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Too Many On An Island


The boat cut through the water like a knife. Sails flying in the wind. The "Little Minnow" had been out to sea for three hours now and all that you could see was Blue Ocean all around you.

"Isn't this great?" Serenity cheered.

"Yeah great." Tristan said as he eyes up Serenity in her skimpy blue bikini.

"Tristan! I thought I made myself clear. From the neck up!" Joey snapped.

Tristan rolled his eyes at Joey but decided to do as he was told and walked to the other end of the ship. Joey hopped down from the top of the cabin he'd been sitting on and crashed into a bunch of boxes.

"Smooth." Duke said as he looked up from his tanning chair he'd set out in the front of the boat.

Joey crawled out of the mess and walked over to the railing. "I wish you wouldn't let him look at you like dat." Joey said to Serenity.

"Like what?" Serenity said in an innocent tone.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about!" Joey snapped.

"Stop being so protective!" Serenity said and walked off to the other end of the boat.

"And put on some clothes!" He yelled at her and she ignored him. Joey turned to his other companion at his side. "How ya doing buddy?" He asked.

Bakura sat up from hanging his head over the railing. His face was turning green. "Just peachy." He said in a sarcastic tone.

"That's the spirit!" Joey said and slapped him on the back.

"Oh dear." Bakura said, his face getting a little greener and he leaned over the railing again.

"It's my turn to be captain!" Yugi said.

"Yugi. You're too short. You can't even see out the window." Yami said.

"Please! Just for a second?" Yugi begged.

Yami sighed and stepped away. "Okay. One second."

Yugi ran behind the steering wheel. "Now Yugi, you don't want to make sudden turns. It will cause the boat to TIIIIP!" Yami cried and Yugi spun the wheel around.

"Wee!" Yugi cried.

"AHHH!" Bakura cried.

"Someone get a rope. Bakura went over board!" Malik said.

"Yugi!" Yami yelled at his counterpart. "I should have known better. You've been eating sugar."

"Maybe a little." Yugi said.

"What is your definition of a little?" Yami asked.

"Just twelve packets of Kool-Aid mix." Yugi shrugged and ran out of the room.

Yami Bakura and Joey pulled on the rope. "One two three PULL! One two three PULL!" Joey and Yami Bakura yelled in unison. Bakura became visible over the edge on the boat stringing out long lines of swear words.

"I swear to god. [Beep]! What the [Beep] [Beep] [Beep]. I should [Beep] whom ever was [Beep] the damn [Beep] ship! I don't [Beep] care! I just want my [Beep] towel!" He rambled on and on.

Just then Mai walked boy.

"Hey guys. Is this swimsuit too tight on me? I just bought it the other day." She as she stared at her own figure, completely oblivious to what was going on.

The two boys holding the rope froze at the sight of her. "Whoa." They both said and in the process let go of the rope.

"AHHH! You [Beep] [Beep] [Beep] [Beep]!" Bakura screamed just before he hit the water again.

"What was that?" Mai asked.

"Whoops." Joey said. "Sorry Bakura!" He threw the rope down again.

"[Beep] [Beep] [Beep]!" Was all that was heard down below. (I had to censor it to keep the rating down)

The sun began to set and everyone piled into the cabin below. "How was everyone's day?" Tea asked.

"Boring." Seto said bluntly and he fiddled with his dueling deck.

"This is so much fun!" Joey said. "Out on the big ocean."

"It's not so fun when you keep getting dumped INTO the ocean." Bakura muttered as he squeezed the remaining water out of his hair.

"So where are we going?" Yami Malik asked.

"Cuba!" Tea cheered.

"No! Spain!" Tristan shouted.

"Africa!" Yugi added.

"The moon!" Yami Bakura said.

Everyone stopped arguing and looked at him strangely.

"I just said it to shut you all up." He said and laid back down in his bed.

"We'll I'm sure we can agree on something tomorrow. For now.let's try and get some sleep." Joey said. Everyone agreed and went to bed.

That night a horrific storm rolled in over the boat. It formed huge waves that shook the small boat around like mad. Yami was tossed into the bed next to him suddenly when an intense wave hit the side of the ship.

"What the hell!" Seto demanded as he felt the slumbering Pharaoh land on top of him. "Get off of me!"

"What's going on?" Yami said as he stirred.

"Storm!" Joey cried. He ran upstairs and was greeted by the pelting rain. He ran into the cabin where Mai was behind the wheel.

"I'm glad one of you idiots woke up! We're in a lot of trouble." She said.

"Uh oh!" Joey said and was tossed to one end of the cabin.

"Get up here and help me!" She snapped.

Seto ran to Mai and helped her steer. "It's too strong." He grunted as they tried to turn the wheel.

"Ahh!" Joey screamed and ran into Mai.

"Joey! The ship didn't even move!" She said and pushed him off of her.

"Sorry." He blushed and stood up.

"We have to get out of here before this thing capsizes!" Seto said. The ship swayed back and forth.

"TOO LATE!" Mai shouted and the final wave hit and took the ship under. Everything went dark for everyone.


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