Oh hello there, people. I know what you're wondering. Why the hell is yours truly in Star Fox Command?

Well, I'm here to fix another error through Cable's time traveling device. Let's just say that in this game, Star Fox is finished, finito. Among one of its members, Fox broke up with Krystal because he's too afraid for her safety, so as a result, she temporarily joined up with Star Wolf.

In my own opinion of Fox's decision: Worst. Decision. Ever.

Time to set things right.

"You fu... heard that right, Fox! Don't break up with Krystal!" I yelled at the main hero of this video game not to do something as this. In case you're wondering about the first thing I yelled at him, this video game doesn't have any swearing, so I'm trying not to swear here.

"You don't understand! She'll be in danger as long as she's with me!" this anthropomorphic fox argued back with me.

"Then let me give you a little info through this ball," I showed him one of Cable's inventions. "Go ahead. Touch it, and you'll see the future."

Fox touches the ball, and he saw the future. Most likely what would happen if he even thinks about breaking up his relationship with Krystal. I hope that's enough to convince him not to do what I think he would do.

"On second thought, I shouldn't break up with Krystal," he's convinced, indeed.

After our conversation, he approached Krystal and proposed they should have a vacation together, and she happily accepts his invitation. Along with that, they kissed.

How nice. Can't wait to get back with Vanessa.