How stupid, a certain green-haired boy thought as he looked at a huge television on a building.

The television showed a hero and a villain fighting. The villain was in a messed up suit while the hero was a deformed and skinny man.



The people shouted as they cheered with all their might. That was to be expected. The villain stood toe-to-toe against the No. 1 hero. How could they not be afraid? With tears on their eyes, people from all around Japan shouted with all their might, hoping that their hero would win.

Everyone except one.

Midoriya Izuku, one of the few people who were Quirkless, watched the fight and actually felt happy that All Might was receiving a beating. He used to idolize the No. 1 hero and until the very same idol crushed his dreams.

If you want to help others, then you could also become a police officer, he remembered those words as if it was yesterday.

For some reason, he didn't care what happens to the world. All he wanted was that the so-called Symbol of Peace would be erased from the world. That was why he looked at the screen with hateful eyes.

Die, he thought as if trying to curse him.

All Might's arm turned muscular and he charged at the man. The man's arm enlarged and aimed it at All Might. However, All Might managed to trick him by directing all of his force at his other hand. When his fist connected to the man's face, a huge and powerful gust of wind dispersed which was almost like a tornado.

Silence engulfed everyone as they waited for what would happen next. The Symbol of Peace raised his fist and everyone cheered.

Tch. Heroes always win. I knew it. That's why I couldn't win at anything, Izuku thought.

Then the unexpected happened.

As everyone was cheering for the exhausted All Might, black ooze covered the fallen man. All Might realized it too late and when he tried to punch him, the man already disappeared. He punched the ground in desperation until his hand bled and even though it couldn't be heard, the people felt him screaming.

A smile formed on Izuku's face. The villain actually shattered the hero's mind and will. Everyone felt terrified. Their hero was already weakened and a dangerous villain was still on the loose. It was a horrible night.


It took time for the people to calm down and Izuku was on his way home. He was in a good mood since that person was humiliated, crushed, and weakened. How he wished to hear All Might scream. He bet that it was the same scream his heart made when he heard that he couldn't become a hero.

Izuku hated heroes and Quirks. His childhood friend was a nice person until he received a powerful Quirk. And when Izuku's Quirklessness became known, he became a target of bullying from his "childhood friend". And that same childhood friend received praise for his powerful Quirk from heroes which made him aspire to become one. Society ignored the weak like him and praised the strong like his friend.

He then heard a sound from an alley. Izuku looked and there was a shift in the shadows.

"Is someone there?", he asked.

Suddenly, he felt an urge to go there. And then he noticed his feet were moving without his consent. Izuku saw what was there. Or more specifically, WHO was there.

It was the same man who fought All Might. The man in the suit. The man who had a strange Quirk.

"Hello young one", he said in a weak voice.

Instead of saying "Nope" and running away, Izuku replied, "Hello sir".

The man had no eyes and had a mask covering his mouth… if he had one.

"I sense hatred from you. Would you tell me why?", he asked.

And before he knew it, Izuku told him his life story. He told everything from the bullying to his anger at All Might to his wish that the villain would win.

"You wanted me to win?", he asked.

"Yes. It's because I want to see All Might suffer. He once said that pros risk their lives to combat evil. I want him to lose his life doing that", Izuku honestly answered to his surprise.

"I'll be honest, young man. I've been using my Quirk on you to know your intentions. I felt strong hatred in you and thought you might be suitable to continue my will"

"Your Quirk? I thought your Quirk was shooting those shockwaves?"

The man chuckled.

"I have multiple Quirks because of my main Quirk: All for One. All for One allows me to steal Quirks"

"That's… impossible"

"And yet here I am. It's the only thing that is keeping me alive despite my injuries"

Izuku then paused for a while as he realized something.

"What will you gain by telling me this?", he asked.

"I will die soon. My injuries are too much and this body can no longer support it. I want you to continue my will"

"And that is?"

"To destroy this society of heroes. To show that everything will be better under one powerful ruler. To prove them that everyone is equal against a superior being", the man said as he let out a laugh. He then coughed.

Izuku couldn't believe it. The very man that brought All Might to a corner was offering him unimaginable power. The power to destroy the world was being offered to him.

"You are All for One right? I'm Izuku Midoriya. I'm sick and tired of this world. Sick and tired of heroes. Sick and tired of people. I will continue your will", Izuku told the man.

The man used the remaining of his strength to conjure a knife.

"My Quirk is an evil one. As one of the Ten Commandments of the Christian religion states, "Thou shalt not steal" and yet my Quirk steals the identity, the very thing that makes a person a person: their Quirks. And the only way to pass it down is to kill me", All for One explained.

"Kill you? Then wouldn't All Might get it?", Izuku asked.

"No. I must willingly be killed. I know my Quirk very well as I've lived for decades. Now you will hold this valuable Quirk and do your job"

Izuku took the knife from the man's hand and got close to him. He positioned it around his neck.

"You can become a villain"

And with those as his last words, All for One had his throat slit.

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