Note: Thanks for the reviews again. By the way, change of tense. The ghost of Ark will now be referred to as Arc.

                Ark tiptoed out of his house, taking the back door, but not before glimpsing the figure sitting on the front porch. He gulped as he realized that the figure looked exactly like him. The Ark in his dream wasn't lying. With a small sigh, he headed toward the temple.

                Meanwhile, Arc waited. Beside him were the "sacred spears" that he had employed in his earlier years. He hefted one of them and blinked. He was able to lift it. In the temple hidden were also the armors. Arc quickly found the two strongest ones and dressed himself up in the weaker of the two. "Man, I'm physical!" Arc punched one of the temple pillars. "Ow!" He grimaced. "Hey, this is way cool. I'm… real!" He smiled and jumped up in glee. "Whoa… better get back to the entrance before the other me gets here. Heh… wait, I can still float too… Whoo!"


                "You're the one in my dream!" Ark exclaimed.

                "Well, duh. Who else told you to come here?" Arc rolled his eyes. "The good thing is that you can see me now. The bad thing is that Dark Gaia's still on the loose." 

                "Dark Gaia? I think I've actually heard about it from the priests, and you reinforced my thoughts when you referred to him as the evil entity. I believe in God, Light Gaia."

                "Good job. So do I. Well, I don't know because I kinda know he exists… so, look." Arc raised the spear in his hands. "This is a spear." Arc handed the spear to Ark.

                Ark nodded. "I know. I'm not too good at using it."

                Arc rolled his eyes. "Wonderful. I'll teach you. But before that, this is armor. What I'm wearing on top of my clothes anyway. Here's a suit of armor for you. It's cooler than mine because it's stronger. Try it on. It should fit. We're the same size."

                Ark sighed and donned the suit of armor. "It's not too heavy at all! I can move easily."

                Arc chuckled. "Yeah, that's a good thing. So, let's warm up." Arc smiled to himself and watched.  You know…maybe this won't be too bad. I can help now. Bet Dark Gaia didn't reckon this one coming. Hm… heh. Good. Now, we just have to find the scientist freak this time and stop him from implementing those metal creatures…