Hello readers! Here is a little something for you guys, who just can't get enough of our favorite witches from th hit TV show 'The Secret Circle'.

6 years down the line Jake and Cassie have been married for 4 years.

In Jake and Cassie's bedroom the only sounds are of heavy panting mixed with sensual moans as both Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong try to get to their sexual peak.

C: (chest heaving) Jake baby...we need to... aaggr...hurry

J: (slows down his thrusts) You sure? You love when I take my time

C: (panting) That's a distant memory now Mr. Armstrong. I am serious Jake...we need to...(thrust)...aahhh just like that...(thrust) hurry babe

J: (groaning) I know babe...I am..

C: (panting) You feel so good...love having you inside me

J: Fuck Cas! Love when you get dirty with me...keep pushing me babe and see what happens

C: (eyes starring up at her husband) What? Will you fill me with your hot delicious cum?

Jake thrusts himself harder then faster into her hot wet shealth trying to get them to orgasm together but with Cassie's dirty talk he doesn't think he can hold it in much longer.

Their bodies are glistening with sweat from thier love making. Cassie envelopes her arms around Jake's shoulders trying to pull him closer to her as he changes his angle trying to hit all her sweet spots.

C: (heavy panting) Jake...oh...right there...you know my body so well...Jaaakkke...I am almost...there

Jake nods in acknowledgement of his wife's request as he continues to plummet his manhood into her depths. Cassie clutches into his shoulders screaming his name as her walls grip him tightly as she finds her release.

Feeling her powerful vice like grip on him pushes Jake to grunt out he name just before he spill his hot seed into her in waves. He slows down the thrusting till he is completely spent. He falls on top of her relaxing his body as his face is burried in the nape of her neck.

Just as they are getting off the euphoria of being intimate with each other they hear the engine of a car come through their driveway.

C: Oh god there comes the other woman Jake you need to get off me

J: (kisses her forehead) Cassie I love that you have accepted your place in this situation

Cassie smiles lovingly at Jake as he pulls out of her while kissing her lips before he moves to put on his tshirt and pants that are astrew around their room. While Cassie makes her way to the loo to wash up. Jake starts walking down the stairs just as the door is opening with a set of keys.

He falls to his knees with open arms as his face brightens up while Fiona Sarah-Amelia Armstrong their one and a half year old daughter waddles over to Jake slurring "Dadda" as he picks her up swinging her towards him making her laugh out loud. Then as he carries her peppering her with kisses she puts her head on his shoulders melting into him like a warm chocolate chip on a freshly baked cookie.

Royce is holding the hand of Llyod Royce Armstrong his three year old great grandson who looks exactly like Jake as a toddler. Once Cassie comes down the steps Fiona tries to throw her little body in Cassie's direction urging her mother to take her. Cassie carries Fiona kissing her all over then blows warm air on Fiona tummy causing her to giggle hysterically. While Llyod takes advantage of his father's newly freed hands to run right into Jake's chest.

J: I missed you too big guy

L: Daddy great gramps made us chocolate banana pancakes for breakfast

C: (Arched eyebrow) Oh really did he now? Chocolate for breakfast...hmm

R: (shrugs shoulders) What? I am not allowed to spoil my great grandkids who knows how long I will be around

C: (narrows her eyes while smiling) Oh don't you pull that guilt stuff with me Grandpa Royce

L: He is not Grandpa Mommy he is great grandpa remember?

C: Yes Ofcourse Llyod he is great grandpa to you but to Dad and me he is just Grandpa okay?

L: (pouts) No he is great grandpa

C: (smiles) Okay sorry I will call him by that name in front of you so you are not confused

J: Thanks Grandpa Royce for taking the kids

R: My pleasure. I hope you two enjoyed yourselves without the little ones

Cassie blushes as she focuses her attention on both her kids hugging them tightly then kissing them all over.

J: (smirks) We managed to stay entertained

R: Okay I should head into town I have a meeting with some of the elders this afternoon.

J: I can drive you there I'm sure you must be tired taking the kids for a whole day

R: That would be great Jake

J: Lloyd you want to come with us?

L: Yaay boys team!

Jake picks up little Llyod taking him to use the bathroom before he heads out with Royce. The Armstrong men have a good time driving into town singing French songs on Grandpa Royce's insistence.

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