I'm Mary Sue

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The trio was going into their 5th year. As it was, Harry and Ron were tall and handsome, and hermione had "filled out."

When the trio stepped on to the train, all the girls swooned and fell on to the other girls who had swooned after seeing Malfoy, because of the aw inspiring boy-who-wouldn't die.

Ron of course didn't notice, his eyes were glued to the front of Hermione's shirt.

As soon as the three were settled in a compartment (funny, they always get their own) Ron brought up the subject of relationships. Hermione said she was free, same as Harry (who was WAY over Cho, I mean, she was a pregnant mother in a trailer park, why would he still like her?) and Ron.

Ron then proceeded to ask the girl of the trio out, and was slapped, he rubbed his face and smiled.

"Meow," he purred.

Then, they all shaded their eyes as a wonderfully beautiful girl, no wait, women, walked into the compartment.

"Hello," she said. "My name is Amethyst Alexandria Augusta Araminta Adelaide Ayrelia Anne, but you can call me Mary Sue.

Mary Sue was beautiful, her hair was a light golden color, like sweet honey, and her eyes were a light blue/purple (but note that her hair and eyes will be changing with the seasons to ensure she is color coordinated with the landscape.)

She was petite, but not short, skinny, like a healthy model, and her cheeks glowed with the beauty of youthfulness.

Harry and Ron were amazed and proceeded to stumble through the rest of the train ride, not even noticing that Mary Sue had left the compartment, and was making rounds around the train.

By the time the students had reached the great hall, all the boys were acting lovestruck, and even a few girls.

"Now that we have sorted all the first years, I would like to announce the arrival of a new student, I won't tell you why she has suddenly transferred to the hardest magical school in the world, when she was always a muggle before, so here she is.Mary Sue!" said Professor Mcgonigal (a/n if you could tell me how to spell this, I would apprecialte it..)

Mary Sue flipped her long silky hair and slowly waled up the stage, amid the loud applause of the entire population of Hogwarts.

" Hello all, I am Mary Sue, I am sure you will all love me. Everyone is my friend. I can relate to Harry because my parents were killed when I was an infant by an evil sorcerer. And I can relate to you Ron, because I was then moved into a foster family full of may children and I felt over looked and very common. And I can relate to you Hermione because I was then moved to another family of doctors who wanted me to overachieve and tat made me really smart. And then I was moved here, and I'm sure I will love it, now, I believe I should be sorted.

Professor what's-her-name put the hat on her head (are you sure it won't ruin my hair?) and then the hall sat there in silence.

"Gryffininclawpuffyslyth," the hat bellowed.

"Wow, I guess I'm so perfect the hat can't decide where to put me!"

"You can sleep in my house," many boys said loudly.

Mary Sue pursed her lips, "I think I'd like to sleep with Harry, I meam, in the Gryffindor house."

So they all proceeded to sleep, dreaming dreams of Mary Sue, even Mary Sue herself dreamt of herself.


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