Author: Kain

Title: Creatures of the Night

Disclaimer: Aside from a few Original Character's I created I own nothing. The character's of Buffy, Angel, or any other show, book, comic that happens to be unfortunate enough to wind up being used here. They all belong to other people.

Spoilers: AU season one of Angel/season four of BtVS.

Summary: Logan tracking Faith as a favor for Nick Furry, drops in on Kitty who's been attending UCLA since leaving the X-MEN. She's stumbled upon the disappearance of a number of genius graduate students and is investigating them. Together the three of them wind up taking on Pylea.

Pairings: L/K, F/F, S/B

Rating: PG-13. Mild Language, Sexual Content, and Violence

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Chapter One: Bad Company

Kitty steps out of the shower instantly alert, years of rigorous training on top of more life and death struggles then she was able to count, had honed her intuition to a nearly precognitive ability. She had been able to sense the change in her fifth floor loft, the undeniable presence of danger, the moment it had entered her living quarters. She quickly scans her bedroom, but the intruder had yet to penetrate this far into her home. She grabs her black, razor sharp katana from its spot above her bed.

Exiting the room she rapidly makes her way forward, searching the darkness for her home's invader. After only a dozen steps she suddenly spins, her sword slicing head high through the air. The very familiar sound of Logan's adamantium claws springing from the back of his hands as his arm comes around to block her blade. Sparks fly as mystical steel strikes unbreakable metal.

"Logan!" Kitty exclaims loudly as she throws herself at her long time friend, wrapping him up in a tight embrace. It was the first time she had seen any of her former teammates in months, "god it's good to see you."

Logan returns her hug, a little tentatively. This was a girl he had helped raise since she was barely a teenager. He practically considers the young woman his surrogate daughter, "good to see you too Pumpkin. Even if it is a bit more then I was expecting to see," he says a slight hint of humor coloring his normal gruff voice.

Kitty instantly turns an interesting shade of scarlet as she realizes she's in the middle of the her loft squeezing Logan as hard as she can without a stitch of clothing on, with nothing but a sword in her hands. Phasing she runs straight through him before diving into her bedroom and scrambling into whatever clothes she can find. "Sorry," comes her muffled shout as she pulls a sweatshirt over her head. "Just felt something enter the loft as I stepped out of the shower."

"Nothing to be ashamed of," Logan calls back pulling a couple cans of beer from her refrigerator. "Good to see you haven't lost any of your edge," he says setting one beer on the table while he pops the tab of the other.

Kitty steps out of her bedroom, a set of mismatched sweats covering her lean body, "so what are you doing out in L.A.?"

"What? I can't just stop by an old friend without having an ulterior motive," Logan questions as he takes a pull from his beer.

Kitty smiles at the old man, "so what are you doing out in L.A.?" She asks him again.

Logan grunts sourly as he returns her smile with a scowl of his own. "Fury asked me to check something out for him," he tells her simply.

Her smile slips from her face with his answer. She had nothing against Nick Fury personally, in a lot of ways he was like Logan, but the agency he headed was a different story all together. "So what, now your SHIELDS errand boy or something?" She demands her voice tinged with anger.

"Hardly," Logan snarls, "strictly a tit for tat trade. I do him a favor now he owes me one later," he continues hotly before downing the rest of his beer. Looking back at her he adds, "it's how the game is played. Figure you'd know that by now?" He finishes popping open the tab on the second beer.

Kitty goes to the fridge and pulls a beer out for herself. Turning back to face the older man she inquires, "what does Jean think about that?"

Logan takes a long pull of his beer finishing it in one go. Wiping the excess off his lips with the back of his hand he turns cold eyes on her, "Jean's with the Boy Scout," he tells her unable to keep the bitterness out of his voice.

Kitty gasps at the news. The last she had known Scott was dead, or possible something worse then dead. Jean and Logan had been getting close, building something strong on the feelings they had always shared for one another. "I'm so sorry Logan," she consoles him wondering how she can feel grief stricken learning one of her oldest friends was back from the dead. One look at Logan though and she knows how. In all the years she's known him he has either sacrificed, lost, been stripped of, or had ripped away from him everything he had ever loved. This was just the latest in a long line of sacrifices he had been forced to make over the years.

"She happy. That's all that matters," he says grimly popping the top of another can of beer.

Kitty frowns at his very Logan like comment, "what about you?"

Logan shrugs, "I keep busy," he answers taking another swig off his beer.

"Working for SHIELD?" She asks before shaking her head, "don't bother. Its none of my business, but if you're gonna be in L.A. for awhile I could use your help on something I've stumbled onto."

He takes another pull from his beer, "all you got to is ask Pumpkin," he answers as he takes another swig.

"Then I'm asking."

Faith stumbles out of the club feeling the slight tingle coursing throughout her body. The club, she couldn't remember the name, of had been jumping. Hot young bodies had been flinging themselves about with wild, reckless abandon; sweating and pulsing and grinding into each other. It had left her with a buzz pounding in her skull.

"Got a light darling?" Logan politely asks the rouge slayer as they came abreast of each other.

Faith eyes the small man, whose only chance at being taller then Buffy was his large cowboy hat, which he kept pulled down low over his eyes, warily. His hard soled cowboy boots make a loud clanking sound as they strike the hard pavement. With his worn jeans and faded flannel shirt he looked exactly like what he was, a redneck misplaced in L.A. Shrugging she pulls out her zippo, "sure," she says flipping it open.

"Thanks a lot," Logan says with a smile as he puffs contently on his cigar, smoke billowing around his head from out of his mouth and nose.

"No prob," she replies snapping her lighter shut before walking away.

"Careful out here Faith," Logan says from behind her. Faith spins around at the words that seemingly float on the air. "Lots of things here'd love to sink their teeth into a tender young girl like yourself," his voice seems to come from everywhere as she whirls around trying to find any sign of him. Only the man wasn't there, he wasn't anywhere, there was no trace of him. Even the odor from his cigar seemed to vanish with him between one heart beat to the next.

"Fuck," she breathes out freak by the encounter, by the fact he could simple vanish like that and she hadn't even heard him move. In the back of her head she worries that he was from the council, one assassin in place of the hit squad. An assassin cocky enough to let her know he was after her, and good enough to get away with it clean. It was the only explanation that came to her mind.

The door of the club swings open spilling strobing lights and blaring music into the street. From the other direction a long, sleek, black stretched limousine rolls to a stop next to her. The back door swings open and a tall, sharply dressed, beautiful thirty something year old woman steps out. She radiated power, sex and danger and equal amounts as her dark eyes graze over Faith's form from head to toe, then back up again. "Hello Faith. Lilah Morgan, attorney at law, at your services," she says as if she was in complete control of the situation.

Faith smirks at the older woman as she snorts, "I don't need no lawyer," she says derisively moving to walk away. He was still out there watching her, waiting for her. The game was on and she could feel it. Her blood was surging through her veins. It was time to hunt and be hunted. This was what she was built for.

"But wouldn't it be nice if you ever did need one to be on good terms with the best law firm on the west coast?" Lilah suggest meaningfully to the young girl standing in front of her.

The dark slayer stops with Lilah words. She turns back eyes searching the older woman's face for some hint of what she wanted from her. Everybody wanted something from her, but the woman's eyes gave away nothing. She had no doubt that if she walked away from this meeting the cops would shortly be aware of where she was living. The same thing would probably happen if she killed everyone in the limo, which left her in a no win situation. She wants to be done with this, to get on with the hunt that's waiting for her. "What do you want?" She asks deciding to be a little more direct.

Lilah smiles at Faith's predictability, "why don't we discuss that back at my office," she suggest gesturing to the open door.

Faith nods, then moving faster then Lilah could follow. She grabs the taller woman by the throat lifting her off the ground as she slams her into the chain linked fence. "If your jerking my chain lady I'll kill you," Faith hisses clearly. "You understand me?"

Lilah nods feeling Faith's strong fingers digging into her throat. "Yes," she gasps not sure if the word is going to leave her mouth or not with how tight Faith's grip is.

Tightening her hold Faith smiles at the attorney as she says, "so glad we understand each other," then she releases her hold on Lilah's throat. The tall lawyer hits the ground hard gasping for breath, placing her hand to her throat she stares daggers at the young girl. Faith just continues to smirk at her, "after you," she says gesturing towards the limo.

Logan slips through the broken window as silent as the shadow he melts into. He had been following Faith since he had tagged her scent in the alley outside of The Pit. From Wolfram and Hart, to the loft she was squatting in, to the bank where she challenged some vampire and his human associates, to a bar where she attempted to lose herself in a bottle of hard whiskey, to here the bosom brunette's apartment.

The raven hair slayer had a hell of a time getting into the spacious living quarters. There was some kind of psycho-kinetic field in the building that had done it's best to keep her out. There were books and bedding and furniture hurled at the young girl as she climbed into the apartment, but nothing was going to able to keep Faith out of the apartment.

Logan didn't meet any resistance as he followed Faith into the room several minutes later. Moving from shadow to shadow he made as much noise as a dead man in a casket. Allowing his senses to lead him through the apartment he easily finds the teenager as she scrounges some food from the refrigerator. Smirking to himself Logan casually leans against the white washed door casing, "spare a light darling?" He inquires in his normal drawl.

Faith whirls around at the familiar voice that had been haunting her since she had first heard it yesterday, the left over turkey sandwich falling forgotten from her hand to the floor. Unlike last night she had been alert, on guard, expecting something yet this short fuzzy face, runt of a man had managed to get the drop on her.

After last nights encounter she expected to see him again, sometime soon. What she didn't count on was it being this soon. Or right now. She was in the middle of a delicate operation and the last thing she needed was a throw down with an unknown opponent. Unfortunately she didn't think he was going to give her much of a choice in that regard. "Sorry old timer but I forgot all my matches at home," she banters saucily as she continues to try and gauge his mettle.

He grins openly at her reply, "and here I thought you were the kind of gal that was prepared for everything," he fires back keeping a tight reign on the beast trying to claw it's way to the surface.

"Naw. I think you got me confused with a boy scout or something runt," she shoots back trying to hit the obvious nerve, but to no effect.

He smirks at her, "I doubt if anyone has ever mistaken you for a boy scout," he says straightening up. Faith can suddenly sense a barely contained maelstrom raging inside of him. "As much fun as this has been its time for you to come with me," Logan tells her as he watches her tense up. "Guess I don't have to ask if we do this the hard way or not?" He questions with equal parts sadness and resignations in his haggard voice. He had been hoping she would come along peacefully, but a part of him was glad she was going to resist.

Without replying Faith launches herself at him. Her intent was clear, overwhelm him before he could respond. Logan was all to familiar with this style of attack. It was all power no skill, just try to pummel your enemy into a bloody pulp. Way back when he had practically invented the style.

Pound for pound Logan knew the slayer was infinitely stronger then him, she was also faster. In a contest of raw power she would more then likely win hands down. Unfortunately for Faith he no longer relies strictly on his speed, strength, and phenomenal healing factor to pull him through ever fight he gets in. Now after half a century spent as a soldier, a spy, and most recently a super hero Logan relies strictly on his unfathomable skill, along with his strength, speed, and phenomenal healing factor to pull him through every fight he gets in.

His right fist connects with her left knuckle to knuckle. Even though its Logan's hand that's knock back it's Faith that feels as if she's just punch a steel anvil. The pain that flares up her arm, as several knuckles pop out of their sockets, throws her off for a beat.

Its all the time Logan needs to move in for the quick kill. His left fist slams into her short ribs and Faith feels like a sledgehammer has just been driven into her lungs. She folds slightly clutching at her side. Logan spins around moving behind her, his knuckles crashing into the back of her skull causing spots to swim in front of her eyes as she stumbles forward. Barely a fraction of a second later his right hook punch smashes into the side of her head just below her ear sending her crashing into the door casing. She drops to the floor like a lead weight.


Creatures of the Night - Kiss

Searching in the darkness, running from the day
Hiding from tomorrow, nothing left to say
Victims of the moment, future deep in doubt
Living in a whisper till we start to shout
We're creatures of the night, we're creatures of the night

Breathing in the madness, spitting out the lies
Searching for an answer, keep your alibis
Don't know where we're goin', just know where we've been
Remember when the clock strikes twelve, the losers always win

We're creatures of the night, we're creatures of the night

Searching in the darkness, running from the day
Hiding from tomorrow, nothing left to say
Gathering up our courage, ready for the fight
Howling in the shadows, till we start to bite

We're creatures of the night, we're creatures of the night
We're creatures of the night, we're creatures of the night


Bad Company - Bad Company

Company Always on the run
Destiny is the rising sun
Oh I was born 6-gun in my hand
Behind a gun I'll make my final stand
That's why they call me

Bad company
And I can't deny
Bad company
Till the day I die
Till the day I die
Till the day I die

Rebel souls
Deserters we are called
Chose a gun and threw away the sun
Now these towns
They all know our name 6-gun sound is our claim to fame
I can hear them say

Bad company
And I won't deny
Bad Bad company
Till the day I die
Till the day I die

Bad company
I can't deny
Bad company
Till the day I die
And I say it's
Bad company Oh Yeah---Yeah
Bad company
Till the day I die Oh Yeah

Tell me that you are not a thief
Oh But I am
Bad Company
It's the way I play
Dirty for dirty
Oh Somebody Double-crossed me

We're Bad company
Kill in cold blood