as he shook Gwen's hand, giving her a strange look. "It makes me feel a bit better that I'm not the only one going through this."

"Geez Gwen, you're too fast!" Cindy complained, landing next to the blonde spider-woman and slapping her in the arm. "Couldn't you have slowed down just a bit? I'm still getting ahold of this web-slinging thing!" It was then Cindy noticed Miles staring at her, and she immediately dropped any pretense of being upset. Pulling down her face covering, Cindy crouched down and smiled brightly at Miles. "Hello there! I'm Cindy Moon! And you are..."

"Miles Morales..." Miles said as he paused for a brief moment, giving Cindy the same strange look he gave Gwen. "Wait a second...you two are Ghost-Spider and Silk!"

"Huh, we must be heroes in his dimension too." Gwen said with a smile, resting her hands on her hips. "Good to know there are alternate versions of me that are still kick-ass crime fighters!"

"Not just a hero, you're a part of a whole team!" Miles cheered as he began to perk up a bit. "You guys are super famous! I remember right, there was Spider-Man, Ghost-Spider, Silk, Captain-" Miles was cut off when his belly began to growl loudly. With a faint blush, Miles clutched his stomach. "Sorry about...I'm starving."

"We could take him back to the tower." Cindy suggested, gesturing towards the massive building standing tall in the distance. "I'm sure we could whip him something up there."

"That is an option..." Peter muttered as he stared down the street, before standing back up. "But I know a closer place. We can get Miles something to eat and he cane clean himself up." Stepping up onto the edge of the building, Peter pressed a hand to his ear. "Natasha, are you there?"

"I read you loud and clear, Peter. Karen has been keeping me updated."

"Well caught our target, he's safe and secure, but we're going to make a quick stop before we head back to the tower." Peter said, sending the video feed his visor had been recording to Natasha. "If you see Miguel before we do, have him look over this footage. Maybe he'll be able to identify which dimension Miles is from."

"Got it, Peter. I'll see you and the others when you get back."

"Where are we going?" Miles asked as he stepped up onto the ledge next to Peter. "And how will we get there?"

"My girlfriend lives nearby, we can stop at her place." Peter explained, putting on his mask and checking his web fluid levels. "And we'll get there by swinging of course."

"That's fine and all..." Miles muttered as he pulled down his sleeve, revealing a beat-up and outdated-looking web shooter. Peter quirked an eyebrow when he saw a small red light blinking on the bottom of the shooter. "But I'm all out of web fluid...and to be honest...I'm not very good at web-slinging..." Miles' eyes were filled with sadness as he stared down at his feet. "The Peter in my dimension was going to teach me...before you know..."

"I'm sorry Miles..." Peter said, placing a comforting hand on the young boy's shoulder. "I can't replace any memories you had with your Peter, but if you want I can teach you how to swing. Hell, I can teach you all the basics of being Spider-Man."

"I'd really like that." Miles said as a small smile spread across his face before his stomach began to growl once again. "But first, can we please get some food? I am starving."

"I'm with Miles here." Gwen said, stepping onto the ledge and rubbing her stomach. "I'm freaking famished."

"I was busy with Natasha all morning, so I skipped out on breakfast..." Cindy admitted sheepishly as she pulled up her face mask to hide her embarrassed blush. "I could really use something to eat."

"I'm sure MJ will whip us up a feast!" Peter cheered, wrapping an arm around Miles' waist and pulling him close. "Hold on tight Miles, I'll carry you until we get to MJ's apartment!"

"Wait, what are youAHHHHHH!" Miles screamed at the top of his lungs as Peter suddenly leaped off the rooftop. Instantly, Miles wrapped his arms around Peter's neck and legs around his waist. Rushing winds whipped Miles' face as Peter fired out a line of webbing and started his first swing. "YOU COULD HAVE GAVE ME A HEADS UP MAN!"

(Five Minutes Later: Mary Jane's Apartment)

"I wonder what Peter's doing right now...maybe I'll call him in a bit." Mary Jane muttered to herself, taking a sip of her coffee before she sat down on the couch in her living room. After getting comfortable, Mary Jane grabbed the remote and turned on her TV. After flipping through several channels, MJ stopped when something on the local news station caught her eye. She couldn't stop the smile that spread across her face when she saw what appeared to be cellphone footage of Spider-Man sitting in a police helicopter, chatting it up with the pilots. "Oh tiger, you do the weirdest things sometimes."

As Mary Jane went to take another sip of her coffee, she heard a few soft taps at her window. Knowing who it likely was, a warm smile formed on the redhead's face as she made her way over towards the window. However, when Mary Jane went to let her boyfriend in, she was surprised to see four faces greeting her. She noticed Peter and Gwen right away, but two of the faces she did recognize. Quirking an eyebrow, Mary Jane flashed Peter a confused look. Her boyfriend merely shrugged his shoulders in response. Releasing a light sigh, Mary Jane slid her window open, allowing the four wallcrawlers into her apartment.

"Wow, you found two more spider-people...and they're both in my apartment..." Mary Jane said in a mildly annoyed tone as she watched her four guests crawl onto her ceiling, before dropping onto the floor. "You couldn't have called first?"

"Sorry MJ, this was sort of a spontaneous thing." Peter replied, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment. When Peter saw MJ eyeing Cindy and Miles, he could tell she was waiting for him to introduce them. "Ah! I suppose some introductions are needed!" Walking over, Peter smiled and patted Miles on the shoulder. "This is Miles Morales...he's in the same situation as Gwen."

"Ah...I see..." Mary Jane said as she nodded her head, crossing her arms over her chest. "Well, I'm glad you found him before he could get into any serious trouble. Is he the last dimension hopper we have to worry about?"

"Hopefully yes..." Peter said, releasing a light sigh as he gestured towards Cindy, doing his best to keep some distance between them. A nervous tingle shot down Peter's spine when he noticed Mary Jane staring suspiciously at Cindy. "And this Cindy Moon...I kinda...already told you about her..."

"Oh...so this is the girl who made out with my boyfriend..." Mary Jane said in a slightly upset tone as she glared at Cindy, her eyes narrowing slightly. Almost immediately an awkward tension filled the apartment as Cindy avoided Mary Jane's gaze, nervously rubbing her arm. However, before things could get too weird, MJ suddenly laughed and a small smile spread across her face. "Calm down, I'm not really mad or anything...Pete and I already talked about that little...incident you two had."

"Really? You're not mad at me?" Cindy asked in a surprised tone, slowly turning her head to lock eyes with Mary Jane. "Even after I did something terrible..."

"Peter told me about the pheromones, Cindy...I know you couldn't help it." Mary Jane said as she walked over toward Cindy, placing a hand on her shoulder. "But if you were still going after him..." Cindy flinched slightly when Mary Jane suddenly squeezed her shoulder, a frightening smile on the redhead's face. "Then we'd have a problem."

"U-Um MJ..." Peter said, coughing into his fist in an attempt to diffuse the increasingly tense situation. "I know this is sort of last second, but we were hoping you could make us something to eat? Miles is starving and we figured we'd stop here before we went back to Avenger's Tower."

"What am I, your personal chef?" Mary Jane asked as she whipped around to face Peter, crossing her arms underneath her chest. "Why don't you guys-" Suddenly a low rumbling sound filled the room and cut Mary Jane off. "Uh...what was that?"

"Sorry...that was me..." Miles admitted, sheepishly holding up his hand. "Peter wasn't lying...I am starving...I haven't eaten anything substantial in almost two days."

"Oh geez, I can't say no after hearing that..." Mary Jane said as she released a light sigh and checked her watch. "Okay, it's almost 11:30, I'll make us some breakfast." As Mary Jane strolled toward her kitchen, she stopped and placed a quick kiss onto Peter's lips. "I have to go shopping, so I don't have much to choose from..." Opening her fridge, Mary Jane hummed to herself as she scanned through what she had to make. "Alright, I have a shitload of eggs...and some bacon left...I hope you all like scrambled eggs, cause I'm just gonna make a huge batch."

"That sounds great to me..." Gwen said, pulling off her mask and hood as she walked into the kitchen. "Is there anything I can help with?"

"Me too!" Cindy exclaimed as she darted into the kitchen, energetically looking around for something she could do. "I can't just stand around and do nothing! I wouldn't feel right!"

"Alright, Gwen you're on bacon duty..." Mary Jane instructed, before quickly tying her hair up into a ponytail. "Cindy, I'll have you make the toast and start brewing us some more coffee...just press the flashing button, coffee cups are in the cupboard above the coffee maker..." Bending down to reach her lower cabinets, Mary Jane pulled out two large cooking pans. "Peter, I want you to get out the juice and set the table...Miles, you just relax and let us do everything."

"Got it MJ!" Peter said with a smile as he squeezed his way into the crowded kitchen, grabbing five plates and utensils for everyone. After Peter nearly smacked into Gwen, he made his way back to the table. Quickly setting out all the plates and silverware, Peter soon dove back in between the three bustling girls. Peter snaked his way toward one of the cupboards, grabbing several glasses before grabbing a carton of orange juice from the fridge. With a smile, Peter set one of the glasses in front of Miles and filled it high with OJ. "There you go Miles, breakfast should be ready soon."

"Thanks Peter..." Miles said, grabbing his juice and taking several long gulps. Releasing a refreshed sigh, Miles set his glass back down and sniffed the air several times. His stomach growled once again when he smelled the bacon Gwen was cooking. "Man...that smells so good."

"Wait till you taste it." Peter said with a chuckle as he sat down at the table across from Miles. "MJ is a great cook, I know you'll love it."

"Coffee is ready!" Cindy called out, before filling up and passing out four cups full of coffee. However, when Cindy got to Peter, she reached out as far as possible and awkwardly handed him his coffee. Even from this distance, she could feel her pheromones subtly drawing her closer to Peter. It was something that was constantly nagging at the back of her mind whenever she was around him. And when Cindy locked eyes with Peter, she could tell that he was wrestling with the same issue. Reaching out, Peter quickly grabbed his cup and set it onto the table. "P-Peter...do you want any cream or sugar?"

"No, I'm fine..." Peter said with a smile as he paused and took a sip of his coffee. "Thanks, Cindy."

"You're welcome..." Cindy trailed off, before whipping around to hide the faint blush that was spreading across her face. "I-I'm gonna go start the toast!"

"These damn pheromones, it's hard just being in the same room as her..." Peter muttered underneath his breath as he released a light sigh and took another sip of coffee. When Peter set his cup back down, he noticed Miles giving him a strange look, something he had been doing quite a lot. Quirking an eyebrow in confusion, Peter got up and moved to sit down right next to Miles. "Hey, is everything alright Miles? You keep giving me and the girls a weird look."

"Oh! Sorry about that! I'm fine Peter, really..." Miles said, turning in his seat to gaze back at the kitchen. Watching the three girls chat and seemingly get along quite well, Miles' brow furrowed slightly. "It's just a little weird..."

"What's weird?" Peter asked in a confused tone as he took a sip of his coffee.

"I mean you guys are famous in my dimension..." Miles said, turning back around to face Peter. "But people have never seen you just casually hanging out with your wives likes this."

"*PFFFFFFFT*" Peter began to cough and sputter as he spat out a mouthful of coffee, luckily managing to avoid hitting Miles. In the kitchen, everything came to a screeching halt, all three girls overhearing what Miles had just said. After a few moments, Peter managed to somewhat recompose himself, still panting slightly. "M-Miles...what did you just say? I mean MJ and I are dating right now...but she's not my w-wife! Neither are Gwen and Cindy!"

"Huh? Really?" Miles said, not it was his turn to be confused at her looked between Peter and the three women in the kitchen. "Cause you four are all married in my dimension...along with a few other girls."

"O-Other...girls..." Peter stuttered as he audibly gulped, feeling three sets of eyes drilling holes into the back of his head. "This damn kid may have just gotten me killed!"

(Same Times: Alchemax Headquarters)

"What do you mean subject 16 is gone?" Wilson Fisk, aka The Kingpin, asked in a menacing tone, causing the scientist in front of his desk to cower slightly. Drumming his fingers on the table, Kingpin looked beyond frustrated. "She was secured yesterday morning, I even oversaw some of her tests."

"T-That's just i-it sir...we d-don't exactly know w-what happened." The scientist explained as he noticed Kingpin's fingers had stopped drumming. "We didn't discover that subject 16 was gone until we went to run some tests on her this morning."

"HOW THE HELL IS THAT POSSIBLE!?" Kingpin roared, slamming his fist onto the desk, causing part of it to splinter and cave. Yelping in fear, the scientist leaped back a few feet. "This place is crawling with guards and has cameras everywhere! She couldn't have just walked out of here!"

"W-We believe our security system was t-tampered with..." The scientist explained as he hesitantly approached Kingpin, setting a laptop onto his partially destroyed desk. Opening the laptop, the scientist began to playback some security footage from the previous day. Kingpin quirked an eyebrow when he spotted the red-haired scientist he had almost bumped into that day. "This woman was likely the culprit..."

"Wait a minute..." Kingpin muttered, picking up the laptop and closely analyzing the footage. After looping through the security feed several times, Kingpin's widened when he suddenly realized who the scientist likely was. "I knew that I recognized that woman! That must have been Natasha Romanov! But why would Black Widow bust out one of my test subjects? That's way above the Avengers' paygrade."

"There was one other thing sir..." The scientist said as he tapped the laptop's screen, causing a series of pictures to appear on the screen. "We found guards unconscious and webbed up."

"Spider-Man..." Kingpin growled, tightly gripping the laptop, before hurling it towards the wall. With a loud crash, the laptop exploded into pieces. "He's interfered with my business once again!" Taking several heavy breaths, Kingpin sat back down into his chair, straining the seat. "Well, upsetting as this may be, it was just a side project...I have other larger plans I'm working on. Once they're complete, I'll-" Kingpin was cut off by several knocks at the door to his office. "I'm busy! Come back later!" Another series of knocks filled the room. "Are you deaf!? Leave! NOW!"

Just then, the door to the office exploded open in a small fireball, a security guard flying into the room. Grunting in pain, the guard slammed into the wall behind Kingpin, before collapsing to the ground. Smoke and debris began to fill the office just as a figure appeared in the doorway. Coughing and hacking, the scientist stumbled back and himself on Kingpin's desk. Slowly figure in the doorway began to approach Kingpin, still hidden within the debris. Soon the mysterious figure stepped out of the smoke, revealing what appeared to be a green-skinned humanoid monster, wearing a purple cape and horned mask.

"Green Goblin..." Kingpin asked in a confused tone as he closely examined the intruder. Whoever this person was, they looked like the Green Goblin, but something seemed off about them. "No...you're not the Green Goblin...you're something different. Who the hell are you? And what are you doing in my office?"

"They call you the Kingpin...they say you run things in this city..." The goblin-like intruder said in a surprisingly feminine voice, stopping her advance directly in front of Kingpin's desk. "You can call me Goblin...and I have a proposition for you..." Pulling out a small circular disk, Goblin placed it onto the desk. Kingpin's eyes widened slightly when the blueprints for a massive machine projected out of the device. "You help me build this machine and you'll be able to get anything you could ever want..." Leaning forward, a sadistic smile spread across Goblin's face. "And you'll be able to squash any spiders that get in our way."

"That's quite an entrance you made...you could have just scheduled an appointment..." Kingpin said as he leaned back in his chair, locking eyes with Goblin. "Well now that you're here...I'm listening."

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