Just a plan
Author: Poly

Authors note:
And another chapter done! I'm keeping them around 2000 words each.
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there are still plenty of opportunities too change things.

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Part IV

When the screaming started both Ami and Rei ran out the bookstore. They
stopped when they noticed the monster waltzing down the street.

"Let's go over there and transform." Rei pointed towards a small alley on
their right.

Once the two girls were out of sight, they pulled out there Hanshin rods
and transformed into Sailor Mars and Mercury. Ami immediately started to
assess the situation. She scanned the monster using her computer.

"This new creature seems to be roughly twice the size of the one we
encountered in Juuban Park. I'm getting stronger energy readings as

"I will turn it into dust no matter how big it is." Mars took a step forward
and readied her attack.

"Flame sniper!"

The monster seemed unfazed by the approaching attack. At the last
second it seemed to flow to the side reforming its body back to its
humanoid form.

"We better be careful Mars! That thing is extremely fast. It's nothing like
the last one we encountered."

She barely managed to finish her words when the mud monster flowed
forwards. Half a dozen tentacles seemed to fly from its side trying to grab
the two Senshi. Both girls started dodging like mad. It was all they could
do for now to prevent from being grabbed.

* * *

Usagi and Ranma both stared at the mud monster for a minute.

"Wow. It's big." Ranma commented.

Usagi was thinking about an excuse too leave and keep her new friend
safe when Ranma beat her to the punch.

"Should call for the police or something?"

"That's a good idea! You go look for a phone over there and I will go in
the opposite direction."

Ranma was relieved when Usagi seemed to agree with her suggestion.
With her friend safe, she would have time to deal with the monster
without compromising her identity.

They both went their separate ways. Usagi looking for a place to
transform and Ranma took to the roofs as soon as she was out of sight.
When Ranma reached the roof of the building opposite of the monster she
noticed there were already two people engaging the monster. She
recognized the girl in the red skirt as the one that dusted the monster in
the Park. They didn't seem to have too much luck this time though.

She winced when one of the tentacles the monster had sprouted wrapped
itself around the girl in the blue skirt. She was about to interfere
regardless if she would be recognized or not when a third scout came
running down the street throwing some sort of multicolored energy attack.
It hit the monster head on. It dropped the girl and crashed in the nearby
building reducing half of it to rubble. Fortunately, all the people had
already evacuated the immediate area.

The three Senshi regrouped and carefully approached the gaping hole in
the building. There was a loud shriek and dozens of tentacles flew from
the rubble knocking the newly arrived scout across the street and
grabbing the other two. She came to a halt when she hit the wall of the
building Ranma was hiding on. The mud monster freed itself from the
rubble and started walking towards the last free Senshi.

Ranma was frustrated. Whit two hostage there was a limit to what she
could do without endangering them. The three Senshi could probably
destroy the monster if it wasn't for those tentacles. She was always good
at thinking her way out of dire situations when it involved a fight and now
was no exception. She grabbed the tiara from her neck and channeled as
much chi as possible in it. It began to glow with a white light shades of
blue flickered through it when it interacted with the sapphire.

Aiming carefully, she flung the tiara at the monster. It rotated so fast it
looked like it was a disk of white light that cleaved the air. The monster let
out a scream when he lost half of its tentacles. They were cut off clean at
the side where they sprouted. The next thing that happened even
surprised Ranma. When the tiara sailed past the monster, it made a sharp
turn and sliced through the other set of tentacles returning towards
Ranma. In a reflex, she snagged it out of the air. The stone seemed to
pulse for a second before it returned to normal.

Meanwhile the scouts took the momentary distraction to their advantage
and fired their attacks. The monster was a pile of dust in a matter of

With the monster disposed, Ranma didn't hang around. She took of in
search of her friend.

* * *

The three Senshi had left the scene when police started to arrive. A couple
of streets away, they detransformed in an alley. Back in civilian garb, they
mingled whit the crowd.

"Oh my god!" Usagi franticly exclaimed. "I almost forgot about Ranma!
We have to go find her. What if she got hurt?"

"I'm sure she is alright Usagi." Ami tried to calm the frantic blonde. "Let's
head back the way we came. I'm sure we will run into her along the way."

Walking down the street the three girls headed back. Usagi kept looking
around for her missing red headed friend. They were halfway back when a
flash of red in the crowd attracted her attention.

"Ranma!" Usagi called.

"Usagi? I have been looking all over for you!" Ranma approached the
three girls. "The police have closed the street where the monster attack
took place. I didn't know where you had gone. I'm glad too see that thing
didn't get you."

"He he. No the monster didn't get me. I wasn't anywhere near it. Nope
not me. he he." Rei twitched a little nervously because of the blonde's
antics. Ranma didn't seem too notice.

"Ranma? These are my friends Ami and Rei." Both girls nodded and smiled
when they were introduced.

"Hi! Nice ta meetcha. Any friend of Usagi is a friend of mine. Now let's get
that lunch you promised me Usagi. I noticed a ramen shop not far from
here. Let's get something too eat there."

Usagi brightened. "To the food we shall go then." She struck a heroic pose
and started walking of. It would have looked impressive if she hadn't
tripped over her own feet and landed on her rear.

"Bwahahaha! You sure are clumsy Usagi!" It was then that Ranma realized
he had done it again. The old Saotome foot in the mouth technique.

"Whaaaaaa!" Usagi cried. "You are so mean Ranma!"

The red head started to panic. She didn't mean to make her friend cry. If
there was anything Ranma couldn't stand, it was a girl crying.

"Please don't cry Usagi. I didn't mean it!" She started to franticly wave her
arms while trying to apologize.

Both Ami and Rei sighed. It would be one of those days.

* * *

"What do you think of Usagi's friend Ami?" Rei asked the dark haired girl.

"I think she is a nice person. A little rough around the edges, but hard not
to like. I think she has a lot in common with Usagi. You have to agree with
me on that after seeing them eat." Ami giggled a little.

Rei and Usagi were walking a little behind the two people of there
conversation. They had just left the Juuban aquarium they had visited
after lunch.

Rei looked at the red head that was animatedly talking too Usagi. "I
suppose she is a nice person. There is just something I can't lay my finger
on. More a sort of feeling I'm getting whenever I'm near her."

"I could take a scan of her just to be sure." Ami pulled out her Mercury
computer and pressed a few buttons.
"She looks normal to me. None of these readings would suggest
otherwise." She concluded.

Rei frowned but let the matter drop. They had more pressing matters to
consider after all. She would just keep an eye on the girl and see what

* * *

Ranma was sitting on the flat roof of the apartment building. He was male
once more and currently in deep thought. Today was full of surprises and
he needed some time to sort them out. He had lots of fun going with
Usagi and her friends. 'What was the name of that longhaired girl again?
Rei I believe.' That girl had a larger then normal Ki potential. He had to
suppress his own Ki as much as possible when he was near her. She kept
giving him funny looks though.

As much fun as he had today, the monster attack was a downside. He
would never have thought to stumble on them. He figured he would
change in his fake costume, look for a monster and fight it. As it would
appear now he needed his disguise at hand all day long. Perhaps he could
do something about that with Mousse's hidden weapon technique. You
didn't fight a guy that long without picking up some of the basics.

His hesitation to show himself today had almost cost those two Senshi
their lives. He vowed he would not let that happen again. It was pure luck
that inspired him to use the tiara.

He twiddled the tiara around in his hands. It had taken a bit of
experimenting but he finally figured it out. The stone that was imbedded
in the tiara seemed to be some sort of Ki resonator. When he had charged
it with his Ki it had acted like a magnet. Adjusting his aura would either
repel or attract it. With some practice, he could probable control its flight
more effectively.

It also provided a clue too the effects the stone had on his curse. If the
curse was causing his aura to seek out water the stone would probably
neutralize that. It also explained why he was so much more prone to
being splashed then the other people with curses. His Ki supply was
bigger and would attract more water. Ranma grinned. The shopkeeper
that sold Akane the stone didn't know what he was talking about. This was
probably the most non-magical artifact he had laid his eyes on and more
valuable than he could imagine.

* * *

The five Inner Senshi where gathered at the shrine. The topic of this
emergency meeting was the new enemy and there possible ally. Four pair
of eyes where focused on Ami because they knew she already has
assessed the situation.

Ami gathered her notes
"Let's start with the monsters we encountered over the last days. They
seemed to be composed of a common base material and their energy
readings are an almost perfect match. The main difference between the
monster we fought in the park and the one we encountered today was its
behavior and the amount of power it generated."

"Then why was the one we dusted today so much bigger?" Rei asked.

"I believe it adjusted its shape to compensate for the extra power
generated." Ami replied.

They all nodded understandingly although none really did.

"We have no clear idea of their goals and motives." Ami continued. "They
don't seem to steal energy or anything else. One of them just appears and
causes a lot of panic until it is destroyed. This brings me to my next

She pulled out a newspaper and laid it on the table.

"I know we destroyed two of those things. However, I did pick up a similar
signal last night. It didn't last long and it appeared to be destroyed."

She pointed towards an article so the others could see.

"This confirms it. Combined with what we have seen today I would say
there is a new Senshi running around."

* * *

"No! You can't make me!"

Nodoka raised an eyebrow.
"You will agree, or else anything you will be wearing is this!"

"EEP! Anything but that! It's PINK!" Ranma shuddered 'I hate pink.'

"I'm glad you agree dear. Now come along daughter. We have a lot of
shopping too do."

* * *