Hello everyone, It's time for some good news. Well, good news for me, maybe not for some of the readers.

I already updated this on AO3 a while back and now I'm finally getting to , I am doing a rewrite!

Yeah, a rewrite, sucks balls usually. I know, I've dealt with some before, but the main reasons that I am rewriting it are because:
1. The quality of writing is overall sub-par.

2. The relationship between Izuku and Momo is unnaturally fast, and I fucking hate it.

3. The entire story needs fleshing out in order to be something that I can be proud of.

Don't worry if you love this version, I am not going to be making major changes to the plot, every plot point you see will still be in the rewrite but there will be more in between to flesh out the characters and story. It's basically a revamp for the chapters that already exist while adding a few new chapters in between to make everything cohesive.

And guess what, you don't have to wait!

Chapter 1 is already out, I urge you to read the old version and then the new version just to see the sheer quality upgrade that my writing has gone through (Thanks to AzureFireHawk and his lovely wife for helping me in that regard) so check that out on my profile or however you do it (I don't understand this website's problem with links).

Thank you so much if you enjoyed this trainwreck of a fic but I hope I can impress you with future updates! (Chapter 2 coming in a few days, its a rewrite of the og chapter 2 but the new chapter 3 will be completely new! Get ready to be smothered in fluff)