He stared at the paperclip. His entire being was focused on this single ordinary object. A boy of just four years old attempted to will the paperclip towards him. He clenched his teeth hard enough that they grinded together.

"Izuku, honey, we need to get going to the doctor so we won't be late." said his mother, Inko Midoriya, as she entered the room, slamming the door behind her shut. The loud *BANG* from the door startled Izuku out of his reverie.

He jumped from the noise, hitting the table in the process. The shaking of the paperclip was exactly what he was going for, but he was frustrated by the fact he couldn't do it with just his mind.

"AAAAHHHHH WHY WON'T THIS STUPID THING MOVE!?" he yelled towards the, apparently stupid, paperclip, letting out his pent up frustration. In that moment, the paperclip shot away from him at supersonic speeds, busting a hole in the wall, with smoke billowing off of it.

Izuku and his mother both blinked, still attempting to process what just happened. Finally Izuku took a deep breath, and from the bottom of his heart, shouted with joy, "YYYEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!"

"MOM, did you see that!? I was just like, 'AAHH', and it just went 'FWWOOOOOOMMMM'!" Izuku said excitedly, eyes sparkling. He wanted to share his achievement with his mother. After all, this meant he finally had a quirk, and it was such a powerful one too! He ran over to the hole in the wall, and put his eye to it. Looking through, he could see that the next three walls had holes in them as well. The last one opening up to the outside.

Izuku charged to the door, hoping to keep the first object his quirk was used for. His still startled mother followed him, as the situation had finally started to sink in.

Her son, who was four years and one month old, had finally manifested his quirk! She had been worried about him, all of the other kids were already bragging about their quirks to anyone they could. Even Mitsuki's son had been boasting about it when he was last over. That, and constantly questioning when Izuku would get his quirk.

When they got outside, they saw most of the paperclip lodged in the sidewalk. Izuku dashed over and started to pull it from the ground, only for his hand to dart back to his side after just one touch.

"HOT!" He yelled as he waved his hand around in an attempt to cool it off, the start of tears teasing the corners of his eyes. Inko ran over worried for her son.

"Let's go inside and run it under some cool water, I'll grab the paperclip while you do that." She said, already pushing him back towards the house.

Izuku and his mother entered the house after the appointment with the doctor, who uselessly revealed that Izuku should have a quirk. Naturally, the appointment was cut short when Inko mentioned his quirk. After registering his quirk temporarily as telekinesis after a few tests, they were out of there.

Izuku was absolutely giddy when he got home. He ran straight to his room so he could watch his favorite video. It was All Might's debut video, where he saved hundreds of people, with a smile on his face the entire time.

He looked up to his mom in anticipation, "Can I become a hero just like All Might?" he asked, with stars in his eyes.

Inko looked down at her son, and in that moment, knew he would do great things in the future. So, without any hesitation, she nodded, "Of course baby, you'll be even better than All Might."

Izuku shed tears of pure joy. He didn't say anything as he hugged his mother, his sniffles being the only sound he made before he fell asleep from the exhaustion of the day.

AN: This is my first time trying to write something, and it was also just a random thought I had. I don't have much plans, nor am I keeping myself to any type of schedule, but I do hope you can enjoy what I decide to write. This mostly came from me and my friends discussing potential OP uses for telekinesis. That said, this will probably end up with a OP Izuku.