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Hey Vix! It's Caitlin! I'm in New York! Yep! I'm doing Broadway! Can you believe it? I'm coming back to the Vineyard this summer! I can't wait to see you again! XOXO, Caitlin Said the postcard. Vix couldn't believe it! Caitlin was still alive! "Vix.honey? Are you OK?" said Gus Vix jumped up. 'It was just a dream.'she thought "Yeah.. why?" "You kept shaking your head." "Well I'm OK now." she said, rolling onto Gus. He had lost some weight, thanks to his new job. He took care of the plants in the Vineyard, while Vix took care of the business. They were just finished making a commercial for the new building right next to the Vineyard. They were renting it out for a mere $150 per month. "MOMMY!!!" cried Nate. He was 8 years old now, with a sister, Somers, a.k.a. Maizie. Vix adopted her after she settled down. Abby and Lamb were getting so old now! "VIX!! GUS!!" screamed Maizie. She only called Bru 'daddy'. "NATE BROKE A VASE AND KINDA CUT HIMSELF!! I PUT A WET TOWEL ON HIS HANDS! COME QUICK!" Vix and Gus ran to the kitchen to find Nate sitting with Maizie on the counter, and pieces of glass everywhere. The rose was ok, though. "How'd this happen?" questioned Gus, trying not to sound upset. Vix cleaned up and threw the glass away. She led Nate to the bathroom to take care of his hands, while Maizie and Gus were talking about what happened and why.

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"Nate is finally asleep" whispered Vix as she closed the bedroom door. "Good thing they have this week off" "Shhhh." hushed Gus, putting his finger on Vix's lips. She climbed into bed and almost jumped onto Gus. "Now for some quality time." He whispered

'BEEP! BEEP!' Vix's alarm clock went off. She looked at the time. It was 9:00. "Time for work." mumbled Gus. They woke up, kissed and got dressed. "Hi mommy! You smell good today!" Said Nate. "Sorry hon, but I'm afraid you can't come to taste grapes today." commented Vix. She knew what he was up to. "Hey where's Maizie?" "Here I am!" Maizie announced. She was wearing jeans and an oversized tee. "Come on Nate.we're gonna help Gus plant some seeds!" Vix raised an eyebrow at Gus. He didn't tell her. Gus chuckled and kissed Vix on the cheek. "Good luck convincing that couple to live in our apartments!" whispered Gus, and she was off. She hopped on the motorcycle/scooter and rode across the vast 2 acres and parked infront of the office building. She checked her watch '9:57! Wow I'm right on time.' She thought to herself.