Hey guys, time for the first chapter of The Cursed Mummy. I hope you guys are having a great Christmas Eve. It's great to be back. In this story, Cole, Luna, Alabaster, and Violet are going to try to find Walt, who was corrupted by some strange power. Enjoy.


Cole's POV

Once we woke up, we started to get ready for our mission.

Luna and I found Violet in the Apollo Cabin. Violet was already up and had packed a bow and arrow, which will come in handy because of the fact that she is a daughter of Apollo.

"You ready?" She asked.

"Yeah," we responded. "You?"

"More than," she responded. "Let's go find Al."

It's hard to believe that a fourteen year old girl who showed up at camp yesterday without her memories is this ready to go on a dangerous quest.

Alabaster Torrington, a son of Hecate with brown hair and a relatively skinny build in his early twenties, was found eating some breakfast.

He looked up and saw us approaching.

"Almost ready," He said as he wiped his mouth with a napkin. "Also, Percy, Thalia, and Hazel left about fifteen minutes ago."

Al wasn't always like this. He used to be against us when he helped someone named Tiberius in his plans to try to kill Zeus, but he had a change of heart and worked as a double agent for us.

"I just need to get some stuff and we can go," he told us.

"Same here," I said, also referring to Luna.

Luna and I started toward the Big House, where we were staying.

"So, do you know what we are going up against?" I asked Luna.

Luna was the only magician in the group and is the Eye of Bast. and used to stay at the Brooklyn House, where we were going. I assumed she knew something about Walt.

"Not much," She responded. "But I do know about Walt, he had a hereditary curse that killed him faster the more magic he used. To cure his curse, he hosted Anubis. A small portion of Anubis is still inside of him, keeping him alive."

"Do you know anyone that can help?" I asked her.

"His girlfriend, Sadie Kane, might be able to tell us something," she responded.

Luna is a sixteen year old girl with dark hair, we met each other about three weeks ago, but it feels like it is longer.

We have certain, feelings, toward each other, we even kissed once, so it can get kind of awkward around her.

"Let's go get our stuff," she said.

Luckily, the only thing I needed was on my wrist, I have a Rolex watch named Wildfire that can turn into an imperial gold sword if I turn the nob until the hands point to noon. I got it from my mom, Hestia.

"I'll catch up," I told her.

"Okay," she said.

Then she walked into the Big House to get her stuff.

Luna's POV

Once I was done packing my stuff, we set off.

Everyone waved goodbye to us as we walked out of the gates.

We started to discuss how we will get there.

"Manhattan is about fifty miles away," I said as we walked down the empty road. "It will take all day to walk there, and that is if we don't stop for breaks or food."

"That won't work," Violet said.

"Why don't we try to decide this when we get to the city area because we can't do anything other than walking out here," Al said.

We all wanted to argue, but we knew he had a point.

After about an hour, we finally got to the city area.

"What now?" I asked.

As we were walking, we spotted some guy in his twenties with a cocky grin, Gucci items, and J's. Definitely some rich kid.

There was a homeless man who begged for money. The rich guy saw him and fished out a one dollar bill and held it out to him. When the homeless man was about to take it, the rich guy pulled it back at the last second and started to laugh as he walked away.

Al started to walk toward the guy, we thought that he was going argue with him, but instead, he bumped into him.

"Sorry," Al said.

"Watch it!" The rich guy yelled as he walked away.

We walked toward him.

"What was that about?" Cole asked him.

"I managed to pickpocket this from his wallet," he said as he held up two hundred dollar bills.

We all stared, dumbfounded.

Al walked up to the homeless guy.

"Here," He said, handing him one of the hundred dollar bills. The homeless man took his hand and shook it.

It's hard to believe this guy was once our enemy.

He walked up to us.

"We can use the other bill for a taxi," he said. "It probably isn't going to take us all the way to Brooklyn, but it will save us at least ten hours of walking."

"Nice thinking," Violet said.

In about two minutes, we found a taxi and piled in, Cole, Violet, and I piled in the back and Al in the passenger seat.

Al handed the taxi driver the hundred dollar bill.

"Drive as close to Brooklyn as this can take us," he said to the taxi driver, who looked surprised.

"Hmm," He said. "Why, what's going on."

I hoped Al had a plan if the taxi driver was suspicious.

Apparently he did.

"My little brother and his girlfriend want to go to a certain college in Brooklyn," he responded, referring to Cole and I. "Since I graduated from there, I decided to bring them there and show them, also my little sister wanted to come too."

"Well, I hope you have a good time," said the taxi driver, now convinced. "With this hundred dollar bill, I can drive you about thirty-five miles, but you that will be about ten miles short of Brooklyn, is that okay?"

"Yeah," Al responded.

Wow, I didn't know that Al would be this useful.

Al's POV

After about fourty-five minutes in the taxi, when the hundred dollar bill got us as far as possible, the driver dropped us off.

"Will you be okay from here?" The taxi driver asked.

"Yeah," I said. "We have the location on Google Maps and we can walk."

The driver said goodbye and drove off.

I turned toward Luna.

"You sure you know where this place is?" I asked her.

"Positively," she responded.

"If we are ten miles from Brooklyn, then we will probably get there after about three hours of walking," Violet said.

"Alright," Cole said. "Let's go."

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