AUTHOR'S NOTE: I feel like I need to explain what's going on for a bit. So, myself and my collaborator thought that things were gonna end up being a bit complicated when it came to our parodies of comic book events, so he suggested that we simply start over make one continuity where everything is connected, which I've considered doing for a while now, that we've dubbed "The Infinity Verse." What we've done is create a shared multiverse that's made up of not just cartoons this time, but anime, movies, video games, anything that isn't primarily based on comics is fair game here. To kick things off, we decided to do a series of segments to establish certain points that will come into play at some point similar to DC's Rebirth one shot.

I initially intended to have everything uploaded all at once, but things got complicated in my life to where I wasn't sure if I could get it done before the year's end, so I opted opted to upload seven segments that we finished on here right now as kind of like a preview for a comic that gets uploaded online. Plus, it's the holidays, so think of this as our gift to you guys.

Now a few more things before we get started. While we're still adding new properties to this (some came to us as early as a couple of days ago. I'm starting to think that we're mad geniuses when it comes to stuff like this. lol) we won't be taking suggestions. They need to come naturally to us and they need to be things that we're both familiar with. For example: Don't expect to see anything related to Dragonball on here as I'm no expert on it at all.

Finally, I'm not going to do anymore of the lengthy disclaimers. With just how many properties are involved, it'll end up being way too time consuming and frustrating for me to have to do with every chapter. So, I'll just post the following at the beginning:

DISCLAIMER: I own absolutely none of the properties you will see here. All rights go to their respective owners.

Okay, I think that's everything. With that, let the Infinity Verse begin!

The New Frontier



A planet that at first seemed so small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things was entering a new age.

While the seeds had been planted for millennia, the year 1997 was when this new chapter for the world truly began. Nearly six thousand years ago, two vessels crashed into the planet's crust. Inside them were members of two warring factions from the distant planet of Cybertron. They were of a race of intelligent robots that could think and feel.

The Autobots and the Decepticons.

It was that year when a volcanic eruption from a volcano near the crash sights of the vessels triggered the reawakening of the noble Autobots and savage Decepticons and their war began anew on the unsuspecting planet. The Decepticons, lead by the ruthless Megatron, attempted numerous times to purge the earth of her precious resources to take over their home planet only to be thwarted every time by the Autobots, lead by the heroic Optimus Prime.

But the Decepticons would soon no longer be alone in their nefarious ambition to conquer the planet, nor would they be the first the human race would know of. The year was 2002. That year, the sudden rise in terrorism gave way to a new, ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.


Lead by the tyrannical Cobra Commander, Cobra's introduction to the world was swift, brutal and devastating. So much so that the American government immediately put together a new, daring, highly trained special mission force to combat the growing threat. Its codename: G.I. Joe.

For years, G.I. Joe continued their ever vigilant fight to defend human freedom against Cobra while the Autobots tried to keep their war against the Decepticons a secret. This would not last, however, as in 2003, Cobra and the Decepticons joined forces in a joint effort to take over the world, forcing the Autobots to reveal their existence to G.I. Joe and the US government so they could unite and put an end to their devious plot.

Then, two years later, a new force of evil would emerge, but they did not hail from the stars, nor the surface world. They came from out of the firey depths of the earth where nightmares begin. Three gargantuan abominations crawled out hiding underneath the surface for centuries and started a rampage the likes of which mankind has never seen. They were known as Metlar, Tendril and D'Compose. AKA: The Inhumanoids.

As luck would have it, though, in response to this madness, a team of scientists banded together to battle the growing threat of these monsters. Known as the Earth Corps, said team would soon be instated as a subsidiary of G.I. Joe specifically devised to combat the Inhumanoids.

Afterward, the next eight years were relatively quiet in terms of new developments, outside of a rather bizarre purchase made by one David Xanatos, founder, owner and CEO of Xanatos Enterprises, of a Scottish castle which he later perched atop the Eyrie Building in New York City. Shortly afterward, rumors of winged creatures of the night began to spread all across the Big Apple, but nothing was concrete at the moment.

Then, in 2013, the dawn of the metahumans had begun. During the wake of a massive crime wave in the city of Townsville, a scientist named Professor Utonium strived to fix this by creating the perfect little girl with a mixture of sugar, spice and everything nice. However, an incident involving his simian lab assistant caused him to accidentally add an extra ingredient to the concoction: Chemical X.

Thus, three superpowered girls named Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup were born. Despite reservations of the trio after some rather destructive results when trying to fit in to the world they were brought into, the three soon became Townsville's protectors after defeating the same chimpanzee who had been inadvertedly responsible for their creation, now the supervillain known as Mojo Jojo, and started to dedicate their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil as the Powerpuff Girls.

Since then, the creation of Townsville's tiny champions seemed to be the jumping off point for more superpowered heroes to emerge. From a spectral, teenage hero who resided in Amity Park and a robotic protector of Tremorton, to reports of anthropomorphic turtles and even a dragon fighting crime in New York, it seemed every week, for the past five years, a new metahuman would crawl out of the woodworks. And it wasn't exclusive to the United States. There was White Pantara and his (abeit ocasionally mischevious) son who fought crime in the spicy cesspool of villainy that was Miracle City, Mexico, and a recent group of superheroes that resided in Paris, as well as a team of magical girls that fought evil in Tokyo.

Unfortunately, it seemed that with every force of good, the universe had to maintain balance by introducing a force of evil to combat it. Nearly every metahuman who fought to protect their world always had at least one adversary they had to thwart time and time again. For every Danny Phantom, there was a Vlad Plasmius. For every El Tigre, there was a Flock of Fury. For every Ladybug, there was a Hawkmoth. And unfortunately, that wasn't the end of it. There was also a sin of mankind's past that continued to haunt them to this very day.

Way back in 1954, a gargantuan monster went on a rampage the like of which the world has never seen in Tokyo, Japan. The creature, dubbed 'Godzilla,' was awakened following the testing of a hydrogen bomb, the radiation of which empowered it with the power to decamate everything in sight. Since then, many more of these monsters, reffered to as Kaiju, followed in the wake of Godzilla's initial attack. From the terror of the skies known as Rodan to the benevolent insect Kaiju known as Mothra, these creatures became such a problem that most of them had to be contained in an island that was established in 1968 and dubbed 'Monster Island.'

Then there was the fact that, ever since the dawn of the metahuman, Earth suddenly became one giant bullseye for malevolent forces from the stars above. In the past several years, Earth had fallen under seige by not only the Decepticons, but other alien races such as the Kraang, the Cluster and the Gems of Homeworld, not to mention several Kaiju that hailed from the cosmos such as King Ghidorah, Gigan and Orga, and it was quite clear that this wasn't going to be the end of it.

Yes, supervillains, aliens, Kaiju and even the supernatural regularly caused chaos for our little green rock...and that was a problem the head of the Global Justice Network, Dr. Betty Director, intended to solve.