When the smoke finally cleared, Lydia instantly realized they were back in the crease. The Black hit the ground next to Beth, melting her stolen shoes slightly, even though it was still an ice-cold lightning.

"Well, isn't this nice." Beth said sarcastically. "You've got any more bright ideas Beetlejuice?"

Then, as Lydia watched, Beth's face darkened and it was as though she had a split personality.

"Maybe we should go find SID, Beth, instead of harping on my spur of the moment plans." Beetlejuice said in Beth's voice and body.

"No need to. You've already found him." A voice that could only be SID's said.

Suddenly, Lydia was flying yet again. However, this time it was different. Why Lydia hit the ground, she couldn't feel it, for she was completely paralyzed by SID's magic. Fortunately, Lydia was paralyzed in an upright position, so she could see what happened next.

SID tackled Beth, growing much larger as he did so. He kneeled on her and grabbed her throat; Beth grabbed his neck in retaliation.

"You destroyed my life!" SID said, his eyes wide with hatred.

"You should know," Beetlejuice said, gasping for air. Lydia could tell it was him from the harshness of his voice. "You didn't make my life easier either. You destroyed my career."

With that, Beetlejuice/Beth kicked SID in the stomach and rolled away from him. SID stood up slowly, and his hands once again transformed into blades. SID was fast and sliced towards the being that was two in a blurred motion of anger. Beth was only inches from being sliced in to before quickly jumping into the air and grabbing Lydia, flying as fast as she could.

"Your CAREER!" SID screamed in rage, walking slowly towards the escaping bunch. "You fools have no idea… NO IDEA!… what it is like to be exorcised. The constant burning, the excruciating pain. Hell is a far cry from that agony. And all you can say is I destroyed your CAREER?!?!?!"

With that, SID grew large, very large. Teeth and eyes unique to only one creature emerged and the sandworm grew from where the dead body of a man once stood. The sandworm slithered towards Beth and Lydia, who were still flying away. With one swoop of the sandworm's tail, they were knocked to the ground. Lydia was thrown to the ground and Beth/Beetlejuice bounced twice on the ground and then skidded to a stop/

"Ugh." Beetlejuice's harsh voice sprang forth from Beth. "Babes, you ok?"

Lydia simply raised a thumbs up from the ground, not even bothering to speak words. Beth's eye's darkened with anger.

"Yes, my career." Beetlejuice replied to SID. "I lost my first friend because of you. Beth and I were a team, but you ruined that when you ruined me!"

SID quickly slithered around Beth's body and engulfed it with his own, trapping her in a coil.

"Truly, I'm heartbroken." SID said, dripping in sarcasm. "The bioexorcist, one of the most powerful ghosts in the neitherworld, loses all respect because of me? I'm actually quite impressed."

Beth snarled, but the one who spoke next was not Beetlejuice, but in fact Beth herself.

"You know, after I replaced Beetlejuice, he grew angry at the system Juno had set up and tried to get rid of it; which meant sabotaging my work by stealing real potential clients and creating havoc of their afterlives." Beth looked at Lydia, who realized that the Maitlands must have been one of Beth's potentials that Beetlejuice sabotaged. "I have resented him for so long, and have tried to go above him in powers and skills. But you see, that rage should have been directed at you. It was because of you that even the title of bioexorcist was tainted beyond recognition. And because of that, you will pay."

The sandworm's mouth gave a sudden toothy grin and the coils of its body began to move tighter around Beth. Beth, instead of looking frightened by the aspect of being squeezed into oblivion, split into a terrifying, Beetlejuice-esque smile and her skin suddenly stretched, twisted and razor spikes that bore the stripes of Beetlejuice's chosen costume came out of her skin

The sandworm's scales were punctured and SID screeched a terrifying high pitched scream that was unique only to the despicable creatures. With that, SID undid his grip on the possessed woman quickly, then snapped his tail, which sent her flying quite a distance away.

"Haha! See what I mean about having skills!" Beth grinned, though Lydia was sure that it was actually Beetlejuice speaking.

Beth then stretched her hand out and pointed one of her thin fingers at SID. However, there was a sudden crack and a flash and The Black crashed right into her arm. Beth flinched in pain and brought her arm towards her body protectively. However, another arm was still in place. The arm of Beetlejuice was still pointed at SID and when Beth looked over at what seemed like a second arm, she screamed, except her voice had both Beetlejuice's voice and hers in it.

"Damnit!" The dual voices yelled.

SID, seeing an opportunity to kill Beth, as the possession was now weakened by The Black, quickly phased back into human form for a reason only known to him and morphed his hand back into his favored machete and leapt forward toward her. SID then swung his machete hand straight for her head.

"STOP!!!!" A young girl's voice cried out

Beth/Beetlejuice opened their eyes, having been cringing; expecting the end (though in different ways). The blade was not inches, not centimeters but millimeters from cutting Beth's neck. The lustrous, ghostly metal quivered as it glowed with a light that can be produced by one thing: the control of a See'er.

"You will not hurt my friends!" Lydia said with vehemence.

SID narrowed his eyes at his glowing arm and with one quick shake, the glowing ceased. Then, he started laughing. Lydia's stomach very quickly made a knot and before she could even draw a breath of fear, SID's hand whisked through the air and blasted a bolt of energy at her, knocking her off her feet and through the air further into the crease.

"LYDS!" Beetlejuice barked, horrified as his best friend smacked the dark ground loudly. Beth's eyes darkened deeply, and her face twisted into a furious snarl.

"You will NOT hurt my friends!" Beetlejuice/Beth repeated Lydia's earlier statement.

With that, Beths's body began to transform. It first elongated, then enlarged and sharp teeth grew where there were once flat human teeth. Her appendages folded into her body and black and white strips covered her body. The newly transformed sandworm raised its head in anger and snapped down on SID, who seemed to be in shock, a fatal mistake.

"Augggh!" SID screamed

His body was picked up by the Beetlejuice sandworm and shaken before being thrown as far as Lydia into the black. However, SID was not so lucky in landing on the ground untouched. As he landed on the ground, The Black flashed and landed squarely on his chest. He coughed and groaned in pain; he was not going to get back up any time soon.

"We end this now." Beth snarled, transforming back into her human self. She pointed her quivering finger at SID. "Spirit, heed my command!"

SID's body glowed golden and he stiffened from the effects of Beth's see'er powers. However, with her still weakened state, SID started to get up and walk over to Beth, groaning and coughing the entire time.

"Spirit, heed MY command!" Lydia's voice rang true and SID's golden glow became more energized.

SID dropped to the ground, completely paralyzed by the power of two see'ers. Beth smiled the toothy smile that Lydia knew so well as Beetljuices. With one quick flick of her wrist, a machete formed from her hand and SID's head came off, destroying any chance of him using his powers again.

"Let's get out of here." Lydia said, her eyes transfixed on SID's head, which was now nestled in Beth's hands

"Couldn't agree with you more, Babes."

And with a snap of her fingers, smoke once again engulfed all three people and they left the crease. When it cleared, Lydia was surprised to realize she was back where she had started.

"Are you insane?" Lydia said in a low voice.

The exorcism pedastle was still place, with the razer looking hungrily at the three people who popped back. The crowd was less the lynch mob it once was, mostly thanks to Juno, who did her best to explain the problem before getting back to her cases, as there were so many. Prince Vince now stood alone, arms crossed, not looking very happy, though with his attitude on life, who could tell. The vampires behind him were keeping the crowd from jumping Beetlejuice/Beth and Lydia, but were still drooling, waiting for their chance to drink from one of the living humans.

"Look who finally decided to show up." Vince sniffed. "I hope things were corrected, or you should have stayed in the crease and let The Black get you."

Beth sighed and holds out SID's head to Vince.

"We brought you SID. We figured you could do something with him."

The Razer quickly takes it instead, startling her. A deep growl emits from the extreamly menacing ghoul's mouth as it's black eyes looked at SID's terrified head.

"You fools. You bring me this creature who cannot be exorcised and expect us to take care of it." The Razer said in its booming, surround sound voice. "I might as well exorcise you just for your stupidity."

Beetlejuice/Beth shivered in response and stepped back from the Razer. The crowd yelled in agreement with The Razer. Lydia started to step infront of Beth in order to protect her friends, but then Beth's eyes lit up with an idea.

"W-what about Sheol?" Beth stammered. "If you can exorcise SID, send him to Sheol."

"Sheol is a place only found in fairytales and children's bedtime stories to scare them." Vince vicously scolded. "You cannot possibly be serious. How dare you agitate The Razer with this notion."

However, The Razer raised his clawed hand, cutting the prince off.

"The fact that this see'er even knows that such a place exists is quite amusing to me. Sheol has not been called upon in 2000 years, for a very good reason. What makes you think I would open the portal now?"

"Because it's the only way." Beth said matter-of-factly. "SID must be gotten rid of. Look how much damage he's done to our world, and how much more he could do if he had continued with his plan. He has no remorse, no guilt. If anyone deserves this, he does."

The Razer considered this. Then he placed SID's head on the exorcism table and Beth forced the rest of his body on that table as well.

"By opening this portal, we all risk the danger of waking a darkness more powerful than you will ever know. I hope, for your sake, that it does not happen." The Razer contemplated.

Then The Razer raised his double sided ax, mumbled something in an ancient language, and the ax suddenly glowed a dark purple color. Then it shot a beam of energy into the sky and another hole opened in the sky, right next to the hole in the crease. The Razer then pointed at SID and the two parts of his body floated quickly to sky and disappered into the portal to Sheol.

"It is done." The Razer said.

As all of the neitherworld looked at the portal to Sheol, a huge eye spanning the entire portal suddenly opened and looked down at the Neitherworld. It narrowed in anger and then looked over at the crease hole. A growl of epic proportions emanated from Sheol, and then both holes in the sky rapidly closed and disappeared. The crowd in New Yuck City sighed in relief. Their world was fixed for now.

"Well, that was interesting." Beetlejuice said.

However, before he could say anything else in Beth's body, the Razer swiftly floated over to Beth and grabbed her. He stuck his hand litteraly into her back and yanked the ghost with the most out of her.

"Oh thank you! He's thoughts were getting so annoying." Beth said as the Razer lowered her to the ground. The Razer simply looked at her and growled slightly.

"You are a see'er. A very powerful see'er from what I sense. Your gifts were taken from you very early, which is unfortunate. I do not know what SID did to make you alive again, but you have another chance at life. I will not take that from you if you choose." The Razer then looked at Lydia. "And this one, she is powerful as well. I sense a connection, possibly a blood connection. She is your relative, in some form. Do you want your chance to get to know her and teach her your ways?"

Beth looked at Lydia and bit her lip. Lydia furrowed her brow in confusion, as it clicked into place that the see'er lineage was through her blood. No wonder her father was always suspicious of Beetleman. He could see Beetlejuice as clear as she could.

"Thank you for the offer…" Beth sighed. "But my life ended a long time ago. And I think it should stay that way. I do not belong in the 21st century, it doesn't feel right."

The Razer shrugged nonchalantly, then raised an open hand at Beth. Immediately, her body decomposed and turned to dust. Then the Razer melted back into shadows and left.

"Oh, yes! I'm back, baby!" Beth yelled, overjoyed to be a ghost again. She looked nothing like Beetlejuice, wearing a black dress that covered her feet and actually looking quite like a normal human. However, the one thing that did stand out was the rope marks that lined her neck, as clear and red as the day she was hanged by a witch-hunting lynch mob.

"Well, I guess we should be on our way." Beetlejuice said, watching as the once lynch mob dispersed to nothing.

"Wait." Beth sighed. "I guess I should thank you for what you've done. I never thought I could be happy to see you again, but I am. You can come in handy sometimes.:

Beetlejuice smirked.

"Well, I AM the ghost with the most."

Lydia giggled as Beth rolled her eyes.

"Lydia, as much as I would love to teach you the ways of the see'er, it is not something to be burdened with, as it got me in a whole load of trouble when I used them. In fact, it lead to my death. But you know you have them and you seem to know how to use them, if you must. Just, be careful." Beth warned. With that, she disappeared in a poof.

"Jerk, didn't even say goodbye." Beetlejuice snuffed.

"Come on, Beej, take me home." Lydia smiled. "I have to have enough time to think of some kind of excuse for my parents. They probably think I've died or something."

"Just say the words."

A/N: Wow, that took forever to finish. Well, it's probably because I am still in college and in fact in graduate school. However, I have finished it, whether anyone will read it or not. Thank you if you still read my creations.