Just a plan
Author: Poly

What do you mean there not mine! Are you sure?

Part I
The plan

Ranma was sitting on the roof of the Tendo dojo. There was nothing
unusual about that. Except this time it would be a while before he
would be back. He didn't know if he should be happy or sad. Leaving
Nerima would mean leaving all the chaos behind. Something he
desperately wanted. It would also mean leaving the only home he had
known for the past year. He just didn't think he had a choice. After the
failed wedding he just blew up. It was the first time he really lost his
temper and he never wanted it to happen again. He was glad his
mother came up with the idea for him to get away during summer
break. After experiencing the bombed wedding and learning this was
almost a normal routine in Ranma's live Nodoka was furious. She felt
action had to be taken. And after Ranma actually lost his temper she
felt the need more pressing. So she came up with the idea of taking
Ranma with her. As expected Soun wailed about how the schools
would never be joined and Genma bellowed something about family
honor. His mother had put her foot down.

"Genma, you had him for the past 10 yours and now it is my turn!"

The steel katana was another incentive of course. His father was still
cowering in his panda form from that confrontation. The fiancées
where wise enough to stay away for a while. Ranma was still mad at
them for almost hurting his mother. Shampoo's actions he could
almost understand with here 'kill all obstacles' attitude. But Ukyo...?!

What was she thinking! Fortunately the school year was over and he
did not have to deal with her on a daily basis. Not yet anyway. He
would go away for awhile and... actually he did not know where he
would be going. His mother thought it best she was the only one to
know for now. That left him with only one problem. One he avoided
thinking about until now.


After his blowup she became somewhat subdued. He knew it was
because of him. Things were said in anger. Because of his loss of
control he couldn't remember them clearly. They didn't have their
usual arguments lately and conversations where down to a bare
minimum. Akane seemed to avoid him at every opportunity.

Ranma sighed. His mind was going in circles like this. With fluid
motions he walked to the edge of the roof, only slightly hesitating
above Akane's room. Entering the guestroom his usual way, by means
of the window, he got ready for bed. His father was already snoring in
his panda form.

He could swear his pop spent more time sleeping as a panda then a
human being. It seemed almost poetic for the lazy old fool. Yawning
he lay down on his futon and was promptly asleep.


The next morning started as usual. Like clockwork the two Saotome's
started their morning sparing sessions. At least that was what Genma
liked to think. For Ranma it was his usual morning 'beat the panda'
workout. He could easily defeat his pop nowadays. This was especially
true after Saffron. His aura control had increased leaps and bounds
after that.

As expected a loud splash was heard and one instant panda, just add
water, wobbled to the porch to dry his fur.

"You're getting slow old man. That wasn't even a warm up." Ranma

The panda pulled out a sign.

[Show some respect for you elder boy]

Ranma snorted and walked inside to get some breakfast. The Tendo
patriarch was sitting at the table his head hidden behind a newspaper.
Nabiki walked in watching groggily while holding a cup of coffee. She
was not a morning person. Kasumi smiling as always serving Ranma
his breakfast.

"Ranma, your mother just called. She will be here in one hour. You
better hurry with breakfast and get your things packed."

"Thanks Kasumi" Ranma responded. Digging into his food with gusto
he finished in record time.

He looked around the room after cleaning out his rice bowl. He

"Where is Akane?"

"I think she is still in here room." The eldest daughter said.

Ranma sighed. He really wanted to talk to her but she still seemed to
avoid him.

"Thanks for breakfast Kasumi. It was wonderful as always."

"Your welcome Ranma-kun. Would you like me to prepare some
lunches for you and your mother to take with you?" Kasumi asked.

"That would be great. I'd better started packing now." Rising from the
table he headed for the stairs. He spared a quick glance towards
Akane's door when he walked past. Somewhat downcast he reached
his room to gather his things. Even after living here for more than a
year he still didn't own much. Just a couple of his trademark Chinese
outfits. He smirked, even his female wardrobe was bigger than this.
He paused. He didn't notice at first but he had started packing a
couple of dresses as well. Most of them where bought when his mother
was visiting, and he had to hide as 'Ranko'. He smiled a little. They
where gifts from his mother, even if she did not know at the time. It
wouldn't be right to just leave them here. He didn't mind his female
form that much anymore. He only protested out of habit nowadays
because it was expected of him. And if he had to be a girl sometimes
she might as well look GOOD as a girl. It didn't take long after that
before his pack was ready.

The doorbell rang. Somewhat unusual since most visitors these days
had the habit of crashing through walls. As always Kasumi answered
the door.

"Aunty Saotome! Please come in. Ranma should be ready in a minute."

"Why thank you Kasumi. I believe there is my son now."

Ranma, having heard his mother's voice, came down the stairs
carrying his pack.

"Hi mom. I have everything I need so I'm ready to go. Let me just say
goodbye first."

He said a quick goodbye to the Tendo's and his father, giving Kasumi a
hug. He was about to turn to the door when a bedroom door opened
and Akane stormed downstairs. The startled Ranma found himself in a
tight hug from the smaller dark-haired girl.

"Just stay out of trouble." She whispered in his ear. Then she was
gone leaving a baffled Ranma behind. He looked down at his hands
where Akane had pressed a small package wrapped in plain brown

"Come along Ranma. It's time we go." His mother said. Together they
left the dojo compound and headed towards the train station.

"Where are we going mom? You haven't told me before."

His mother smiled. "I had the good fortune to meet an old friend of
mine. She is currently away for an extended stay in the U.S. and
allowed me to use of her apartment in Juuban."

Ranma blinked. "Juuban? Sounds like a nice place. Should be more
peaceful then Nerima."

Arriving at the train station Nodoka perched some tickets and they
boarded their train. With a sigh of relief Ranma dropped in his seat. He
had finally some rest for a while. He remembered the package Akane
had given him. Now seemed like a good time to open it. Pulling it from
his pocket he carefully opened it. It contained a letter in Akane's
handwriting and a pendent. He was somewhat puzzled. He picked up
the letter and started to read.

Dear Ranma,
When you read this letter, you should be well on your way to where
ever your mother is taking you. I know we haven't talked much lately
and that is way I am writing this letter. I was avoiding you because I
needed to sort out some of my own feelings. I could not face you at
the time. You were still mad at me because I knew about the cask at
the wedding. I know now I shouldn't have kept it from you. It was
your choice after all. I guess I was just a little selfish and afraid you
would leave me. The pendant that is included in the package is my
penance for that. It's not a cure. The shopkeeper that sold me this told
me it had the ability to suppress a curse. It should keep you from
being splashed all the time. You still change when you come in contact
with water but it should keep the random changes to a minimum. I will
be staying with two of my cousins this summer. They life in the
peaceful countryside outside Tokyo city. I haven't seen them for
years. You can find the address at the bottom of this letter. If you
want me to we can write each other.

I love you.

This was not something Ranma had expected. He picked up the
pendent and looked at it. It was a sapphire stone shaped like an
upside down obelisk. It seemed to shine with an inner light. It was
attached to a chain made from thin silver shackles. He was wondering
how he was supposed to carry it when an idea struck him. He quickly
braided the chain in his pigtail leaving the stone at the end. His mother
raised an eyebrow when she noticed this and directed a questioning
look in his direction. He smiled at her and handed her the letter.
After reading it she send a warm smile in the direction of her son.

"I'm happy for you Ranma. As soon as we arrive at the apartment you
can write her a letter, ok?"

"Thanks mom. I would like that."

The train pulled in the Juuban train station. Mother and son
disembarked and worked there way to the exit.

"Ranma. There are some important things I have to tell you." Nodoka
laid a hand on her sons arm to get his full attention.

"While we are here I want you to keep yourself in check. The people
here are not used to high powered martial artist like in Nerima."

Ranma tried to say something but his mother interrupted.

"I know Ranma. Genma thought you everything is training right? You
can see this as a training exercise in self-control. Unless you think
you're not up to it." The last thing was said with a slight smile.

The pigtailed martial artist sputtered. "Hey!"

His mother's smile broadened.

"Let's get to the apartment building son. It's already getting late"

They where about to enter Juuban Park when they noticed something
unusual; a monster that looked like it consisted of mud roughly shaped
in a human form was fighting a couple of girls in really short skirts.
Ranma blinked. It wasn't the unusual outfits that got his attention. He
had worn weirder stuff himself after all. The bunny costume came to
mind. It was rater the powerful auras these girls seemed to emit. One
of the girls wearing a red skirt let loose some sort of fire attack
reducing the monster to dust. Immediate afterwards the group of girls
seemed to be surrounded by a mob of reporters.

His mother gasped and looked starry eyed to the group of girls. Ranma
grew a large sweatdrop.

"Those are the famous sailor scouts." She squealed like a teenager.
She was obviously a big fan.

"Sailor scouts?" Ranma asked dumb struck.

"Why yes!" His mother answered "They fight for love and justice and
have saved many people. You see Ranma; there is nothing to worry
about while you are staying here. Now come along, we are almost near
the apartment."


Ranma was laying on a western style bed in the apartment's
guestroom. He sulked, although he would never admit that. A bunch of
girl's with weird powers got all the fun trashing monsters while his
mother wanted him to keep safe. It just wasn't fair! He really wanted
to fight those monsters. He developed some cool new moves after
China he really wanted to try. They just weren't safe to use on any
human opponents. He supposed his mother was right in some things
though. With the way those reporters in the park where mobbing those
girls he was reluctant to show anybody his abilities. Those sailor scouts
didn't seemed too bothered though. It seemed nobody know who they
where anyway. They probably had the perfect disguise. This is when
his thoughts stopped. The perfect disguise... he grinned.

Only sailor scouts fought those monsters right? They wouldn't really
notice another one right?

He felled almost giddy. So much to plan, so much to do. An almost
maniacal grin appeared on his face.