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Part 1 It had been a really long summer.

Hyde had just finished an eight hour shift at the hotel and tomorrow he was back for the opening shift. After his shift he had gone for a two drive. Hyde sat down with a grunt into his usual chair in the basement. He was the only one down there, so he didn't have to pretend. Pretend to notice that his friends were going off to college while he was staying here. Pretend that it didn't bother him that Jackie still hadn't made up her mind about him or Kelso. That seeing her sunbathing next door at Donna's whenever he left the basement didn't bother him, since he pretended they were only friends now. That he was okay that she took the summer for herself. Which he totally respected but a part of him-he just couldn't deal with it. He wanted her to say she wanted him and only him. It was so frustrating!

Hyde sighed to himself. Well, the one good thing about this summer was he had made a lot of money. He had no one to spend it on but that seemed irrelevant now. At the rate he was going he would have money to move out of the Foreman's. Mrs. Foreman would probably want him to stay until he died or she died. Whichever happened first. The likelihood is Mrs. Foreman would outlive us all or more likely Red would, just so he could say "Dumbass" on top of all our graves.

Hyde was debating what to do with his evening when the phone rang. Ugh, I better answer that. Maybe it's Jackie or more it's the government calling to say I was right and that they were listening to us. Somehow after getting dumped by Jackie due to his lack of trust after she hadn't broken it had made his conspiracies less likely and more of a protection method. Not that he told anyone that.


"Hyde, finally, you're home." Eric said into the phone. "Look you need to come down to the hospital right away."

"Why, did Red finally shove his foot so far up your ass they need to surgically remove it?" Hyde asked

"No," Eric replied then took a deep breath before he spoke, "It's Jackie. She went to visit her Dad in prison today and on the way back there was an accident. She was hit by a drunk driver on her way back and is in intensive care. You should come down right away."

"Hyde? Are you there" Eric asked the silence at the other end of the phone. But there was no one there to answer as Hyde was already running out the door.