"Danny," she said, again, warning in her voice as the ring flashed around his waist for the third time in the last minute. "Danny, don't."

He groaned with effort and the ring disappeared. His eyelids fluttered, and his shockingly green eyes trailed up to hers. "Right," he mumbled. "Right, I—Geez—" He squirmed away a bit, surprisingly strong. Jazz flinched, putting down the rubbing alcohol.

Jazz glanced him over again as he laid sprawled on her bed, his jumpsuit sleeves tied around his waist as she tried to clean a particularly nasty looking wound that started on one shoulder and made it all the way down to his stomach. It looked deep. But he wasn't flesh and blood in this state, so it made cleaning it and preparing to put stitches in easier.

That, and, if he changed back with this on him, he'd probably die. Really die.

His hair was slick with green, his face bruised and an assortment of smaller wounds littered his skin. Jazz bit her lip, pressed some gauze over the wound. "Here, hold this for me and stay awake," she whispered, moving his hand over it. She stood up and fished under her bed for their first aid kit, where the Fenton Fishing Wire would be, along with needles, band-aids, and bandages. Everything you could need to patch up an injured halfa.

She slid the box out from under her bed and cracked it open, only to find a pathetic six inch thread of fishing wire. Was that all they had left? That would be fine, if the wound wasn't enormous. She hissed under her breath and stood up quickly. "I'll be right back. There's more fishing wire in the lab, I don't have enough. You stay put and stay awake," she ordered, already making for the door.

Danny rolled his eyes, half awake. "Alright, not l-like I had plans," he mumbled, turning his head away from the door. He shuddered as the ring flashed again and he had to force it away.

Jazz must've seen, because he heard her run down the stairs.

She turned the corner at the bottom of the steps, darting for the basement. She wasn't sure if their parents were home yet. She hoped not, she really really hoped not as she reached the bottom of the basement steps and—

"Jazz? What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost," Maddie said, nearly colliding with her on the way up the steps.

Jack started to his feet, grabbing his unfinished project off the counter. "GHOST? Where?! Where's the ghost Jazz—"

Jazz waved her hands, silencing her father with a look. "There's not a ghost!" she snapped. "I was just-just coming to check if you were home yet! And if you were going to-to make dinner!"

Maddie glanced at Jack, who she knew would only make the dinner contaminated with ectoplasm. "I was, yes," she said to Jazz, smiling. "Are you hungry? We can get started now, if you like."

Jazz nodded eagerly, a big smile on her face. "Yeah! I'm starving, and so is Danny! He's not home yet, he's at Tuckers! He said he'd be back for dinner," she said, watching as Maddie made her way up the steps. Jazz's gaze glanced over the lab, and she found another spool of Fenton Fishing Line, on a shelf with some other weapons.

She started across the room as Jack started to turn his attention back to the project he'd been working on. She passed behind him, hoping that he'd forgotten she was there when—

"Jazzy! You're just in time to hear me blather on about ghosts!" he said suddenly, turning from his project and managing to catch her before she could collect the wire. She glanced at it again as Jack launched into a tirade, explaining what his newest invention would do when they finally caught that Phantom kid.

Jazz had learned to tune it out by now, though she was sure she caught the favored 'molecule by molecule' phrase as he went on and on. And on. And on.

But Danny didn't really have time for him to go on. Not that she could really say anything about that. She bit her tongue and hoped he'd stop soon, since listening quietly would probably go faster than trying to stop him.

Maddie had gone to the kitchen, preheated the oven, and was now heading up the stairs to change out of the jumpsuit she'd worn out into her pajamas. It seemed like a pajamas kind of night, she thought, walking down the hall and pulling back her hood and goggles.

She was tired, she was so…

Her thoughts trailed into a halt, as lights flashed behind a cracked door to Jazz's room. There was an unearthly white glow, a sound of pain, and it vanished.

Maddie froze in the hallway, blinking a couple times. That sounded like—

Another flash. Another groan, lower this time. That was definitely—

Suddenly she was moving again, getting out an ectoblaster, going for the door. A ghost was hurting her son! A ghost was—

The door hit the wall with a dull thud, leaving Maddie standing in the doorway, staring.

And for another long moment, she couldn't move as she tried to make sense of this.

Phantom was laying on Jazz's bed, his face screwed up in pain, halfway undressed and bleeding—was it bleeding if it wasn't blood?—badly. His pale hands were pressed against gauze, across his torso. Barely doing anything for the enormous wound.

He didn't even notice her for a moment, and the light flashed again, a ring formed around his waist. He grimaced harder for a moment, and it vanished.

He was hurt. Badly. And Maddie had to blink a couple times to break herself out of her trance. "What do you think you're doing in here, ghost?" she asked, but she couldn't find any force to put behind her voice.

Something was wrong, something was off. Something about the way that he gasped in pain when he sat up to see her, it felt too familiar. His toxic green eyes locked on her, and panic so completely washed over his features that for a moment he didn't say anything.

It looked too much like Danny waking up in the hospital after the accident—

The light flashed again, and his eyes snapped shut, he curled over on himself, groaning through clenched teeth. "Please," she heard, as the ring of light trembled around his waist. "Please, please, n-not like this—" The ring started to split and suddenly he yelled, louder suddenly. They snapped back together, and vanished again.

But that wasn't what Maddie was looking at anymore. It was….

"Is that… blood?" Maddie found herself whispering, lowing her gun. She didn't put it down, it hung at her side, but around his middle, where the ring had started to split, neon, glowing green was turning red. It didn't mix with the ectoplasm, more sat on the surface. Like oil.

Phantom looked up slowly, then nodded. He looked tired. He looked fragile, young… scared. Familiar. "I-I'm sorry," he mumbled. "This isn't… this isn't how I wanted to…" He shivered, looking down. "Mom, I'm sorry…"

Maddie stopped dead in her tracks, having made it about halfway to the bed. "Mom?" she echoed, not sure what to—

"It was the portal," he mumbled. "It was the ghost portal. I-I wanted to tell you, I wanted to—I was scared. I was really scared, I'm sorry—" The words seemed to fall out of his mouth, breathlessly. Did he even need to breathe? "I-I can't—" He broke off suddenly, the rings returning, this time not hesitating to start to split. He cried out in pain, this time it was high, broken.

Maddie flinched, because that—

"Danny?" she asked as he struggled with the rings. He nodded, before the rings slipped the rest of the way over his form.

And the green turned red.

"…and then the ghost will turn into it's own portal and be sucked back into the zone, or back to the lab! Depending on how I program—"

Jack stopped when he and Jazz heard the steps, thundering down the stairs. "JACK!" Maddie's voice bounced off the metal walls. "Get the first aid kit!"

Jazz literally felt herself pale. Maddie hit the bottom step like a thunderclap, and in her arms was a very unconscious, very human, Danny. She watched as Maddie gently laid Danny on the lab table, motioning for Jazz to—

To do what, exactly? How much had she seen? "Jazz! Help me!" Maddie snapped her out of thought and Jazz rushed over, seizing the fishing line that she'd come down for in the first place.

Maddie had blood all down her front, and she was trying to put pressure on the wounds as Jack rushed for the first aid kit. "What happened!?" he demanded, coming over. "He needs a hospital, Jazz call—"

"NO!" Jazz and Maddie yelled all at once. Then they slowly looked at each other, and Jazz realized just how much she knew.

Maddie's eyes snapped to Jazz, and she realized. "He needs stitches," Jazz said. "He'll be fine, we just need to stabilize him—"

"Are you sure?"

Jazz nodded. "He heals really really fast," she said, breaking open the first aid kit that she'd taken from Jack.

Jack blinked a couple times. "What is going on?!" he demanded.

"Long story," Jazz snapped, starting to thread a hooked needle with the fishing wire.

Maddie frowned deeply. "That's not sterile," she began to say.

But Jazz was already starting before she could protest. With a practiced hand she began to sew the flesh back together, and Maddie wondered how many times she'd done this in secret. "It doesn't matter," Jazz murmured, motioning for Maddie to keep pressure on the rest of the wound while she worked her way down. "It's the only thing he can't phase through. Anything else, and he'll be bleeding again as soon as he uses it…"

Jack sputtered a little bit. "What are you two talking about!?" he asked, stepping around the table. "What happened!?"

Jazz bit her lip. She didn't want to tell them for him. She really didn't. "Danny can tell you when he's awake," she decided. She looked at her mother with a hard gaze. "Please. He'd want to tell you himself. He'd want to explain himself."

Maddie clearly looked a bit unsure on this, but she nodded. "How can I help?"

Jazz looked down at Danny. She was about halfway finished, but he was way too pale. His breathing way too light. "Get some ectoplasm and get an IV in him."

Jack's mouth fell open. His jaw hit the ground when his wife didn't even hesitate, getting a container of ectoplasm and transferring it to one of the bags in their first aid kit, which was far too extensive.

Maddie started feeling around for a vein and Jack suddenly stepped forward to stop her. "What are you doing?" he asked.

"Trust me, this will make sense later," Maddie said. "I… I don't really know how to explain it."

Jack hesitated a moment, before letting her arm go. And he stepped back, waiting for an explanation.

Jazz finally leaned back, putting down the needle and thread. "Alright," she mumbled, going to clean the blood off her hands. She tossed her mother a roll of bandages. "Wrap him up and we'll take him upstairs."

Jack was seated by the table, keeping an eye on Danny. They'd already had a very roundabout conversation on why is his heart rate so low? Why isn't it stabilizing? Maddie hovered near Danny's head, gently cleaning the green and red out of his hair.

She glanced up as Jazz came back over, motioning for Jack, who was holding the IV bag, to stand. "We shouldn't move him," Maddie said. "He's hurt—"

"Trust me," Jazz said. "We do not want him waking up on a lab table, he'll freak."

Maddie thought about this for a moment, and understood. "Ah," she said. "Right, yeah, that makes sense." She delicately lifted Danny off the table after they finished the bandages. She and Jack moved upstairs, situating Danny on the couch.

Jazz sat herself down by him so he wouldn't try to bolt the instant he woke up. She managed to wave their parents off, telling them that she'd let them know when he woke up.

It was a few hours before he stirred, his eyelids fluttering a couple times before he glanced down at Jazz. "Jazz?" he mumbled. She looked up from her book, smiling a little. He let out a breath, closing his eyes tightly. "I did not seriously tell Mom, did I?" he whispered, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Not like this…"

Jazz sat down on the edge of the couch, grabbing an extra pillow and helping prop him up. "They… know somethings up. I don't know how much Mom knows. Dad didn't see you do anything, but ah…" she trailed off, tapping his wrist.

He glanced down to find an IV taped on his arm, glowing green liquid flowing into his body. "Oh," he whispered. So, they'd been convinced to give him straight ectoplasm. Ah, yes, this was good. This was good.

Jazz nodded. "We… we have some explaining to do," she said.

Danny nodded back, pressing his hands to his face. "Oh no," he moaned.

Jazz winced. "Yeah… well, you're not being—"

"If you say anything about my molecules I will float myself to my room, right now," Danny snapped.

Jazz gave him a weak grin and nodded. "Well. We might as well rip the band aid off," she said, getting up to go get their parents.

Danny watched her go, pressing himself into the couch and wanting to disappear completely.

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