Title: My Blue Eyes

Rating: PG-13 (Sorry)

Disclaimer: Nope, I didn't have anything on the boys.

A/N: Thanks to Ravid who was a great help to this chapter, as a beta and a friend! The Yugi Bakura scene is so dedicated to you. -

IMPORTANT! Okay, I haven't watched the first episode in a LONG time… but I definitely remember after Yugi beat Seto he took away that evil side of Seto. Remember? Seto was standing there and Yugi like "cracked" him or something? But he definitely sent that evil Kaiba away. Then Yugi had to duel evil Kaiba in Duelist Kingdom, the evil Seto said that he used to be a part of Kaiba that Yugi had vanished to the grave yard and that Pegasus had helped him out with the eye. Yea… Well introducing semi-EVIL KAIBA!

Where were we? Oh yes…


"Are you looking for something Bakura? A plea for mercy perhaps?" Yugi looked interestingly down at the card in his hand and smiled a wicked grin. "I think you might just know what card this is. It's a bit of a new addition." His voice got dangerously low. "I think you know which one I mean."

Bakura's face dropped.

Yugi threw his card down on the panel," I summon to the field the legendary, all powerful, BLUE EYES WHITE DRAGON!"


Seto felt his throat dry as the world suddenly froze around him.

His heartbeat sounded loud and steady in his ears.

Bu boom


"Yea! Whoohoo! That's it YUGI!" A shrill voice yelled somewhere in the background.

Bu boom

Seto sat completely dumbfounded as he watched mesmerized as Yugi played the one card in the whole world in which he would never have expected to see outside of one of his duels.

Bu boom

He watched in awe as Yugi commanded his monsters to attack Bakura and dropped his life points a considerable amount.


Kaiba felt the nails digging into the palm of his skin and the tense muscles all over his body spasm. He clenched his teeth as he let out a very slow calming breath. He slowly relaxed his hands and then slowly gripped the armrests carefully as he tried to calm down. He breathed in deeply.

A sudden exhaustion fell over him.

Was there anything about this Mouto boy that did not seem to jump out of nowhere and slap him in the face? Wasn't it enough that the boy had somehow appeared out of nowhere, grabbed the dueling communities attention with his defeat of Keith, then the heart of the Domino with news of his horrifying attack. Hadn't he done the right thing in visiting him and checking up on the stunning boy! Yugi hadn't deserved any of that really. What made him so special!

Kaiba felt his grip tightening on the armrests and his chest struggling to keep his controlled breathing. He bit down on the side of his tongue.

He did not even want to remind himself of Yugi's part in completely changing his sexual orientation entirely against his wishes! And kissing him? Who said Yugi could kiss him! He sure didn't remember being asked take part in that! Then of course, topping it all off. Yugi has the nerve. The nerve, to go and…and do stuff, STUFF with someone else! The nerve he has to do things to someone else not even hours after he had oh so eagerly offered himself completely to his every kiss, his every touch. Kaiba slumped dejectedly in his chair with his eyes entirely focused on the screen. His eyes narrowed into slits as Yugi…

Kaiba's eyes widened dramatically.

NO! Yugi's LOVER!

He leapt from his chair.

Whatever the hell was going on, no way would Kaiba allow him to keep the Blue Eyes. Not the one card that represented everything Kaiba had ever cared for in his whole existence!

Anzu and Weevil spun their heads around and looked at him startled from the sudden movement. Weevil seemed almost as surprised as Kaiba was about the recent turn of events but Anzu was still bouncing excitedly from the play. Sucking up every bit of sanity he possessed, Kaiba cautioned himself by blinking very slowly. The result was actually quite intimidating. Anzu let her hands dropped from their clutched position in front of her chest when she saw the intense look Seto was giving her.

"How does he have that card?" Seto's voice was disturbingly calm.

"What?" Anzu said, smile fading

He pointed dramatically to the duel going onscreen just as Yugi's dragon roaring up at the ceiling.

"How. Does. Yugi Mouto. Have a Blue Eyes White Dragon."

Anzu responded slowly. "He got it a few days ago…" She turned to Weevil looking for some sort of support, "when he was in the hospital…"

Seto blinked and twitched in annoyance. "How…"

Anzu paused and thought over her words. "His grandfather, he owns a dueling shop down at --." She stopped as Kaiba grabbed a walkie-talkie and headed towards the door.

The small light glowed red as he switched on the machine. "…all monitors to Live Feed NOW. We're going to need to evacuate the building. All 400 respond."

Kaiba pressed the button and the radio fell silent.

"This is Seto Kaiba. Get me Yugi Mouto."


Jou growled as another person shoved him harshly into Honda's back.

"What the he…Uhhg!"

He spun his head around trying to see who it was that kept shoving against him pushing him closer and tighter towards the large dueling platform so that now he was now in a position where it was difficult to see. All he was able to see though was a sea of increasingly frustrated people all shoving and pushing and being shoved and pushed in return.

"Honda, have you ever…"

He stopped and his eyes searched anxiously through the crowd.


"Over here!" Jou felt his friend grab his elbow.

"What in the hell's going on! This is ridiculous!"

"I have no clue, but this is crazy. There are way too many people in here."

Jou pushed his way over to his friend "This isn't right. It looks like the whole city's here." He jabbed to his left with his thumb. "Did you check out the Sunshine 8 lady over there?"

Honda didn't even look. "No, I was to busy staring at the guy interviewing people from the Game Network! He's over there asking everyone about the Blue Eyes. I think Yugi surprised everyone with his little new addition."

"No shit he did! I wish I could see Kaiba's face right now!"

Honda nodded and then managed to push them closer to where Yugi had stepped up onto the duel platform. People all around them were shouting and cheering as something above them happened. Jou stood up on his tiptoes to try and get a better view on what was going on and was greeted with an excellent view of the side of the dueling arena and the back of a woman's head. With a snarl cranked his neck up to get some sort of view.

Growling he fell back on his heels. "This is ridiculous! I can't see a single thing. I would think out of all these people I should at least be able to watch my friend beat that creep over there."

Honda tore his eyes form a T.V. monitor to look at his friend. "I can tell you Yugi's winning. I think Bakura's got something up his sleeve, though. Something weird going on, he just did that whole rolling laugh thing and turned all sadistic when he put down that last card.

Jou tried his tiptoes again.

"There's a T.V. monitor, you idiot!"

Jou scowled. "It's not the same." But he looked anyways to the T.V. closest to him. "Hey! What's that! What's he spelling out with them cards! You ever seen that before? This ain't fair! I can't see anything that's goin'… Ugff"

Jou caught himself by breaking his fall on Honda.

He spun around enraged. "Watch where you're going, ya idiot!" Growling at the sea of people behind him he screamed again how ridiculous the whole situation was right in Honda's ear.

Honda gripped his arm. "Look."

The television that had been broadcasting the live duel, now, showed a very nervous looking man holding a stack of papers. Behind him were two unhappy looking security guards. The man reached out and flipped a switch.

"May I have your attention, please?"

The crystal clear voice filled the building. People around Jou stopped pushing and looked up at the monitors.

"Due to the overwhelming amount of people today, it is my regret to inform you that KaibaLand will be closing until further notice. Due to fire regulation code 239, section…"

A low electronic groan came from the dueling arena as the holograms on the platform flickered. The sound of the power being pulled from the dueling arena drowned out the tiny man speaking on the T.V. A low murmur began from the crowd. Jou looked up to see Yugi looking around confused trying to figure out why his duel had been interrupted.

"…If you could please exit though the doors labeled EXIT, located thought out the building…"

The low murmur turned into a roaring commotion. The small man on the screen continued reading of his script. People around him began turning around.

"… We hope you've enjoyed your stay with us today here on the Dueling arena at KaibaLand!"

The televisions all clicked off and began running a stream of commercials. Another electronic sound alerted Jou to Yugi, who was up above, frantically scrambling to collect his cards as the platform he was standing on began its automatic decent. Jou smirked as he caught across the field a very off guard Bakura visibly cursing as he too made a mad sweep for his dueling cards.

Jou felt a hand wrap around his arm and found himself being tugged along after Honda towards where Yugi's platform would drop off. Jou followed easily threw the path Honda created and looked back over to where Bakura should be standing and was startled when he could only make out a mob of people surrounding where the white hared boy should be.

Jou stopped dead and Honda looked over at him annoyed. "You save Yugi. I'll go grab Ryou. Meet us at…uh…"

"Parking Lot. Under the Blue Eyes." Honda said and began passing threw the crowed again

Jou nodded. "See ya in five." He shouted looking back to where Bakura should be. "Make that thirty!" He called behind him, but Honda had already made his way straight for Yugi Mouto.


Yami had quickly gathered all his cards in frustration just seconds before he was ripped away automatically from being lowered from his dueling platform. He steadied himself on the rail looking around angrily for any reason on which his duel was interrupted.

/Yugi/ He called to his partner. /The duel…What's going on? My monsters, they just disappeared/

/I don't know/ Yugi replied hesitantly from his soul room. He tugged at their link. /Let me back./

Yugi blinked as he found himself back in control. He hastily shoved his cards into his pocket as he approached the bottom where it looked as though a sea of people were about to swallow him whole. Yugi backed up against the card panel with a scared look in his eyes.

/ …! Look at all these people/

As Yugi grew nearer to the ground, he saw that all of the people surrounding his area seemed to be pushing closer to where he was soon be dropped off instead of away like the rest of the people in the building. Looking around, all of the people who were at his approaching destination were accompanied by a rather large camera crew.

/It would seem our duel had inspired some interest, Yugi./

Yugi didn't have time to answer as the platform came to a halt, the only way to go was into the crowd of screaming people.

"Mr. Mouto! How did you get your Blue Eyes White Dragon…!"

"Mr. Mouto! Do you know the identity of your attacker?"

"Have my baby Yugi!"

"Please! Mr. Mouto! A moment of your time!"

Yugi took a fleeting look around, trying to find some route to escape the huge crowd of reporters (and fan girls) before one stubby red-haired man started coming into the small area shaking a microphone at him. Yugi backed up before making the decision to get out of the duel platform before there was no way to get out.

"Yugi Mouto, would you please—"

"I'm sorry" Yugi said pushing away "I've got to find my friends."

He backed away and off the duel platform. A woman with huge blonde hair snatched at his arm and tried to pull him close to her in range of her camera crew. Pulling away quickly, he backed into a group of teenagers that latched on to him and begged him to sign their hamburger wrappers. Yugi's head yanked to the side as someone grabbed a fist full of his hair.

Yugi began to panic as the ocean of people began to hover over his much smaller frame and another hand grabbed onto his arm. He heard Yami chuckle in the back of his head.

/It would seem you are quite popular./ There was a smile in his voice. / If you wish, I could take command./

He tugged himself free and swirled around desperately trying to look for Jou.

/Yami! How can you even joke about this/ He tripped over someone's foot and caught himself on another persons shoulder./ I'm fine but it's just these people are absolutely insane! This is completely--/

Yugi yanked hard as someone grasped his arm again. He spun around to yell at the person when the grip remained snug on his arm.

"LEAVE ME…." Yugi jumped back startled and his face lit up. "Honda!"

Honda gave him a quick smile before pulling on his arm and directing Yugi threw a group of people. , all of who were reaching out and trying to grab the small duelist as they walked by. Honda was making excellent progress and was parting the crowd quite nicely.

Yugi was smiling at their progress following along in Honda's shadow until suddenly he stumbled and Honda's grip on him vanished. He seemed to have squeezed through a solid wall of people and left Yugi surrounded.

Yugi grinned nervously and tried to make his way past the two nicest looking people but was recognized instantly and their pleasant faces instantly turned into vicious grins.

The groping commenced.

Yugi growled as he heard Yami laughing in his head again. He stood still with his arms crossed as he felt a few more hairs being yanked from his head. A hand slide below his waistline.

The laughing stopped completely.

"YUGI! For goodness sakes!"

Honda suddenly appeared at his side and Yugi hardly had time to grasp this bit of information before he was grabbed and hanging over Honda's shoulder, head dangling right in front of Honda's chest.

"HONDA!" Yugi yelled as he struggled and looked around, face flaming red. "Put me down!"

"No can do Yugi. Don't worry, were almost out of the worst of it."

The laughing in his head exploded.


'Hm… That's wired.'

As Jou got closer to the other side of the dueling arena he noticed that people were not just leaving the area, they were running from it. Looking around, Jou spotted Bakura violently shouting and kicking at the dueling platform.

Jou shook his head with a smile as he approached the murderous looking boy. As he got closer the smile on his face began to wear down as he noticed a group of people starting to form around where Bakura was destroying property, none of them looking to happy.

"Hey, man! Cool it!"

"You need to calm down, Whitie …"

Jou quickly stepped up onto the dueling platform with Bakura and grabbed the spirits forearm. Bakura quickly spun around, his brown eyes screaming murder as he turned his attention to Jou.

Jou let his arm go slowly. "Uh…Bakura?"

Bakura pushed Jou up against the side railing of the duel platform.

"What the fuck happened to my duel." He voice was but a low growl in his throat.

Jou just stared at the smaller boy who was pinning him. Bakura slammed him again harder against the rail. "Who did this?" Bakura yelled this time. "The puzzle was almost mine!" When Jou didn't answer again, Bakura growled and turned away as he kicked the arena again screaming in rage.

"Hey man, Stop fuckin' with the equipment!"

Jou pushed himself away from the rail. "Uh, Bakura? Maybe you should-- " Jou was hesitantly reaching for the Bakura again but stopped short as Bakura's eyes flashed dangerously at the blonde. Jou could see the fury clearly dancing in front of them.

He shut his mouth.

Bakura kicked the machine again with less vigor.

"Hey YOU! LOOSER! You better stop fuckin' with the dueling arena!"

Before Jou so much as had time to register the look that exploded on Bakura's face, Bakura was rushing at the guy. Jou glanced shocked before he jumped off the platform after Bakura who had just landed a crushing blow to the man's right temple. Bakura leapt after the guy about to finish taking him to the ground as Jou grabbed him.

Freaking out, he pulled Bakura around to the other side of the arena as Bakura's eyes danced with rage and his breath coming out in furious pants.

"What da hell do you think you're doing?" Jou whispered angrily, he glanced around just waiting for the guys to follow them.

Bakura pushed him away. "What happened to my duel?" He said coldly.

Jou swept a hand threw his hair. "Look man, seriously I don't know. Something about it being too crowded or somthin'. Look, we gotta get out of here…"

Bakura balled his fists. "The puzzle should be mine! Whoever did this shall pay!"

He swung a hand into the metal wall of the arena. Jou shook off his surprise quicker this time and tried to grab hold of Bakura's hands.

"Hey!" He hissed as he grabbed hold of his left hand.

"You need to chill out!" Bakura swung at him with his right and nearly hit Jou in the face. "What the…!"

Jou avoided another punch and shoved Bakura with his elbow up against the dented wall.

"What da hell is your problem?" Jou hissed as Bakura struggled against his grip.

Jou kept him pinned tightly against the wall as he shifted his grip of both of Bakura's wrist within his hand. He had almost all of his body weight pressed into Bakura as the boy struggled.

"You can't do that ta people!" Jou said shocked. "You can't make Ryou go around hitting people everywhere!"

Bakura struggled more and flashed his teeth as he tried to release Jou's grip on him.

"Uuh uh" Jou said as Bakura almost go this hand free. "We can't have you hauling off like that, now can we." He shoved Bakura tighter against the wall as the boy jerked under him.

"Seriously Bakura! CALM DOWN!"

Bakura stopped struggling after a final attempt and stood there with his chest heaving glaring at Jou. Jou kept his grip on him for a moment, actually kind of scared of what was going to happen once he let Bakura go.


Jou glanced around nervously, hesitantly softening his grip.

"Alright. That's it….Now. I'm gonna let you go and your just going to—"

Jou doubled over as Bakura kneed him right in the groin.


"Sir? Yugi Mouto?"

"Yes. Yugi Mouto, the duelist."

"10-4 Kaiba."


" Four hundred to all three hundreds. Bring Yugi Mouto to Base 14-30"


"Look there's Bakura!"

Yugi turned to where Honda was pointing and watched as a smug looking Bakura approached the group. Bakura had his tongue out between the smile in his teeth and seemed to be extremely pleased with himself.

Yugi went towards him. As Bakura caught sight of the Millennium Puzzle his smile faded and his face hardened.

He coldly crossed his arms as he came closer to Yugi.

"Bakura? Are you okay? Did you see Jou?

Bakura shrugged and looked away.

"Did you see him at all? Honda said he went to get you. Did you see him?" Yugi looked up at him with a desperate expression adorned on his face.

Bakura made a face at him.

"What's your problem man?" Honda said coming up next to Yugi.

"Did you see Jou or not? We thought you'd have trouble getting threw all these crazy people. He went to go help you."

Bakura glared at the puzzle.

Yugi glanced down and looked at the gold piece. "What?"

Bakura growled. "Oh nothing. It's not like you would be upset that someone ruined the duel that I was winning."

Yugi blinked and looked at Honda confused.

Honda raised an eyebrow and muttered under his breath to Yugi. "Looked like he was loosing to me…" Yugi smiled.

"What was that?" Bakura snapped.

"So you didn't see him at all then Bakura?" Yugi said avoiding another problem. When Bakura balled his fists and glared daggers into Honda, Yugi sighed.

"Can you let Ryou talk to us please?"

Bakura snarled and tuned his glare on Yugi.

"Oh yes. I'm sure you'd like that. Well no. As a matter of fact, he doesn't want to look at you right now." He glared over at Honda.

"And I was moves away from destroying the Pharaoh forever."

Honda looked confused.


He turned to Yugi. "What do you mean you want to talk to Ryou? Who else would you be talking to?" He turned to Bakura. "And who the heck is the Pharaoh?"

Bakura waved a hand dismissingly at him as he glared at Yugi. "I'm not finished with you yet. You owe me another duel. Tell that imbecile I refuse to --"

"Hey guys."

Yugi and Honda looked over Bakura's shoulder and saw Jou walking towards them with a sort of awkward hobble.


Yugi and Honda rushed to his side. Yugi looked up at Jou, violet eyes betraying his worry.

"Are you okay? What happened, you don't look so good."

Jou looked past them over to Bakura who was smirking at him like mad. He hung his head and kicked at the floor.

"Aw it was nothing, I'm fine. Big crowd ya know."

Yugi nodded. "It's crazy! I was practically attacked! Honda had to lift me over his shoulder just to get to the parking lot!"

Jou looked up behind Yugi to see Bakura glaring at him with his arms crossed against his chest, apparently mad at him for now taking away an opportunity to rile the group back up.

He quickly glanced back at Yugi who was still speaking excitedly. "Who would have thought that so many people would want to watch a du—"

Yugi stopped as a hand grabbed him around his arm and a dark shadow fell over him.

"Yugi Mouto." A heavy voice snapped.

Yugi attempted to turn but another hand had grasped around his other arm. "If you could please come with us."

Yugi shot a baffled look at Jou as the two gigantic men began leading him away.

"Hey! What the heck do you think you're doing!" Jou said catching up with the two men, Honda right beside him.

"You ain't goin' no where with him!" He grabbed hold of Yugi's wrist.

One of the two men calmly removed Jou's hand and they again began leading Yugi back into KaibaLand. Jou looked over shocked at Honda before the two quickly began following them, hot on Yugi's heals.

Bakura stood there looking pissed as the group walked away before sighing deeply. He threw his arms up into the air and followed making sure to look extra menacing.


After a while of trudging hesitantly along, Yugi tried in worthless attempt to keep up with the two leading him away. He had been trudged along behind them, glancing back at Jou and Honda who were following him; he was led through a thick steal door. One of the guards slipped a key card in the slot and a small green light flashed as the door was pushed open.

"I'm sorry." The other man said, releasing Yugi's left arm and staring pointedly at Jou.

"You are not allowed past this door." Yugi was led the rest of the way though by the other man looking over scared at Jou and Honda.

"What? YUGI!--." Jou shouted but was cut off as the door slid back into place.

Yugi looked at the man left still gripping his arm. The man was wearing a plain black suit and ugly green tie with a crisp looking white shirt underneath. The dark sunglasses he was wearing did nothing to reassure Yugi that he was not in any trouble.


The man made no hint that he had heard him.

"Can you tell me please where you are taking me?"

The man still took no acknowledgement that Yugi had spoken so Yugi did the only thing that made sense. He stopped walking. The taller man again made no notice of Yugi's refusal resulting in Yugi quickly finding himself falling to the floor. He stopped and fell on his knees when the man caught him but pulling at his arm.

"ISONO!" Yugi's heart leapt at the familiar voice as he swirled his head around. "What in God's name do you think you are doing?"

The guard, Isono apparently, dropped Yugi's wrist.

"I was just—"

"Leave us!"

Isono quickly disappeared. Yugi pushed himself back up to his feet and tried to still the ridiculous fluttering in his stomach as Kaiba made his way closer.

He brushed himself off nervously and debated whether or not he should make an effort to meet Kaiba in the middle of the room. He took a few steps forward before his face lit up when he noticed Anzu and Weevil following behind the figure of Seto Kaiba.

Smiling at them, he saw Anzu hold a hand up in greeting. She pointed at Kaiba and made a wrinkled face. Yugi felt his smile fade as he looked back over to Kaiba who was now standing directly in front of him. Yugi attempted horribly at forcing a small smile, he instantly felt the fluttering in his stomach increase drastically and felt his heart beat skyrocket as Kaiba regarded him with a cold look. He looked into the taller boy's cold blue eyes. Nervously he took a small step forward, he reached out a hand.

"Kaiba?" He said carefully.

As it was, Yugi wasn't sure he could manage not to jump on the taller boy with Yami pushing at his bond so hardly to do just that. Kaiba was just as breathtaking as he had been yesterday, maybe a little more so, with this new air of poised self-confidence and daunting arrogance. He looked so deliciously perfect, Yugi's hands were fighting Yami's command of 'grab'.

Kaiba said nothing but continued to study him with a calculating glare. Yugi felt a surge of hopefearanxietyjoylustpanic, and abruptly fumbled with his hands. He couldn't tear his eyes away as Kaiba regarded every aspect of him from the tip of his hair to the buckles on his shoes. Finally, with his face blank of emotion and eyes shielded he looked Yugi in the eyes. Yugi looked away quickly, hurt poring off of him in waves at the icy look he had received.

Yugi began to nervously glance around, taking in the gigantic dueling arena and the empty bleachers filling the room. Seto continued to watch him, with his face closed, his eyes guarded. When he finally spoke, the words were careful, even.

"Yugi Mouto."

Yugi heard the voice through the roar in his ears. His voice made his insides go warm and a shiver run up his spine. There was something entirely too honeyed about the way his name came out of Seto Kaiba's mouth and Yugi felt the creep of goose bumps rippling over his skin.

Kaiba's uncrossed his arms and let them fall uncomfortably at his sides, his fingers lightly resting on his slacks.

"My apologies for this afternoon. I assume you know that your duel with Ryou Bakura was far more popular then we at KaibaLand could have expected. We were not expecting the need of a crowd control team today."

Kaiba tucked one hand behind his back when it's twitching became obvious.

"We take full responsibility of this inconvenience which resulted in the termination of your duel. We apologize. The situation had become out of our control once the fire department stepped in. For the inconvenience we hope you will accept our apology with access to one of our private dueling arenas."

He finished by crossing his arms again across his chest and giving Yugi a pointed look.

Yugi stared at him. His mouth slightly parted.

Kaiba quickly looked away.

Violet eyes began to glisten with unshed tears. Yugi felt his body stiffen and go cold.

/Does it seem to you that Kaiba is…upset/ Yami quarried softly from the back of Yugi's mind.

Yugi felt an overwhelming urge to hit him that was squandered by another fit of unshed tears as he remembered Kaiba's harsh glare.

/Take over…I can't…/

He swallowed thickly, his throat was constricting, his mouth tasted bitter. He tried to fade away and turn to his soul room when he felt Yami's warmth surround him.

He felt the tingle as Yami's see-through form wrapped his arms tightly around his chest.

/ If that is what you need I will do it. I although, do not think it would be wise to show Kaiba any more of the truth then is necessary. He is a smart man. The occurrence in the hospital I think must have stunned him more then it had stunned you or I, Yugi. He has already seen me in my true form. I believe he would now be able to tell the difference./ He paused/Although, if we are going to continue this…affair with Kaiba, I suppose it does not matter./

Yugi quickly tore his eyes from Kaiba's face.

/No./ He said sucking in a breath. /There's nothing to continue. I'm fine. Thank you, Yami./

He felt Yami squeeze him tightly and he repressed another sob.

/I'm here, Yugi. Remember that. I'll be here even when you wish I wasn't./

He felt Yami fade away. He looked back up at Kaiba who was making a point to glare at Isono, who Yugi saw had run off to stand in the shadows of the huge dueling arena.

Swallowing, Yugi searched for something mean to say. Something that would make Kaiba feel horrible for being so cold just now. He racked through his brain for anything. Okay then, something witty, something that would make Kaiba feel stupid for being so mean. Coming up with nothing, Yugi racked threw his brain for anything that wouldn't sound stupid, something that wouldn't show how much he had been hurt by Kaiba's impersonal remarks.

/Just say you accept his offer./

"I accept your offer." He admitted timidly.

Kaiba quickly gave Yugi back his attention arms dropping to his sides once again. "Ah yes. Wonderful." Kaiba straightened himself before looking briefly into Yugi's eyes. He paused for a moment and Yugi swore the guarded expression dropped. Kaiba's eyes expressing the hurt Yugi himself felt before the shield was back and the icy look was staring him down.

Kaiba took another step forward. "Well, now that that is out of the way I–"

Yugi's eyes brightened and he felt a smile tugging on his lips.

/I knew it/

" –-would like to challenge you to a duel."

Yugi face dropped into a stunned shock. "Wha…"

Kaiba's whole demeanor seemed to be invasive, his powerful presence loomed above Yugi and he felt as though he was trapped in Kaiba's shadow. Kaiba's haunting blue eyes ripped into him and he felt the hurt well up back into him ten fold. He stood completely still, his expression completely guarded.

Yugi knew he had to say something. Anything, really, but he couldn't seem to get any words out. He opened his mouth to speak when…

"Why would you want to challenge Yugi?"

Yugi's attention turned to Anzu, who he had completely forgotten was still in the room. She had her arms crossed and was giving Kaiba a very unfriendly look.

She leaned forward and put her hands on her hips. "Is this because of his Blue Eyes White Dragon?"

Kaiba clenched his teeth and Yugi pushed himself back into a coherent state.

"Yea, Kaiba? Why would you want to duel me? And why can't my friends come in here?"

"Your friends?" He said confused. He looked pointedly at Anzu and Weevil. "They are here."

Yugi frowned. "No, I mean Jou and Honda. Bakura too! You're guards refused to let them in." He pointed towards the door they had come in.

"They said that they weren't allowed in. Bakura was in that duel you cancelled too! But they still didn't let them in."

Anzu had taken off towards the entrance as soon as Yugi had mentioned it. Kaiba turned looked off in another direction crossing his arms defensively. "I certainly didn't tell them that. I just asked for you."

Yugi bit his lip.


Yugi wanted anything that would take away the cold rejection Kaiba had left in him. He looked up at Kaiba hesitantly, hoping that Kaiba would say something that reflected what he had thought the blue-eyed teen had felt the other day in the hospital.

Kaiba cast a quick look over his shoulder down at Yugi. The boy had a pleading look in his achingly vulnerable violet eyes. He wanted to feel bad for what he was going to say, but he couldn't. Not with the memory of those same eyes silently begging someone else, still plastered into his brain.

He looked down over his shoulder and looked Yugi right in the eyes.

"Because," he said coolly, "I want your Blue Eyes."

Yugi staggered back as if he had been slapped. His insides twisted and the bitter taste reappeared in his mouth. His arms went slack and he feared he could fall over. Kaiba's steal eyes remained intensely on his, and Yugi knew that his face was betraying him. He quickly turned as he felt a tear fall to his check.

Jou, Bakura and Honda sprinted into the room, their footsteps falling on death ears.

Kaiba's face had twisted into a terrified expression as he saw Yugi's disheartened expression the boy's violet eyes glistening with wavering tears. When he saw the once crystallized drop fall of the boy's silken check, he took a step forward and reached out to him.


Kaiba froze. He ripped his eyes away from Yugi's shrunken profile with a great amount of pain as his face set into one of cold indifference. He felt his heart beating rapidly in his chest and he quickly gave one last longing gaze in Yugi's direction.

"You really have SOME NERVE coming and KIDNAPPIN Yugi like that." Jou came right up next to Kaiba. "It's not enough that you go and get your thugs to beat him up, now you gotta go and…"

Anzu pushed past Jou and ran to Yugi's side. "Yugi! Are you okay?"

Kaiba sneered at Jou and with a quick glance in Yugi's direction looked back on the group. "I was just giving my apologies to your friend." He looked at the white haired boy who he knew as Ryou Bakura. "You must be Ryou Bakura. I'm Seto Kaiba. I believe we've met before."

Bakura was standing with one hip jutted out, hair wildly framing his face. His arms were crossed and he was glaring at Kaiba as if he were summing up the best ways to pry his eye from his skull.

Kaiba gave him an inquiring look. "In the bathroom..."

He snuck in a smug look at Jou. His face fell as Bakura continued to regard him with a deadly glint in his eyes. Bakura tilted his chin up and narrowed his gaze in the taller boy's direction.

"Seto Kaiba." He growled evenly. "So. You're the one that ruined my duel." He brushed past Jou and stood directly in front of Kaiba, their chest barely separated.

His much smaller frame seemed every bit as impressive as Kaiba's as he narrowed his eyes and flashed a malicious grin.

Bakura's tone turned steely "I promise," He said rising to his toes. "You're going regret that decision for the rest of your pitiful life." He leaned in closer and dark shadow fell upon the room as Bakura raised his arms.

Kaiba pushed the homicidal looking boy away looking around the room with blazing eyes, over to Isono who was quickly making his way closer to the group.

Bakura had stumbled backwards but had caught himself quickly.

He laughed maliciously as he approached Kaiba once again, a glow surrounding his chest. "Oh yes. Seto Kaiba. He had so much going for him…"

The dueling arena behind them slowly began to fade into a purple mist. He watched as Yugi's annoying blonde friend swirled around waving his hands through the air. He watched in increasing fear, as the only thing staying in focus was Bakura. Yugi's two other friends were slowly melting into the purple mist. Kaiba lifted his hands to separate the growing fog as a voice broke the haunting darkness.

"Enough, Bakura!"

Another flash of light and the darkness began to retreat back to the shadows. Kaiba felt Isono grip him as the dark bubble surrounding him broke.

"This is between you and me."

Kaiba pulled himself away quickly, pushing the large guard away. Yugi was standing there, his eyes blazing red through the fog. Kaiba felt his breath catch in his throat. Gone was any trace of Yugi Mouto, the boy he himself had hurt so badly, standing in front of him was a dark, powerful form of the innocent boy he had just brought to tears. In his place stood this dominating figure that could not be the boy whose purple eyes shinned so brightly on his laptop.

Bakura pushed past him, startling him out of his captivated state.

"Oh yes. How lovely to see you again, Pharaoh." Bakura said, grinning madly at the man who couldn't be his Yugi. Kaiba narrowed his eyes and quickly looked around the room for the violet-eyed boy. "You were so quick to let your light take you so soon."

Kaiba paused in his search to watch the two impressive figures still cloaked in the darkness. Both men stood straight and tall, holding a dark, commanding presence that held Kaiba, enabling him to tear his eyes away. The one who resembled Yugi stood with his palms flared out against his hips, his sharp elbows close to his sides, his red black and gold hair stood as a crown around his head. His face was calm and self-assured, his mouth quirked in a set smirk.

Bakura had his dark brown eyes angled in a fiery edged glare. His teeth looked clenched tightly together in a forced grin as he stood stiffly, his body tense as if trying to resist lashing out at someone.

'Well, he certainly had changed in the brief 24 hours.' Kaiba thought dryly.

He paused, remembering the blushing, soft-spoken boy who had introduced himself as Ryou Bakura in the bathroom just a day ago. He couldn't even imagine the boy raising his voice! Threatening his life seemed a little out of character, not to mention the completely different way he held himself.

Ryou had been very hesitant with his actions even in introducing himself, (He actually doubted the boy would have said hi if he weren't in such an awkward situation.) he looked as if he was someone to keep to himself, this whole act today he had shown sever signs of his transformation into being a homicidal maniac. Not even beginning to mention how he summoned up a fog like that. Kaiba shook his head ridding that thought. He looked at the Yugi impersonator and then back at the white haired man glaring said impersonator down.

'Why would two older, talented men, pretend to be these boys?' He thought angrily, he flittered through the possibilities. 'Brothers?' A flash of Yugi moaning underneath the said man canceled that one out. 'Perhaps they have cousins?'


Kaiba jerked at the outburst, looking angrily at Jou whose eruption had disturbed his musings. The pointy brown haired boy next to him had his fist balled up and was shouting back, his eye twitching rapidly.

"No Jou! What the hell is wrong with RYOU! You can't just tell me that and not explain it! And why can't you just tell me how Yugi keep doing that!"

Jou looked away frustrated and caught Kaiba looking at them interested. His eyes widened comically and he elbowed Honda in the stomach. Kaiba scoffed and looked away as Honda punched Jou back equally as hard.

He turned his attention back to the two impressive boys and only barely controlled himself from jumping away when he saw Bakura standing directly in front of him.

The white haired boy smirked with amusement before brushing past him.

"I'll deal with you later Kaiba." He stopped and looked back over his shoulder.

"I'd invest in some new forms of protection if I were you." He grinned evilly with a sly look at Isono.

The blue-eyed boy clenched his fists and inhaled sharply, the threat hitting him hard, 'No one threatens me.' he growled darkly in his head.

He made a move to go after Bakura but a hand on his shoulder stopped him. He spun around furious and found himself looking in to hauntingly familiar, deep crimson eyes.

His breath caught in his chest at the feeling that flooding through him.

He felt his anger retract and his tense muscles loosen, a mellow feeling floated throughout his body as he found himself drowning in the dark red eyes. He felt a warmth flow throughout his body, his shoulder becoming hypersensitive to the hand that suddenly seemed burned through his clothing, spreading desire to rise to his skin.

Kaiba just stared, attention focused entirely on the absolutely sinister picture held in front of him. His lips parted as he took a breath, forcing an air into his lungs. The boy in front of him caught the movement and focused the full intensity of his gaze on Kaiba's lips. His chest heaved again as warmth spread fuller throughout his body at the attention. He looked down and found himself looking at the most alluring mouth he had ever seen in his life. His heart rate finally seemed to catch up with the rest of his body and Kaiba felt himself fully seated in the beginning of a full flush of arousal.


Kaiba watched intensely as those perfectly pouty lips formed his name.

"Kii baaa…" the lips purred.

Seto licked his lips.

"Ki Ba!" Kaiba felt the hand on his shoulder shacking his gently. He blinked, still caught up in the command of those perfect lips.

"…Yes?" He whispered. Eyes focused intensely. Wanting more.

Yami was smirking seductively as Kaiba made to move closer. He raised an eyebrow and took a step backwards.

"I believe you wanted to duel me?" The crimson eyed, Yugi-look-alike said with a purr. The seductive voice threatening to pull Kaiba back all the way into muted silence, back into its sensuous spell. Kaiba felt the lids of his eyes getting heavy. He was alerted to need to respond by a subtle shake.

"I…I did?" he questioned in a faint voice.

The man's lips leaned in closer, curling a line. Kaiba's eyes went wide in anticipation as he leaned forward.

"Yes." Yami said darkly pulling back. "You did."

Kaiba tore his eyes away from Yami's lips, blinking in confusion.

"If you've forgotten, you not more then five minutes ago, told me coldly that the only reason you wanted to see me was to--" Kaiba's eyes widened and he snapped out of his trance. He leapt away from the glaring Yugi look alike. "-- get my Blue Eyes."

Kaiba shook his head 'no' as Yami took back the space Kaiba had put between them.


"I didn't mean…" Kaiba trailed off as he heard suffocated giggles coming from behind him. He froze. Yami tilted his head and Kaiba watched as he flinched slightly.

Kaiba crossed his arms. He absolutely refused with everything that he was, to turn around. Yami shared a concerned look with him before stepped around him.

Kaiba closed his eyes waiting for someone to break the silence.

A sweat broke out on his forehead…

His foot began tapping…

He opened his eyes and sighed deeply…

"AH Hahahahahaha! Gahahaha! Ahahhahaha!" Kaiba jumped as Bakura's harsh laughter filled the room. He ground his teeth tightly.

"Ahahah! Did you guys just see that! Ahahahahhahahahaha!" Kaiba spun round and made to hit Bakura. He stopped when he saw that everyone but Yugi's look alike was staring at Bakura as if he were mad. He had thrown himself on Jou's shoulder and was pounding at the blondes back as he sobbed his laughter.

"The pharaohs got a new—" He broke out into giggles again. (Very unbecoming of a threatening tomb raider) "—ahaha, a new, Ahahahhahahaha! He's gotta little--"

Jou pushed Bakura off his shoulder. The white haired boy stumbled and caught himself seconds before he fell on the floor

His laughter stopped instantly. He straightened himself and glared daggers at the now frightened looking blonde. Just before Bakura was able to do anything, Yami stepped in.

"Enough!" he called out demandingly. Everyone stopped. Jou took the opportunity to sneak off behind Honda and Anzu and gave Bakura one more frightened glance before looking to him. Yami stared at Bakura until the white haired boy tore his eyes off Jou and gave him a coxing look. When he had everyone's attention, He looked behind him at Kaiba and smirked as he rested his weight on one hip, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Kaiba and I," He looked back to the group as he turned his cocked his head. "are going to duel."


Kaiba and Yami were raised into their respective duel stations as Isono addressed the two of them standing off to the side.

"This duel will commence with each players beginning with 2000 life points. This first player to reach zero looses the duel and must sacrifice your most valuable card as the prize."

Yami looked to Yugi's friends who were all staring up at him anxiously. Anzu gave him a huge smile and shouted "YOU CAN DO IT YUGI!"

He turned his attention back to the large man.

Isono held up his hands. "Duelist! Are you ready!"

Yami nodded confidently resting his hand on the top of his cards.

Kaiba's nodded once, keeping his eyes focused entirely on his opponent.

"Let the dueling begin!"

Kaiba placed his deck down, looking across the field to see Yami drawing his first hand of cards.

Looking down at his cards he felt a smile coming to his lips. He was in his element. No matter what had happened between them before, the Blue Eyes White Dragon was his! Yugi might have been lucky enough, maybe even good enough to beat Bandit Keith, but all amateurs have their day. His respect only went as far as he needed it to. This duel was about him. He wanted that card.

He grinned wickedly, "Ready to play?" He said mockingly drawing his cards.

The dark looking boy narrowed his eyes.

"Perhaps later Kaiba," Yami ventured smoothly, eyes flashing dangerously. "For now, playtime is over!"




"No." Kaiba whispered as he watched all three of his beloved Blue Eyes shatter across the field.

He looked down at the cards in his hand. "Impossible…"

Yami crossed his arms. "You loose Kaiba."

"No…" Kaiba looked around in horror. "This is impossible!" Kaiba hunched over his dueling station with his hair falling. "How could I have… lost?"

"If you want to know," Yami shouted dramatically, narrowing his eyes at the boy "Open your mind!"

/ Don't worry Yugi. I will crush the evil in Kaiba's heart. He will never hurt you again. / The Millennium Puzzle began to glow as Yami tapped into its power.

He raised his palm out to Kaiba. "Mind Crush!"

With a startled look, Kaiba fell to his knees.

All traces of Yami's influence over their shared body fell away as Yugi took over completely mind fleeing from his retreated state. Large purple eyes looked on in shock as the cards in Kaiba's hand scattered on to the ground.

He gripped the side of his dueling station with white knuckles. "Kaiba!"

Yugi slammed the release button and waited anxiously as his dueling station fell at a maddeningly slow pace. With a start, he gasped, and reached over the rail and grabbed the last pieces of Exodia that had almost fallen out of reach in their spot on the duel station.

Tucking the cards sloppily in his pocket he leaned over the side of his platform to try and get a glance at the fallen blue-eyed teen. Not seeing him, Yugi felt his heart beating rapidly in his chest as he continued to try and get a glimpse.

/Yami/ Yugi said on the verge of hysteria. /What did you do/

He felt Yami's annoyance at Kaiba for what had happened. /I did nothing. / He snapped defensively. There was a moment's pause. /Although, perhaps I may have underestimated the amount of evil in his heart./

/What/ Yugi said standing on his toes looking to where Kaiba should be by now. /He's not evil! How could you say that/

/Well/ Yami said matter-of-factly/I remember him being quite unnecessarily rude. I just wanted him to see how his actions should not be so unconcerned with how others are feeling. You must admit, the Kaiba you saw today was not the same person. What I did would was to allow him to act more with his heart. / Yami paused. /But the actual effect could uh… virtually rip all the evils of his heart and lock the pieces in the shadow realm. /

Yugi didn't move as the duel platform hit the floor. /Wha…/ "WHAT!"

/Well/ Yami said nervously/If Kaiba was um, shall we say evil… The effect of the mind crush would have been much more intense then if I were to say, apply it to you. You would most likely have no impact. But Kaiba has apparently passed out, so I must assume that there was more to our friend Kaiba then we knew. /

/…What was that part about his heart going to the shadow realm/

/Oh, only the evil parts. / Yami quipped.


/Not anymore. /


Yugi jumped.


Yugi's eyes popped as Anzu lifted him up and squeezed him. "I knew you could do it! We all knew you could do it! I didn't doubt you for one second!"

Jou and Honda were grinning like mad. They both clasped him around the shoulder and congratulated him.

Jou wrapped his arms around himself smiling. "Yugi! That was the coooolest duel I have even seen in my whole life. You shoulda seen Kaiba's face when you summoned that huge monster! He looked like someone killed his puppy!" Jou's eyes were glazed as he recalled the fond memory. "You were amazin—"

Yugi's eyes flew open. "Kaiba!"

Yugi pushed Jou off of him and sprinted as fast as he could to where Kaiba was slouched up against the edge of his duel station.

He took hold of one of Kaiba's dangling hands.

/Yami, just, how can I help him/

/He'll be fine/ Yami said softly / It must have just been a great shock to be separated with that much of himself. /

Yugi flinched and pulled Kaiba's head into his lap.

"He's not evil." He grumbled stubbornly. He stroked back the long brown bangs from Kaiba's closed eyes. "He's perfect."

Jou, Honda and Anzu approached him. Jou looked at Kaiba passed out on the ground and laughed. "He couldn't handle loosing. How perfect. Seto Kaiba's a huge cry baby." He laughed again and then noticed how Kaiba was arranged in Yugi's lap. He stepped closer.

"Uh…Yug? What are you doing?"

Yugi huffed. "He's not a looser Jou. I was one card away from losing the whole duel." He stopped himself as his hand reached out to stroke Kaiba's hair again. He instead tucked back a strand of brown hair behind the boy's ear. "He was a very good opponent."

Jou glanced at Honda who was just looking at Yugi curiously. He tucked his hands into his pockets and looked back at Yugi who was now playing absentmindedly with Kaiba's hair. He waited a second before looking for Anzu for some sort of support; she was standing behind both of them looking around the room. He clicked his tongue and looked around the room to find Bakura. He quickly looked back at Yugi when he found the white-haired boy looking at him intensely.

He coughed. "Uh, well then Yugi? Uh, don't you think we should be going now?

Yugi seemed to consider this before nodding his head. He carefully laid Kaiba's head back on the rubber-matted ground in the dueling platform. He stood up and looked down at the fallen CEO. He bent his knees and reached both hands under the boy's shoulders.

"Jou. Help me."

Jou backed away. "What! Help you do what Yugi? You're not serious! This is Kaiba you're talking bout. Where's those two guys that dragged us all around. They can help him!"

Yugi lifted Kaiba up to a sitting position. "Common, Jou. Please!"

Jou grumbled as he came up next to Yugi, squatting down and placing one of the unconscious boy's arms around his shoulder. Yugi did the same.

"Do you think he's okay?" Anzu asked hesitantly as Jou and Yugi pulled him out of the dueling platform.

Yugi smiled hesitantly. "I'm sure he will be." Yugi stumbled as he lost his footing.

Honda stepped up next to Yugi. "Here let me take him. You're too--"

Kaiba groaned.

Yugi hugged the boy closer to him. "Kaiba! Kaiba! Are you okay!"

Kaiba groaned again and opened his eyes.

Yugi smiled and looked around excitedly to his friends. Anzu was the only one that smiled back at him.

"Can you walk?" Yugi asked eagerly. "You just passed out after the duel."

Kaiba didn't say anything but grimaced at Yugi's voice. Yugi frowned.

Kaiba swung his head to the other side to see Jou holding him up. His eyes quickly narrowed.

Kaiba's head rolled forward as he inhaled deeply. "Get off me idiot." He managed to murmur arrogantly.

His head rolled over to the side and landed against his chest.

Jou looked at Yugi shocked. He pulled Kaiba's arm out from around him.

"Fine." He spat. "Screw you Kaiba."

Yugi caught Kaiba and the extra weight brought him staggering under the taller boy's weight. "Jou! Please!"

"No way! Fuck him Yugi!" Jou turned around and marched out to the door they had come in broodingly.

Honda watched Jou run off calmly. He looked at Yugi and rolled his eyes before walking out the door. Anzu looked back at Yugi and shook her head before sprinting after him.

Yugi sighed; he really hoped Jou wouldn't be mad at him for just wanting to help Kaiba. He looked down at Kaiba who was now resting on his knees leaning most of his weight on his shoulders.

He wrapped both arms around Kaiba's chest and took a step forward.

Kaiba made a strangled-garglely sound as he dragged bonelessly after him.

Yugi heard a snort of laughter to his right. He turned, arms full of Kaiba, to where Bakura was standing suppressing a huge smile from forming on his stretching lips.

Yugi narrowed his eyes. "What are you staring at Bakura?" He shifted the boy's weight in his arms. "Just help me."

"Help you do what exactly." Bakura said uncrossing his arms. "From here it looks like all you're doing is molesting him."

Yugi flushed and began to loosen his grip but wrapped his arms around tighter as Kaiba slipped. He groaned dejectedly and then looked up at Bakura with his biggest brightest puppy dog eyes.

Bakura snorted.

"I live with Ryou. Do you think that would still work on me?" He snorted again. "Honestly."

Yugi scowled. "Whatever. Just help me."

Bakura held up his hands and shook in mock horror. "Oh no! Yugi's getting bossy."

Yugi made sure Kaiba was comfortably on his knees. With one arm wrapped around his chest he looked pointedly at the white haired boy.

Bakura crossed his arms. "Why should I help you?"

Yugi stared at him.

Bakura stared back.

Yugi's eyes popped and his he clenched his teeth. "Because Bakura! I'm like five feet tall and he weighs about a million pounds!"

Bakura's smirk flirted up into a smile.

Yugi rolled his eyes. "Common now, help me."

Bakura laughed and slipped his arm around Kaiba's shoulder.

"Well as long as you know that you are inferior to me I guess I can help you molest your little boyfriend."

Yugi almost dropped his half of the unconscious billionaire. "What! He's not my--"

"Oh shut up. I saw him in the hospital." Bakura's face broke into a grin. "You did quite a number on him, buttons missing, hair in a scandalous disarray." He smirked over Kaiba's head to a flustered Yugi. "Very unlike yourself, dear Yugi. From what I hear, you're quite the innocen--"

"Shut up."

Bakura snorted to contain his laughter.

"Oh come on. And I right or am I right. I doubt you're little pharaoh friend likes that much though does he." Bakura's eyes lit up. "Oh, does he know?"

Yugi stared straight ahead and kept walking towards the door.

"I very sincerely doubt the pharaoh would approve. I bet he bosses you around doesn't he. How ever would he be able to deal with his light being with someone else."

"Yami likes Kaiba too."

Bakura stopped. "What do you mean? He knows you like this Kaiba boy?"

Yugi blushed. "Yami started the whole thing. It was before…" He trailed off and looked down at his feet.

"Before what?"

"Before he got his own body."

Yugi looked over at Bakura who had his face scrunched up in concentration. Bakura looked down at him with a thoughtful expression.

"So you and the Pharaoh both like this Kaiba?" He bounced said boy up and tightened his grip around him.

Yugi groaned and shook his head. "Yes. Okay? We both like Kaiba. Gosh, are you happy?"

"No. Do you like the Pharaoh?"

"Of coarse I like him! He's my bes--"

"No. Do you like him as in do you want to fuck him?"

"Bakura!" Yugi screeched. He glared at Bakura with a disturbed look on his face and quickly checked down to look at Kaiba. He still was drifting through consciousness. Yugi whispered quickly and quietly turning his head. "I refuse to answer that"

"What? It's not a big deal. Me and Ryou do it all the time."

Yugi nearly dropped Kaiba again. "WHAT!"

Bakura smirked. "Everyday."

Yugi looked down and tried to pick up their pace, he absolutely refused to talk to Ryou's spirit anymore.

Bakura looked around a while after the had exited the door to the dueling arena they had just been in. "Where in Ra's name are we going?"

Yugi paused and looked around as well. "Um…I don't really know. I thought we'd bring him to his car or something."

Bakura exhaled annoyed. "Oh, good plan. Just drop him off. I've been caring around this beast of a man for three hours and you don't even know where we're going!"

Yugi narrowed his eyes at Bakura. "He's not a beast. And it's been like five minutes. Stop complaining"

Bakura looked at him over the mob of brown hair. "Do you want me to drop him right now?"

Yugi sighed as he looked around at the now empty amusement park. He noticed a man in a suit coming around the corner.

"Master Kaiba!"

Yugi stopped as he saw the second guard that had escorted him to his private duel. Bakura grumbled under his breath.

"What happened? What is wrong with Master Kaiba?"

Bakura looked down at Kaiba oddly. "Master? How is this boy a master?" He glared pointedly at Yugi. "How come the pharaoh gets a 'master' and I get some dumb egotistic blonde?"

Yugi ignored him. "We were dueling." He said quickly as he looked down at the unconscious boy. "He passed out after he lost. We were hoping to get him to his car so he could get help."

"Master Kaiba lost a duel?"

Yugi nodded his head.

The guard just stared at him. "To you?"

Yugi nodded faster this time. "Yes. He lost a duel, to me, and passed out. I think he needs some rest. I don't think he needs to go to a hospital or anything though."

The man tentatively reached up to a small radio clipped on his collar.

"2-10 to 2-40."

Yugi looked over to Bakura who was gripping Kaiba's arm uncomfortably.

"Go ahead."

"I've got Master Kaiba here. We need his car. Stat."

"10-4. Front entrance."

The guard looked down at the uneven support system carrying the boss of his boss's boss.

"I'll take it from here."

Yugi nodded and carefully unwrapped Kaiba's arm from his shoulder. Bakura followed suit and they both watched as the larger man debated on a way to carry his employer. He finally settled on scooping the billionaire in his arms. Just as he took his first step, Kaiba seemed to wake up again.

He looked up into the man's face and recoiled instantly. "What in the hell…" He pushed his hands against the man's chest and almost fell to the ground. The guard steadied him and quickly placed him on his feet.

Kaiba stood for a second before his eyes fluttered and he swayed on his feet. Yugi gasped and put an arm around his waist. The guard quickly followed suit and they watched as Kaiba blinked and rested his arms against the taller of the two.

"Perhaps," Yugi ventured, "We should just help you to your car."

Kaiba's legs crossed as he tried to take a step. His head bobbed to his chest and then upright again.

Bakura was laughing so hard he had to clutch his stomach.

Yugi glared at him and wrapped his arm tighter around Kaiba's waist. He wasn't really doing much in helping Kaiba walk, but could pretend…

Kaiba, practically being carried by the guard and encased in a tight hug by Yugi, was soon at the entrance to KaibaLand. Yugi glared over his shoulder as a black limo pulled up in front of them. Bakura had followed them the whole way snickering loudly every time Kaiba had stumbled.

Kaiba pulled away from the guard and placed a hand heavily on Yugi's shoulder. Yugi smiled up at him and ignored the new set of snickering Bakura decided to grace them with.

Kaiba narrowed his eyes and straightened up gradually, keeping his grip firm on Yugi's shoulder. Yugi watched as he took his first tentative step. The driver side door opened and a man dressed in a classic limo suite approached them timidly.

"Master Kaiba?"

Kaiba looked up and quickly raised a hand that seemed to dismiss the driver. The man gave a last glance at Yugi and quickly made his way back around the long black car.

Yugi was reaching for the door handle when he felt the grip on his shoulder loosen. He looked up to see Kaiba's eyes fluttering closed. He gasped loudly and swiftly reached out as the taller boy swayed forward into his arms.

Yugi's legs buckled from the weight and he found himself stuck between the car and Kaiba's long warm body. He exhaled slowly and reached his arms up to Kaiba's chest. He pushed gently and was alarmed when the weight completely left his body.

Yugi nodded his thanks to the guard and opened the door. He looked around uncertainly before stepping into the car. He reached out a hand and gently helped Kaiba into the limousine. The guard stepped away and Kaiba's eyes blinked open. Yugi smiled warmly at him and felt his hand curling slowly into Kaiba's much larger, warmer one.

One side of Kaiba's face slanted upwards and Yugi resisted leaning forward and kissing him. Yugi smiled softly before stepped over Kaiba and reaching for the door handle. He wrapped his free hand around it and popped open the door a sliver. He bit his lip and closed his eyes as he began to uncurl his fingers from Kaiba's hand. He felt Kaiba clutch onto him tightly.

Yugi turned with wide eyes and looked back at Kaiba. The Blue eyed boy just looked at him steadily with his cool gaze.

A beep sounded.

"Ready Sir?"

Yugi looked to Kaiba and gently tugged at his hand.

Kaiba shakily reached up and pressed a small black square above them.

"One moment... Jock. " His voice was shaky and his hand fell weekly into his lap when he released the button.

Yugi looked around nervously. Bakura and guard #2 were just standing outside. Bakura had his arms crossed again and was looking rather unpleased. Kaiba reached out his other hand and touched Yugi's face.

"Yugi, I'm…I'm sorry. I…" Kaiba's eyes fluttered again.

Yugi's eyes widened and he quickly kneeled on the seat next to him steadying himself with one hand on Kaiba's chest. Kaiba's clear blue eyes blinked open unfocusedly. Yugi carefully reached out and touched his face as he slipped his hand free.

"Kaiba, are you…"

"Seto." He demanded harshly. His voice softening as his gaze intensified, he was slowly leaning closer to Yugi. "You can call me—"

Yugi tilted forward and pressed his lips softly to Kaiba's.

Violet and cobalt eyes slipped closed at the barely there touch. Kaiba's unsteady hand reached up and palmed Yugi's cheek.

Yugi pulled back slowly. He opened his eyes a moment later to find Kaiba…Seto, staring at him with a soft look in his eye.

He settled his weight back on his knees and blushed.

Kaiba pulled back his hand and placed it in his lap. "Yugi I—"


Yugi flew up from his seat as the door slammed all the way closed. He looked in shock at Jou who had jumped at the window.

"What the!" Kaiba stared in disbelief at the blonde. "What is he—"

There was a clicking sound as the doors locked, a beep sounded throughout the car.

"Sir. Is everything all right? Do you wish to leave now?"

Kaiba looked at Yugi. Yugi gulped and looked down in his lap.

Kaiba reached up and pressed the black square above him. He waited until Yugi tilted his head up and caught his gaze.

He locked his eyes on the smaller boys.

"Take us out of here."



Semi-IMPORTANT: Here's what I was talking about (www .yu-jyo. Net /001/001. html)

"Yugi tells Kaiba that he plays only for power, and that's why he lost. If you put your heart in the game, there's nothing you can't do. Kaiba hunches over his dueling station, wondering how he could have lost. If you want to know, Yugi tells him, open your mind! (Japanese Yami tells Kaiba that he will crush the evil in Kaiba's heart, and taps into the power of the Millennium Puzzle, calling out "Mind Crush.") Kaiba falls to his knees."

A/N: What happened to I guess I've been away to long. It's weird, there are almost no Yugi/Seto stories. It says there are 14… FORTEEN! I've read what seems like hundreds when this site didn't have the character thing. Every story in the R section (M

does that mean lemons are a go?) used to be Yugi/Seto or Joey/Ryou(Or Seto) now there's none? I don't believe it.

Hm… 82 people have me on their favorites…I wonder if that means I might possibly get 82 reviews?

I can hope right?