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The Dimensional Witch

A Harry Potter and XxxHOLIC crossover

Chapter 1


"Watanuki, I need more sake!" A woman's voice called out through a strange shop in a Tokyo alley.

A young man's voice called back from the kitchen, "Yuuko, I'm very glad that you came back from the dead and all, but I worry that with all the sake that you drink that you're going to end up dead again. Please try to moderate how much you drink!"

"More sake," came a rasping, loud voice.

"Ahrgg! Mokona, let me finish with the food first! It'll be done in less than two minutes and I spent a long time learning this to surprise Yuuko!"

"Alright Watanuki, if it's that close to being done then just bring the sake with the rest," the woman's voice called. Not two minutes later, footsteps were heard on the wood floor of the house/shop and a wood and paper door slid open to a room that was floored with tatami mats and a low table in the center.

The person who entered was a tall young man, dressed in a black school uniform with an apron over it, with black hair, black glasses and one gold eye and one blue eye. This was Kimihiro Watanuki.

He was carrying a tray filled with food. Stew, sushi, vegetables and a very fancy dish of fish as well as a very large bottle of sake with a pill bottle of aspirin next to it.

Sitting in seiza at the low table was a tall, slender, pale skinned young woman appearing to be in her twenties with long black hair that when she stood up went down to the back of her knees with the front in a hime-style cut. Her irises were wine-red and she was dressed in a deep blue kimono with white clouds on the bottom and yellow trim as well as a light blue obi around her middle and golden accessories in her hair and around her neck.

As was traditional in Japan, she only had a pair of white socks on her feet. A black rabbit thing sat on the table next to her.

Watanuki spoke, "Here, all done. Try and remember to take that aspirin after dinner and drink plenty of water too. You don't need to get a hangover this soon after coming back, Yuuko."

The now identified Yuuko Ichihara simply glanced at the young man as he set the food down to get his own dinner, having learned that if he didn't make something simple, Yuuko and Mokona would eat it all.

Yuuko took a bite of fish and blushed with pleasure.

"Watanuki, this is excellent! Now I think that you've been holding out on me."

Watanuki reappeared with a pot of stew, knowing full well that both Yuuko and Mokona would eat everything if they could so he made sure to make their main course extra-large so that they wouldn't. He gestured towards the fish that Yuuko was eating, "That took several months to learn, Yuuko. Of course, it probably would have taken less time to learn if a certain furball hadn't kept trying to eat everything as I was working."

He quickly got himself a bowl of stew and lifted it away, seeing Mokona finishing up and edging closer to the pot.

Mokona sniffed deeply, then stopped and groaned, falling on his back saying, "I think I ate too much. You win the bet Watanuki."

The young man grinned as the Dimensional Witch looked at him curiously.

"Watanuki," she said ominously, causing him to shudder in fear, "What bet did you make?"

The heterochromic eyed boy answered her nervously as he filled up his bowl for seconds, "Actually, Yuuko, Mokona made the initial bet. Maru and Moro can back me up on this when they wake up from their nap. They were present when it was made."

Yuuko's eyebrow twitched and her red eyes bored into Watanuki.

He quickly continued, "Several months back I had made a remark to Mokona one day as he was stuffing himself as usual telling him that he was going to give himself a stomachache one day with how much he was eating. He of course denied that was possible so I pointed out how much he ate and told him that it was inevitable."

Yuuko's mouth twitched in amusement as he went on, "Mokona then bet that if he ever ate too much to the point of illness, he would from then on eat smaller portions, drink less, and never annoy me again. If He won then I would have to cook whatever he wanted in the amounts that he wanted for the next year. Domeki wrote the bet up and we signed it with Maru and Moro as witnesses. He now has to abide by the terms of our bet and he knows it."

"So, you won the bet Watanuki," a deep masculine voice was heard from the doorway.

Domeki stepped in, "Yuuko, good to see you're back," he nodded in greeting to the Witch.

"Domeki," she said in greeting as he turned to look at Mokona.

Maru and Moro came rushing in as they had heard Domeki mention the bet.

He quirked an eyebrow at the groaning creature, "Girls, you might want to take him the bathroom. He looks like he's going to be sick."

Maru and Moro rushed Mokona away as Yuuko burst out in laughter, "My goodness. All these years and I've never seen Mokona like that!"

Sounds of heaving could be heard and Domeki took from Watanuki the offered bowl and spoon and got some of the oden.

Watanuki was grinning as Yuuko continued to laugh, happy that he had finally gotten one over the little rodent.

Domeki turned to his now friend and asked, "Is this normal for her," he said, referring to the laughing Yuuko.

Watanuki inclined his head, "Well, it can depend, but the last time she laughed like this was when I first met her and she said I looked like a drunken crab after she mentioned something about souls."

Both boys grinned knowing full well that Watanuki probably had deserved that comment from Yuuko. They cleared away the dishes as Yuuko poured herself some more sake.

Domeki was heard from the kitchen saying, "Hey, Watanuki, something's happened to this sake."

"Huh, what's up?"

"Smell it."

"There's no smell of alcohol, wait let me pour some. Hey, it's just water now."

"That's strange."

"Better tell Yuuko then."

Watanuki reentered the room. He spoke, "Yuuko, something happened with the bottle of sake in the kitchen, it-, Yuuko?"

Yuuko had set her sake down and gained her demeanor that there was a customer.

"Maru, Moro we have a customer. Please bring them in."

The twins rushed off and Yuuko took a sip of her sake and then spat it out, and looked at the bottle and then at Watanuki.

"I was going to tell you, the sake in the kitchen just turned to water, Yuuko. I'm at a loss."

"Watanuki," Domeki said entering the room, "All of the alcohol in the kitchen has turned to water."

Yuuko straightened up as her customer neared, her long hair flowing about her. Maru and Moro reappeared, "Mistress, the customers are here," they chorused.

Then, in the doorway, two young boys appeared. The one in front seemed to be around fifteen, with silver eyes and black hair and was rather tall and fit for his age and possessed a presence of hidden wisdom of ages past. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt with a strange amulet around his neck and surveyed the room with a calmness that was unique among any of Yuuko's customers.

The boy behind him was the odd one. Thirteen years old, skinny, small, with messy black hair and bright green eyes hidden behind black glasses, wearing baggy clothes with a strange black robe over it, this was only the beginning of the oddness. Next to him was a trunk (which wasn't too odd) and a birdcage with a Snowy Owl inside fast asleep. The owl was the odd thing.

The first boy's gaze landed on Yuuko and their eyes met. The Witch's red eyes widened and she stood up slowly as the boy rushed at her with a cry of "Yuuko!"

He embraced her tightly, his sobs muffled in her kimono as surprisingly to Watanuki, who never saw Yuuko display such motherly tenderness to anyone, she whispered softly, "Doreiku," and hugged the boy closely, her eyes closed.

After a few minutes, they separated and Yuuko held the boy by the shoulders looking him dead in the eye.

"They said you were dead," Doreiku whispered, his eyes still full of tears.

"I was, for a time," Yuuko replied, "But no longer. Now," she took a handkerchief and wiped his eyes, "Dry those tears."

The Witch glanced over at the other young boy in the room, "And who is your friend?" she asked.

"Harry Potter, ma'am," the boy replied quietly.

Watanuki winced, knowing that this was likely to set Yuuko off on her never tell someone your name spiel.

Doreiku luckily interjected before Yuuko could say anything, "He's British, Yuuko, as well as a young wizard who hasn't had the best lot in life so don't pull the never tell your name thing. He won't understand."

This stopped the Witch as she looked longer at the green-eyed boy. There was fear in his posture. Yuuko beckoned Harry in saying, "Watanuki, can you… Ah, good you brought his things in."

She turned to the boys as she sat down. "Please, sit," she gestured to the mats. They sat. "Now explain." The two teens shared a look, and the younger one sighed. "Alright," he said after a while.

He began, "I was born fourteen years ago on July 31st, 1980 to a British wizard and witch, James Potter and his wife Lily. Both are now deceased However, that is not where my story begins. Four years ago, I found out that I was a wizard. On September 1st, 1991, I started my first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Scotland…."

Over the next several hours Harry told his tale, while the other gathered members sat and listened.

After two hours, Domeki left because he had to get home.

Harry didn't notice and just continued on into his second and third years. Yuuko's eyes widened when he spoke of the Basilisk and how he got bitten, and stiffened greatly, her brick red eyes narrowing at the mention of the Dementors.

After five hours, Harry stopped, his throat raw. Watanuki handed him a glass of water, which he quickly downed.

"Thanks," Harry muttered, and then tried to hold back a yawn.

"Bed," The Dimensional Witch said, "Watanuki?"

"I'll take him. Where do you want him, Yuuko?"

Doreiku spoke quietly, "Put him in my room for now. It's right next to Yuuko's." Though his voice was level, there was an unmistakable undercurrent of anger in it.

Harry stood up and let his owl out of her cage. The bird flew up to his shoulder and he followed Watanuki out of the room.

Yuuko stood and walked outside to the veranda where she sat and gazed at the setting sun. Doreiku followed her, though he wasn't so relaxed. His anger weighed heavily on the air and after a time he cursed rapidly.

"Doreiku," the witch said sharply, and he stopped. "Why did you bring him here?" Yuuko asked in her usual tone.

The teen sighed, "I am his only magical relative left alive, Yuuko. Distantly related but close enough for it to count. However, I am not of age yet, so you being my guardian…," he smirked as Yuuko laughed softly, "I had no choice. As you would say it was inevitable."

She turned to the teen that she raised as if he was her own son, "There is something else isn't there, hmm?"

"Yes, Yuuko. He is in dire need of a guide and a proper teacher as well as a parental figure. His relatives were bad, to say the least."

Yuuko gazed upon the teen and he met her eyes as she reminded him, "Good and bad are human concepts."

The silver eyes narrowed, "Yuuko, they are human."

He paused and took a deep breath, "They abused him."

Yuuko gasped as Watanuki came outside to join them. The young man was surprised as he hadn't really seen Yuuko lose her cool all that often.

The Witch then hissed out, "He will never go back there again! This I swear!" A powerful aura of magic grew around her as her eyes gained more than a hint of the great power that she could wield.

The two males shared a looked and grinned. Yuuko was a sucker for children, especially those who needed help.

"So," Doreiku said, "He'll be staying then?" "Of course," Yuuko replied sharply.

Doreiku grinned at her, "So, tell me what has happened in the eighteen months I've been away with my tutors."

Watanuki groaned, he knew where this was going.

Yuuko laughed and the three began to talk as the night went on. Watanuki's trials with the supernatural as well as dealing with Yuuko's usual mysteriousness as well as alcoholism.

When the Monkey's Paw was mentioned, Doreiku whistled lowly. "That needs to be destroyed as soon as possible," he remarked, "Even sealed it's mere existence is dangerous."

"No arguments from me," Watanuki replied.

Yuuko hmmed. "Even so," she softly said, in her almost musical voice, her eyes partially lidded, "The price of destroying it magically is too much for any of us to pay."

Watanuki groaned. That thing was no good and he avoided it when cleaning if he could.

Doreiku scoffed. "It's not that hard," he said scornfully, "Just throw it into an iron furnace. That'll take care of the problem. Iron usually does. Counteracts just about every curse except the European Unforgivables."

The other two looked at him in surprise. The solution made perfect sense and was surprisingly elegant in its simplicity. The silver eyed teen withdrew something from his pocket, pressed a button, and tossed it out into the yard.

When it landed there was a flash, and then a wave of intensive heat. In front of them was a large furnace and inside it, just visible was a mass of molten iron almost white hot.

"Is that…?" Watanuki asked.

"Yes," Doreiku replied, "An iron furnace. Don't ask how that little device works as I have no idea. It was given to me by a tutor who told me of different ways of destroying cursed artifacts."

"Here," Yuuko said. The two turned around. The Witch was standing there holding the tube that contained the Monkey's Paw. She must have slipped out while the two were talking.

Doreiku gingerly picked up the object in question as Watanuki went into a rant when Yuuko mentioned that she wanted snacks.

The young teen walked over the furnace, not bothered in the slightest by the intense heat and effortlessly flicked the Monkey's Paw into the iron. He backed away quickly. Just then a bright blue-white flame burst out from where the Monkey's Paw had been thrown in as the smell of brimstone and sulfur filled the air. Then it vanished.

The air seemed clearer and the ominous presence of the Monkey's Paw was no more.

"It is done," Doreiku intoned. It felt like he was finishing a ritual. He tapped a part of the furnace and a shield sprung up as it folded itself away into the small object that he had thrown into the yard.

When it was done, he picked it up and moved back onto the veranda. The other two had gone inside, Watanuki to cook and Yuuko to check up on Harry.

Doreiku sat there on the veranda staring up at the night sky. Just then a flash of light streaked across the night sky and then another not long after. He then smiled. "Understood. I'll tell her when it is time."

Then the first star came out. Doreiku saw this and began reciting softly, "Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight," as Yuuko returned to the veranda, she stood there, listening quietly as Doreiku went through the most innocent and pure forms of wishing that every child around the world knows.

The witch smiled softly to herself and as Watanuki approached, held up a long, slender finger to her lips.

He looked outside as Doreiku started singing softly some childhood lullaby that he must have heard long ago. It was strange, in a language that Watanuki didn't understand, a haunting melody with lilting tunes that gently rose and fell.

When he finished, Yuuko stepped softly out onto the veranda. The boy didn't even move. He just sat there, staring up at the night sky. The Dimensional Witch sat on the porch with her feet together on one side, her kimono spread about her.

The moon rose into the night and no one present made a sound. An owl hooted nearby as the night grew even darker. Then a flash of light, a shooting star streaked across the sky.

Doreiku heaved a sigh and leaned back. Yuuko reached forward and gently took him by the shoulders and rested his head in her lap as Watanuki sat down.

The witch looked up and smiled mysteriously. "Look at that! We certainly have a beautiful moon tonight! And tomorrow is going to be a full, isn't it?" She asked out loud to no one in particular.

Mokona hopped over, "Moon-viewing party!" the little black rabbit/puffball thing shouted.

Yuuko grinned evilly, about to ask Watanuki to do more work when he cut her off. "Yes," he drawled, "And we must invite all of our friends over, don't we Yuuko?"

She froze as he continued, "And you get to explain how you managed to come back. I dare say that a few of them will be quite upset after all the grief that happened after you vanished."

The witch growled, "Watanuki, it isn't funny."

"I think it is extremely funny, Yuuko. It will be good to see that," Watanuki replied. Doreiku rolled his eyes, stood up and left. Tomorrow was going to be a busy day, no matter what.

In the nearby alleyway, a large creature took flight. "Time to tell the gods that Asgorath's reincarnation has been found."

The next day found Watanuki running around Tokyo delivering invites to the moon-viewing party. Due to the size of this gathering, they were having it in one of the larger parks near the Wish Granting Shop. Mentally, he ticked off the names thus far.

"That's Kohane, the Karasu Tengu who will give the invites to Zashiki-Warashi and Ame-Warashi, now all that's left is Domeki and Himawari," he thought to himself. "If I'm lucky, Himawari will be at Domeki's shrine to catch up on the latest news and discuss schoolwork. That way I can deliver both of these at the same time and get started on snacks early."

He snorted to himself as he turned a corner, "Yeah, knowing my luck I'll have to run all over town again. Will you get off?!" This last was said to a rather persistent spirit that was clinging to him. The spirit in question blinked at him and just held on, causing the boy to growl, "Damn thing."

As Watanuki rounded the next turn, Domeki's shrine came into view. He could hear a girl's voice speaking happily, and the monotoned replies of Domeki.

The persistent spirit let go and floated off as he neared the shrine. With Domeki home, the shrine itself had an aura that repelled spirits. He entered the shrine, but didn't see anyone.

The seer called out, "Helloooo! Is anyone home?" Footsteps were heard coming from inside. The front door slid open and Domeki and Himawari stood there. Himawari beamed, "Watanuki, you've left the shop! I hear that Yuuko is back."

The raven nodded in affirmation and he walked up to them, pulling the invitations from his pocket. The two took them and quickly read.

"Need any help getting ready?" Himawari asked cheerfully. The brown-eyed girl was always ready to help if she could, even though her unnatural bad luck seemed to touch everything.

"Please," Watanuki begged. "I have to cook when I get back but I need Mokona, Maru and Moro distracted. We have company over so Yuuko won't be as much of a problem."

Domeki pulled on his shoes and handed Himawari hers. One she was ready, they quickly left the shrine and took off towards the shop. Watanuki could see spirits gathering but they were repelled by Domeki's aura. A Camaro drove by as they neared the shop, turning down a nearby drive and for some reason, the spirits scattered.

They entered the shop, a bit winded as they were greeted by Maru and Moro.

"The mistress is waiting for you," they said in unison, opening the front doors. The twins waited as the trio pulled off their shoes and then led them inside. Yuuko was laying upon her Throne of Laziness as Watanuki mentally called her couch, smoking her pipe, dressed in one of her revealing kimonos. The Witch opened her eyes.

"Watanuki, good you've finished. Domeki, Himawari, welcome. I take it the two of you are joining us tonight?" Watanuki vanished off to the kitchen as the other two greeted Yuuko and remarked that they were joining tonight.

The seer got started in the kitchen as he heard Domeki and Himawari pull Maru and Moro along with Mokona outside as Yuuko followed them. He heard a squeal and then rapid Japanese. He smiled to himself. Harry must be outside with his pet.

"Well, at least I have some peace to get this all done," he murmured to himself. Over the next several hours, many, many dishes were made and put into containers, bentos, and trays and the items that could be served at room temperature or warm were finished. Anything hot would be cooked there.

"And I'll probably have to do all of the cooking, again," he sighed to himself. He looked out the window, it was late in the day and the sun was setting. He finished cleaning and got changed. The others had come back in and were waiting.

"Good, we're all here," Yuuko smiled, 'Let's go." Watanuki grabbed some of the bags and Domeki and Harry carried the rest. The heterochromatic seer, as they left the fence of the shop behind asked, "Where's Doreiku?"

Yuuko replied, "He'll be meeting us there. Don't worry, he can generally handle navigation easily." The Dimensional Witch led them to the park they were meeting at.

They entered and walked around, looking for the meeting place. Suddenly a shout caught their attention.

"Hey!" They all looked around, "Over here!" On top of a clear, treeless hill, Doreiku was waving at them. This hill was on the edge of the city and a road ran behind it into a vast hilly field. There were no gates on this part of the park as very few people ever came back here.

The group of six climbed the hill, Mokona chattering at Harry the entire way. When they reached the top, waiting with Doreiku were Kohane, Ame-Warashi, and Zashiki-Warashi. The rain sprite, ever in a mood when it came to most humans, snarked, "About time you got here."

Yuuko smiled widely as the blanket was set up, Watanuki digging out the food. Doreiku had set up the portable grill and meat was already cooking on it.

The moon slowly rose and the phantom birds came out and started singing. By now, the food had been eaten and put away magically into the shop by Watanuki, who had learned this not long after Yuuko's death. As they all sat there, those old enough drinking saké and admiring the moon, the question was finally asked by Kohane.

"Yuuko," the fortuneteller asked, "How did you come back? I mean, we all heard from Watanuki that you had died."

Ame-Warashi chimed in, "That's right. You were always going on about inevitability and whatnot and yet here you are."

Yuuko sighed, her eyes half-lidded as she leaned back a bit. "I don't know how I was able to return. I shouldn't have been, even with a powerful wish, not without upsetting the balance. Even the time that was stolen from me was returned."

Everyone picked up on the Witch's concern. Was Fei Wong Reed going to return and cause havoc? Doreiku broke the silence.

"I might be able to answer that," the silver eyed boy responded cautiously. Everyone turned to look at him as he continued, "My tutors, I guess you could call them, were on a higher level of power and authority than any of us here tonight. Lesser gods you might call them. They in turn serve the Kami of this land who in their turn obey the one Great God who rules over all things."

Ame-Warashi snapped, "Get on with it, the basic heavenly power structure is easily known to anyone!"

Doreiku ignored the red-haired rain sprite, "I got a message late last night with what of the explanation I was allowed to give."

Here he looked Yuuko dead in the eye, gleaming silver into claret. "The Great God at the time of your death was weighing up all of the work you have done. When you died, he had not finished, your extended life causing it to take a year more. When he was finished, the news of my distress reached his ears and it tipped everything. That act of you taking me in all those years ago and my familial love for you added to a lifetime of good deeds allowed him to give you a gift."

He stopped, and took a drink. Everyone present was hanging onto his every word, Yuuko especially. They all wanted to know where this was going.

"Yuuko," he softly said, "Not only did he decide to return the time that was stolen from you and return you to life, he declared something that has not happened according to the Kami since the early days of man."

The Witch's eyes grew wide with wonder and her heart rate quickened as the teen spoke again.

"Yuuko, he gifted you with a most precious gift," Doreiku said, "He gave you immortality."

Complete and utter silence. No one dared to breath. They all were thinking it was some bad joke. That is until both sprites shared a glance and then Zashiki-Warashi spoke, "It is true. That is the news that nature is spreading from the Kami as we speak."

The group stared at Yuuko at this. The Witch's eyes were filling with tears and her breath was shuddering.

"Yuuko?" Watanuki asked, "Are you alright?"

She spoke softly as she turned her head to stare at the moon, "I never would have thought; that I would be worthy of such a heavenly gift." The tears began to fall as Doreiku reached into a pocket and pulled out a small platinum ring with kanji etched on it.

The teen moved next to Yuuko and ran his hand through her long hair. The Witch turned to look at him. She was about to ask something when he handed her the ring and said, "Read it, aloud."

Yuuko raised a fine eyebrow at him and nevertheless did as he asked. She looked down at the small kanji etched on the surface of the ring and said, "Though you were not the one to give me life, you became the person I truly needed. Thank you for this Mom."

Yuuko looked up from the ring at Doreiku, who would not look her in the eye. "You truly mean this? That you view me as…...," She trailed off as tears filled her eyes again and Doreiku answered, "Yes, unless you don't-?"

He was cut off as the Witch embraced him tightly.

"There is nothing else I would love more, Doreiku. My son." They parted briefly so Yuuko could put the ring on. "Of course, Mom," Doreiku smiled weakly.

Yuuko embraced the boy again and Harry handed Watanuki a camera he had been told to bring. The seer wasn't going to miss this opportunity. He snapped several good photos of this precious moment as the girls present cooed over the sweetness.

"A child to call my own," Yuuko thought, "A family. At long last after all these years."

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