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This year's challenge is a variation of the 12 Days of Christmas from a few years ago, with the goal being to write one fic for each of the traditional twelve days of Christmas (December 25-Jan 6)

The rules are pretty loose, the goal to give us all fun stuff to read after Christmas:

1. The entries can be any length from drabble to chapter, but remember, you need twelve of them.
2. You can start writing now, but the first entry should post no earlier than midnight (EST in the US), on December 25; the last, no later than 11:59PM on January 5.
3. The entries can be one continuing story, or unrelated to each other, but they must have a unifying theme. The theme can be tangible (a physical item, such as a cup, a letter, or a piece of evidence (hey, we're still Bones)) or intangible (love, forgiveness, curiosity, parenting.)


It was two weeks before Thanksgiving and Brennan was walking around the mall trying to find Christmas gifts for Booth, Angela, Hodgins, Zach, and Cam. She didn't celebrate the holiday like most did, but she got her closest friends and colleagues a small gift for the holidays. Brennan was shopping early this year because she was leaving for a dig the day after Thanksgiving and wouldn't be stateside until after the New Year. Brennan had all the gifts bought except for Booth's he was always last and always the hardest to buy for. She was on her second pass at window shopping when she looked in the window of a Christmas ornament shop and saw an ornament that made her chuckle and know that Booth would love it. Brennan went in the shop and chose the ornament and got it personalized. With her holiday shopping done for another year she headed home.


Brennan had given her gifts to Angela, Hodgins, Zach, and Cam before everyone had left work for the holiday the day before. She hadn't given Booth his because they were wrapping up a case and he had to leave early to go to Parker's Thanksgiving play. Brennan waited until Thanksgiving night to stop by Booth's apartment, she knew this was his year to spend the day with Parker and she didn't want to intrude. She picked up Booth's ornament and the building set she'd gotten for Parker and walked into his apartment building. Brennan smiled as she got closer to Booth's apartment, she could hear the faint sounds of "A Holly Jolly Christmas" (Burl Ives version) coming from inside. She quickly knocked on the door, in a few seconds Booth answered.

"Bones! Happy Thanksgiving!" Booth stepped aside and let Brennan into his apartment.

"Happy Thanksgiving, Booth! You already took Parker home?"

"No, Becca called at 7 this morning and said he woke up at 4 with the stomach flu. I've facetimed him a few times, he feels like crap and is bummed that he can't be here. I got my Christmas decorations out and we decorated the tree via facetime until he fell asleep. I'll save the rest until I get him next weekend. I went ahead and made the lasagna and put it in the freezer so all I have to do is thaw it and bake it when he gets here."

"Aw, I hope he feels better soon. I know how much you both look forward to your weekends together."

"Thanks, Bones. I haven't had dinner yet, I'm going to get Thai. Do you want to stay?"

"Sure. After we eat I can give you your Christmas gift."

"Then I'll give you yours."

"Okay." Brennan took her coat off and looked around at the Christmas wonderland that was slowly forming in Booth's apartment. "Your decorations are pretty, Booth."

"Thanks, Bones. A lot of them are form Pops and Gran's house. After Gran died Pops moved into a smaller place and I got most of their Christmas stuff. Our usual Thai order will be here in 30 minutes. Do you want to eat on the couch?"

"That's fine with me." Booth nodded and got out plates, forks, and napkins. After the empty cartons and plates were stacked on the coffee table Brennan grabbed her gift for Booth from beside her on the couch.

"You can go first, Bones."

Brennan handed Booth a small square package wrapped in shiny green and red paper. "I hope you like it…."

Booth excitedly ripped the paper off to reveal a plain white box, he opened it to reveal a somewhat star shaped ornament that said 'Beware of Agent Booth'" Booth laughed and pulled Brennan into a hug. "Bones, it's great, I love it! Thanks!"

"Really? You're welcome."

"Yes." Booth got up placed the ornament at eyelevel so that you saw it when you came into the apartment. With that done he got Brennan's gift off his bookcase and sat back down beside her, handing her the box. "Parker picked it out…"

"I'm sure he did well." Brennan smiled at the dancing reindeer wrapping paper as she carefully unwrapped it.

"Bones! Just rip it off already!" Brennan smiled as she carefully loosened the last piece of tape and removed the paper to reveal another white box like the one she'd given Booth but smaller. She took off the lid and held up a small scull ornament wearing a Santa hat.

"Booth, I love it. It's mostly correct."

Booth laughed. "I know you don't have a tree, but Parker insisted that you get it for Christmas because you work with bones …."

"I can hang it on my bookcase, one of the shelves has built in hangers on the underside. I might leave it up year round."


"I also have a gift for Parker." Brennan picked up a larger package wrapped in shiny red paper.

"You didn't have to get him anything, Bones."

"I know. I was walking around the mall and saw this and thought he'd like it."

"Thanks Bones. Keep it and we'll have lunch with you when you get home and you can give it to him yourself."

"I would love to have lunch with you and Parker when I return, but he can have my present next week when he's with you. You'll both enjoy it."

"Okay. Thanks for having dinner with me, Bones and turning a crappy Thanksgiving into a good one."

"You're welcome, Booth. I enjoyed having dinner with you too. I need to go home and make sure I have everything ready for my trip."

"Okay. Let me take you to the airport tomorrow."

"I can get a cab, Booth."

"No, I'm taking you to the airport…"

"My flight leaves at 9 so I need to be there at 6."

"Not a problem. I'll bring coffee and donuts."

"Okay." See you in the morning, Booth."

"See you in the morning, Bones." Booth got the door for Brennan as she left.

A/N2: The ornaments that Booth and Brennan get each other are available on Amazon. See you tomorrow for day 2…