Just a plan
Author: Poly

What do you mean they're not mine! Are you sure?


Ranma was walking the streets of Nerima, enjoying the summer day. He
was thinking about the meeting after the toy store fight. Fight was
actually an overstatement. It all ended rather anticlimactic. Ranma was
kind of disappointed because he didn't get a good challenge. Those
golems the wild cards had created had been a better fight.

That Setsuna lady had explained what their enemy actually was.
Apparently, a long time ago, there were five cards created to function as
practice dummies for the Senshi. The so-called 'wild cards'. Each card had
it's own element. Earth, water, fire, air and time. Together they formed a
collective capable of challenging the Senshi to improve. Manipulating the
elements, the cards could create those humanoid-shaped monsters, or
golems as they were called.

Ranma sighed. As was his experience with magic so often, something
went wrong and the cards went rogue. They were then sealed into a
wooden box, where they remained until they managed to escape just
before he had come to Juuban. Fortunately, they were sealed back up
again. With the cards powers gone, the Senshi, that had been trapped in
the toy store, had been freed easily.

After that eventful meeting, they had departed. The rest of Ranma's stay
in Juuban was somewhat dull in comparison. He had good times whit with
his new friends in the meantime, although he had yet to explain the curse
to them. Luckily, Usagi already knew. Usagi would come to Nerima next
week to visit. She had promised to bring a copy of the magazine that
published the photographs taken at the fair as well. He frowned a little. He
didn't know how he was going to explain that to the others. He shrugged.
He would see what would come of it. At least he could introduce Akane
and Usagi to each other.

Speaking of his tomboy fiancee, she should be arriving back home from
her aunt right about now. He smiled. He wondered what she would think
of the present he had left in her room.

* * *

Akane could hardly believe it. Ranma had brought her one of the best
presents she ever had. It was a large T-shirt signed by all the inner
Senshi. She didn't know how he had done it, but she loved it.

She looked it over excitedly. There was Moon's autograph, and Venus had
decorated it with little flowers and bunnies. Mercury was more to the left
in a neat handwriting. Autographs of Jupiter and Mars were below that.
Both Senshi she respected greatly. There was a single autograph at the
bottom. The autograph of the latest Senshi. Sapphire. The hand writing
looked vaguely familiar though. Akane examined it suspiciously. The
handwriting looked like the writing of.


* * *


Additional authors note:
That's it folks! A lot of people are probably disappointed that this fic is
complete. Don't worry though. There are still some loose ends I want to
wrap up. I'm just not currently sure how I'm going to do it. As things
stand now I have a couple ideas about a sequel 'Just a plan: Nerima visit'.
Don't hold your breath though. I want to concentrate on some other
projects first. I hope you all enjoyed this story full of silliness and
downright lunacy. Special thanks go to my pre readers that helped me in
various stages of this fic. In no particular order:

Crescent pulsar
Mark Severson
Nicolas Bartell
Kevin Hammel

Thank you! Additional thanks to all the people that helped me in other
way's or inspired me.

Complete as of February the 5th 2004