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Seto finally pulled himself up onto the shore and gave out a sigh. He looked around at the landscape and frowned. It was the exact same as the other island, save for some extra rocks on the shore. "Fan-flippin-tastic." He muttered. He then heard the sound of loud splashing behind him.

"About time you got here." He smirked. "I told you you stood no chance against me."

Joey let out a cough. "Shut up Kaiba! I would have beaten ya if it hadn't been for sissy boy hear clinging to my leg when he got a stomach cramp." He glared at the boy behind him.

It was a serious stomach cramp." Duke whined. "I could have died."

Joey gave a sigh. "Such a wonderful thought." He said.

"Hey, what did I ever do to you?" He snapped.

"Try, taking advantage of my sweet little sister for one!" He shot back.

"You don't own her. Why don't you stop meddling in other people's relationships and try getting your own you loser!" Duke growled.

Yami was the last to arrive. He approached the bickering group. "We'll, is there anything useful on this Ra forsaken island?" He asked.

Seto shook his head. "Doesn't look like it."

"We're going to die out here." Duke cried.

"Snap out of it." Joey said slapping him across the face.

"Don't slap me!" Duke said, slapping him back.

"Don't slap me!"


"You started this!"


"Shut up or I'll beat you two into the sand." Seto growled.

"Bring it on!" They turned, fists ready.

Is everyone really going to just keep trying to kill each other? Yami thought. That's when he quickly hushed the group.

"Something is coming." He hissed.

The boys stopped their fighting and looked down the beach. A dust trail was picking up further down the shore.

"What the hell is that?" Joey asked.

"It…it looks like a person." Duke replied.

"Our prayers have been answered!" Joey cried. "There is life on this freaking island!"

As the dust approached, the sounds of screaming could be heard. "Help me! Oh god help me!" The man was crying. He was running full tilt, kicking up dust behind him. Just before he reached the group his foot caught on a rock and he came down hard on his face in front of them. He looked up quickly spitting dust. He clung to Yami's pants.

"Oh, please. Help me!" He cried.

"What's the matter?" Yami said with concern in his eyes.

"They're….they're crazy. They're going to kill me. They will kill you too. They're evil!" He cried, eyes shifting back and forth rapidly.

Yami looked over at his friends with worry on his face. The boys shrugged back at him. Yami looked down at the man. "We'll do what we can. What's wrong?"

Just then, the sound of drums began to approach. The man's eyes widened with horror. "Oh, no. Oh no. It's too late. We're dead. We're all dead!" He whimpered. He stood up and grabbed the poor Pharaoh by his shirt. "We need to hide, or were dead."

Yami looked back at his friends. "We'll, it couldn't hurt to listen to the crazy man just in case." He said.

Feeling there was no other choice, they all ran to cover under some bushes not far off the shore.

"Could someone get him off of me? He's pulling my pants down." Yami whispered as he squirmed under the bush.

The boys attempted to remove the man's death grip with minimal success. Seto turned his attention to the approaching drums. He looked on as out of the trees came…

"What the hell?" Seto asked in a hushed voice.

The other boys looked up, with the same look of confusion.

Joey looked down at the man that was clinging to Yami and grabbed him by the shirt, still keeping his voice low. "Are you freaking insane? You nearly gave us a heart attack over…over…"

"Bunnies." Duke added, with a dumbfounded look on his face.

"No." The man said horrified. "Those are no normal bunnies. They are pure evil."

"Oh sure. Next your going to tell us to put tinfoil hats on our heads because the aliens are going to eat our brains." Joey said, voice dripping with sarcasm.

"That's stupid." The man replied.

"Hmph." Joey frowned.

"It's the zombies that will eat your brains." The man added.

Duke leaned over the Seto's ear. "I think someone had been stranded even longer than us." He whispered. Seto nodded and his eyes quickly widened in horror when he noticed the one bunny at the front of the pack.

"That little bastard has my coat!" He shouted albeit a little too loud. The bunnies immediately looked over in the direction of the sound.

"Looks like we've been found out." Duke said. The boys left the safety of the cover, now that it provided no purpose. The man, still clung to Yami's pants.

"For the love of Ra, let go of me." He shouted.

The bunnies stared at the group of boys with curiosity on their faces.

Joey approached the group of bunnies. "Awww. They're so cute."

"Are you kidding me Joey? Those are the ugliest [beep]ing rabbits I've ever seen." Duke snorted.

"No. They're adorable. Aren't you?" He said turning to the bunnies, reaching out to give one a pet.

The bunnies stared on with confused looks. Then in unison, they raised the sticks they'd been holding behind their backs.



Meanwhile, on the other side of the island…

Tristan, Yami Bakura and Yugi were having very limited success with their fishing.

"We've been out here forever." Tristan whined. "And we haven't caught anything."

"Oh quit whining. Fishing takes time." Yami Bakura snapped.

"I'm gonna have to eat my shoe before we catch anything." Tristan continued. He then looked down at the shoe on his foot, which actually was starting to look tasty.

"Don't worry Tristan. I'm sure we'll catch something." Yugi tried to reassure him.

They continued to sit in silence. This was sooooo boring.

"That's it, let's give up. I'm tired of sitting out here. I'm hungry and we're not catching anything." Tristan demanded.

"Fine." The other boys said. As they started to pack up, Yugi heard a noise on his side of the boat in the water. "Hey, check it out!" He cried.

The boys looked over the side to discover a rather large friendly dolphin sticking its head out of the water.

"Hey little guy! Aren't you friendly?" Yugi smiled.

The dolphin responded with chirps and clicks.

"I think he likes you." Yami Bakura said.

Yugi then sensed the threatening shadow over his shoulder. "Dinner." Tristan said. He stood poised on the edge of the boat with a spear in his hand and drool coming out of his mouth.

"What!" Yugi cried. "You can't kill him. He's a dolphin."

"Is he edible?"

"I guess so but-"

"Good enough for me."

Yugi put his hand up to stop the spear. "No! Please, you can't kill the dolphin. I already named him!"

"I didn't hear you name him." Tristan frowned.

"Yes I did. He's Captain Sparkle." Yugi said.

"Excuse me? Could you repeat that because I think I have some GAY in my ear." Yami Bakura said rubbing his ear.

"Even so. I named him dinner before you did, so he's mine!" Tristan said, the blood lust growing in his eyes. Before Tristan could hit the dolphin it turned and headed away from the boat.

Yugi let out a sigh. "Phew. Good, Captain Sparkle got away."

"I repeat myself again….GAY."

"Oh shut up."

"Don't think you're getting away that fast dinner!" cried Tristan.


Tristan dove into the water and began swimming after Captain Sparkle.

"Tristan no! Dolphins can sense hostility! You'll be finished!" Yugi shouted.

Tristan looked back with a smirk. "Oh please, what's CAPTAIN SPARKLE gonna do? Back flip me to death?"

Yami Bakura chuckled. "It's not a Sea World pet Tristan! Plus, it's not him you have to be afraid of. It's-"

"Ak kak ka ka ka ka"

"His entire family."

"Sweet holy hell! There's like 50 of them!" Tristan cried.

"Swim Tristan! Swim!" Yugi shouted.

Tristan swam as fast as he cold, but was no match of the number of dolphins.

"No, please. Don't hurt me! I…I was a big fan of flipper. Huge! Nooooooo!"


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