Chapter 20: They all lived Happily Ever After

In the years after, life had become perfect. A total Fairy tale life had become theirs. Chichi and 18 were made Ladies of the royal court while Kakkrot and Krillin were both promoted to share the rank of captain of the guard.

Very soon after all of the slaves were freed, Chichi and Kakkrot, who were officially married/mated by this time, were blessed with their first son, Gohan.

Vegeta took Bulma as his mate and queen, and despite the fact they argued constantly, were happy. They ruled wisely and fairly for many years, and were remembered throughout history as the kindest rulers Vegeta-sei had ever seen. After many years of their rule had passed, they had their first son, Prince Trunks.

A year after the young prince Trunks was born, Chichi and Kakkrot bore their second and final son, Goten.

Just a few months after Goten, 18 and Krillin had their beautiful little daughter, Marron. The last of the group to have children was a princess named Bra to Vegeta and Bulma when prince Trunks was three.

Even as the years passed, Kakkrot, Krillin and Vegeta remained the strongest of all the Sayijins, and until the days in which their children reached it, the only Super Sayijins alive.

Deep within them, Queen Bulma, Lady Chichi and Lady 18 still held the powers of the three Sayijin goddesses. It lay sleeping within them; dormant until the time it would again be needed.

The End ..........................................................................................................

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