Title: My Blue Eyes Rating: Um. PG for now, will go up in later chappies.

Pairings: Yami/Yugi, Seto/Yami/Yugi possible Bakura/Ryou, Bakura/Ryou/Jou

This is my first Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic I hope its not to bad but feel free to flame me if you notice something wrong. I hope you enjoy it. I have the story pretty planed out and im going to pull Seto in on later chapters. (8/3/05- Bare with me here. The first couple chapters are a little rocky, I went back to fix it up but it was sort of depressing...It gets way better. I swear. "Innocent" isway over used in the first few chapters. Sorry.)

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The Awakening


Yugi woke up startled again the 4th time this week. He sat up sweating in his bed, eyes wide open searching the room.

The all to familiar dream of someone calling out to him, was slowly fading away from his memory. He tried to keep the picture of the face in his mind, but it slipped away again as it always did. The only thing that he kept in his mind was a pair of piercing crimson eyes. The thought kept Yugi's heart pounding in his chest.

Yugi knew that the dream was getting clearer and had a feeling it was because he was so close to finishing the puzzle his grandfather had given him on his last birthday. He sighed and fell back against his pillows as he closed his eyes to remembered the day not more then a year ago.


Smiling, Yugi slowly took the bulging package from his grandfather's hands. It looked as if it had been wrapped carefully, but by someone inexperienced and a really bad wrapper at that. Yugi gave him grandfather a grin as he unwrapped the package to revile a gleaming gold box. He almost fell over as he saw the beautiful gift his grandfather gave him, unwrapping it completely he released that inside there were smaller gold pieces inside as if it contained a puzzle. Looking at his grandfather in surprise then back at the box he let out a gasp

He smiled," I have a feeling that this puzzle would be put to better use if you had this."

Yugi placed his small fingers on the top of the box and traced the gold eye that seemed to be gazing up at him. Tears started to form in his eyes at his grandfather's unbelievable kind gift.

"Grandpa I..." Yugi whispered with a forced breath, voice failing him.

His eyes unduly telling his Solomon how thankful he was for the beautiful gift.

"Sorry I couldn't wrap it properly, I just wasn't sure if I was going to give this to you until tonight while I was making your cake, but then I had this strange impulse and almost a force making me wrap this and write your name on the tag..." Solomen let out a chuckle at the nonsense he had just told his grandson. "Any ways, Yugi, I hope that this will be of some use to you."

Yugi who had retrieved his voice, sighed in appreciation and hugged his grandfather, "I love you Grandpa, I will never put it down, it is very beautiful." A single thought of confusion could be seen expressed upon his face.

"How much did this cost you? It looks like we could live off this for a year!"

Seeing his grandsons concern, Solomon gently told his grandson how he had found the puzzle in Egypt, but had never had any luck with it. "I don't know why but I feel that you will have better luck then I, or anyone who has ever tried to solve it Yugi."

Yugi grinned before carefully sliding back the golden lid to look into the box. The sparkling gold pieces made the smile on his face grow. He smiled brightly at his grandfather. "Thank you so much!" He hugged the old man tightly keeping the golden box in his hands.

Solomen patted his back before pulling away and slowly took something from his back pocket.

"That's not it though Yugi," Yugi tried to peek into his hands bitting his lip. "I want you to have this as well."

Yugi's eyes widened and he let out a rapid gasp. His eyes fell on got even larger then they had been when his grandfather gave him the box.

There in his grandfather's hand sat a stack of cards that looked warn with age but held a mysterious vibe that Yugi had always felt whenever he was around them. They sat in his grandfather's old rough hands waiting to be taken. When he reached out for Yugi's soft, tiny hand, Yugi looked into his grandfather's eyes with confusion as the cards were passed from the old one's hands to his own.

"I have put my heart and soul into this deck Yugi, and I would be honored if you would duel with these cards, I have thought you long and hard the skills and patience needed for this game, and I am sure that with your heart you can accomplish anything, as long as you believe in yourself."

The worn, old face stretched into a smile as he said the kind words to his handsome grandson. He knew Yugi was meant for great things and thought it was sad that the boy lacked the confidence to go out into the world and do what he was meant to do.

Solomon only wished his grandson would be happy. He hoped that maybe he would be able loose his shy disposition if he had something he knew he was really good at.

Duel Monsters was something he knew his grandson would be able to grow in, he would gain the self confidence he lacked. He was so detached with the world around him and it made him sad that someone he loved so much was so unhappy. He let out a sigh as he looked into his grandsons purple eyes.

As Yugi fingered the pieces in the gold box again Solomon was reminded about the legend behind it. Snapping back to the present, he opened his eyes up wide as if telling an important secret and lowered his voice to a whisper.

"The puzzle has a legend that goes along with it," Yugi looked up at him wanting to hear every word his grandfather murmured.

"It is said that the one who completes it will unleash a powerful magic and will be filled with mysterious dark powers. They will also be granted a single wish."

Yugi sighed and managed a small smile for his grandfather.

'A single wish…'

Yugi fingered one of the larger puzzle pieces. If he was ever able to solve the mystery of the puzzle, what would he wish for. He smiled as his grandpa ushered him into the kitchen for their two-person party. The cake his grandfather had made was sitting ablaze with fire on the table.

He swallowed as he saw his grandfather watching him. He managed another small smile and thanked him for the beautiful cake.

He took the knife Soloman held out to him placing it above the cake while he waited for him to finish singing Happy Birthday all by himself.

Yugi felt a gripping coldness flow through him. If he had any wish in the world it would be to have a normal life, one with friends and people who cared about him. He wished that he had a whole group of people sitting her singing along with his grandfather. He bit the inside of his lip as he squashed back what was beginning to feel like tears. He just wanted people to care about him…

Even just one! Just a friend, a companion, someone that he could tell all his secrets to and feel conformable talking with. He looked at the golden box sitting next to him. 'That's what I'd wish for. If I ever complete that puzzle, I'd wish for a friend.'

Suddenly everything had gone fuzzy.


Yugi seemed to loose all feeling in his body for some reason as he saw a flash of deep red. He would latter swear that he had heard a voice inside of his head whispering soon until his grandpa's clapping broke through to him and he quickly cut through his cake.

He shook his head and looked at his grandfather again and embraced him in a long and gentle hug. "Thank you Grandpa!"



That's what I herd inside of my head the night he received the puzzle!' He thought excitedly to himself. "That same soundless voice!"Yugi said out loud to no one.

He shivered at the thought of the fiery eyes, it wasn't as if he was scared, it was more that he was anxious to see them again,curious to know what it all ment and from and why these images were haunting his dreams.

'I wonder what these dreams mean.' He looked over to his desk which had the almost competed puzzle sitting there waiting for him to finish it. Yugi glanced over to his alarm clock. 11:57 flashing in the red lights. 'Hm, I was only asleep for an hour, maybe I should just try and finish it now, I doubt I'll be able to go to sleep anytime soon with the dreams I keep having.' He fingered the puzzle tracing the piece with the staring eye. It reminded Yugi of him.

'HIM?' He asked himself, ' Since when have I considered the voice in my dreams aperson?'

That thought sent the shivers down his spine again and started to think about how stupid he sounded. "Yea,"he muttered to himself, "Im sure someone is trying to talk to youfrom your dreams Yugi" he said sarcastically, making himself fell better.

He went and sat next to his desk and began to put the pieces together, fingers placing them together almost effortlessly. He kept snapping them into place, not even thinking anymore, only letting his hands do the work. They were moving as if some invisible force was guiding them. As he picked up the piece with the eye he looked around. All the pieces were in place except for that last one.

Yugi gulped. 'Oh my gosh! I finished it! Well not really I still have this last piece.' He remembered his grandfather's words."It is said that the one who completes it will unleash a powerful magic, and will be filled with mysterious dark powers. They will also be granted a single wish."

'A single wish' Yugi slipped the last piece into the space that was waiting for it "I wish I could have true friends, people to always look out for me."

He slipped the last piece into place and everything went red.


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