This story was something I've been working on for a long time but never really had the nerve to write it. It's based slightly on the cartoon series but most of the personality and some of the characters are based on the movie due to the fact I was about four when the cartoon series came out but I own the movie. Please be nice, this will probably be my only Beetlejuice story and I hope you like it. I do not own then, obviously, because if I did there would be a sequel to the movie out by now. For god's sake, Keaton, just do it already! Enjoy. - Taka

Chapter 1

Lydia could not be in a darker mood. Having failed her eighth Social studies test of the year did not bode well, and Claire Brewster making fun of her again simply added to it. Not to mention she was being mad to go on a "family gathering" as soon as she got home, since it was a Friday and Lydia's father wanted to relax somewhere outside the house. So, instead of bicycling to her hellhole in peaceful pines, Lydia too a very out of the way detour. It led to a mountainous park that had a sheer 1000-foot cliff at the top. On a bike, going up the road to the cliff was at least a two-hour ride. It was perfect.

Putting on her headphones, Lydia started up the high angled road. Soon she was sweating and gasping slightly for a breath, even though it was still spring and the weather was quite cool from the harsh winter that had come about. However, when Lydia came over the last hill, she was rewarded with a beautiful sight. The entire town of peaceful pines was laid out below like a picture. Parking her bike, Lydia leaned on the railing that came up just before the edge of the cliff, enjoying the silence of it all. Then:


A branch snapped and Lydia's head whipped to see a blond woman around the age of 20 standing on the other side of the railing, her feet halfway off the cliff. The woman was looking at the rocky bottom in creepy interest.

"Miss? Miss! What are you doing?" Lydia exclaimed, quickly running over to the woman. Lydia knew exactly what the woman was going to do, since she had thought of doing it a long time ago.

The woman looked at Lydia with blank, unconcerned eyes. Then stepped off the edge of the cliff. Lydia got there just in time.

"Grab my other hand! Please!" Lydia commanded, trying to muster some of her strength, even though she was still tired from the bike ride. The woman however, made no such effort and was simply dangling there, glaring angrily at Lydia.

"Let go you imbecile! You don't understand." She yelled.

Lydia started to answer, but she lost her footing and plummeted over the edge with the woman.

"What the heck do you think you were trying to achieve, sweetie? A medal?" The women exclaimed as they fell. The tone of her voice had a familiar ring to it and Lydia got an idea.

"Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice." Lydia said three times fast. There was a flash of light and the black and white striped ghost appeared where Lydia had been a second ago.

"This better be good. I-WHOA!" Beetlejuice cried as he saw his best friend getting dangerously close to the ground.

"Beetlejuice! Do something!" Lydia screamed. The woman and her were less than a minute from the ground. Beetlejuice grabbed Lydia's hand, the other one was still holding on to the woman.

"Say the incantation to get us out of here. It's the only way to save two people." Beetlejuice said as calmly as only a dead person could in a situation like this.

"Though I know I should be wary, still I venture someplace scary. Ghostly haunting I turn loose, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE!"

There was a flash of light and all three people disappeared about three inches from hitting the ground. Unbeknownst to them, a dark, translucent creature was leaning over the edge. It had witnessed everything. It looked up at the sky, then slunk back into the woods behind the cliff, laughing in a deep voice before disappearing into thin air.

Lydia, Beetlejuice and the jumper woman popped back into existence five feet above the ground of a very odd world. They hovered there for a few seconds before gravity took over and they all landed in a heap. Beetlejuice, being a ghost, was the first to get up by simply floating above the two females. The seemingly suicidal woman pushed Lydia off her and stood up, brushing the dust off her clothes that Lydia just noticed did not seem to fit the woman.

"Perfect! The one time I actually want to be here the natural way and some pale little vampire girl stops me." The woman complained angrily.

Lydia shook her head in disbelief, not fully hearing what the woman said.

"I saved your life. The least you could do is thank me." Lydia snapped.

Beetlejuice floated over the two, looking at the unknown woman. After 600 years, he had finally learned that the best way to deal with a chick fight was to not be involved. However, the woman seemed familiar, but he couldn't put his finger on it to where Beetlejuice had seen her.

"Not on your life or afterlife. But, I will express my gratitude for getting me to the Neitherworld. Who knew that a friend of Beetlejuice would be in dullsville AKA peaceful pines." The woman said simply. Lydia and Beetlejuice widened their eyes in shock. It was virtually impossible for anyone with a pulse to know anything about the Neitherworld or Beetlejuice; the exception was Lydia.

"How could you… What's your name?" Lydia said suspiciously. The woman sighed.

"Just figured it out? My name is Beth Jalenski." She said. Beetlejuice went ridged and his eyes literally popped out of his head.

"Beth?!" Beetlejuice said as he floated down to retrieve his eyeballs. "But… but the last time I saw ya, you were still six feet under."

"Gee, ya think. I haven't been living in over 400 years!" Beth yelled at the pale ghost as he stuck his eyes back in. Lydia, having been looking in awe at the two, spoke up.

"Uh, so you two know each other?" Lydia asked, then reprimanded herself for asking such a stupid question. However, Beth simply gave Lydia a very thin half smile.

"You could say that. I was Beetlejuice's first and only student in order to become the second bio-exorcist, since the neitherworld only had one. That was over two hundred years ago."

"Yeah, well you achieved the power to go between worlds, didn't you" Beetlejuice said dully, which was odd because he usually didn't use such a tone on anyone except his overly sweet brother.

Beth simply smirked at Beetlejuice and raised her left eyebrow. Lydia decided to speak up.

"Hold on. If you're dead, then why are you breathing now?" Lydia questioned.

"Like I know," Beth shrugged, acting nonchalant about her predicament. "All I remember is coming back from a job and something grabbed me. Then there was a flash of white light and when I came to, I was lying outside the latest house I had exorcised (which by coincidence was in peaceful pines) with no powers and in the clothes I had died in. You have no idea how weird it feels to touch your neck and find it throbbing with a pulse. Anyway, I grabbed some modern clothes that had been left from the former living owners," Beth grinned smugly, obviously proud of her work, "and went looking for the nearest place to get a quick death. The rest is history."

Beetlejuice crackled harshly.

"That's stupid. The only thing you'd accomplish from willingly jumping off a mountain would be ending up back as Juno's pet secretary." He said. "And I wouldn't put in the effort to get you out of there this time."

"Hey! What would you do? I just wanted my power's back. It's incredibly unsettling to be unable to fly. And it's not like anyone would notice or care if I died again. I was lynched by a hate mob in 1534." Beth exclaimed angrily. "So shut up before I arrange your face into something uglier than it is now."

Lydia decided to put an end to the ghost and former ghost's bickering.

"OK! So suicide is out of the picture. Maybe we can find who ever did this and make it turn Beth back."

"Good luck, sweetie. I don't even know what the thing looked like." Beth dismissed, reverting back to her harsh tone that was freakily similar to Beetlejuices.

"Well, do you have any enemies?"

Both Beth and Beetlejuice laughed this time.

"Babes, we're Bio-exorcists. Our powers are quite unique and extremely coveted. The list of enemies starts with every ghost in the neitherworld and goes from there." Beetlejuice explained.

"Then again, the list of things that can turn a ghost to living is almost non-existent. BJ and me have long been on the top of the list as the most powerful souls here and I've never seen anything like this. This kind of power is unheard of; the statement that it's impossible to raise the dead is actually one of the few truest statement ever created." Beth said. She then turned to Beetlejuice. "However, one thing is for certain. If he came after me, then he's sure as hell is coming after you, BJ."

"Where is that girl?" Delia said, exasperated.

"Delia, please. Have a little faith in Lydia." Charles said softly, trying to calm his eccentric wife. "I am already too worried about her as it is. And I was really looking forward to our trip."

Delia was in the living room, finishing up a sculpture of hideous (or beautiful, depending on who you were) proportions. Charles was sitting by the window with binoculars in hand in order to observe his favorite past time, bird watching.

"I swear, that girl just doesn't have her priorities straight. It's family, then friends." Delia said, never missing a opportunity to criticize her husbands only child.

A knock came at the door and Delia ambled over to the door and opened it to find a local forest ranger.

"Yes? May I help you?" Delia said in an overly sweet voice. The ranger nodded in acknowledgment Delia.

"Is this the Deetz residence?" the man said.


"And is your child Lydia Deetz?"

"Only by marriage." Delia said, still in her sweet voice. The Park ranger raised an eyebrow, but decided not to comment. Then Delia realized that she was standing in the door and invited the ranger in, but he declined.

"Ma'am, my partner and I found a bike leaning on the railing of the cliff known as Pre-Columbus cliff. It's called that because that cliff has a 1000-foot drop, which looks like the end of the world; which is what people thought before Chris Columbus. Now, we aren't sure what happened, but the bike was abandoned and we found evidence of a person recently being on the other side of the rail. However I haven't found a body at the bottom yet so-" The ranger explained

"Hold on a minute. What do you mean a body?" Delia asked, nervously.

"Well, every year there's at least one person who jumps off that cliff. Now I'm not saying that your daughter committed suicide, but it's a possibility. Maybe I should discuss this with your husband as well. Is he home?" The ranger asked.

"NO! Not at all. He is very busy. I'll relay the news to him. Thank you!" Delia said, snapping up back into her ultra nice voice again.

The ranger walked back to his car, took the bicycle out and drove away, shaking his head. Delia quickly shut the door, thinking. The last thing she needed was for her already on the edge husband to teeter over it with the possible news that his beloved daughter was dead.

"Delia? Who was that?" Charles called from the living room. Delia hesitated before replying.

"That was one of Lydia's friends, dear. Lydia is going to be out for a while." Delia said back.

"Oh, OK." Charles said, calmed slightly.

Delia sighed, then walked back towards her neurotic husband, already preparing a speech for Lydia when or if she came back.

Next chapter will be out very soon, I promise.