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Summary- Sayijins took over Earth and brought it's people to Vegeta-sei. 18, Chichi and Bulma were all separated, but 11 years later, they were sold to the castle, but destiny wants something more. G(K)/C, B/V, K/18

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When destiny plays games


In the years after, the human race still didn't know how they were taken.

One morning, they just showed up. No warning that they were coming, they just came and had taken over the Earth in a matter of hours.

Even with their advanced technology, the Sayijins still managed to take Earth.

They rounded up every human. Young, old, weak and the strong and took them to the Sayijin's home planet, Vegeta-sei.

Among the billions of people, were three little girls, Chichi, Bulma and 18. They were only children when their families were taken, killed or separated, but they all remembered it so clearly.

Chichi was only five. That morning, Chichi had waked up to the sound of loud crashes outside her window. Wondering what was going on, the young child had climbed out of her bed and looked outside her window.

Outside, her father the Ox-king was trying desperately to defend himself from the strange men in armor that had come, but he was failing miserably.

Then, Chichi's door had swung open and two large men burst in and took the crying child from the only home she had ever known.

Not far from Chichi's house, her six-year-old friend 18 was trying to protect her brother from the people who were trying to take him away. 18's parents had already been killed, slaughtered for trying to defend their young children, and the only family 18 had left was her brother, 17, who had been knocked unconscious while trying to get away.

The young blonde child tried to fight the warriors off, but it was all in vain. They laughed when she tried to stop them from taking her brother away from her.

They took them both, the twins were separated and 18 was forced to leave the brother she had promised to protect.

She had been no match for the Sayijin warriors.

Bulma on the other hand, was trying to outrun the warriors who had taken over capsule corps. Her parents had already been loaded on to a large ship, but Bulma being the crafty little five year old she was, had slipped past the Sayijin who was loading them on to the ship, and ran.

She was trying to get to one of her friends' houses, but they were just so far to run for her five year old legs.

Before she had even made it out of the city, Bulma had been captured. Again. No matter how she kicked, screamed and cried, the Sayijin wouldn't let her go. Finally, after he had gotten tired of her screaming, the Sayijin had turned around and slapped Bulma across the face.

It had hurt so much that Bulma had almost frozen in place. The pain shot up the side of her face. She was unable to cry any more because she was so shocked from the unbelievable pain.

By some strange twist of ironic luck, the three friends had ended up on the same slave ship. They all sat huddled at the back of the ship, holding on to each other for comfort. They didn't know if they would ever see their family again, and they were so scared.

After the long and dirty ride to Vegeta-sei, the three friends' luck ran out. In the dead of night, they were pulled to their feet and pushed out of the ship.

The first to be pulled away was 18. She kicked and screamed, but they pulled her away towards a group of other humans, and Bulma and Chichi lost sight of their older friend.

Seconds after 18 was gone, someone grabbed Bulma away by the hair and threw her inside a small building. Bulma screamed for them to leave her alone, but they only laughed as she started to cry for her friend Chichi.

Chichi stood alone on the crowed street, shaking with fear. She stood there for almost two hours; scared to move uncase someone would take her. Near dawn, a large man grabbed on to her small arm and pulled her to a wagon. In the wagon, were a few other humans, all looking as scared as Chichi did.

Eleven years went by, and the three girls never saw each other or their families again. They grew up as slaves, barely remembering what Earth had been like or how it had felt to be free.

But little did they know, all three girls had a much bigger destiny than slavery. Soon, three human girls who had been taken that fateful morning would change the course of destiny.

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