Hello my beloved readers this is Lucifer's assassin speaking and as some people may have noticed I took down my previous story. (Though very few even read it) why? Because it was total shit I mean seriously what was I thinking and even more it was like I was copying from someone else and I have no wish to be banned thank you very much so without much ado hope you enjoy my first story {second coming of Satan} however it will be very small and also It is actually a multi crossover after some time

Cold/dark/godlike/smart/slightly like karma Ichigo

Chapter one

Ichigo slowly opened his eyes and saw that there wasn't an attack from his father. He slowly got up to a sitting position and as soon as he did that he felt his heart get hit by truck. His friends were dead because of a maniac wanting to play fu*king god. He may have defeated them but there still wasn't anyone he could rejoice with. No family he could return to. No friends he could rejoice with saying that he had won. Only strangers he could look at and be happy that their life was safe because of him. "ah good morning Ichigo sama" a maid said as she entered the master bed room, "yeah good morning Alice" Ichigo said as he got off the bed.

"Sir you have an appointment with Mr. Jobs today."

"What time"


"Okay I'll be there where to I have to go"

"He says he wants to meet you here"

"That's odd anyway tell him I'll be there"

"Yes sir"

{Flash back Ichigo pov}

I walked through the streets of karakura making my way to urahara shoten. Urahara, my only friend that had survived and even he was slowly dying. Of course there was aizen whose sentence had been lowered to getting out after 5 years. "Hello kurosaki-san please take a seat" urahara said looking at me as I entered the shop.

I reluctantly took a seat besides aizen and waited patiently as tessai gave me a cup of tea.

He took out a small bag. He tossed the bag towards me I looked inside my bag and saw. A passport, about 187 tickets one for the capitals of each country as well as a credit card there was also a driving license by the name Ichigo kurosaki. '…what the f#$k'

"What is this kisuke?" I asked

"I want you to leave this city. No not want I beg you Ichigo please leave this town there is nothing left here for you. There is no doubt that the central 46 will try to kill you they don't care whether you are the reason they won the war or not. In their eyes you have grown to power full"

As he said that a small garaganta opened up behind me I looked at urahara and saw him smiling sadly at me "I am sorry Ichigo but you have to go it will take you to a road in the outskirts of Tokyo there is a car waiting for you there when you touch the car all your powers will be drained away leading to you getting cut off from us. 5 dollars from everyone in the world that has a bank account will be transferred to your bank account once every month right now it has about 10 million dolla…"

He was unable to say the rest because I was sucked into the garganta I woke on the seat of a pretty comfortable car…crap. "It is gone" I thought all that power everything I had worked for. Gone… I wanted to kill urahara at that time but then it made sense. If I have money i have enough power in the world. If I don't have my powers I won't be able to connect with the others I slowly got outside the car and looked at what it was "are you freaking kidding me" I asked to no one in particular it wasn't out of anger it was astonishment it was a god damn Lamborghini it was pure black in color with a red pentagram on each side

{Flash back end}

I got up from the bed and got outside the bed room it was a pretty decent day the house was really nice it was a modern house with 1 master bedroom 4 guest rooms 6 toilets one kitchen and a dining hall ther was also about 12 servant quarters 6 male and 6 for female there was garage at the back with three cars 1 being my first Lamborghini 1 limo and another Lamborghini except it was white in color and finally a pool at the backside of the house. For those who are wondering what I do I am an investor I got some attention when I bought this house and then some more when I bought a Lamborghini and a limo at the same time. The most attention I got was when I invested 5 million into the company known as apple and I didn't really like the attention so I told them to keep me anonymous except when some one insisted on knowing.

"Ichigo sama mr jobs and a guest have come to see you"

I quickly dressed in a pair of black jeans a black coat and a red shirt. I didn't tuck the shirt and I left my coat unbuttoned, lastly I wore a pair of black dress shoes I got down the stair and saw steve and his guest. Steve rose up and he immediately hugged me "its nice to see you Ichigo" he said

"same here so who is your friend" I said looking at the girl her hair was tied in a twin braid and was wearing a black business suit

"oh I would prefer if we speak afterwards" the girl said as she looked at me.

"well as you wish" steve said

"Ichigo" he said looking at me as we both took a seat " you know how my health is right now it is a miracle I am still here. So please I want 1 final investment"

I looked at him with a thoughtful expression "what is the product"

"Here take a look" he said giving me a paper I eyed the paper warily "its…fantastic what do you call it"

"Um Iphone its short for intelligent phone"

"Done how much do you need?"

"10 million"

"it's done you know the rules right"

"You remain anonymous."

"Exactly I will come to your office tomorrow"

"Thanks Ichigo I will be on my way now." He said standing up "again thank you Ichigo"

"You're welcome" I replied "now let's start"

"What is your name?"

"Serafall Leviathan"

To be continued

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