Title: Shirt Tales

Contact: kelhapam@metrocast.net

Series: ENT

Rating: PG-13

Code: R/S

Part: 2/? NEW

Date: April 5, 2003

Summary: What if Malcolm wanted Hoshi to return his shirt he let her borrow in Shockwave?

Note of Appreciation: Thanks to kyrdwyn for her beta reading services!

Disclaimer: Paramount owns all the characters, etc., I am just using the characters for a little fun
and relaxation.
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Shirt Tales


"Malcolm, Malcolm, wake up!" Hoshi urged. She shook the Armory Officer by his shoulders.

"Wha-What?" Malcolm stammered thickly and he tried to push himself up off the floor.

Hoshi's hands pressed down against his chest. "Not so fast, Malcolm. I don't want you passing
out on me."

"Wh-Where am I-I?"

"Don't you remember? You were showing me how to defend myself. I guess I got little lucky
and well I zigged, you zagged, and I well I knocked you out."

"Dream...it was all a dream," Malcolm sighed.

"Nope, actually I did clobber you, Malcolm. But I promise, it'll be our little secret. I've called
Dr. Phlox, he's on his way down. You stay right here, while I make sure the door's unlocked.
And don't move, " she admonished.

Malcolm emitted a groan and shut his eyes as Hoshi moved toward the door. "Just a dream, shit!
No shirt? No perky bits.....damn, life's cruel!" he said softly. "It was a really good dream."

Malcolm heard the door to the ship's gym open and close.

"Well, well, if it isn't Lt. Reed!" Phlox chimed cheerfully. The doctor leaned over until his nose
came within a hair's breath of the lieutenant's own. "What kind of trouble did you get in today?"

The patient tried to rise again, but Hoshi once more pressed him back down to the floor.

"He...uh...slipped," she replied with a guilty grin. "Happened really fast, don't even know if he
remembers it."

"Uh...huh," Phlox replied several times as he examined the Armory Officer, along with a couple
of thoughtful: "Hmmm, hmmms."

"You do that very well, Doctor," Hoshi remarked.

"Excuse me, Hoshi?"

"All the 'uh..huh's.' Sounds just like my doctor I used to see back on Earth."

He grinned widely, clearly pleased. "Oh thank you, Hoshi. It was one of the most difficult
things I had to learn while I was on Earth. I spent countless hours observing the best physicians
on your world. I'm glad to see it paid off."

"Um....Doctor?" Malcolm whispered. "What about..."

"Oh, yes! Yes, indeed. I do have a patient to attend to. Now let's see. From the looks of things,
Lieutenant, you seem to have suffered just a mild concussion. I'm assuming you have a

Malcolm nodded. "A right bloody bitch of a headache," he confirmed with a grimace. And your
sanguine attitude just makes it worse, he thought.

"I'll just give you something for the pain." Phlox reached into his bag and withdrew a hypospray
and pressed it against the Brit's neck. "There, you should start to feel some relief shortly. But
you'll also probably feel very tired. So I suggest you get to bed right away. Now do you need
me to help you back to your cabin?"

"I can help him, Doctor," Hoshi suggested. "I'm sure you have other things to attend to."

"Well if you don't mind, Hoshi. I do have a couple more patients to see and then I have to speak
with Chef about proper nutrition for the crew. Do you know he's been serving pizza twice a
week! It's appalling!"

"Oh no, I don't mind. Not at all," she assured him. She placed a hand behind Malcolm's
shoulder and helped him to sit up. "You can count on me to take care of Malcolm."

"Wonderful! I knew I could! I'll check up on him in the morning!" With a waggled of his
fingers, Phlox left the gym.
Hoshi accompanied Malcolm down the corridors of Enterprise, occasionally they'd stop so he
could regain his equilibrium and then they would continue on.

"I don't know what the doctor gave me, but I think he gave me a double dose," Malcolm said, his
voice thick.

"You may be right. I'll call him about it. My quarters are just a couple doors down," Hoshi said,
wrapping a supporting arm firmly around Malcolm's torso. "We'll just go in there and you can
lay down until you feel better."

With Malcolm fading fast, Hoshi hurried as best she could to her quarters, keyed open the door
with her free hand, and helped him in. It was all she could do to steer him toward her bed before
he collapsed.

End part 2