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Chapter 7

            It had been three weeks since Hercule had been reunited with his daughter.  Three week since Videl and Gohan had confronted Sharpner.  Three weeks since Gohan had first thought about the kiss that Videl had given him.  It was a starry Saturday evening.  That evening there was a special party being held at the Satan mansion, party for family members and friends only, a party celebrating Videl's return.  Gohan had taken off classes early that night to attend the celebration as an honored guest.  He really didn't want to be with Videl in front of hundreds of people.  He would have rather been back at his house with Videl and his family having a nice quiet dinner.  Yes it was true in those three Videl had opened her heart up once more.  Hercule had said that she was becoming the same old Videl again.  She had opened up to everyone it seemed.  Gohan had noticed that Videl had began to talk more and had expressed her feelings more openly.  She had also grown a fondness for Gohan, but she wouldn't admit it.  He had grown to like her more as well.  He had planned earlier that week to gather courage to ask Videl out to a movie or something, but the announcement of the party had changed his plans completely.  Alas Gohan went to the festivities that night to be with Videl and if he was lucky a chance to reveal his feeling for her.  Gohan showed up at the Satan mansion at 7:00 in a navy blue suit minus the tie.  When the door opened a balding tall older man answered the door.  "May I help you sir?"  the man asked in a rather bad English accent.

            Gohan showed the invitation that Videl had given him on Thursday to the man.  The man took out his reading glasses and inspected the invitation.  "Awe, Master Son Gohan, come right in."  the man said before taking his glasses off.

            Gohan smiled before stepping in the main entry way as he had done three weeks earlier.  "My name is Rogers.  Don't hesitate to call if you required anything at all sir."  Rogers said us he closed the door.

            "Thanks."  Gohan said.

            Gohan then looked around left to right.  "Uh excuse me Mr. Rogers, but which way is the party?"

            "Oh yes follow me please."  Rogers said as he stepped in front of Gohan.

            Gohan followed Rogers as he lead the way to two large wooden doors with extravagant carvings of dancing couples displayed in the wood.  Rogers grabbed onto the doorknobs and pulled and the doors opened slowly giving a low groan as they did.  Gohan was presented with a large room that seemed the size of a football field.  The room was filled with people that Gohan took as Videl's family and friends.  There appeared to be well over three hundred people in the room, but Gohan could only guess the actual number.  Gohan stepped into the room.  Rogers appeared beside Gohan and read the invitation to himself once more.  "Presenting Master Son Gohan."  Rogers said in a raised voice.

            Everyone turned their heads and gazed upon the young man before them.  Several women raised an eyebrow and smirked at Gohan, which only made him uneasier than he already was.  He had not expected Rogers to let everyone know that he was there let alone everyone to be staring at him.  Soon though all eyes went away as everyone returned to their drinks and conversations.  "Well don't be shy."  Rogers said.

            Gohan took a deep breath and walked deeper in to the room.  As Gohan left Rogers heard the doorbell ring and quickly exited the room closing the doors as he left.  Rogers went to the front door.  He opened it up only to find no one there.  Rogers wore a puzzled look upon his face as he stepped out onto the front step.  He looked around, but could not see anyone.  Shrugging his shoulders Rogers turned around to go back inside.  As he turned around Rogers felt a hard blow to his skull and then everything went black.

            Gohan walked around the room trying to search for Videl.  After several long minutes of searching Gohan heard the sound of his name being spoken.  He turned around to see Videl walking towards him.  Gohan smiled and walked towards Videl.  When they were close Videl reached out, encircled her arms around Gohan, and brought him close to her.  Gohan returned the hug.  Videl then pulled away and looked up at him.  "So what took you so long?"

            "I couldn't find you.  There's way to many people here for my liking."  Gohan said.

            "Yeah I know what you mean, but you know my dad."  Videl replied.

            "Oh yeah, forgot."  Gohan said.

            Videl laughed.  "Come on let's get something for you to eat."  Videl said as she took Gohan's hand.

            "I already ate."  Gohan said.

            Videl let go of Gohan's hand.  "Yeah and how long is going to be before you're hungry again?"  Videl asked as she folded her arms over her chest and eyed Gohan.

            "Uh, now that you mention it I could use a snack."  Gohan said.

            "I knew it."  Videl said as she took Gohan's hand again and lead him to the refreshments.

            Gohan stared at the tables of food before him.  All of it looked good.  "May I?"  Gohan asked as he looked at Videl and his mouth watering.

            "Just don't make a pig of yourself to badly."  Videl said smiling.

            Gohan nodded before grabbing a plate and running for the food.  He slowed his pace and began to inspect all of the food in front of him.  He walked down the five full tables of food that presented themselves to him.  Gohan took various things that looked good to him.  He then stopped in front of a man that had a meat cleaver in his hand.  "May I help you sir?"  the man asked.

            "Yeah can I have some of that please?"  Gohan asked as he pointed at a long piece of food.

            "Of course sir.  Spotted Dick, what an excellent choice."  The man said as he began to cut a piece for Gohan.

            "Spotted what?"  Gohan asked as he looked at man with the meat cleaver.

            WHACK!  The man cut off a good size piece of the bread for Gohan.  Gohan winced at the sound.

            "Spotted Dick sir."  The man repeated.

            "Uh, you know what I think I changed my mind.  How about some of that rope sausage right there."  Gohan said.

            "Awe, cow tongue wrapped in the finest pig's bladder.  Yum, Yum."  the man said.

            Gohan's face went green as he quickly left the table.

            Gohan returned to where Videl had been standing only to find that she was gone and a blonde shorthaired girl standing in her place.  Gohan walked up to the girl.  "Excuse me, but do you know where Videl is?"  Gohan asked.

            The blonde turned around.  "Who me?"

            "Yeah do you know where Videl is?" Gohan repeated.

            "Oh yeah she went to the restroom.  Can I help you?"  the girl asked.

            "Uh, were you talking to her?"  Gohan asked.

            The girl nodded.  "I'm Erasa.  You must be Gohan.  Wow you're cuter then Videl said you were."

            Gohan blushed at the remark.  "Uh, thanks.  Videl told me about you too.  It's nice to meet you."  Gohan said.

            "You too.  Hey don't mind me asking, but are you single because I'm single."  Erasa said as she smiled at Gohan again.

            "Uh, sorry, but I've already got my heart set on someone else."  Gohan admitted.

            "Oh a secret crush.  Wouldn't happen to be anyone I know would it because I know lots of people."  Erasa said.

            "Uh, when's Videl coming back?"  Gohan asked, trying to change the subject.

            "She left a few minutes ago.  She should be back any minute now."  Erasa said.

            Videl flushed the toilet and walked out of the stall to the sink to wash her hands.  As Videl reached for the soap dispenser she noticed a sudden shadowy blur appear in the mirror and then disappear from the mirror completely.  Videl turned around.  "Hello?"

            It was quiet.  She was the only one in the bathroom.  Videl jumped at the sound of a slamming stall door.  "Who's there?  Come out."  Videl said.

            Videl took a defensive stance and gazed around the large bathroom cautiously.  She did a half turn at the sound of another stall door slamming behind her.  "Erasa if that's you stop!"  Videl yelled.

            Silence.  Videl turned around to face the mirror again.  She could see the reflection of someone, but pretended not to notice.  The person walked up closer behind her.  When Videl saw the person raise something above their head she quickly ducked and swung her foot out knocking the person off their feet.  Videl got back to her feet and into her defensive stance once more.  When she looked down at the person on the floor the color from Videl's face drained as if she had just seen a ghost.  Videl felt herself become numb as she dropped her stance in shock.  "Sharpner?"

            Gohan finished his last plate of food and handed it to the spotted dick man.  "Thanks." Gohan said.

            He then turned and faced Erasa.  The two had been talking for several minutes.  Gohan thought she was nice.  He was getting sort of annoyed though of what Erasa kept talking about.  She was obviously flirting with him even a blind person could see that.  The thing was Gohan didn't want to get involved with her.  He had his heart set on one person and that was Videl.  He then thought of Videl.  "Hey Videl should be back now shouldn't she?"

            "Yeah, but why so interested.  It's not like you have to be worried about her.  She just went to the bathroom.  Hey you like her don't you."  Erasa suggested.

            "No."  Gohan lied.

            "Well she probably fell in or something."  Erasa joked.

            "Why don't you go check on her."  Gohan said.

            "No way.  I'm not going to go look at Videl."  Erasa protested.

            "Erasa, that's not what I said.  I just want you to go into the bathroom and see if she's alright."  Gohan explained.

            "Oh, ok."  Erasa said before she left to head towards the restroom.

            Erasa walked towards the Men and Woman's restrooms.  She stopped in font of the Men's door.  She fought back the urge to peek in and forced herself to proceed to the Women's.  Erasa reached the door and opened it.  She stepped in only to look in shock and ran out screaming Gohan heard the scream and looked up to see Erasa running out.  Gohan sensed something was wrong and ran towards the bathrooms.  He pushed the Woman's bathroom door open only to find a horrid site before him.   There lay Videl unconscious on the tiled floor.  Her clothes were ravaged and blood stained.  Standing over her was Sharpner.  Beside him on the floor was a wooden baseball bat with several blood spots upon it.  Sharpner was shirtless and was in the process of undressing the other half of himself, but was interrupted by Gohan's intrusion.  Gohan felt the rage in him build at a rapid pace and he just let it all go.  All rational thought became blocked.  Gohan yelled as he ran forward and tackled Sharpner in an endless storm of furious anger.  "You fucking bastard!"

            Gohan punched a downed Sharpner in the face as hard as he could.  He picked him up by the neck and lifted him up off the ground.  Gohan looked up at Sharpner, whose nose was bleeding.  "How dare you!  How dare you show your face.  How dare you touch HER!"  Gohan shouted.

            Gohan then through Sharpner like a rag doll into the mirror.  Sharpner's bare and exposed back slammed into the glass, shattering it to bits.  Sharpner screamed as the feeling of hundreds of tiny pieces of glass pierced his skin like tiny knives stabbing a dead heap of flesh.  Sharpner creamed again seconds later as Gohan met him with a knee to the gut.  Sharpner fell to the floor and gripped his stomach.  Gohan picked Sharpner up once more only this time by the hair.  He made a fist and aimed it at Sharpner only to have it hit thin air.  Sharpner had surprisingly been able to duck Gohan's fist and came with his own into Gohan's stomach.  Gohan doubled over slightly in pain.  He shamed himself at that moment for allowing himself to grow weak, so weak that a human was able to inflict pain on him.  Gohan stood up once again and turned around only to find that Sharpner had been able to grab the bat and how had it right over Videl's head.  "I didn't want it to come to this.  All I wanted to do was talk.  I didn't expect to have it come to this.  So if you don't want to make it worse on her I suggest you not take a step closer."  Sharpner said as he lifted the bat slightly.

            Gohan eyed the bat, Videl and then a smirk filled Sharpner.  Gohan realized he was helpless.  For the first time in so long he was totally defeated.  All he could do was try and talk his way out or at least talk enough that Sharpner would drop his guard.  "You know if you really loved her then you wouldn't be doing any of this.  If you really loved her none of this would have never have happened."

            Sharpner laughed.  "Yeah you're right to a certain degree.  I could say I loved her, but then we'd be back at square one.  I sued to love her.  After awhile though I realized there were better women out there though.  Love fades.  There's nothing you can do about it.  I hat to admit it, but after awhile I finally came to the conclusion that I really loved her money not her.  Guess that's why I stayed with her.  To bad it's all about to end though."  Sharpner said.

            He then raised the bat above his head and brought it back down.  Everything from that point on seemed to happen in slow motion.  The seconds seemed like hours.  "NOOOO!"

Gohan became blank as he felt the sadness and anger take over him.  Just as the bat was ready to come down upon Videl's head it suddenly stopped.  Sharpner looked in fear as he saw Gohan's hand on the bat.  He was terrified as he looked up at Gohan's face.  His hair was changing from black to gold, his eyes flickering back and forth between black and turquoise in rage and his madness written all hover his features.  Sharpner made a hasty move out of pure fear and swung the bat at Gohan.  The bat shattered like glass against Gohan's head.  Gohan didn't feel anything, but overwhelming power as he walked towards Sharpner and Sharpner backing away only to be pinned against the wall.  Gohan walked up to Sharpner stopping when he was inches from Sharpner's face.  Sharpner was to frightened to move.  Gohan wrapped his hand around Sharpner's neck and lifted him off the ground once more.  A small ball of energy began to gather in Gohan's free hand and he looked from Sharpner down to the ki ball and back up at Sharpner.  "You know you're right.  This is where it all ends."  Gohan said calmly and coldly.

He then raised his free hand next to Sharpner's abdomen and released the ki ball.  Sharpner screamed as a bright blinding light filled the room.  When it cleared Sharpner was motionless.  Gohan dropped the lifeless Sharpner to the ground.  A pool of blood formed around Sharpner, but Gohan paid no attention.  Instead his hair calmed and went back to being black again.  The flaming in his eyes left and they became their peaceful ebony once more.  Gohan walked over to Videl, who was still unconscious.  Gohan bent down and picked Videl up in his arms.  Cradling her back with one arm and his other supporting her legs Gohan walked out of the restroom and into the hallway where a good sized crowd had now gathered.  None them existed though as Gohan passed all of them and walked up to Hercule.  "I'll call the doctor right away."  Hercule said at the site of his daughter.

Gohan ignored him though and continued to the front door.  He opened it and flew into the night sky.  He flew to Kami's Lookout.  A place he had not seen for many years.  He arrived not long later and landed.  Two green men ran out followed by a chubby dark skinned man.  "Gohan is that you?"  one of the green men asked.

"Yeah Piccolo it's me.  I need Dende's help."  Gohan replied.

"What is it?"  Dende, the other green man asked.

I need you to heal her."  Gohan said as he gestured with his head down at Videl in his arms.

"Right.  Follow me."  Dende said.

"Gohan followed Dende to a room that looked to be a bedroom.  "Lay her down on the bed."  Dende directed.

Gohan nodded.  Dende pulled back the covers so Gohan could lay Videl down.  He then covered Videl up with them.  "Now stand back."  Dende said.

Gohan stood back as Dende stepped forward.  He placed his hands on Videl's stomach and concentrated.  Gohan watched as light came from Dende's fingertips and surrounded Videl.  Like magic Videl's blood stained skin, bruises and various other wounds faded.

Seconds later Videl opened her eyes and spoke.  "Where am I?"

            Dende smiled and removed his hands from Videl.  "I shall leave now.  Summon Mr. Popo if you need anything."  Dende said.

            "Ok."  Gohan replied before Dende left the room.

            Gohan pulled up a chair and sat next to Videl.  "Gohan where am I?  What hap- SHARPNER!"  Videl cried out as she sat up straight and her last memories came back to her.

            Gohan put his hand on Videl's shoulder.  "Shh Videl.  It's alright."  Gohan said as he tired to calm her down.

            "No it not.  Where is he?"  Videl said as she looked in every direction as paranoia took over her.

            Gohan moved from the chair to the bedside.  He took her face in his hands and forced her to look into his eyes.  "Videl calm down.  Everything is fine.  He isn't here."  Gohan said.

            "Where is he?"

            "He's dead."  Gohan answered.

            "He's what?"  Videl asked in disbelief.

            "Don't worry about it Videl.  The point is he gone.  I promise you with all my heart and soul that I will never let anyone hurt you ever again.

            Videl looked up at Gohan as tears started to fill her eyes.  Videl reached for Gohan's hands and placed her own hands over his.  She then brought both their hands down so they were sitting in her lap.  Videl twined her fingers with Gohan's as she spoke.  "Gohan."


            Videl swallowed.  "You know how you told me when you find true love that you're sure you'll never have that feeling with anyone else?"

            "Yeah?"  Gohan asked.

            Videl took a deep breath.  "Well to tell you the truth I think I'm having that feeling right now."

            Gohan was taken a back.  He hadn't expected Videl to say that to him.  "Really?"

            "Yeah."  Videl replied.

            Gohan smiled.  "Me too."

            She smiled at his reply.  Videl then leaned towards Gohan closing the gap between them as she did.  She leaned her head on Gohan's so that their forehead's touching.  "You know what else?"


            "I love you."

            Gohan looked at Videl.  He was taken a back again. He soon smiled though.  Those were the words he had planned on telling her that night, but again his plans were completely changed

            Gohan smiled.  "I love you too."

            Gohan then closed the small gap between him and Videl.  He then brought his lips to hers.  That night Gohan had saved Videl from near death for the second time since they had met.  Only fate could have brought them together.  Only true love could keep them together and that it did.  In return for Gohan saving her from the darkness, for him saving her from the nothing she had once been.  For bringing her to life once more Videl expressed her thanks by giving all of herself to him and he did the same.  After all it was true love and they were both sure of it.

How can you see into my eyes like open doors
Leading you down into my core
Where I've become so numb without a soul my spirit sleeping somewhere cold
Until you find it there and lead it back home wake me up inside
Wake me up inside
Call my name and save me from the dark
Bid my blood to run
Before I come undone
Save me from the nothing I've become

Now that I know what I'm without
You can't just leave me
Breathe into me and make me real
Bring me to life

Wake me up inside
Wake me up inside
Call my name and save me from the dark
Bid my blood to run
Before I come undone
Save me from the nothing I've become
Bring me to life

Frozen inside without your touch without your love darling

Only you are the life among the dead

All this time I can't believe I couldn't see
Kept in the dark but you were there in front of me
I've been sleeping a thousand years it seems
Got to open my eyes to everything
Without a thought without a voice without a soul
Don't let me die here
There must be something more
Bring me to life

- Evanescence

The End

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