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It rained gently against the window. Light raindrops fell from the sky like weeping tears. The gentle rhythm beat against the ground outside, like the sound of a drum. The clouds passed above, creating dreamlike experience for those who stared up at its never ending void. Domino City was quiet. Not a human in sight walked its streets or sidewalks. The suburbs were clear of all children, and those who bothered to look outside for a glance at the outside world would instantly be overcome with sleep. More importantly, it was the start of a new life.

Tea sat on her couch staring out her window. She glanced dreamily into the streets of her neighborhood. The trees blew quietly to their right side, as another breeze blew against their bark. She sat like that for the past 4 hours, reminiscing in thought. She sighed, as she moved to her right. Resting her chin on top of the couch, she placed her hands on each side of her face. A feeling of calmness began to settle in.

Tea: I wonder what their doing right now.

She asked herself repeatedly. A tear slowly rose from her eyes, as the thought entered her mind. Tristan left to attend a school in America, the same place where she wanted to go to become a dancer. Serenity didn't want to leave him there by himself, so she too accompanied him. She convinced her mother after Joey finally accepted the fact. She said that she was his friend, and he had been by her side after the surgery, but Joey knew it was more than that and he was happy for them. Under all that cockiness, he was happy for them both, and he silently gave them his blessings. Everyone was happy except for Tea. For a week all she thought about was her friends. She knew them since they were kids.

Tea sighed heavily, her chest rising up from the long awaited reply.

Then that cold day in April came. Yugi decided to take Yami back to Egypt and finally set the spirit free. He said there would probably be people like Malik that they would encounter, and thought it best to take this trip alone. Yugi was unsure how long it would take, but he was hoping no more than a year. Another tear escaped Tea's eyes just thinking about it. Yes it would take that long, there was still much to figure out, and Grandpa decided to go with them to help Yami on his quest. Tea was infuriated. She wanted to go, to do her part in helping, but the spirit had refused. Reluctantly, Tea had to say something she never dreamed of saying. She had to say goodbye to the spirit. She and her friends saw them off at the airport, but that was as far as it went. For a week, she stayed in her room and cried her eyes out. She didn't know why this was happening. Everyday after that week, she walked by the game shop and stared within its dark windows. Old memories resurfaced the more she walked by it. The game shop wasn't closed for good, just temporarily, but it reminded her so much of her friends.

Tea: Why did they leave me? I thought they would have been the last to leave. (Another gentle sigh escaped her lips, her eyes relaxing just a bit.) Even Joey left. He said he would always stay.

Yes, Joey was the last to leave. For some unknown reason Mai left without a word a year ago. Joey was a bit sad but soon he cheered up. Tea knew he would, she had gone threw the exact same things. Being the only two left, Joey began to notice Tea's quietness. She wasn't her normally over happy annoying self. She was also growing up, accepting matters just like he was. He did as much as he could with her, and Tea noticed a side she didn't notice years back. Soon Tea was unsure whether he was just a friend anymore. Did she love him?

Tea narrowed her eyes down in thought.

Tea: No, not that way.

Who knows. 3 weeks later, Joey was accepted by some gaming officials to tour the world, Dueling. Yugi was slowly growing dull of the Duels he performed so many times. But Joey had improved immensely. He beat Kaiba last year in the regional finals. He had become one of the top duelists in the world. Of course this did not slow down Joey's caring heart. He would only go after he had the blessings from Tea, whom he knew would be left all alone. Looking into those excited and hopeful eyes, Tea could not refuse. If he was happy she was happy. With a smile on her face, she insisted that he go.

Joey kissed her forehead thankfully, and boarded the airplane, just like so many other friends did. But she was so astonished by the kiss, that the moment of being alone did not face her. Sure she got letters from her friends, but they were becoming rarer, and rarer. She knew Tristan was happy with Serenity in America, and they had moved on in their lives. Yugi would send a letter every now and then, but the letters he wrote explained how wonderful and mysterious Egypt was. He talked about the people, and how he was getting closer to not only Yami's past but his as well. The heart breaking news actually came from Joey. In a letter he replied how in one of his duels, he met Mai. He said it's as if he fell in love all over again. When she finished reading, the letter was completely drenched in tears. Even though she was alone at her table, she tried her best to smile, in fact she even shrugged. They were growing up, it would've happened sooner or later.

Tea laid upon her back. She was quite comfortable in her grey sweatpants, and her running shirt. Her hair was tied neatly in a ponytail that she rarely wore. Slowly her eyes drooped dazedly. She began to play with her black bracelet around her wrists. A small smile escaped her lips.

Tea: Well I wasn't actually alone. There was Mokuba and Seto Kaiba. (She replied sarcastically.)

But now that Yugi was gone, Seto didn't bother them anymore. In fact he gave up on dueling as surprising as that was. Maybe it was the fact that Joey had beaten him. Or maybe he had reached his height in the game. There was nothing more to do now. All he wanted was to take care of his younger brother. He forgot his dueling disks, and continued his work. Soon, he had forgotten about Yugi and friends entirely. Well maybe not, there was that one day on the streets. It was their last day of High school, and Tea had coincidently walked by him. Usually they never saw each other. She remembered that day clearly. It was the kindest she'd ever seen him. Quietly he nodded as he said her name. She nodded too and smiled. With their differences finally settled, the two went on their ways. Both were forgiven and sins forgotten. What was done was done.

Sorrowfully, Tea sat up and rubbed her eyes.

Tea: What's the purpose of my life now? What am I suppose to do? There's no one left. Why could it not have been the old days?

Then she remembered what Yami had told her, the day Yugi said that they were leaving. "It's time to grow up. We cannot go back in time I'm afraid. What is done is done, and it is time to move on with your life. We all will do things that will surprise even ourselves. Do you think Tristan ever thought of moving to America to attend School with Serenity?" NO, she thought, neither did she think Joey would be a formidable Duelist. The very thought amused her and she could not help but laugh.

Tea: (Sigh.)

Tea knew things were coming to an end. The old days were over, but why couldn't she accept that? I mean hell, she cried when Malik was blasted away. She even cried when Isis sorrowfully returned to Egypt a week after Yugi left. There was nothing left for Isis at Domino City. She had gotten all the information she needed. Regretfully, Tea knew Yugi and Yami would meet her there and some kind of click would occur. She accepted that, and she was even happy for them. She was happy for everyone except herself.

Tea: (Another tear fell from her sad, brown eyes.)

And then there was…Bakura. Was it her fault that he died? She did try to corrupt him of his ring, when he was asleep. But then again, it was Malik who had controlled her. She didn't cry but instead hid her emotions internally when Bakura too was taken away. She never truly got to know him, but for some reason she was always the first to notice him, she was the first to spot him, and she was the first to run into him incidentally. It was in fact Yami Bakura she was talking about. There was something about him she could not understand. For some odd reason he amused her. But she never forgot what he said the day she hid away her pain. "I am the darkness, you cannot destroy it. I will return again." Or something like that. Her memory was a bit hazy after all, but she was close enough.

Tea: Bakura.

She repeated the name to herself.

Without another thought, Tea sat up and put her shoes on. She needed to get away from her house that was infested with so many hurtful memories. She didn't care if it was raining or not, she needed to get away.

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