Title: Moments

Author: Stepf

Rating: G

Spoilers: The Source, post ep-ish

Disclaimer: Here's a big surprise. I don't own them! Imagine that.

Notes: A really, really short fic I had to get out while writing a WaT WIP. Heh, that was fun to type. Enjoy!

Thanks: My always fabulous beta Molly. Thank you! I love your writing so much, so that you are willing to beta my stuff means a lot.

Sometimes it all comes down to one defining moment in time. One event that changes the face of reality forever. Or sometimes that moment just makes you think a little harder, and consider what you have and what you want. But sometimes what you want isn't what you can have, or should have, or ever did have. Sometimes you have to watch through a glass wall as that moment passes, and wonder at/about the outcome.

She is watching through a glass wall as a moment passes, one that really brings something home for her. No matter what his actions and words say, he loves her. They aren't standing close, but they aren't far away either; it is the perfect ambiguous distance. She watches as he runs one hand through that dark hair of his. She remembers that hair, the texture, the color, the smell. It seems like an eternity since she touched it last. Maybe that was a good thing. They needed distance sometimes. Moving around each other but never coming together. More than strangers, less than what they used to be.

She watches them more, intrigued by the other woman's body language. She is stiff, almost as if trying not to give anything away. But she is also relaxed in his presence. Through the glass the other woman leans into him a bit, and she feels a tinge of jealousy. Since when did she feel that about him? He hadn't been hers in a long time and she could accept that. But something about someone else having him was.unacceptable to her.

It was over though; he has reassured her of that. She believed him. They were forced to be together, outside influences seeing to that.

So she watches in the shadows, waiting for a sign of something, or maybe a sign of nothing, to indicate it was their time again.

Suddenly the woman on the other side of the glass shifts, moving a little closer to him. And he grabs the other woman's hand lightly. She moves back from the glass, startled, and runs into a solid, firm, object.

"Hey!" The object says as she spins around. It's Danny. "Samantha, you ok?"

"Yeah.fine. I." She looks into the window one last time and makes brief eye contact with him. In one moment she sees what she needs. Not now, but soon it will be their time again. She needs to give him time to sort through things with Marie, the other woman on the other side of the glass. And Sam has plenty of time.

Another moment, another change, another shift in reality. But this time, the shift is in her direction.