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The ring slipped from Bakura's moist hands, dropping with a thud to the floor. Yami tried to reach out but it was too late. Bakura's body went limp and sank motionlessly on the carpet, all eyes on him. His mouth was still partially agape, and his lifeless eyes still quite wide open, but despite this he looked like an inanimate doll. Yami couldn't move. His bobbing eyes stared at the Tomb Robber. His hand was still extended, unaffected by anything around it.

Mai brought a hand up to her mouth, sustaining a scream that bubbled up. Serenity screamed slightly as Isis sunk back over to the door. Joey couldn't believe what he was seeing. He didn't know what to do. He just stared from Bakura's unmoving body to each of his friends. He saw the horror in each of their faces, and the shock that stayed suppressed within Yami.

Joey's eyes finally settled on Tea. His heart raced as he watched his long time friend break down before his eyes. He had never ever once seen her so upset, so hurt, so dead-like in his entire life! He wanted to rush over there and comfort her, but his legs wouldn't move and frankly he was scared to approach her. The way her pupils stared at Bakura was enough to make you curl up and die.

"NO!" Malik screamed as he pounded the floor beneath him with his fists. Isis tried to approach her brother but he wouldn't allow it. "Get away from me!" He yelled out as he pounded his head into the ground, at the same time placing his hands over his hair.

Serenity began to cry. She began to cry and she didn't know why. She didn't really know this guy and she knew he wasn't too nice, but she didn't want him dead! Quickly she ran into Tristan's arms concealing her face into his shirt. Tristan said nothing. He didn't know what to say. Hell, he couldn't even comfort Serenity! No, he was momentarily paralyzed. He couldn't even wrap his arms around his loved one.

Seto Kaiba watched in total disbelief at the entire scene! All he wanted to do was return the card to Yugi, but he got more then he could handle. As Bakura fell to the ground he couldn't help but remember his own parents dying, and the pain he felt for years to come. He didn't know why he was remembering but his heart ached. It ached mainly for Tea, who wasn't moving or barely breathing at all. This time there was nothing he could do.

Yami's eyes glazed over as he bent down to pick up the ring. He stared at Bakura right before his hands wrapped around the millennium item and raised it up, close to his own. Yami said nothing, as Bakura's body began to disappear. It glow a yellowish color and then all at once vanished. Tea screamed, running to the spot where Bakura's body once was! She fell to her knees, staring at the stain of blood on the carpet before her.

Yami looked down at the crying girl, the millennium ring shaking in his hand. How could this happen? So many years and now it goes wrong? No this can't be it! It wouldn't be it! 

Yami narrowed his eyes down sternly, and opened to the door to the outside. He glared up at the now red, cursed moon, as black shadows engulfed it once more.

"Yami Where are you going!?" Joey yelled running after him.

Yami didn't bother to turn around. He descended down the few steps, prickles of rain striking at his skin mercilessly.

"Stay away Joey." He whispered loud enough for him to hear.

Joey let his hands fall down to his side, his deep blond hair sticking to his skin. "Yami." He whispered again.

"Don't follow me. I'll see you at Grandpa's shop later." Yami trailed off as he disappeared into the darkness.

Joey cursed himself as he walked back inside. He sniffed aloud, as he watched Tea stroke the ground where Bakura's body once was. She had totally lost it. Joey finally got the nerve to approach his friend but when he did, he got a response he didn't expect.

"Don't touch me!!!" Tea screamed startling everyone in the room especially Joey.

"Tea…" Joey mumbled his eyes softening.

"Get away from me now!" She yelled out again in a shaky voice. Joey felt tears building up underneath his eyes. He clenched and unclenched his fists, retracting deep breaths with each second that passed by. That's when he felt a cold body brush passed his own. He darted his eyes up and stared blankly at Seto Kaiba, who was standing in the doorway.

"Leave her alone." Seto said simply.

"What?" Joey asked, anger building up within him.

"You heard me, leave her alone." Seto didn't turn to face him. Instead he pulled up the collar portion of his trench coat, concealing part of his head and all of his neck.

"I have to help her! We can't just leave her here!" Joey bit back as everyone in the back agreed.

Seto smirked lightly, closing his eyes as he felt the wind nip at his face. "What do you intend to do huh? Take her to a hospital? What do you think that's going to do? What's been done is done and there isn't a doctor in the world that can help or cure her, or for that matter bring BAKURA back to life. And you heard her yourself, she doesn't want your company, she wants to be alone. Personally I think that's the best medicine you could give her."

Joey wasn't able to say anything back. Seto's figure disappeared entirely, and a couple minutes later, they heard a car squeal off down the road.

"W-what are we going to do?" Mai whispered hoarsely.

Isis breathed in heavily as she rubbed her brother's back. He was crying silently into the carpet, his hair falling over any part of his revealing neck. "I suggest you guys stay here. That's all you can do. As for myself I'm going to take my brother back."

The room fell silent, as Isis bent down and picked up her brother with all her strength. It was hard but she didn't reveal a single bit of it on her monotone face. With a final nod, she walked out of the room, covering Malik's face with his hood.

"But we only rented one car!" Tristan yelled above the blowing winds.

Isis smiled slightly, her black hair blowing in the breeze, as she stared down at her brother. "Your staying here, aren't you? Well then I'll drop your stuff off at the Game shop and send for another one in the morning. Is that alright?"

"Yeah sure." Tristan said blinking helplessly.

"I really must get my brother away from this." She whispered, closing the door behind her.

Serenity breathed in an unsteady sigh, her eyes gazing up at the door.

Tristan still couldn't quite understand how she could carry him. "He's almost as tall as her. And he's got to weigh more. There's no way!' He thought to himself blinking aimlessly.

Joey sat on the couch, Mai sitting next to him. The four friends stared at Tea, who refused to move. The scene made Tristan realize just how much he loved Serenity. And as he thought this through, he managed to bring an arm around her waist.

"I guess we wait now." Joey whispered.

"Huh?" Mai managed out, under silent tears. Her mascara was running down her flushed cheeks, but she refused to wipe it away.

"That's all we can do." Joey said trailing off, as he held Mai tightly. The four of them watched Tea, silently, neither one moving, neither of them daring to speak.

The rain went on, its heavy clouds now concealing the blood red moon. The trees outside blew to the right, concealing the walking figure that disappeared into the darkness. It went on like that through the night, it went on like that in the morning, and the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that, and it continued until no more tears could be shed, and the sky wept itself dry…


He fell…He fell into the never ending darkness. His eyes glazed over a bit, listening to his non-beating heart.

'Where am I?" Bakura asked himself carelessly. His body stopped within all the darkness and ceased to move. His deep jagged eyes snapped open, revealing nothing but shadow underneath.

"I couldn't let it happen again and neither could he."

The voice snapped Bakura's head up, and the white haired spirit stared at the spiky haired boy who was approaching him.

"Pharaoh?" He asked questionably. "Am I dead?" Bakura's voice showed no hints of hate this time.

"No, not quite, you're in between the living and the dead again I'm afraid. You would be dead if it wasn't for Ryou though." He stated simply.

"Ryou?" He asked aloud, his body dangling freely in the black void around him. He watched as Yami walked casually up to him, as if there was a ground under the nothingness below his feet.

"Yes Ryou knew quite well what choice you were going to make. He saw the care you held within and so, he couldn't let you die again."

Bakura raised an eyebrow up questionably, his lip curling up.

"Tomb Robber I meant what I said 5000 years ago, or I wouldn't have you here right now. It's your choice whether you believe me or not. But keep this in mind, the chance you have now better not be wasted. Prove my judgment wrong and I can never forgive you." Yami said seriously. His face was stern yet calm.

"You never forgave me Pharaoh." Bakura spat out, folding his arms within the void.

"I forgave you for what? The hate you spawned was your own doing not mine. (Sigh.) Here…I think this belongs to you."

Bakura caught the object that was flung to him. He stared at the golden trinket, his eyes wide with curiosity. "You're giving me the millennium ring back? How stupid can you be?" Bakura frowned placing the object around his neck.

Yami cocked an eyebrow "Oh believe me, there is no more power within it that will come in handy to you. It is completely empty. The only thing left within it is the memory of the past."

Bakura smirked, closing his eyes, as he felt the object's cold medal around his neck.

"You really should thank him when he comes around." Yami said suddenly.

Bakura blinked, snapping his eyes wide open. "What do you mean? Thank who?"

Yami stared at Bakura with strange, confident eyes. "If it wasn't for Ryou I wouldn't be able to help you. He saved you from a sudden death. For reasons I know not, or how he was able to I know not, but he saved you."

"But what do you mean when he comes around?" Bakura snapped, frustration growing within him.

Yami smiled as he took a step back. "You'll see."

Bakura mumbled the words under his breath, confused as anything. Yami sustained a chuckle, watching the one time spirit talk to himself.

"Oh and Bakura?"

Bakura brought his head up to the Pharaoh. "Yes?" He said rather low.

"Take care of her. I expect nothing less from you then what you have already given. Please keep it that way." Yami said simply, his form disappearing.

"Wait!" Bakura brought a hand out but it was too late. Yami's form disappeared and he was left there in the darkness. That is…until a white light shot out and reawakened his sleeping eyes.

*End Of Dream*

The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the cool air blew to the north. A single green leaf wavered over the fountain, where a brunette girl sat, slumped over on a bench. Her arms rested over her knees, her back curved over, and her face staring at the ground. Deep blue eyes bore through the sidewalk, signs of little life within them.

It was the first clear day in weeks, and it had been 10 days since the night that ended Tea's life, in a matter of speaking.  Tea hadn't gone out of the house since yesterday, and her friends decided to stay as long as possible. Joey and Mai took time off from their travels to stay with her. Tristan and Serenity returned to America 4 days ago for school, but promised they'd call every day, and visit as much as possible. Almost the next day after Bakura left her life, a fruit basket was sent with nothing more then a get well soon signed Seto Kaiba on it. After receiving that basket Tea allowed herself to eat and drink something. It was a good thing too, because her friends were getting quite worried about her. Frankly that was the only time she heard from the Kaibacorp president.

As for Isis and Malik the pair of them returned to Egypt for personal reasons and so Isis could help her brother recover from yet another blow. Yugi was a mystery. He had been gone for 5 days, then returned on the 6th day and spent the entire time trying to cheer Tea up. After that day, he said he'd have to leave again for some unknown reason but would return in about a week. Joey had a hard time believing the most sensitive of all his friends was leaving and then reappearing with no more then a farewell, but Tea didn't care. She was oblivious to everything and everyone around her.

Now Tea hadn't recovered much except for the fact that she couldn't cry anymore, she was eating and she was sleeping. It was awful for her friends to watch the way she was. It was as if the life was sucked right out of her.

The cool air felt quite good against her skin, and the park was absolutely beautiful. There wasn't a person in sight and the birds were singing happily. Oh, how peaceful it was on that lovely day!

'I hate my life.' Tea mumbled to herself, ignoring the first nice day they had, had in a long time. With a heavy sigh she stood up and stared up at the blue sky. The white fluffy clouds reminded her of a certain someone, and tears began to build up once more.

Shaking the feeling off, she stood up and zipped up her blue jacket. Sighing heavily her eyes glazed over a bit, and she began walking in the direction of her house. That is until something stopped her. She felt as if someone was watching her right behind her back. She was scared to turn around, but at the same time she didn't care. With every nerve in her system, her body twisted around and her eyes stared down the opposite path.

"No…it can't be." She whispered aloud, both her hands covering her mouth. Tea's body froze where it was and a single tear raced down her cheek. "It's not possible, I must be dreaming, it's just not possible!" Tea said a bit louder.

A figure stood less then 40 feet away. His eyes gazed over at hers, a light smile kind of smirk upon his face. His white mane was blowing to the side, his bangs almost concealing one eye. He wore that same blue and white shirt Tea had seen him in the last time they met in this park.

"B-Bakura is that you?" Tea asked, her heart moving faster then the speed of light. She felt her head spin out of control, and for a minute she almost felt as if she was going to faint.

"You're not sulking again are you?" Bakura spoke out in an unusually happy raspy voice. If it was anybody else it might've given them the creeps, but it made Tea smile from ear to ear.

An eerie silence broke out for almost a minute, before Tea dashed over, leaving her sandals behind. Bakura didn't know what hit him, before he felt a pair of arms hug his waist tightly. He brought his arms up and embraced the girl that was squeezing the life out of him. Tea snuggled her face into his neck, tears running now freely down her face.

"So does this mean you missed me?" He teased rubbing her shaking back as gently as he could.

"You idiot!" She cried, refusing to move her head from his neck.

Okay now she had him puzzled. Boy did he feel confused right about now. "W-what?" (O_O)

"How could you leave and then scare me like that!? You can't do that!!!" She yelled finally removing her face and glaring up at him, her eyes red and puffy.

Bakura smiled s half decent smile, and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"I really wouldn't be here if it wasn't for that damn Pharaoh and my weak aibou I'm afraid." He said wincing at the compliment he'd given to the both of them.

Tea gave him an innocent look, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion. "What do you mean?" She asked shakily, her head starting to ache from the shock.

Bakura smirked and tilted his head to the side in utter cuteness. The look he was giving her was enough for her to barely contain herself. With a light chuckle he bent down and kissed her softly on the cheek bringing his head back up. "I have a surprise for you." He said completely ignoring the question.

Before Tea could say anything, Bakura stepped back and his body began to glow. Tea watched nervously, and a bit perplexed. Finally the light died down and there standing right there in front of her was…Bakura??!!?

"Was that suppose to be a joke or something?" She asked cocking up an eye. (*_*)


Tea ceased to breath. This was not Bakura! His eyes had a chocolate tint to it, while Bakura's had a piercing violet. His hair wasn't as ruffled and his face was, if you could say…gentler. An unnerving silence filled the air around them and Tea felt any minute now she was going to collapse to her knees. A strange sick feeling took hold of her, and she was almost positive she was going to be sick.

"R-Ryou? I-is that you?" She asked hoarsely, swallowing heavily.

Ryou smiled back, his hands limp by his side. "Tea, I missed you." He said smiling sweetly.

Tea raised both her eyebrows as Ryou approached her, that smile never changing. Both of them couldn't stand it any longer. Ryou quickly hugged the girl, unable to contain himself any longer. It was too much for him to keep inside. He had wanted to do this for a very long time. Both their hairs mingled together, as their hug deepened.

"You're alive?" Tea mumbled underneath his shirt.

"Tea I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I-I just want to be with you. Please forgive me." Ryou's voice was unsteady, but he didn't let up his embrace one bit.

"Forgive you for what?! All I've done was miss you and…and…

Tea trailed off with her words. Ryou's smile widened, and much to his regret he pulled the girl off and stared down at her with soft chocolate eyes. "The spirit." He finished for her, causing the girl to blush deeply.

Tea turned away and nodded her head.

Ryou frowned a bit and touched her arm gently. "Tea can I ask you a question?" He said somewhat seriously.

"Yeah sure." She said staring up at him.

"Bakura and I…are kind of sharing a body and I know this sounds strange but c-can you live with the both of us? I-I mean if you can't I understand it seems a bit awkward and I know it doesn't seem quite right, but…if you can find it possible to share your life with the both of us… (Sigh.) I mean I-

Tea cut Ryou off with a deep kiss. She pressed her lips to his passionately, as he deepened the kiss. He brought his arm up around her waist and pressed her body up against hers firmly. A small squeal escaped her lips, and Tea found it hard to believe that Ryou could be so persistent.

Finally out of breath the two pulled apart, and both were scarlet red.

"So can I take that as a yes?" He asked jokingly.

Tea smirked, and wrapped her arms around the white haired boy's waist once again. "I don't know will Bakura be okay with it?" She asked teasingly.

Ryou heard a snarl from within him and sweat dropped. (O_O)

'Ryou you better keep the damn kissing to a minimum!' Bakura's voice triggered through Ryou's head.

'Bakura relax. Don't you think we should share the same person equally-

'No!!!!' Bakura yelled

Ryou winced and smiled sheepishly. 'Stop being so jealous. We're the same person…kinda.'

A long silence followed, and Ryou waited patiently for Bakura's response.

'Fine but let me come out! You've been out long enough.' Bakura snapped.

Ryou shrugged. 'Fine Bakura. It's not like I've seen much of her or anything.' He said sarcastically.

Tea brought her head up as she felt Ryou's arms tighten around her. A small smirk played on her lips, her face brightening. "Nice to see you again Bakura.'

Bakura smirked as Tea dangled her finger around his white locks. "So you don't mind?" He said out of the blue.

Tea closed her eyes and snickered lightly. "Let me show you how much I don't mind."

Bakura felt Tea's lips lock on his, and the cold barrier around his heart finally melted. He could barely control himself, and it took every bit of strength he had to keep himself calm.

Bakura was reluctant to let go, and Tea had to pull away first. "You know you may have to let Malik know that the both of you are alright." She began sighing heavily.

Bakura cocked an eyebrow. "Why?" He asked irritated by the sudden brought up of Malik's name.

"Because Malik had a nervous breakdown after you disappeared, and he hasn't been too well since."

Bakura smirked. "So the idiot was worried about me eh? Aw, how sweet."

"We were all worried Bakura." Tea said frowning.

"Well I'm here now and for good this time, or rather WE'RE here." Tea smiled resting her head against his chest.

"I'm never letting you go again spirit boy. I'm not letting either of you guys go." Bakura tried his best to hide the blush forming on his pale skin, as he heard Ryou's voice chuckle within him.

"So I'll take it that you love us." Bakura mused, his jagged eyes softening as he wiped a single tear from her face.

The tears finally stopped as Tea looked up into the piercing eyes. "Yes I love you guys." She said sighing heavily.

"Good because love you too." He said almost protectively. Tea laughed aloud as she finally released Bakura from her arms.

"I have to pay a visit to the Game shop." Bakura said in his usual dark, raspy voice.

Tea tilted her head to the side innocently. "Why?"

Bakura sighed and took her hand in his. "Because, I owe Yugi and the Pharaoh a bit of thanks."

"Bakura…" Ryou's voice warned.

"Okay, okay and Ryou's to thank too." Bakura growled as Tea giggled.

"You know Bakura this was the first sunny day we've had in a while." Tea said walking with him hand in hand, over to where her sandals were.

"Yeah it's sickening isn't it?" He said somewhat disgusted.

(O_O) "Um yeah sure Bakura. I just kind of think it's strange don't you?" Tea asked staring up at the serious expression on Bakura's face.

"You know what it means right?" He asked allowing her to put her sandals on again.

"Better weather?" She said blinking.

Bakura smirked, bringing his head up at the blue sky and looking over yonder.

"No, it's a sign. It's telling you not to let your life pass you by. It's time to start from scratch, a new beginning if that's what you want to call it." He said smiling at her. Tea couldn't tell then whether it was Bakura or Ryou.

"Oh." She said baffled.

Bakura snickered at the confused expression she was giving him.

"And you know what Tea?"

"What?" She asked, holding his hand once more, as they walked down the walk path and towards the gate.

"We're not going to let your life pass you by." Bakura whispered kissing gently down her neck, as goose bumps ran up and down her skin.

"We love you too much for you to do that to yourself." Tea heard Ryou's soft voice whisper into her ear.

"I don't know, I think that saying would be better off to the both of you guys." She said in a soft voice.

"Why is that?" Tea couldn't tell anymore whether it was Bakura or Ryou. Their voices were now almost the same.

 Tea tightened her grip. "Because someone's given you guys a second chance to live."

"Yes I suppose your right there." Bakura laughed. Tea knew right away who it was then.

The pair of them walked on, Bakura's arm wrapped around Tea's shoulder. A golden object was held in the other far hand, and without a second thought, he dropped it in a trash can. 'Who needs lust when you have love?' He thought to himself smiling widely.

'Shit that sounded cheesy.' Bakura sweat dropped as he said his final farewell's to the millennium ring forever.

'You know," Ryou began. 'This may be the start of a beautiful relationship."

Bakura rolled his eyes as he swung his and Tea's arm back and forth childishly. 'Oh shut up!'

Ryou smiled innocently. 'And what are you going to do about it?'

Hmm, the boy was growing cocky with him now. 'Give me a couple days and I'll think of something.' Bakura said maliciously as he stared at Tea.

Ryou swallowed hard and went silent as he understood what his other half meant. 'Oh bloody hell.'  ((O))__((O))

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