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~*~Kagome's POV~*~

"KAGOME!" Yelled a voice. "Get up or else, mom said she has important stuff!"

Title~Different Colors

Chapter 1~Shut up and pack your bags!

By~Moon Prynces

I awoke to the 'sweet' sound of Souta yelling from downstairs, which of course was very loud. My brain was telling me to get up but my arms and legs wouldn't move. I finally decided to open my eyes and tried to adjust them. My room was still dark but I could see streaks of light peaking from behind the shades. My eyes scanned the room again; it was the same way I left it last night. Magazines in a pile on the floor, my computer still on, a few clothes scattered on the floor with the closet door still open, and me hanging halfway off the bed.

I closed my eyes again and collected all the strength I had and with a lot of effort was able to move my foot to the floor, unfortunately one of Souta's toy cars somehow ended up there. So as my foot made contact I slipped and fell off the bed.

"Ugh…ow…my back." Was all I said after hearing something go crack. I slowly got up while holding onto the bed for support.

"Kagome, hurry and get dressed!" I heard my mom call. "We're going out for breakfast!"

Oh for the love of… Of all the days to go out early in the morning did she have to pick my bad day? Oh well, no time to argue.

I took a shower as fast as I could with my aching back (don't I sound like some old person?) and changed into a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I quickly combed out my hair and put on a pair of sneakers.

I slowly and quietly crept down the stairs like I usually do. I almost always end up scaring someone like this and everyone calls me cat girl because of my stealth. As I neared the bottom I heard mom and grandpa talking about something so I waited and listened, even though I don't like eavesdropping.

"Are you sure we should do this? What if-" I heard my grandpa get cut off.

"I'm positive. This will give them a chance to catch up and maybe have more new experiences. We can't keep her boxed up like a child." My mother said.

"Alright but I'm sure Souta will get lonely without a big sister around." My grandpa sighed again.

What's going on? My head was spinning. Were they sending me away? Why? Did I do something wrong?

I decided now wasn't the time to ponder these new thoughts. I silently crept back upstairs and proceeded down again, as though I hadn't heard a thing.

"Mom I'm ready!" I called halfway down the stairs. I made my way to the living room where mom and grandpa were sitting down.

"Ok." My mom said standing up. "Go and get Souta from the kitchen and I'll get the car started." She made her way to the door after grabbing her keys from a nearby table.

"You coming?" I asked Grandpa and looked down at him.

"No I've had breakfast and I've got some things to do anyway. I'll see you three when you come back." With that he got up and left through the kitchen door and probably out the back door too.

I thought for a moment and then made my way to the kitchen. "Souta, mom is waiting for us in the car."

I was met with the sight of him sitting at the table and his face in a bowl of cereal and milk that was in front of him. Apparently he had stayed up too late last night playing video games because when I tapped him to wake him up, he jumped out of the chair and threw the spoon in his hand at the fridge, yelling 'Die you stupid aliens! You'll never catch me alive!' It was the first day of summer vacation after all.

"Huh? Where am I?" He asked.

"C'mon mom is waiting for us to leave." I said and started dragging him out to the car.

As I stepped outside I immediately felt the sun's hot rays hit my face and cause me to squint my eyes. Due to this distraction Souta wriggled out of my grasp and went into the car in the driveway. I took this time to pull out a pair of sunglasses. The glass was completely dark so no one could look me directly in the eyes and the frame was a nice silver color.

I slowly and casually walked to the car, opened the front passenger door and got in. This, I knew, was getting my mom angry; she doesn't like to waste time. When I got in the car I could hear her tapping her fingers on the steering wheel and I heard her mutter something when she turned to look at the side mirror. I just grinned; my day was better already.

My name is Kagome Higurashi. You already know about my brother, Souta, and mom and grandpa. I'm 16 years old, almost 17. I live in Japan. And today is how everything started. By everything I mean everything good, bad, and well, the rest of my life.

Before I knew it mom drove us to a small diner. We went inside and took a seat at an empty table close to the door. I chose it, in case I wanted to leave, fast. Someone that worked there came over and we ordered pancakes, eggs, toast, bacon, orange juice and coffee, you know, the usual breakfast. None of us had still said a word to each other and I was starting to get suspicious. Usually mom would start something about the weather or news or Souta would start whining and complaining about something like a new videogame he wanted.

I looked around at them carefully. Mom was fidgeting with her nails and Souta was staring out the window. I narrowed my eyes. Something was not right. So I tried to start a conversation, wow that's something you don't see everyday.

"So…mom are we going anywhere for this vacation? Or another boring, stay at home thing?" I asked after swallowing a mouthful of pancakes.

All she did was turn to look at me and...shrugged! MY MOM gave ME the 'I-don't-care, whatever' shrug? I was so shocked I didn't say another word and kept on eating.

I glanced at my watch. It had been a long hour in which we tried to eat everything we ordered, but in the end one strip of bacon was left. No one said much still, but I didn't mind anymore. I had my earphones in and nodded or shrugged when something happened.

After a minute I realized mom was looking at me with this guilty look.

"Kagome?" She started in that motherly voice. Ugh.

"Hm?" I looked up from my lap.

"Well, your grandfather and I have been thinking and talking." Whoa big surprise. "And…we've made a decision." Well tell me already, my head screamed. She took one big breath and then let it out. "We're sending you to live with your cousin Miroku…for the year."

I did the first thing that popped into my head; wow isn't that cliché? I ran right out of that stupid place. I knew choosing a seat near the door was a good idea. I heard my mom call after me and saw Souta's face from the window as I walked by. I put my earphones back in and kept walking to find a nice, quiet, secluded area. I needed to straighten out some thoughts. I realized I had never taken off my sunglasses and was thankful, this way no one could look me directly in the eyes.

I came upon an empty…park; no I'm kidding, park-ing lot. Not many cars were actually there and no one was around, since it was like 10:00 am or something. So I grabbed a seat on the hood of some strangers car, and a cool one to make it look like mine, wow aren't I a bad person?

My thoughts rolled out. I was going to live…with my cousin…Miroku, whom I've not seen for about 5 years. One year…in the same house…with Miroku. The last time I saw him we were totally different, but I changed, maybe he did too. Another thought struck me.

I'll be with Miroku and his parents. My mom and grandpa will be here, at home, not with me. So now I wouldn't have so many rules to follow, maybe. Well, I guess that's a good thing. Or it could be worse than this.

But what about Souta? He will be alone. Now I know what they were talking about before. Hm…he'll survive, but still…

It's just one year.

It's not like I have much to leave behind. I never made it my priority to have friends, just acquaintances.

But everything will be different. I won't know how to find my way around like usual. I won't know anyone there. I never realized it till now, but I don't like change. Changes that screw up your life or something.

I also think my life is a total waste. Why bother go through with it, if I'm going to die anyway…just like…dad. That was one of those changes, when dad died, everything was different.

I'm not going. They can't force me! I'm a teenager; almost mature enough to be an adult. Besides what 'new experience' could come out of this? I'm not a boxed up child. They-

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard a car alarm go off. That reminded me that I was sitting on someone's car! The same one that was causing the noise too!

So I jumped off the car and looked at it with wide eyes. Someone yelled at me with a 'Hey you! What're you doing?' I looked to see a guy running towards me and I think he was angry. He must be the owner of the car.

So without a word I ran all the way home and I know no one could keep up with me so I didn't bother looking back. I guess I shouldn't do that again, but that doesn't mean I won't.

When I got to the front door I started laughing at what had happened. Man am I stupid. That guy looked angry but it's not like I did anything to his car. So I ran for no reason! Ha! Yup, I'm stupid.

After a few minutes I remembered what I was going to do. I looked at the driveway and saw mom's car so they must be home by now. How long was I gone anyway?

I made a serious face and slowly opened the front door.

Mom and grandpa were sitting in the living room having tea. I walked in and they looked up. Mom looked a bit sad and grandpa looked a bit relieved.

"Mom I think we need to talk." I stated calmly.

"Yes, we do, sit down and have some tea at least."

"No thanks. Mom, I am not going." I said, again calmly. I looked up from the floor to see her with a shocked expression.

"Kagome, I'm sorry but you have no choice." I heard her voice rise a little.

"Why? Why are you sending me away? What did I do?"

"You didn't do anything Kagome." Grandpa interrupted.

"We just think you've been spending too much time at home. You don't hang out with any friends and spend so much time in your room. Being bottled up isn't healthy." Mom said in a calm, caring voice. "You and Miroku can see each other and maybe you'll learn a few things in a new place." She suddenly stopped and grandpa and her exchanged a glance and nod and turned back to me.

"I don't care! I'll lock myself in my room all I want!" I yelled. Did I say I was mature? Oops. "I'm not going anywhere!"

"Kagome stop yelling!" My mother shouted at me.

"Look who's talking!" I yelled again. "I'm not going and you can't force me." I said a little quieter than before.

"Kagome Higurashi!" She yelled. Uh-oh, she's really mad. "You are still a child by the way you're acting. You are my daughter and a minor. You live in my house and what I say goes. And I say you are going to be living with your cousin for a year!"

"No! I won't!" I said back.

"Kagome, go upstairs and pack your bags! You're leaving tomorrow!"

"What?" I glared at her one last time and ran upstairs to my room and made sure to slam the door hard.

~*~Next Day~*~

"Kagome!" I heard mom call. I could hear her footsteps coming closer to my door. Then she silently knocked on the door. "Kagome get up dear."

Silence was all she got. I sat up in my bed and had been hugging my knees, waiting for the inevitable. I had fallen asleep early yesterday, drowning in my thoughts. This morning I got up before the sun and couldn't fall asleep so I just sat there, on my bed, staring at the white wall, with no particular thought at all.

*Knock knock* "Kagome, are you alright?" A few moments of silence passed. "Kagome? Please open the door. We need to talk."

"We talked yesterday." I was surprised at how calm I sounded.

Another moment of silence passed and I heard her sigh on the other side of the door. Then her footsteps slowly walking away.

~*~Next Day~*~

A knock on the door broke me out of my trance, followed by two more.

"Kagome. Mom said to come out. You gotta go now." Souta said on the other side of the door. He sounded a bit sad.

"Sorry Souta. I'm not going anywhere." I sighed.

~*~Next Day~*~

Day 3 already, wow. I heard heavy footsteps walk up to my door. I sighed, no ones going to give up here.

"Kagome?" It was grandpa this time. "Please open the door. I want to talk to you."

I sighed. "Ok." I slowly got off the chair I was sitting in and made my way to the door. I carefully turned the lock and then the knob. I opened the door. "Come in."

He walked in and sat in the chair I had been in.

"Kagome, what's wrong?"

"Why do I have to leave? Why for a year? I could survive a week or two, but a year?" I closed the door and sat on the bed across from him.

"Kagome, please understand, it is in your best interest."

"But why? All of a sudden she just tells me and hopes I'll be fine?" I calmed down from before so I spoke softly.

He closed his eyes and by the look on his face he was deciding on telling me something or not. He opened his eyes. "Don't worry. You might see us sooner than expected or some of us."

What did he mean? Would I come home earlier if I didn't like it there or something?

"You should think about it more. You haven't seen Miroku in a while and you might like it there."

"But…it's hard for me." I said quietly. He gave me a confused look. "Everything will…change, like when dad left."

"Kagome that change was something we couldn't avoid and it did make things bad but this change might be something good. It may help you with your socializing. None of us want to see you, a beautiful young lady, with no friends or worse." He made a face with disgust at the last part. "No lover or boyfriend."

I smiled. Grandpa cheered me up a little. Maybe it is a good change. "Yea, I guess I could rethink this. And you guys are right; it really might improve my life. Besides I don't wanna go back to school with…" I shuddered. "Hojo."

I got off the bed and he got off the chair. I gave grandpa a hug and he left to probably tell everyone else.

After he left I closed my door. I cannot believe I just had one of those mushy moments with MY GRANDFATHER!

Oh yea, might as well start packing.


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